Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Friday, April 15, 2016

"Cunning is he who wants to defeat ME! Amen."

- Message No. 1138 -


My child. Bad times are coming, but I will protect those who are truly faithful and devoted to Me. Do not believe those who run away, because they cause much confusion, and they interpret My word AS THEY LIKE IT! You must not, My beloved children, accept that!

Hold on and do not listen to sweet honey words, for they will make you "sticky" and impure! So don't listen when they speak their untruths, their lies, their honeyed words, because soon they show their true face, but then you are already spiked with demons that stick to the honey that sticks like pitch to, and worse, IN YOU, because you believed the words of those who want your undoing, you swallowed them, benevolently and with pleasure and now see what happens/has happened: The demons are holding on and not going away, because they stick to you through the honey you swallowed!

Be careful, beloved children, and be warned! The devil is cunning, he will not tell you what he is up to, he will "poison" you little by little with sugary honey that will attach the demons, his demons, to you, and he will not release you if you get involved with him!

Be warned, for the end has begun, and good to him who has given himself to Me, his Jesus, good to him who has given his YES to Me, for he will be lifted up, but the others will perish in the lying swamp of the evil one, who will drag them into his abyss and into eternal damnation. Amen.

Be careful and be warned, for the evil game has begun. Amen.

Your Jesus, who died for you on the cross, and who I will come again in glory. Amen.

Jesus all suffering on the cross: "You have forgotten Me, My children. I mean nothing to you anymore."

"I, who was crucified for you, love you today just as I did then. Believe in Me and trust in Me, for I am your way to the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen. Through Me and only through Me you will see the Father. Amen. Go now. Amen."

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