Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, February 20, 2022

Adoration Chapel


Good morning, my Adorable Jesus, ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I believe, hope, adore, trust in and love You. May all people come to know and to love You, sweet loving Savior of the world. Please stir in all consciences and souls the desire to know and love You, God. Pour out Your Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth. Blessed Mother of Our Lord and my Mother guide us to Your Divine Son, Jesus. Take our hands and lead us through this valley of tears that is becoming treacherously dangerous. Cover all your children with Your holy blue mantle of protection, wisdom and love. Give us, Your poor little children a share in Your virtues. Actually, Mother give us all of Your virtues, since You have an unlimited measure of grace and virtue. Dearest heavenly Mother, remake my heart, my soul and my mind into the daughter that God the Father created me to be. Restore me and renew me by Your love, Your wisdom, oh Seat of Wisdom, Your purity, Your holiness and ask the Blessed Trinity to recreate me so that I will be united to our Lord God, just as Adam and Eve were before the fall in the Garden of Eden. Oh, sweet Trinity, Most Holy Trinity, purify and cleanse me of everything that is of the world and of my will so lacking in love and give me Your most holy Will instead. I submit myself and all that I have, do, say and own to Your holy Will to use as You Will. Thank You, Blessed Trinity, 3 persons in One God that You not only one day will allow us to share in Your heavenly kingdom, but thank You that You have enabled us to live this kingdom in the cenacle of our souls now. I pray for this Divine Will to take up residence within me so that I will one day actually live as if I was living in Heaven now. In this way, You will live the heroic love through me, Lord that You directed me to pray for and to desire. Oh, my beloved who is also my God, make my heart a flame of pure love for Thee. Oh, how long I have prayed this simple prayer, Jesus and You are allowing this to begin to sprout after decades of anchoring this seed in my tiny, unfertile soil. I believe You are fertilizing, watering and amending the soil in my soul now, Lord for some reason and I am most grateful, holy God! You love even the most flawed, imperfect, small, uneducated and simple one to be open to the love where You work the soil and create the opportunity for each creature to become a new creation! What an amazing, beautiful, majestic, loving and holy God we have! Thank You, Lord!

Lord, God I bring each and every person who is ill before You, especially my beloved friend (name withheld), all who are on the church prayer lists, (name withheld) and every soul in the world who is suffering in any way (especially the elderly and the youth) for (name withheld), Jesus and I lay them at the foot of Your Holy Cross. Do as You will for them, Lord because Your Will is loving, holy and perfect. I entrust every friend, relative and all of my loved ones to You Father, my benevolent Father. Give each one everything he or she needs to come to Your heavenly kingdom and also give them the graces to live this kingdom now, here on earth in their souls. May the whole world come to union with the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit so that Your kingdom will come on Earth as in Heaven just as Jesus, the God Man said it would and asked us to pray in the Our Father. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Oh, how happy the soul who entrusts all to You!

