Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Friday, May 10, 2019

All the Heavenly Hosts.

- Message No. 1210 -


have come together!

My child. It is true. The Holy Angels of the Father, the Holy Angels of the Son and the entire Heavenly Hosts under the leadership of Archangel Michael have come together, gathered together, to go into the final battle for you and the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The New Kingdom will come, the final battle will be fought, and all will end in the 3 dark days known to you from the Word.

So have the necessities together, because after the warning, it will be difficult with electricity and emergency supplies.

Many heavenly events are happening and will continue to happen, and much, much is breaking in on your earth.

There will be storms, there will be earthquakes, there will be houses, towers, bridges, even churches collapsing or being razed to the ground.

You will see it unfortunately, unfortunately, whether through war or rebellion, whether through hatred or revolt, whether through earth shifts or forces, the time you are in is the time of the end. It has been announced to you, it is written.

So pray now and supplicate to the Father, for through His mercy the end will be shortened, through your prayer you will obtain mitigation.

Go therefore and make this known.

A messenger from heaven from the heavenly hosts of angels.

My child. Make this known. It is given by the consent of God the Father.

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation with Jesus. Amen.

The following was shown to me:

I was shown the entire heavenly host of angels, without being able to see them all, so great are they, so many, many, many.

Great battles are already taking place (for us in the invisible). This was shown to me as a vision. As I saw it, was shown and given input, this will then only be over with the final battle, which is yet to take place, and which will then end with the 3 dark days.

I also saw the upheaval of the earth, the collapse of enormous earth masses, of houses, bridges, churches.... People will also perish. But there were people to whom this did not happen, who were completely spared.

I also saw briefly riots and violence, like war or rebellion with force of arms. Churches, among others, were affected by this.

It was shocking. So many images, so many inputs. I can hardly reproduce them.

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