Messages from Diverse Sources


Thursday, February 15, 2024

God Desires That You Pray in Your Families More, in Your Homes, Domestic Churches Pleasing to God

Message of Saint Barachiel the Archangel to Mario D'Ignazio on January 20, 2024


Praise God Love. Praise to Jesus Our King, Savior and Creator.

Jesus is the Ark, the Beginning. Love Him, adore Him, seek Him.

Say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus often...Use the ejaculators....

I AM BARACHIEL ARCHANGEL, and I invite you to transit on the Way of Fatima, Heavenly Way, praying near your holy and adorned ALTARS.

God desires that you pray in your families more, in your homes, domestic churches pleasing to God.

It is a time of prayer, reparation and penance. The ROSARY IS POWERFUL AGAINST SATAN AND HIS LEGIONS.

Demons are in the millions. For every sin a demon works.

Renounce the seven deadly vices and the satanic imposture of ROME.

There the Antichrist will sit. You are in the Last Times.

Prepare yourselves for the Upheaval of the Peoples. Much blood will flow and the Vatican will be destroyed.

There will be many antipopes, but you follow the SKY, THE SKY.

Pray. Pray and do not doubt these Holy Messages of life. Receive them into your hearts humbly, meekly.

Meditate on them and help this Work with prayers and actions.

The Work of Reconciliation is powerful, divine, holy, and guided by Us from Heaven. Follow Us, listen to Us, obey Us.

Put Our Counsels into action:

- Altars in the home, near which to pray in the family.

- Candle always lit.

- Frequent Spiritual Communion.

- Docile reception of these Messages given at Brindisi, Last Divine Warning.

- Helping this particular Work with prayer, actions, spreading the Messages.

- Pray, repair, do penance and fasting on Fridays.

- Rosary, Chaplet of Wounds and Tears, Seven Sorrows of Mary, Novenas and Devotions, pious practices.

- Turning away from heretics, apostates of the neo-church of darkness, syncretist and inclusivist, pagan and ecumenical. Excommunicated by God Himself.

- Enter the Small Catholic Remnant guided directly by God and His Beloved Mother.

Put this into action you chosen ones of the Little Flock. He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

Do not receive the mark of the Beast!

A great nuclear war will break out, fire everywhere, blood on the streets.

Pray, Divine Wrath flares up and will strike down the wicked, ungodly, evildoers, impostors, heretics, iniquitous and anyone who practices magic and loves lies, evil and sin.

God will do justice on Earth, save the Elect and strike down the ungodly, impostors, heretics, liars, murderers, traitors to the Kingdom, defenders of the Masonic plan, Satanists and occultists, persecutors of the Divine Appeals...

The Sword of Divine Justice will strike down the wicked.

God is Love, but He is also Justice. The times are tightening, the bowls of scourges are about to pour upon the misguided and rebellious Nations to God.

Repent and believe the Gospel to save your souls at least. Heaven is warning you. We are telling you everything.

Listen to Us. Believe in Us of Heaven and Divine Justice that will follow Mercy.

Meditate on these Holy Messages. Believe, believe, help us overcome the false church led by Lucifer.

Drink blessed water from Heaven and make amends.


Convert wholeheartedly to Jesus and Mary, pray as a family, repent and quickly turn away from the modernist church of darkness, remembering the ancient prophecies of saints and seers. Shalom.

The Most Holy Rosary

Chaplet of the Precious Blood of Jesus

Rosary of Our Lady's Tears (of Blood)

The Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows of Mary