Messages to Edson Glauber in Itapiranga AM, Brazil


Friday, September 17, 1999

Message from Our Lord to Edson Glauber in Brescia, BS, Italy


I was thinking about some things that were happening in Manaus and some facts and misunderstandings of some people and a sadness came to me. I was sad and thinking how to help them and I felt the voice of Jesus that spoke a message:

Edson, write: don't feel helpless. Never!...See that I am always beside you. You must seek to be one with Me, as I am one with the Father. Unite yourself always more to Me. My son, give me your sins: one by one. Do not keep them to yourself, but let me forgive them and free you from them all. You must not let worry and turmoil get close to your soul. You are my son and I love you!...

I talked some things with Jesus regarding certain people and certain problems that arose and he smiling kindly at me said:

Yes, speak to me, speak to me like a son. Give me everything you have with you, because I am here to listen to you!

After he had finished speaking he said to me :

My son, you must trust me!...As I have already told you I know your weaknesses and I know your falls, but courage!...Forward on your journey!...I am mercy and I want you to understand that I do not desire the death of the sinner, but that he live and have eternal life. I do not want my beloved souls to fall into despair because of their innumerable sins, because such a consequence comes from Satan, who desires their destruction, but I want souls to have unlimited trust in my mercy. I am full of love for souls. I sigh for them. May they all come to me, good or bad, because I wish to transform and enrich them with my divine love. I want the salvation of all my children. The price I paid for them on the Cross was the price of my blood, and this blood is salutary life for all of them. I want you, my child, to live holiness in everything. In your misery, little by little, I am transforming you and molding you in my way. I desire saints for my Church. Saints that can be an example for the new millennium that is coming. Saints who can be a light for this generation that has become pagan and adulterous. Saints who can reveal Me to men in their various forms of life and in their various ways of daily work!....

He said to Jesus: - How can I be holy if it is so difficult for me sometimes to fulfill faithfully all that you ask of me? And look what they say and what they think of me....I really think that I haven't even started anything yet. I am not worthy to even hear you and see you Lord. You have chosen the wrong person. Find someone else who will do as You wish, since people say I'm not suited for it and they don't understand!....

Jesus answered,

It is I who sanctify you, and whom I model according to my will is a precious thing of mine. And it is not to men that they should please, but to me, for it is I who lead them and form them in the way I well desire. I desire holiness lived among all my children, because I am the thrice holy....

I understood that Jesus wants holiness from everyone, and if people were worrying so much about me in criticizing me, looking at my defects, let them also hurry, because Jesus will also demand perfection from them. He consoled me, because at least I will walk as he wants and desires, guiding and correcting me, because only he can do this and no one else, and people for judging me and wanting to think they are right in criticizing me will be very much charged for doing what they are not allowed to do, because this is due only to Jesus, and with the same measure that they measured me they will be measured by Jesus. Then he went on to say,

If my children would truly surrender themselves to me and listen to me, it was already for the earth to be overflowing with holy souls and be a true Paradise. Listen to my appeals, put them into practice and so day by day I will enrich you with my graces: graces that are reserved for all of you. My child, do not get involved in what happens in Manaus. Remain faithful to the path that I have indicated to you, and in this way you will be fulfilling my will. Offer everything that happens to you with patience and humility to me. Remember: silence is precious in these moments. In silence humility is lived. And a silent soul is a great weapon against Satan. Don't give room to criticism and temptations, but remain faithful to my calls. Everything must be revealed in its own time. The truth will always come. Forgive, pray, offer yourself to the Father as a victim of atonement for so many mistakes and sins in the world.

Disobedience and lack of love is one of the grave things in this world. If souls lived obedience to my Church they would not condemn themselves and would not be led into error. See that where there is disobedience there is disorder, and where there is disorder there is Satan, because the soul that is with me and with my Mother is always in order and obedience. There may be the persecutions, the cross, the attacks, but the soul is always in obedience. This is my message today. I bless you: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!