Messages to Marcos Tadeu Teixeira in Jacareí SP, Brazil


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Message of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


(Marcos): How nice that the Lady was happy with them! If they were pleased with the Lady's heart for me that is all, all that matters.

(Sacred Heart of Jesus): "My beloved children, today, I, Jesus, your Lord, come again to bless you and say: Be daisies of my Sacred Heart!

Be daisies of my Sacred Heart by living each day more and more in my Love, seeking to console my Heart for so many who offend me, despise my love and do not want to love me. For so many who still today, even after My death, flee from Me and deny Me the love of their hearts.

With the love of their hearts, with their prayers embalmed with love and with works of faithful and true love console My Heart.

Be daisies of love that give My Heart truly honor, glory, love and that faithful affection that I have always expected from all souls. But for them I was only paid with ingratitude, with forgetfulness and with sins.

How many graces I give daily to all souls. And isn't life, the conservation of life, one of them? And yet they live only to offend Me, they live only to hurt Me and to pay My benefits with sins and ingratitude.

That is why I cry and that is also why My Mother cries to see Me treated like this, even after giving My life and shedding My blood to the last drop on the Cross for the salvation of all.

Yes, My Heart also cries to see the way they treat My Mother. I have sent My Mother as Messenger in many places of the world and also here, but they are mostly abandoned and nobody cares about anything.

And here too I would be like this were it not for the ardor, zeal, love, tireless work of our beloved Marcos, who obediently to our Hearts, does not stop making Meditated Rosaries for my Mother, Hours of Prayer to make these people pray and pray a lot every day.

If he had not done all this, if he had not made the movies of My Mother's apparitions. If he had not been this brave, ardent and formidable knight of Our Hearts this place would also have been abandoned and covered by the bush and the animals.

But, thanks, thanks to this admirable and formidable knight of Our Hearts, here, in this place the prayer never stops, never dies, never ceases.

And that is why My Mother and I Here, we are consoled by him and by those who like him also love Us, obey Us and give their lives for love of Our Hearts. To help us save so many souls who risk losing themselves forever and only by continuous acts of love, of obedience to Our Hearts, these souls can be saved.

Yes, my beloved Marcos is the greatest daisy of love of my Immaculate Heart, of my Sacred Heart. Yes, and you too must be so that truly I may through you make the sweet perfume of my love, my grace and my holiness spread throughout this world completely adorned and rotten by sin.

And like a rotting corpse now exhales the stench of total perdition of families, youth and all of society who spiritually agonize and die.

Be daisies of love to my Sacred Heart by carrying my messages and the messages of my Mother to all souls and to the ends of the world.

Do not be afraid because I am with you until the end of the world and My Spirit will work in you and for you as long as the only desire to love Me, to love My Mother and to save your brothers and sisters is the spirit that animates your souls and hearts.

Be the daisies of my Sacred Heart growing every day in union with me, by deep prayer, by meditation, by the union of your will with mine, by contempt for your will and worldly things.

And then, truly my Flame of Love, the Flame of my Mother will burst powerfully into your soul and will burn it up, transforming it into a ceaseless flame of love.

Oh! I just want love! I knock on the door of hearts, I ask for love, I seek love, I thirst for love!

I am love, I am love. My Sacred Heart is the tabernacle of love, it is the source of love where every creature can drink the Eternal Love that in the soul generates peace, joy, generates holiness, generates eternal life.

Every soul who drinks from this fountain lives forever, the one who goes to drink from the fountain of My enemy, refusing to drink from the fountain of My Heart, this soul dies. And when I see that she is obstinate and decides forever to drink from the poisoned fountains of the enemy, I abandon her and let her drink from that water of death until she dies eternally.

I do this not because I am evil, but because I am just. Good and evil are before you, reach out for what you will and what you will be given.

He who seeks Me and wants My water of eternal life to him I will give that water and truly from within he will flow rivers of life, rivers of grace that will flow to eternal life taking with him in the torrents of their waters the very soul that flows from him and many more that will accompany him in a torrent of holiness, grace and love.

