Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Tell the children to pray a lot on Halloween night!

- Message No. 1226 -


The trivialization is one of the greatest dangers

of your modern times!

My child. My daughter. I, your Jesus of the Cross, suffer greatly. The apostasy in your world is great, very great, and the schism, the schism, in My Church, your Catholic Church, is now becoming more and more visible. The revelations of John and others sent by Me, by your Jesus, seers, visionaries (of vision, not from your material world) and prophets are taking place. Your world is upside down, your politics is like a merry-go-round at the fair: it turns in circles without moving anything positive, short euphoria of its party supporters, who soon have to realize that nothing positive is moved, impotence, because the problems are not eliminated, the merry-go-round turns and turns, but what really happens is disregarded, and your problems by the eternally turning merry-go-round only worse, bigger and no longer manageable. Those who ride along see only themselves, those who stand outside shake their heads at so much foolishness and erroneous actions. Your world is upside down, My child, and I, your Jesus suffer, suffer, suffer.

Do you not see your aberration, beloved children that you are? Do you not see the madness that rages in your world? You are trimmed to be egoistic and don't notice the creeping, but steadily growing I-thought! YOU are who! YOU can do that! YOU are tolerant! YOU are allowed to do everything! Only to tell the truth, you are not allowed to do that anymore. To hold on to your ecclesiastical traditions, you are only allowed to do that to a limited extent! To hold up your values, your morals and possibly to proclaim them stamps you to outsiders, to racists, to 'intolerant' people.

Children, your world is upside down, and if you don't stand up and do something about it, it will only get worse.

My children. My beloved children. Your prayer helps to change the world in which YOU live! Your prayer moves! It keeps you in faith in Me, in your Jesus, and it makes you know the truth when you ask for it in prayer!

The devil has only one goal in mind, and with all the means of art, trickery, lies, deceit, hypocrisy -the list is long, My children, very long- he seduces you, and you let it happen out of well-being, out of lukewarmness, out of complacency -here too the list is long, beloved children that you are-! Every day you are exposed to his seductions, his hypocrisies, his flatteries, his 'tolerance packages', etc., and more and more children are under his spell.

Banalization is one of the greatest dangers of your present time, and you find it in festivities, in moral acts, and in many trifles of your daily life. Do not lower yourselves to this level and hold fast to values and morals! Virtue is a good that you should preserve, yes MUST(!), My beloved children that you are. Virtue opens for you the gates to Me, to your Jesus, it opens for you the Kingdom of Heaven so that you can return home to the Father, but the devil does everything possible so that this does not happen. Thus he lies and deceives you and deludes you, and many, many children fall into his traps, because they neither preserve their virtues, nor do they hold fast to morals and values.

Do not cave in, beloved children that you are, but turn your backs on the world of immorality, selfishness and appearances! Reflect on the essentials and find your way back to prayer, beloved children that you are. Only in prayer you remain strong and steadfast! Only prayer, the prayer of all of you, keeps evil at bay! He who does not pray will soon be lost, so pray, pray, pray, beloved children that you are! The devil will not realize his goal if you pray, My children, because prayer is stronger, but you must pray, beloved children, you MUST pray.

The Father is still holding back His hand. The environmental disasters are only a part of what is coming if you do not repent and pray! The Father's punishing hand will strike where sin is greatest, My children, and in parts of your world you are already feeling it on a 'small' scale. I, your Jesus, say and emphasize LITTLE, because where the Father's hand strikes, without restraint and in full measure, there the catastrophes will reach an extent that cannot be saved by human hands' work.

So convert, beloved children that you are! Recognize your mistakes and do not run blindly after the therefore-runners (from politics and church)! See what is 'wrong' EVERYWHERE in your world and in ALL areas of your daily life, and pray that those who err will come to reason and clarity! Only My Holy Spirit can help, but you must pray, beloved children that you are, for them and for yourselves, so that you do not fall into sin, nor into error, and remain faithful to Me, your Jesus, until the end.

Your prayer is the strongest weapon you have. So use it, My children, use prayer. Amen.

I, your Jesus, love you very much. Come to Me and ask Me. I will assist all My children. Amen.

Bring Me the sinners of your world so that I may convert them. He who prays for sinners plants the seed for conversion. Amen.

Bring Me the young people. They are the most affected by apostasy. Amen.

With deep love,

Your Jesus.

This is a public message, My child. Tell the children to pray a lot on Halloween night. Amen. Now go.

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