Messages to Edson Glauber in Itapiranga AM, Brazil


Sunday, July 29, 2001

Message from Our Lord to Edson Glauber


My peace be with you all!

My little children, I am Jesus, Son of the Eternal Father and of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I love you all and desire to hold you in my arms. My embrace is strong and I desire to protect you from all evil.

My hands are always stretched out over you, because I wish to bless you. How happy I am for the response of love that you give to me and to my Heavenly Mother.

My Mother is the Queen of Peace, for she is united with me in heaven for all eternity. From heaven, she watches over you, asking before my throne for the graces you all need.

My Mother is untiring. She wishes you all happiness. Today, she asked me to come to bless you, and that is why I am here.

She is Queen of Heaven and earth, of all the Angels and Saints in Heaven. In her humility, littleness and silence she initiated the great mystery of salvation, with my coming, and once again, through her, I wish to grant you the grace of salvation through her Immaculate Heart.

Draw close to My Immaculate Mother, and thus holiness will come to your lives by quicker paths. Her most holy name (Mary) is powerful and a shield of protection against every evil and danger, as is the most holy name of my Virgin Father Joseph.

Always invoke these two most holy names united with my most holy name, and thus the blessings and graces of heaven will descend upon you and your families.

I am always with you, beside you, my little ones, and today I place in your little hearts a little bit of my divine love, so that you can learn to love and serve.

What a profound mystery it is to know how to love and serve, by giving yourself to your neighbor and to the one who needs you the most. When you give yourselves to your brothers, your souls are purified and freed from their faults and attachments to the world, and in this way you become more and more united with me and with heaven.

Where your brothers are there I am. I wait for you always in your brothers, to bestow upon them my love and my blessings. When you love those who do not love you, you become more and more like me.

Love, love, love. Now I bless you with a special blessing. May you witness my presence and my appeals to all your brothers. I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Month of September - Our Lady appeared to my mother and said to her very sad:

Pray Maria do Carmo, otherwise many people will die. Pray my daughter, help me with your prayers and pray a lot asking for God's mercy for the world.

My mother heard several voices of people screaming and crying in anguish.

September 11. Day of the terrorist attack.

Our Lady appeared crying. Thick tears flowed from her eyes. She gave no message. She placed her hands on her face and wept, disappearing soon after. Who can understand the pain in Her Heart and the sadness on Her face at what had occurred? Let us console Our Holy Mother by changing our lives and abandoning the road of sin that each day makes new victims.

September 12

Our Lady is sad these days and asks us for prayers for the world and for peace. Let us pray to help her in her plan for the conversion and salvation of humanity. Every prayer is precious and a source of life and grace for the world, and a light for hearts hardened and filled with darkness.