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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The Purification Has to Come to the World

Message from Our Lord Jesus to Valentina Papagna in Sydney, Australia on February 9, 2024


Throughout the night, the Lord gave me a lot of suffering for the Holy Souls. I was praying the Divine Praises when suddenly our Lord appeared and said, “I Am sorry that I permit you to have so much suffering, but I need your help. So many people lately have died without repentance. I would still like to save their souls.”

Our Lord then started to converse with me. He said, “You know, to tell you the truth, while I look around the world, it needs to be corrected and punished. But when I look at every country, it has good people and bad people in it, and for Me, it is very hard to punish humanity because I don’t like to punish good people because they are faithful to Me and they like to pray and I know they love Me.”

“But other people are just the opposite and they do all wrong, and evil deeds in their life and they under the influence of the evil. They prefer to live in the darkness instead of the light.”

I said, “But Lord Jesus, You said You are coming soon, and then maybe these people will still change.”

He said, “I doubt they will change. Some will, and some are very stubborn, and they will not change.”

“The purification has to come to the world before the Reign of My Kingdom—that is the only way.”

“So, My children, do not lose hope, pray and remain faithful to Me.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for giving us encouragement. Lord, have mercy on the whole world.

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