Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, April 10, 2022

Palm Sunday, Adoration Chapel


Hello my dearest Jesus hidden in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I love You, my hidden Lord! Thank You for the opportunity to be here with You. I missed visiting with You last week! Thank You that I am well enough now, Lord. Thank You also for Holy Mass and Communion today, Jesus! I am grateful You allowed Communion to be brought to me last Sunday. Praise You and thank You for all You do for me! Lord, help us to take advantage of this time of grace, this lull before the next storm, to receive the Eucharist and to go to Confession often; the Eucharist-many times during the week, via daily Mass and a weekly Confession. I sense that there will be closures soon, Lord. Or, perhaps I am just thinking there may be on account of the blatant sin and the perversity of so many and the acceptance of such perversity by the culture. The evil is being flaunted in our faces now, Jesus. It is no longer done in secret, behind closed doors, but paraded in front of children. It is shocking to witness the boldness of depravity.

“Yes, My child. You were thinking of Sodom and Gomorrah when the evil ones tried to coerce Lot to send the angels out to them. Yes, evil is surging in its last desperate attempt. Arm yourselves with the Sacraments, prayer and Scripture reading. Study Sacred Scripture so you will see the events foretold happening before your eyes. What you are realizing, My child is the gravity of the state of the world and the depravity in the hearts grown cold and hard as stone.

“My child, My child the little children are not being taught about Me. They do not know about My great, deep love for them for their parents do not teach them, nor instill love in their hearts for God. The parents of this day follow false gods and worship idols. Their children are lost, with no sense of purpose. They feel hopelessness, fear and are disillusioned about life. The culture of disobedience, rebellion, violence and death surrounds them as a result. They need to know the one true God, the Creator of life, the One Who loves them so much, He brought them into existence so that each one would come to know and love Him. In this way, one has hope and a sense of purpose.”

God the Father speaks: “I am the God of all. I am the Father, My children need. I am the answer to your problems, My little children. Come to Me. Get to know Me by reading the Gospels. I sent My Son to become one with you while remaining one with Me as the second person of the Trinity; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This was and is My plan, My children for the redemption of mankind. He came to regenerate you and to restore My people to Me. For you were lost to Me by the great divide of fallen humanity; fallen due to sin. By the incarnation, by His passion and death, you were redeemed. By this redemption you have been restored to the family of God and as such, you are My sons and daughters, heirs to the Kingdom of God. But, many do not listen to My Church and My Son’s teachings handed down through the Apostles, His holy priesthood, the royal priesthood, your shepherds. Many more do not even know and many who know of Me, openly reject Me. My children, surely you can see, for those who care to observe, the world is in shambles. People are in despair and the gravest sins are openly committed with few to no consequences. My children, My children, My poor children, it is time to awaken and take action for holiness, for goodness, for purity. Awaken from your sleep. Even those who do not profess to be Christians realize you are living in dangerous times, times like no other time in history that they can recall. Turn back to Me, I urge you for soon it will be too late. My Son has given you all that is needed. Read and study Scripture. Observe the signs of the times. See man’s inhumanity to man. This is only the beginning, My poor children. My adversary will not rest until he is bound in the pits of hell, but by then he will have taken a multitude of souls with him. Pray, pray, pray. This is the time. I invite you all to be on your knees in prayer. Plead the blood of My Son Jesus and ask His Mother for heavenly graces for you need them now more than ever.”

Yes, Lord. Thank You, Father!

“My little lamb, you sense the urgency and the seriousness of the call to repentance, conversion and the ‘call to arms’, the prayer of the Rosary. Open your hearts to God. Pour out your concerns, your sadness, your hardship and give all to God. I assure you, I will not abandon you, but you also must not abandon Me. For those who have, it is not yet too late. Return quickly, return right away for the time is fast upon you, the time that is coming in which you will not be able to choose freely. Now, you still have freedom to choose. This sounds unbelievable, I realize My little ones, for God gives you free will. For those who reject Me, you will one day no longer be able to exercise free will for the evil one and his minions will hold you hostage and in your deep darkness and blindness you will not even realize how low your poor soul has sunk. These are not exaggerations, My children. These are not mere threats to get you to come to Me out of fear. What I am saying is truth. Unfortunately, mankind did not heed the warnings from Heaven sent to you by My very own Mother. She has been warning Our children for centuries now but too few listen. Too few heeded Her warnings and listened to Her words of love. Without contrition and penance for sins, without true conversion of heart, there will be no turning back from the forces of evil that will serve to purify some and chastise many. By refusing the good, My children, you choose evil. By cooperating with evil, the protection of God is removed. This is why, My child evil has been unleashed on the world. It is so, because My children, through rejection of God and cooperation with evil spirits have opened the very gates of hell. Only I can restore the earth to its proper order, My children. I am concerned with your souls and the judgement you will face. You will not choose Heaven, My children when you are living hell on earth. Do not be foolish. One cannot love darkness, live in darkness, worship darkness, then stand before pure light and choose light. You must choose light now, My children. You must choose life, truth and goodness now while you are living on earth. When your life on earth ends, it will be too late to choose for you will have already done so. For those of you who want to wait until the last possible moment to convert; a deathbed conversion, as some say, do not fool yourselves. You do not know the day, nor the hour when your life on earth will end. You are playing literally with fire and you may be caught unaware when the Lord calls you from this life in a moment. Then, your soul will leave the body and stand before judgement. You do not want this to happen when your soul is in the state of mortal sin, for you will condemn yourself to hell. Yes, My children, you heard Me. You will condemn yourself, for you will reject Heaven where you will not want to dwell for you will hate God and love evil. This is why you must decide now for God, for My Kingdom, for eternal life. This is the choice-eternal life or eternal damnation-death. Choose now. My children, I urge you to choose life and all that is good. I love you, but I do not violate your free will. This is why it is up to you to choose. No choice is the same as making a choice for evil. This is important to know. Now, choose life.”