Be the daisies of my Sacred Heart by imitating my daughter Margarida Alacoque who was a little daisy of love. Who truly gave Me every day of her life a pure, filial love, a love that wanted to love Me, console Me, truly please Me, praise Me, adore Me, serve Me.

And he wanted nothing in return except to love me more and more too and to be more and more in the unfathomable sea of my infinite goodness.

May this also be your desire and I will give you the same as I gave to her, I will give you a unique gift of the knowledge of my Sacred Heart, I will awe you in the depths of the goodness of that Heart of mine that loves you so much and I will make you heirs of my Sacred Heart.

Yes, my children, how truly I want to enrich you with the treasures and riches of my Sacred Heart. I want only your 'yes' and the rest I will do. Your misery, as opposed to withdrawing, attracts me, for I who am infinitely rich in eternal goods, seeing you so miserable, I sympathize with you.

And I feel in My Sacred Heart the desire to share with you My riches, to become a consort of the riches of My Sacred Heart and to enrich you to see you rich, beautiful and splendorous as My own Sacred Heart is.

Therefore, I want you to come to Me so that I may enrich you every day and always more with My graces.

Here I truly want souls burned with love in the highest degree, so pray, pray, pray. Watch also because I have given you much and much I will charge you.

I am that Lord who charges even from where I did not plant and in you where I have planted great seeds of love and of grace many fruits I will soon come seeking.

Do not be like the barren fig tree that I have cursed, because otherwise I will send My Angels to pluck you up and throw you into the eternal fire, which will never be extinguished, because there is the place of trees that may not want to produce fruits of love and holiness.

Live in My Love, live in My Grace, I love you! I want to be your loving God who is continually united to you by the bonds of eternal love in your hearts.

So come to Me, open your hearts to Me, give Me your love and I too will give you all of Mine, reveal My Secrets to you, kiss your soul with the loving kiss of My Heart that will make you rejoice with joy.

I will adorn you with My royal jewels, I will give you My gifts, I will give you My favors. And then, truly you will shine and be perfect images of my Holy Heart, real, divine, splendorous.

And the world seeing the beauty and beauty of your souls will fall in love with the beauty of My Sacred Heart from which the riches that have enriched you have come. And then, the world will know My love, will know the truth, and the truth will set you all free.

Continue praying the Rosary of Mercy every day, for it I will give you many thanks. Do My Holy Hour every Friday as My little son Marcos sent you. I have already shown you My Face to one of My children who was doing this Holy Hour to tell you: That when you truly do it I am alive with you, to give you My graces and reveal My Face of Love to you.

To all I bless with love now from Paray-Le-Monial, Dozule and Jacari".

(Mary Most Holy): "My children, today you celebrate here the Anniversary of the revelation of my Medal of Peace. Yes, on that November 8, when I revealed to my little son Marcos my Peace Medal so many years ago. I gave you a great gift of Love from my Immaculate Heart.

I gave you a great Gift of Love from my Heart to show you how much I love you and to protect you from the snares of my Enemy, which in those times would increase enormously and cause many to fall. So that in this way your body and soul would be protected from his evil action.

And so you could enjoy true peace and freedom of spirit to follow confidently and imperturbably the path of holiness and salvation.

I gave you a great Gift of Love from my Heart, so that through this Medal my Immaculate Heart could enlighten your souls, and open them ever more with my Flame of Love. And to prevent you from falling into the errors that in these times are propagated and taught and that have already made so many souls corrupt and fall into the great apostasy.

I gave you a great gift of My Love to be for you a channel of grace and endless miracles in these times of great tribulation, when trials, difficulties and obstacles would increase for everyone and many could become discouraged in the middle of the road.

Through My Miraculous Medal of Peace I give to My children ever more: blessings, graces, comfort, support and love. To relieve them of the burden of trials and to give them strength so that they will always walk more toward the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart.

