Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, March 20, 2022

Adoration Chapel


Hello my good and glorious Jesus, ever present in the Most Holy Eucharist. I love, adore and praise You, my God and my King. It is good to be here with You, Lord! Thank You for all You have done and will do, Jesus. Thank You for Your passion, death and resurrection. Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion! Thank You for creating a beautiful world to support life. Praise You! Glory to You, Lord. Thank You for our health and for (name withheld) recovery. Help him; protect him and restore his health completely, Lord if it is Your Holy Will. Lord, protect Pope Francis, especially in the days leading up to the Annunciation so that he will be able to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Please inspire all the Bishops of the world to consecrate Russia in union with Pope Francis and in the way Our Lady requested. Please, Lord. It seems likely this will finally occur, but many graces are needed from Heaven. Thank You for inspiring and planting this decision within his heart, sweet Jesus! Thank You, Blessed Mother.

Lord, I miss my friends especially those who have died recently. I miss my parents and relatives who have died, also. Please take all holy souls in Purgatory to Heaven. Lord, I pray especially for (names withheld) and for all who died from Covid including our holy friends (names withheld). Lord, I ask for special graces for healing of (names withheld). Lord, please heal (name withheld) and bring (names withheld) back to the Church. You know my desires for my grandchildren to be baptized and I entrust them and all who are outside the Church to enter into Your One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith, especially (names withheld). Lord, I trust in You and I entrust them and all souls to You. Praise You, my Savior and Redeemer. Thank You for the many souls You have saved and are saving. Thank You for working in our lives to lead us further on the path to holiness and one day to Heaven. I love You, Lord. May all souls be led to Heaven where we may one day live with You, our life, our hope and our glorious Lord, God and King! My Shepherd and High Priest, bless and protect the Shepherds of the Church, all priests, bishops and the religious brothers and sisters. I love You, my Lord and my God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

“Thank you, My child. Remember I have told you, ‘all will be well’ no matter how conditions appear to you and to others. Your encounter with My daughter after Mass was a reminder to you. This was not a chance meeting, My child. You will go through difficult trials, as will all of My children in the days to come. The story of the miracle that occurred during the procession of My Mother’s statue to the shrine will give you consolation when the storm rages around you on all sides. I will protect those who are Mine and through you will be in the midst of the storm, you will find refuge in My Mother’s Immaculate Heart and in the Sacred Heart of your Jesus. Keep your eyes focused on God, My Mother, St. Joseph and all of Heaven. Your hearts must also be focused on the things of Heaven. Everything else is temporary, My children. Even what is good (materially) is temporal. Do not be overly concerned, My children. Prepare your homes and more importantly your hearts. I remind you to live the Gospel and strive to improve upon the virtues of faith, hope and charity. Ask Me for an increase in these virtues. Ask My Mother for these graces so that you will increase in faith, hope and charity. I am inviting you to heroic virtue, to heroic love. Remember that I will provide and though you have stored food, share it with others in need without concern that your stores will be empty. For in the refuge times, you will see many miracles. I will provide what you need. You must trust in My Providence and provision for you, your family and all I will send to you. You have seen or heard about the people of Ukraine fleeing from their homeland. My people of Poland and other countries are welcoming them. This is what you are to do when people show up on your land or at your door in search of your welcome. Open the door of your heart to them and do not act with hesitation. You will recognize those I send, so do not be afraid. Remember, I have chosen them and My messengers guided these souls to you. Those of you who have consecrated your homes to Me to use as I will for a refuge in times to come, recall that you have given your consent. Therefore, do not be afraid. I am with you, even now as you prepare. Be gracious, generous and willing to help those who come to you seeking a place of peace and rest. All will be chaos and upheaval in the world. You, My children, be peace. Be mercy. Be love and yes, even be filled with joy. When this time occurs, you will know that My plan for you is being fulfilled just as foretold. All in Heaven pray for you and they will actively assist you in the refuge times in a much more noticeable way. Now they work behind the scenes, My children, aiding you with their prayers from Heaven. Then, they will also aid you and guide you by their counsel and advice. See, I stop at nothing to guide and protect you, for these extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Rely more on the angels and saints, My Children of Light. This brings Me glory for you are all part of the Body of Christ, My Church. This is a reality, My children and too many people are either unaware or have forgotten this important teaching of My Church. Do what is needed for your last and final preparations, My children. The times will soon dictate that you will not be able to finalize what you are planning. I encourage you to act now while there is still freedom and the ability to do so. Otherwise, you will not be as prepared. That will be alright, too as you will ‘make do’ with what you have. However, when your places of refuge and your homes are in a ‘ready state’ you will rest at ease and have more time to focus solely on your spiritual preparations. Please do not mistake that you must prepare spiritually now, also. This is even more important than the physical preparations. I am only guiding you to do what you can now and do not delay any longer. All will be well. Remain at peace and if you are not recollected, come to the Prince of Peace and ask Me to send My peace to you. I have an endless supply of peace, joy, mercy and love and I await your request for whatever is needed by you. Ask Me for guidance and I will give you guidance. Open your hearts to receive the graces given to you by My Most Holy Mother Mary. Frequent the Sacraments and receive Holy Communion in a state of grace. There is an outpouring of grace in these days for My children. Pray and ask for these, My children. My child, this is all for today. I have said much in the few words given. You will understand the deeper meaning as you reflect on My words. Do not be concerned, My child about the houses you are seeing in your mind that will disappear, or the image of the streets in disarray and chaos. Remember, I repeat, all will be well. The purification will continue and depending on the souls who convert and the prayers and faith of the Children of Light it will more or less be as you have seen. Be of good cheer. I prepare you so you will not be overcome with the emotion and strain of the events, and that you will also remember what I have in store for the world and My people when evil has been purged, expunged from the earth. The period of renewal will be a glorious and holy time. All else must come to pass for the new springtime to occur. This is so because My rebellious and hard-hearted children choose evil over good, hatred over love and violence over peace. Pray for the conversion of unbelievers, My children. Pray, pray, pray. Offer your Communions and have Masses said for unbelieving souls, for their conversion of hearts. My little lamb, this is all for today. Ponder, pray and be at peace.”

“I bless you both now, in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace. Take My light wherever you go and give My love to others. My Children of Light, you represent Me on earth in a special way. Not as the Pope or priests do, but in your vocations and in your role on earth. You are also My ambassadors, My children and I remind and invite you to conduct yourselves accordingly. Love one another. I love you.”

Thank You, Lord. I love You! Amen, my Lord. Amen

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