Messages to Edson Glauber in Itapiranga AM, Brazil


Saturday, October 29, 1994

Message from Our Lady Queen of Peace to Edson Glauber


Pray, pray, pray. Pray a lot! Our Lord God is very saddened by the sins you commit. My Heart is full of thorns and pierced by a sword of pain, because of your sins. Love one another.

Do not harbor bitterness and sorrow in your hearts. Confess your sins, and thus be delivered from the hands of Satan. The devil is leading many souls of my children to the road to hell. I need all of you to help me save these souls.

You must be a light to all these children of mine. Renounce yourselves. Set an example. Do not remain indifferent to my pleas as a Mother, who suffers for what awaits you.

A great chastisement is coming for the whole world, and it is already very close! Many will suffer if there is no conversion, so pray the rosary every day for Brazil and for the peace of the whole world.

At this moment, Our Lady held a book in her hands and showing it to my mother said:

This is the Book of Life (the Bible). Read it every day. Many are still not reading it. Starting from here. Be an example to others. Make an effort!