Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Monday, December 24, 2012

"Children are the most precious thing you have here on earth".

- Message No. 9 -


My child, tonight will be a beautiful evening. Rejoice and enjoy your children. They are the most precious thing you humans have here on earth. If you are not good to all the children - write, My daughter -, then you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

I am telling you this because there are so many, so many evil people among you who take advantage of these precious children's souls. They destroy them. You must love your children. All children. Only through them can your world be saved. They are the little, pure souls that Our Father, God Most High, loves so much. They are uncorrupted and pure and keep all of you, My children, alive. Without them, this world would have ceased to exist long ago. God the Father would not allow the world to exist without these pure children's souls; there is already too much sin, too much unfaithfulness to God. You must repent and confess to God the Father.

Take an example from your children. They do not know envy that causes wars, nor are they ever evil by themselves. They are united with God, Our Father, and they love their lives. Do not destroy them. Learn from them instead of throwing all your trivialities at them. Let them grow up with God and Jesus.

Tell them about Heaven, the angels and all the saints. Tell them that We are always with them. If you tell them about Us, your world will become better again. They will be able to keep their purity in their old age. It is the way you must go. This is how you heal your earth. Give your children this chance. If you do not speak of Us, it will be difficult for them to find Us. You are blocking their way to the Kingdom of Heaven, just as you are blocking the purification of the earth. Only those who educate their children with Us will actively help to save the world.

My children, do not be afraid. It is never too late to take the first step. Start and love all children. Tell them about Us and you will thus raise a generation that will believe in Us and God the Father again. And who, building on God, can do evil? No one, My children. This is how you expel Satan from your world. The more you are, the more powerful you are. And the one who is full of God's power is victorious over the adversary. My children, start now. Become strong. The stronger you become, the less Satan can weaken you, because it is then you who weaken Satan.

Believe in yourselves, My children. We will always be with you. With each and every one of you. You will make it, My children.

We love you. God the Father with all the saints and angels .

My child, share this. Thank you for hearing Us and writing so diligently.

We love you, My child. Go now, My daughter. Merry Christmas.

Your Mother in Heaven and Jesus who loves you.

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