Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, May 1, 2022

Adoration Chapel


Hello, my dearest Lord present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. All praise, honor and glory be to You my Lord, God, my All. I am all Yours Lord Jesus and all that I have is Yours. I give You my life, my work, my heart and all of my loved ones, family and friends. I entrust each one to You. Lord, thank You for this beautiful day. Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion. Thank You for protecting us, Lord. Help (name withheld) Jesus. I’m sure he feels awful. Jesus, please heal any wounds or areas of need in his life by Your powerful love. Lord, please help (name withheld) after his fall. May he have no injuries as a result. Thank You for our priests and religious and bless and protect them. Lord, I pray especially for the Bishops and the Pope. Thank You for our priests who bring us the Sacraments. Lord, thank You for Your Most Holy Mother Mary and for St. Joseph. I send warm greetings and much gratitude to him on his feast day today.

“My child, thank you for being here with Me today. I send graces to My children who adore Me in the Most Blessed Sacrament. My little lamb, I did protect you and My son (name withheld) and your angels steered the car away from you after it struck you. You may wonder why this didn’t occur sooner so as to avoid hitting you altogether. But, you realize also that My plans are not your plans and My ways are not your ways (human kind’s ways). I am doing a work in the heart of the young man who caused the accident. He will learn to surrender his life to Me through this humbling experience. Thank you for your prayers for him. This is also part of My plan. You and My son (name withheld) are to continue praying for him just as you often pray for (name withheld) after your holy encounter with him. Remember, not everyone has someone to pray for them. Be mindful of this, My child as events occur, even seemingly ‘bad’ situations. I am at work in all times of your life and in the lives of others. Do not fear. Not one hair of your head falls without Me knowing about it.”

You must be very aware of me then, Lord since so much of my hair is falling out lately! Lord, but seriously thank You for Your loving protection and for the life lessons You give me. I love You. I realize You do not have to explain anything to me. You are God and I am a very small creature (insignificant at that!), but You teach the ways of the Lord and how You are at work in our lives; often in hidden ways. Thank You, Lord. Everything You do, every act and each situation, (even when man goes against Your Will) is part of Your incredible plan, either directly or indirectly. Your Will is perfect, holy, divine and so beautiful. Like Your hiddenness in the Eucharist, we often are unable to see or fully grasp the working of Your Will, but I believe in You, I believe in Your love and I trust You. I trust Your holy and perfect Will, Lord. Thank You for Your love and mercy, Lord!

“My little one, I am building your trust in Me, little by little with each passing day. I am strengthening you, though it seems in some ways you are becoming weaker. You must come to rely completely on Me. This dependence upon Me will carry you through the most difficult days ahead. The same is true for my son, (name withheld). The more one realizes the frailty of the human condition the more you will rely on Me. Your trust in Me is strong but it will be perfected in you, My children so that when the day comes when you and your family are truly put to test, you will withstand and remain faithful. You will instill confidence in others by your unfailing trust in Me. This work is being done in many of My Children of Light. I prepare you for the trials out of My great love for you. I am your Shepherd. I am the Good Shepherd. I care for My flock and those who are Mine know Me and I them. Be of good cheer, My children. I am with you and I will never abandon you.”

“Continue to pray as I have requested. Many more prayers are needed for souls. Be merciful, My children. Pray for others and do acts of kindness for them. Care for those who are ill, and do not be cross with them for many are suffering. Suffering comes in many forms, My children. Do not judge them, but only love.”

“This is all for now, My child. Remain in a spirit of prayer today and rest. I love you!”

And I love You, my Adorable Jesus!

“I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace and rest in Me. All will be well.”

Thank You, Lord. Amen! Alleluia!

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