Thank You, I sense such urgency in Your tone. All of Heaven seems somber. Thank You for Your care and concern, Your love for souls. Lord, I am sorry if I didn’t write well enough or quickly enough to capture each and every word. Please correct me if I have missed anything. This message seems very urgent indeed.

I am a poor, humble, little person, Jesus and You are God. I shudder to think of what will befall us, Jesus and the numerous souls being taken to hell each day. The poor little children who are surrounded by such evil. What are we to do, Lord?

“Pray, fast and do penance for sinners, My child. You and all of My Children of Light must commit yourselves to prayer. Pray three Rosaries every day and pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet morning and evening. Pray for lost souls. Pray for conversion of heart. Pray for protection of your families. My Children of Light must continue pursuit of holiness in the midst of such darkness, for by your holiness, beacons of light will shine forth. Be light, My children. I have called you to the light and you have responded, but you also have become tired of waiting, tired of praying, tired of My words. You must return to Your fervor by prayer, return to fasting and return to all My Mother and I have asked of you. This is for your own good and for the good of your brothers and sisters. Prepare your hearts, My children. My child, My little one, I know of your struggles. I know of the emotional pain you suffer from so many losses. Remember, what the world thinks is lost is not necessarily so by Me. The ones you love that have died are with Me in Heaven. You have been through much suffering, as has My son (name withheld). You have accepted these crosses out of love for Me but you have grown weary. Renew your heart by reading My words. Read Scripture more, My children, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld). My words are life. I will renew your hearts and lift you to new heights, but all will come about through Me via prayer. Rest in Me. I am the Prince of Peace and I have an infinite amount of peace. Ask Me for peace. Ask Me for more love and more joy and these will increase within you. Be not afraid for I am with you. I am your refuge and I will see you through these storms. Remember to pray to your guardian angels and to the saints. They are waiting to give you assistance. Remain close to My Most Holy Mother, Mary. She is your Mother. Need I say more?”

Thank You, Jesus! No, You don’t need to say any more. Our Mother-Mother says it all and She is the best Mother. She was chosen to be Your Mother before time, so of course She is the best Mother. Thank You for sharing Her with us! Thank You, Lord. I love You!

“And I love you, My child. Remember who you are. Remember to whom you belong. Your identity is-child of God, the Most High. You are a child of God, the Supreme and highest good. All of My Children of Light, remember who you are. Remember your birthright is My Kingdom and live accordingly, no matter what goes on around you. Live in My light and My love. Now, My child, My (name withheld) who is a faithful son, go in My peace. I bless you in the name of the Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go now and be mercy, light, love and peace to this world in such need of God. Be My witnesses.”

With Your assistance and Your grace, Lord. Amen!

Notes from 4-10-2022

Upon entering the Adoration Chapel and greeting our Lord, I was filled with an unexpected sense of joy. It arose within me and seemed to spread through my body penetrating deeper into my soul. I had an inner sensation (but it was not a feeling per se) that I can only describe as similar to a slight chill or feeling of goosebumps, but that is external and felt via the skin. This was not like that externally, but from within. I have never experienced this before. I recognized at once that my soul, deprived of adoring Jesus last Sunday, due to physical illness was overjoyed at being in His presence. This was not the same as a feeling of emotional happiness or gladness, but a deep, inward joy at the recognition of the presence of God. This was a clear sign to me that our soul longs for God, which we know and have even felt before (especially when we experienced the lockdowns and were deprived of Holy Mass and Communion.) I must say this was unexpected, it is difficult to describe and yet it is a very real experience; as real as the fact that I am sitting on a chair and writing this reflection. I also saw our Lord (imprinted on the Host) on the cross. I thought this was beautiful that someone ordered a host with Jesus imprinted on it, as if it was formed in a mold. It was Jesus on the cross-raised off the host as in 3 dimensional, but the same color as the host. It was visible to me at the time I knelt in front of Him to greet Him and to pray, as well as all through the writing of His words. I looked up to see Him at times when He was dictating to me as time allowed to glance at Him with love. After the message was given and I knelt to thank Him, I could no longer see His image on the Eucharist. It was a plain (but beautiful) Eucharist/Host as always but His crucified image was no longer visible to me. I will ask my husband if he saw this. I wonder if everyone in the chapel did. Considering it is the beginning of Holy Week, it is very fitting. Another unexpected gift from our beautiful Lord and Savior who thinks of everything! I love You, my Lord, my God and my King! I love You my highest good, my everything!!!

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