“My child, My child, My littlest child, thank You for the gift of your praise, your prayers and your loving requests. Do not be concerned with writing this, My little lamb. Accept what I am saying and write for the good of all souls. I love each one uniquely and have much joy in each one who gives Me praise and thanks. I am generous beyond measure and I shower My children with blessings and graces for even the smallest advancement in the spiritual life. It is the effort and the desire that matter to Me, My child. One day you will know how many graces and with what joy I bestow them on souls who desire to grow in their love of Me. My child, My little one, you have persevered in your love for Me through the many storms and trials I have sent to you. Some of these trials, I allowed, and some I sent directly, but always, always you have been in the palm of My saving hand. My little daughter I have been walking beside you and working in you, even when you fell, I helped you to stand again. You have said you sensed a turning point after the accident. These words spoken to your sister were true. My Holy Spirit planted this thought in your heart because of the work I am doing in your soul, and also in your heart and your mind. It is just the beginning, My child but you are entering yet a new phase of development. Several of My children are also entering this new phase and it is what I desire for all of My Children of Light. This is a prerequisite to living in the Era of Peace, or the Age of Obedience and Love. My child, I am inviting others to request and to desire this for their souls for it is needed and indeed it is Willed by the Blessed Trinity since before time. Learn to live united to Me, My child and to be of one heart, one mind and one movement with God. This is the essence of the Unity Prayer you have been so fond of and have been praying and desiring in your heart. My child, these are not just words. They are My words, they are My desire. My word is creative. My word goes forth and transforms and creates a thing, a person, a place, all matter and even that which is not yet matter into the words I proclaim. Thus, the Father brought the world into being. God’s word is power, life, light, truth, beauty, and always good. Therefore, the Unity Prayer serves to transform souls into beautiful brides of Christian perfect union with God. This is why satan is blinded by this prayer when prayed with love. He is unable to look upon Me and when souls pray this prayer he is unable to look at you or even to see the place where you are. Please ask more souls to pray the Unity Prayer and to long for union with the Most Holy Trinity, specifically to be in union with the Divine Will, God’s Will. Children of My heart, in this way you will live peacefully through the coming chastisements. Your gaze will be focused on God and not on the world which has become a mockery of God and a hotbed of sin and corruption. You will seek only the Will of God and you will all love your fellow man with the love of God. You will live the Holy Gospel of My Son, Jesus Christ, My daughter. When My children are in the refuges, the final transformation will take place within your souls, you will truly put on the mind of Christ and will be guided in miraculous ways by the Power of the Holy Spirit. This will be so to prepare you to dwell in the Era of Peace. Children, listen to Me. Do pray for the renewal of your commitment to living the Christian life, the desire for holiness and the desire to be in My Divine Will. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened to you. Ask and you shall receive. Trust in Me, My children. Truly there is no other way. I am the Way, My little ones. Trust in Me and follow Me. The time is coming soon and it is already on the doorstep, when you will enter the Time of Great Trials spoken about in Scripture and by the prophets of old. This generation will enter into this time of trials and persecution. It is already here, but it is the beginning. These trials, endured with loving acceptance, will bring more glory to God. You, My children, made in My image and likeness, will shine with My glory when you patiently and heroically endure the trials. Embrace this cross, My children. Remember how I embraced the cross on which I was to be crucified. Even through My intense suffering, the scourging, the crowning with thorns, the abuse by the Roman soldiers and most of the Jews, I looked forward to the cross. Yes, I loved life. Any friends, My most holy and pure Mother Mary, My relatives, My homeland, and all that is good, but I loved your salvation and your precious souls even more. I knew that I had come for this, to be crucified, to die and to rise again, so that one day all could live in the Father’s kingdom forever. But, this is not all, My children. You must follow Me. You must walk the way of the cross, also since no disciple is greater than their master. Realize that after the cross and the tomb comes the power of the resurrection. You, too will rise. Thank nothing of the cost, My children. Think only of what I have already paid for you and be willing to live the hour of the passion coming to the Church and the world, but first the Church (and that has already begun) in imitation of and in union with Me, your Jesus. In this way, you will be in union with the Sacred and Blessed Trinity for We are one God. When one is in union with one of the 3 persons of the Trinity, one is in union with all 3, one God, three persons. Believe My Children of Light. Believe in Me. Trust in Me. Live only for Me and you will learn what it is to truly be in union with Me. This is My desire. This is My Will. You must die to yourself, to your own wills, My Children of Light. You will not lose yourselves, for you will then become your true self. The person you were created to be, more fully alive and one with the spirit of the Lord. Children, do not scoff at this. When Adam and Eve were created, they not only dwelled in the Garden of Eden, but they walked with God. This means they were in union, perfect union with God’s Will. They were endowed with great beauty, reason, intelligence, wisdom and peace. They wanted for nothing, only to serve God and to be in trusted friendship with God. The secrets of the universe were revealed to them by Me. They were entrusted with being parents to the entire human race. Great favor was shown to them and a multitude of blessings and graces. Having all this, perfect virtue, a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, complete trust, they fell to the temptation to fully understand ‘good and evil’. My children, they already fully understood good. They did not know evil, however. It was this they chose when they decided to disobey their beloved Father. They wanted to know evil. This knowing is much more than an intellectual knowing. This word ‘know’ means to be intimately aware of evil. This is what was chosen over all I had given them. This is what people choose today when worldly power, affluence, notoriety, fame and fortune are put in a higher place than to know, love and serve God. This is the same sin of pride Adam and Eve committed. Turn your backs on this intimacy with evil, My poor lost children and choose goodness, life, truth and love. Choose God, My poor creatures and no longer follow the evil one and his minions. All who choose to follow My adversary will follow him into the eternal fires of hell. This is not My Will. My Will is for your good, for the best, for My beloved children to have the best of everything, heaven. That is My Will and I died for you to have Heaven. But, My beloved children, out of a great, infinite respect, you were created with free will. This is because it is much greater to choose freely to love. If one was created with no choice, no free will, you could not freely choose to love God, but would instead love out of no choice. My children, that would not be real love. That would be a form of slavery. Since I am all good and will the highest good for you out of My great, infinite love, I cannot create in this way. Slavery is an evil and is not possible for the perfection and love of God. Therefore, mankind was created by and for love—a freely chosen love. Therefore, do not misuse your human will by choosing evil and death. Instead choose true life—a life and a share in the Spirit and life of God. My Children of Light, I am preparing you with everything to persevere to the end. Read Holy Scripture. Frequent Mass, Confession and receive (in the state of grace) Holy Communion as often as possible for your unity with Me, for your growth in holiness and for the protection of your soul. Have no fear. I will give each person, each soul exactly what is needed in life and to endure the trials. The closer you come to Me, the less severe the trials will seem. You will then be able to help the others, those I send to you, those you meet, to also endure. My children, you will not only endure but united to and with Me and in the Will of God, you will also be triumphant. This is how My Mother’s army will crush satan. My Mother’s heel—Her children will do so guided by Her, the Mother of the Church, perfectly united with God. You will become little Marys and little Jesuses united to the Divine Will in the heart of the Trinity. In this way, the Holy Spirit will come like a fire and renew the face of the earth. The soldiers, children of Mary will transition into the Era of Peace and you will live in the heart of God rebuilding society, raising children in the new era and populating the earth with more and more souls filled with the love of God. The serpent did not destroy My plan for the world. He is unable to do so for I AM God. The plan will be fulfilled and creation will be restored according to My plan. Have no fear, embrace the trials as they come and they will surely come with faith in God, trust in the Savior and through the Power of My Holy Spirit. All will be well, My children. All will be well. Take up your arms, the holy Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, the Sacraments, Scripture and all truths of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church which will guide you in how you are to live. Be at peace. Be love. Be mercy. Follow Me. All will be well.”

