Messages to Edson Glauber in Itapiranga AM, Brazil


Monday, October 31, 1994

Message from Our Lady Queen of Peace to Edson Glauber


The Blessed Virgin appeared to my mother very sad and crying tears of blood. The Virgin said to her,

I and my Son Jesus are crying tears of blood! There are many souls going on the road to hell. Pray, pray, pray! Pray in the cenacle the jaculatory learned now:

Beloved Father, I love you. Beloved mother, I love you. Beloved father and beloved mother, I love you, I love you, I love you!

...Three times with the heart.

Today, I had a vision of Our Lady with the Child Jesus. They were in a very beautiful place, a green field, where there were so many Angels and Saints. Our Lady was sitting and the Child Jesus in her lap. She looking at me smiling said:

Blessed are those who will come to Paradise. These will never suffer and will have happiness