I have given you a great Gift of Love and also a great sign of hope because your Immaculate Mother, who in this Miraculous Medal of Peace steps on and crushes the head of the infernal serpent, already announces to you her Triumph, her definitive victory over Satan and the forces of evil that will soon happen.

Therefore, through this medal you are comforted, you are helped by Me, and you are encouraged to continue walking every day obeying My Messages under My command toward the Triumph of My Heart, when at last I will deliver you from all evil deeds of Satan and cause you to enter the new time of holiness of peace and love that I am preparing for the whole world.

In this Medal your hope is comforted, your love is more ardent, your faith is solidified. I gave you this Medal to solidify your faith in Me, because I had already foreseen that the great apostasy would increase and that many would lose the Catholic faith in their hearts.

Yes, now the books containing heresies will be spread as never before among the Catholic people and many will lose their faith and their love for Me, their respect for Me, the Angels and the Saints.

But not here, because thanks to my little son Marcos, my formidable knight, thanks to the Meditated Rosaries that he made and gave to you. All the Hours of Prayer and the Films of My Apparitions the faith of My children Here was solidly founded in Me and Here the Protestant errors, the errors of apostasy will not be spread.

And those who remain faithful to this place will not be corrupted, they will not lose the treasure of the true Catholic faith.

You must thank God and Me who brought you here to this place, where through My knight, My ceaseless flame of love, I gave you all those treasures that will prevent apostasy from corrupting your faith and leading your souls to perdition.

If you were in the world, or what is worse with the poor Catholics, who led by the apostate and blind priests are ending up falling into the abyss. You too, you too My children would lose the precious treasure of faith.

You give Me this grace, you give Me this preservation, you give My apparition Here, My intervention Here this great Mercy and this act of protection that is given here to you.

You give to My knight, you give to My unceasing flame of love, My little son Marcos this preservation of your faith. Truly, whoever remains faithful to Me Here shall not be defiled by apostasy and shall not be lost.

For this reason, little children, thank God today for having sent me Here with My Miraculous Medal of Peace, with My Messages and through My little son Marcos, My knight to have given you so many treasures, that keep alive, lit, protected, pure and immaculate in your souls the flame of the true Catholic faith.

Keep praying My Rosary every day, for whoever remains solidly united to Me for the Rosary will not be lost, will not be contaminated with the great apostasy. Those who despise My Rosary will be lost.

Continue with all the Hours of Prayer that I gave you Here and open your hearts ever more to My Flame of Love, expand them by more prayers, by more fasts, by more sacrifices. And above all, despising your will, your opinion and worldly things, your attachment to creatures.

So that truly in your heart there may be a place for Me to place My Heart with My Flame of Love so that you may have the same feelings that are in Mine and with this Love love love and serve God.

To all I bless with the love of Fatima, Lourdes and Jacareí".

(St. Michael the Archangel): "Dear brothers, I, Michael, servant of the Lord, rejoice in coming today to bless you and to tell you: Repair the evil done to Bonate.

As long as the world does not repair the injustice and evil done to the Mother of God in the Apparitions at Bonate, the punishments will continue to fall upon the earth.

The injustice done to Bonate is the cause of many tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and droughts. Notice this Apparition by making it known to the world and making everyone obey the messages that Our Holy Queen gave at Bonate.

You must also repair the Apparitions of La Codosera, of Umbe de Ezquioga and also Fatima. You are on the centennial of the Apparitions of Fatima, but the Message of Fatima is not known, it is not propagated. Especially by those who had the most duty to spread it, the priests and the bishops.

A great sword weighs on them, the chastisement hangs over their heads, because by keeping silent about Fatima and the other Apparitions of the Mother of God, they drive souls away from her in great numbers and let the enemy seize the souls and lead them to perdition. May apostasy reign more and more in the Church and in families, and may the world go faster and faster, falling ever further on the precipice of perdition.

Yes, you must repair these Apparitions by doing what they have never done and do not want to do. Do not be complicit with them, do not become guilty like them. Save your souls and escape the wrath of God by making reparation to these Apparitions and making them known everywhere.