“My little one, the time you have learned about is here. Resume the order in your life that I have taught you. Rise each day and pray with your husband, My son (name withheld). I have chosen him for you and you for him. Live as I instructed you. I will guide you through each adversity. Be thankful for every suffering and trial through which I have brought you for these have served to prepare you. You would not have been able to endure the trials had you not been tested and proved through fire. Now you will be prepared for the mission I give to you. Do not complain about anything for all is sent and allowed by My loving Providence. If it is storming and you are caught outside in it, praise the Lord. If you are ill, praise Me. If those you love suffer, comfort them, care for them and praise Me. Give voice to all suffering by praising the Eternal Father who knows and sees to your every need. For those who follow and trust in Him everything is done in and through you so that you can more perfectly fulfill the power I have for you and you will then lead others as they fulfill the plans I have for them. Your family members have endured much in their lives. All of Heaven intercedes for your family. Your parents and grandparents pray especially hard with an intense love and with much gratitude for each and every one of you. You cannot comprehend the depth of My love, nor even the depth of love of your family and friends in Heaven, for their love has been perfected in the beatific vision where all dwell in the Divine Will. Be joyful that this is so. Be aware of the great responsibility that your siblings and their spouses have been entrusted with as you enter into this time in salvation history that the saints of old longed to see. You will not only see it, you will live it. Do not dread this time for you possess the graces needed and you possess the love of God, My children, by My love I even allow you to possess Me, the Creator of the universe, the Holy and Most Perfect Trinity. Therefore, you see there is nothing at all to fear. The time is coming and will soon arrive for another persecution. Yes, My children, what you have already experienced were labor pains. The real and true labor, the one that brings new birth is about to begin or rather is about to come over you. You will experience this pain and suffering, united to My passion and it will bring about your perfection (spiritual). I will see to your needs, not your wants but your needs and you will bring glory to God. This is necessary, this Time of Great Trials, My children because of the depth of spiritual and moral depravity to which mankind has descended. Many souls no longer resemble My image but instead have chosen the image of My adversary, the beast. Many more will formally choose the evil one and will even want to be physically marked to enjoy all the ‘world’ has to offer; power, prestige, material goods and even the false promise to never die. This is the same temptation presented to Adam and Eve so it is only predictable that the evil one and the one taking his place on earth, the antichrist will offer the same false promises. You however, Children of Light will choose eternal salvation instead. Everything else will be given to you and truly you will have even more for I aim to restore the earth to the original and perfect plan, that of creation in all its beauty and harmony with God. All people and creatures, yes even animals and insects will be in harmony with God. The world will be renewed by the Power of My Holy Spirit and it will be recreated. Do not fear. I have already won the victory over sin and death. Remain in Me, My Children of Light and one day soon you will be the Children of the Renewal. Be at peace. Focus on loving and serving now. I am with you. I am with My Church. My little one, go now in peace in union with Me. I bless you both, in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go now walking in the light of My love. All will be well. Trust in Me.”

Amen, Lord. Alleluia. Praise and glory to God on high Who was, is and Who is to come.

Flame Of Love Unity Prayer

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