Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Sunday, January 3, 2016

The reflection is lost on you!

- Message No. 1117 -


My child. My dear child. There you are. Please write and listen to what We, Heaven United, want to say today to the children and to you, Our so beloved daughter: Christmas is the feast of love, of being together in family and with good and very good friends who belong to your family, to your life.

In today's world you hardly have time for this, and the Christmas holidays, as well as the New Year, which is supposed to give you reflection, are meant for just this: the reflection and orientation of life towards God, your Savior and your Creator.

You still have a Holy Day ahead of you, which you may celebrate contemplatively, but children, in your present time, contemplation has been lost, and many of you beloved children have noticed that this so Holy Time has been "desacralized" by all the consumerism, the stress, the gifts, the "must" celebrations, and so much more that has distracted you on this Holy Feast.

Children reflect and find the way to Jesus. You don't have much time left.

So make the most of the short time you have left, for Jesus' coming is imminent, but before that the other one will come, and this one will bring much evil and calamity, and so many of Our children will praise him as the one he is not!

Come to your senses, children, and find your way completely to the Father, because HE is waiting for you with open arms, and the way to HIM is Jesus, His only begotten Son! Consolidate yourselves in HIM and become one with HIM. Then you will not get lost and withstand the last days and will not go astray.

Now is the time to repent, to renounce the worldly and to focus completely on Jesus: with prayer, with dignity, with repentance, with cleansing, with atonement, with offerings and in perfect love and devotion.

Pray, My children, pray much and fervently and ask for Our guidance. I, your beloved Mother in Heaven, and all the saints and angels of the Father are at your side, so take advantage of this last chance you still have and strengthen yourselves!

Prepare yourselves, because soon everything will go blow by blow. Amen.

Get ready and do not fall into deceptions. You must leave the worldly behind, for only Jesus is the way to glory. Amen.

I love you. Our blessing is with you. Amen.

Your Mother in Heaven, who loves you so much, with the saints of the Communion of Saints and the Holy Angels of the Father. Amen.

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