Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Sunday, December 30, 2012

My children who believe in ME will be resurrected.... Time of Decision.

- Message No. 10 -


Our Lady: My child. I love you. Please believe in Us always. I know you do, yet I want to tell you this again and again so that others, especially those dear to you, will begin to believe in Us. Only in this way can the "circle" increase, and only in this way will you become more and more who believe in My Son, Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of mankind, and serve Him.

My child, it is so important that all God's children find their way back to Him, Jesus and God the Father. It hurts us to see that there are so few who REALLY believe in HIM. Many of His servants are not honest with themselves. They pretend to be God-fearing on the outside, but in their hearts they are not.

There is so much "pretense" in your world, and that is not good, My children. You must start believing in Us! Talk to Us and give yourselves a chance to know Us; for only in this way can you be saved.

Jesus: Don't you believe that there is more than the present earthly life you have? Do you not believe that you too will be resurrected as I did more than 2000 years ago? Do you believe only in what you see right now? Do you believe only in yourselves and your achievements? What do you think will happen when death catches up with you?

My children who believe in Me will resurrect and share/live eternal life together with Me. Don't you want that, I ask you? Do you really think you are extinct after this earthly life?

My children, if you believe that, then you believe a false doctrine/misbelief. You will be resurrected and you will live on, so finally start believing in it. Believe in Me.

My dear Mother, the Mother of all God's children, is here to help you. With Her are a thousand and more angels. The saints are praying for you.

My children, start believing in Us and you will find peace. If you do not, Satan will have an easy time with you and will deceive you, lie to you and distance you from Me, from My Father, in such a way that you will suffer the most terrible torments and remain excluded from Paradise.

I, your Jesus, fight for you! For every single soul I fight! And I rejoice when you find your way to Me and I may hold you in My arms. For you I died on the cross and for you I lived on earth. I love all of you and eagerly wish that you all return home to Me, your Savior. Give your soul the chance to find Me. For only with Me will you find the peace and tranquility that your soul needs to be healthy and full of happiness and joy.

I love you, My children. Come to Me, all of you, and enter with Me into the New Paradise.

I love you!

Your ever loving Jesus.

My child, make this known. My Son loves every soul, no matter what it has done. Tell all Our children that they may return home. Now is the time of decision. Do not be lost, My dear children. Come back to Us, and together We will live in the New Paradise.

I love you.

Your Mother in Heaven and God the Father and Jesus.

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