Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Packed in 'rights' and 'improvements'!

- Message No. 1220 -


My child. My dear child. Please tell the people to pray, for the time you have left is short, very short.

My child. My dear child. The evil in your world is now becoming more and more visible. It is wrapped in 'rights' and 'improvements' for you and your children, but if you look closely, it is not so.

The evil one enforces his plans, and any means will do. He blinds, deceives and lies to you, but if you remain attentive, beloved children that you are, you will see through his cunning.

You MUST stand against it, beloved children that you are, and 'enlighten' and pray. Your prayer is strong, your voice is loud, and where many join together in My name and for good, evil is restrained and CANNOT TAKE PLACE!

Do not watch idly, but rise up, My children, and pray! Much prayer is needed in your world today, and your prayer is the strongest weapon against ALL the evil plans of the devil.

So rise up and pray! Rise up and fight! It is a battle in prayer, beloved children that you are, that will put the devil in his place!

Pray, pray, pray and prepare yourselves! The final evils are planned, but the devil cannot implement them if you oppose them in prayer, My children, in prayer.

I love you very much. My Son loves you very much. Hold on and pray, and prepare yourselves for the return of My Son, your Jesus. The time you have left is short, but it is enough to wash your soul clean and prepare for My Son, your Jesus. Amen.

Pray, My children, pray, for in prayer you find strength, you find fortification, you find perseverance. Your prayer is the strongest weapon you have in the fight against evil.

Pray in My Son's intentions and for the mitigation and shortening of time to God the Father in Heaven. Your prayers will be heard if you intimately, sincerely and with a pure heart ask the Father.

Do not forget your prayer to the Holy Spirit, beloved children that you are. You are in the end times and confusion is increasing day by day.

So pray, beloved children, pray and prepare yourselves duly. My Son will come when you least expect it. So be ready for HIM and this event.

Believe and trust and 'fight' in prayer. Raise your voice, but always and always remain in prayer, My children.

In deep love,

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of Salvation. Amen.

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