Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Urgent Call from God the Father to Colombia and Mexico. Message to Enoch

Woe to You, My Beloved Colombia and Mexico, Because if You Do Not Repent and Convert Promptly, You Will Know the Power of My Righteous Arm!


My Peace be with you, My Beloved People.

Chosen Nations, the time of your purification has already begun, I will purify you as gold is purified in the fire, until you shine like crucibles. I call upon you, my Beloved Nations of Colombia and Mexico, remember that you are the pillars of My plan of salvation in these last times, and it will be you whom I will purify the most. You have not wanted to accept My Mercy, you continue like unbridled foals turning your backs to Me and not your faces; wickedness and sin have taken possession of you and are growing like weeds; I am going to prune you so that only the good seed remains in you.

Prepare My Colombia and My Mexico, because I have given orders to all the elements of nature so that they will be the ones in charge of purifying you; it hurts and saddens Me to have to act with My Justice, but your disobedience, rebellion and sin have reached their limit. If I do not purify you, My Plan of Salvation cannot be carried out; you are My chosen ones and I need you to be well purified so that you may awaken the other nations. I am going to move you strongly so that you awaken; and if you do not awaken and continue sinning, I will mourn you, disappearing many places and regions of you, where evil and sin are more abundant.

Woe to you, my Beloved Colombia and Mexico, because if you do not repent and convert promptly, you will know the power of my righteous arm! I do not want to punish you, because you well know that you would not resist My Justice; therefore, I exhort you as a Father to convert, before My Warning. If you do not heed My call, I will unload My Justice upon you, and weeping, pain, disgrace and death will be your reward for your disobedience. Your woes will be heard in all nations and will not cease until you return to your Father in repentance.

How I must tell you, that I do not want to work with My Justice to bring you back to Me! I have spoken to you through My Prophets of these last times, so that you may abandon wickedness and sin and be converted from the heart. As a loving Father I have exhorted you, waiting for your conversion; but instead of changing, what I receive in return is more wickedness and sin. The blood of My innocents spilled in your nations, the approval of unnatural laws, the social injustice of your rulers, the idolatry of the money god, the religious syncretism, the apostasy, the lack of charity, the pride and above all the non-compliance with My Divine Precepts, is what will lead Me to unload My Justiciary Arm on the ungodly nations, beginning with Colombia and Mexico.

Awaken My Beloved Nations, because there are no more extensions! I urgently need your sincere conversion, in order to carry out My plan of salvation of these last times! What are you waiting for to convert? Just as Jonah exhorted the inhabitants of Nineveh to convert, and they listened to him with prayer, fasting and penance; so today I also exhort you My Beloved Nations, through My Prophet Enoch, so that you too may heed My call and convert before My Warning.

I want all laws that favor marriages between same sex couples and gender ideology to be repealed by your rulers, because this is against nature, as well as the law that favors the shedding of blood of My innocents. I want justice to be done and laws to be promulgated that favor the most needy; that religious syncretism disappear and that only I, in Trinitarian Unity, be adored. May the Hierarchs of My Church open the temples and resume the teaching and evangelization of My Holy Precepts; may a day of prayer, fasting and penance be promulgated in the Church for forty days and may I be asked for forgiveness for all sins and for all affronts committed against the Divinity of My Son in the Eucharist. Only if you repent and return to Me, with contrite and humbled hearts, will I forgive you and refrain from sending you punishment. This call that I make to you is urgent; awaken then from your lethargy my Beloved Nations, so that you will not have to know the rigor of My Justice.

Be in My Peace.

Your Father, Yahweh, the Lord of the Nations.

Make known My messages of salvation to all mankind, My people.

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