Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

...the bait for the masses!

- Message No. 1201 -


My child. My daughter. Your world situation is critical. Through newly enacted laws, you are becoming more and more transparent, and the control over you is getting bigger and bigger.

My child. To resist all these evil measures seems impossible to you, and yet there is a way, and that way is prayer!

All over the world there are people who resist and fight against these evil machinations in word and deed, and all of your prayer will bear fruit! It supports, guides and directs those of you who have the gift of assertiveness, who possess the gift of clarity and the purest and truest eloquence.

My children. My children so loved by Me. I, your Jesus, united with My Most Holy Mother, beseech you most earnestly: Pray, pray, pray (!) in My and Our intentions! The evil one will thus be deprived of all power and his evil plans will be thwarted.

Pray, My children, pray! Again and again We call you to prayer, for it is the strongest weapon you have!

So listen to My call, beloved children that you are, and pray, because your prayer is strong, and it possesses the power to change all that seems "hopeless" to you, it possesses the power to change things -yes, even world political affairs (!)-! It possesses the power to stop and even to hold things back! And it possesses the power, to put the devil in his place!

It strengthens you! It heals you! It gives you strength and stamina, and you need all that, because your world is in a bad way.

Do not fall for for media staged "spectacles" because you shall be fooled, and the and those who are perhaps officially "accused" before the eyes of the world by your media coverage and "condemned" for their "behavior", their doing or not doing, that these are in reality the bait for the masses to deceive and mislead you. You "see" how your world politics "puts these oh so "irresponsible" people through the wringer", but all this only serves for the implementation and pursuit of still many more evil machinations, because it is merely staged, so that the world-that is you, beloved children, who are you- screams for even more control and security, WITHOUT SEEING WHAT EVIL AND BACKGROUND PLAY IS BEING DONE WITH YOU!

My children. My children so loved by Me. Look behind the facades and do not believe the manipulated and INSIDE reporting of your media!

Pray always for clarity to the Holy Spirit and for preservation from confusion and aberration!

Ask the Holy Spirit to remove from you the veils of fog that the evil one has scattered in your world!

Only through the Holy Spirit you will still be able to see clearly, My children, but without My Holy Spirit you will fall prey to confusion and aberration. Amen.

In deep love, your Jesus, with My Mother who loves you so much, your Mother in Heaven. Amen.

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