I, Michael, will be at your side to help you in this great and urgent mission. There is nothing more important to do now than to pray the Rosary. Whoever prays the Rosary will be saved, whoever makes the Mother of God and Her Messages known will have eternal life.

Imitate Our Knight, Our most beloved landmark, our unceasing flame of love and thirst also for ardent knights of the Immaculate Conception, spreading Her Messages to the whole world, for time is already truly at the last grains of sand.

And soon the Lord will examine the earth with a measure of fire and woe to those who are not conformed to His Holy Will. Yes, the Punishment will be the most terrible, it will be so terrible that the skin will be detached from the people and they will wish they had neither been born nor seen the light of the Sun.

Escape this great Punishment by obeying what I tell you and hastening your conversion and the conversion of your brothers.

I, Michael, am continually by your side, never abandon you, I protect you with my shield always and I do not allow Satan to prevail over those who are my devotees and pray my rosary every week.

To all I bless with Love Mount Gargano, Mount Tomb and Jacareí".



"Beloved son Carlos Thaddeus, this Message is only for you.

"Son, continue in My Love, carry on with My treasure the son I have given you and walk ever more on the road I have shown you that will lead to Heaven.

You are growing in the flame of love for Me and this gives me great joy! There is nothing more beautiful and important than this: Having My Flame of Love and growing in it.

Your beauty, the beauty of your soul has truly enchanted My eyes, enchanted the eyes of My son Jesus and the Eternal Father. The Holy Spirit has also been enchanted with you and will soon give you new and abundant graces.

Go on, pray more and more and walk on the road of prayer. Keep loving and obeying me, being a new John, together with my most beloved and precious John of these last times, my little son Marcos my knight.

Yes, yes son, the moment they descended the Body of my son Jesus of the Cross and placed him in my arms, at that moment I died mystically without being able to die. And the pain I felt gave Me a thousand deaths of the soul. But at that moment, in that very great and sharp pain of mine, the thought of my son Marcos' faithfulness, the thought of your future faithfulness consoled my heart.

Yes, your faithfulness, your love for Me and your obedience were the drop of honey in the bitter chalice that I drank at that moment for the redemption of all humanity.

Yes, you consoled the Heart of your runner and at that moment when the sword of sorrow buried Me deeper, in My Heart.

Your faithfulness, your obedience together with that of my little son Marcos consoled my Heart and gave Me in the midst of those terrible torments, which plagued my soul, gave Me joy, consolation, love and affection when they truly filled Me with the waters of bitterness.

Yes, you consoled Mara, that is, you consoled Me, whom the Almighty and the sins of the world filled with bitterness at that moment.

Yes, you consoled Mara, you consoled Mary who at the foot of the Cross became Mara, filled with bitterness at that moment.

Yes, My Heart was comforted by you, you must feel happy, because you truly consoled the comforter of your creator, you consoled the Mother of your Redeemer. And so, son, you must continue to console me every day by drying my tears.

Yes, in La Salette when I spoke of the Apostles of Latter Times, who would rise up, go out and enlighten the earth, fight the errors that My enemy and his followers would spread to make the true faith of the world disappear.

I thought of you, I knew your birth, I knew your future faithfulness, I knew your future love and this consoled Me, My son. So go ahead, keep helping My son Marcos in his mission. Your mission is to love him, to protect him, to help him support him, comfort him, understand him. And above all, live continuously united with him in one heart, in one soul, in one flame of love.

Therefore, grow in union, grow in love-friendliness, grow ever more in trust, in the intimacy that must exist among the Saints of God, sharing everything. And above all, understanding each other deeply and being truly the support, being the consolation, being the support, being the affection and heart of each other.

Son, you cannot imagine how many graces I still have for you, so go ahead, for great things await you, thunderous graces from my Heart. And truly soon you will receive new gifts from Me and through you I will also show all My children how great My power is in a soul that gives itself completely to Me and answers faithfully "yes".

To you and to my children I now bless you with love".

(Marcos): "Dear Heavenly Mother, can you touch these Rosaries and these paintings for your children?