Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, October 3, 2021

Adoration Chapel


Hello, my dearest Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. It is so very good to be here with You, Lord. Thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion today. Thank You for the opportunity to go to Mass a couple of days during the week. Oh, Lord how I long for daily Mass, but I am grateful for the opportunities that were presented to me this week. Lord, I praise You, thank You and adore You for all that You have done, are doing now, and will do for me and all humanity. Thank You for Your mercy and love. Thank You for Your passion, death and resurrection. Thank You for establishing Your Church on earth, for the richness of the Sacraments, for Your holy priests, for the Bishops and religious. Thank You for the angels and saints. Thank You for the beautiful prayers, the liturgy and for the beautiful sacred music. I love and treasure this beautiful and holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith, my Lord, God and King. Thank You for my parents who raised me in the faith, and for my siblings and grandparents who have been loving witnesses to the devout life. Oh, Jesus thank You for my children and grandchildren, for my loving, merciful husband who is a tremendous blessing. Lord, You have always given me everything I have needed and yet I do so little for You. Jesus, You know with perfect knowledge what is going on in the world today. You know what is going on in and around Your Church. Oh, Jesus You know all, see all and even though You are all powerful, You wait patiently and with incredible restraint, for each soul who will still (even now) decide for You. Incomprehensible, Divine Mercy, incomprehensible, Divine Love, our beautiful God, thank You for Your benevolent love and mercy. Thank You for the fire of Your love that burns with the highest heat, hotter than anything known on earth, that burns to purify us, to cleanse us and to make us new. Lord, this same fire, like the one Moses saw in the burning bush, burns but does not consume, does not kill, does not maim and yet it is purer and hotter than any flame known to man. Lord, it was this fire of Your love that caused You to exclaim, ‘I thirst’ from the cross. Of all the things You could have said, and did say, only words of love came from Your lips. I know You really were thirsty physically from so much loss of blood, but You were the spotless lamb, the perfect victim who did not complain. You, my Jesus were conveying the thirst of Your heart, thirsting for our love. Oh, Jesus help me to love as You love. I know it isn’t physically possible for me to love as You do, because You are God, but You can teach me to love more. When I go only as far as my short limits, give me Your grace, Your mercy, Your passion, Your Sacred Heart so that I may love with Your love. Jesus, help those who are suffering, those who are lonely and abandoned, those who are critically ill, those who are abused and those who are dying to feel the power of Your love for them. Console them, Lord and give them graces to resist the temptations, to not give in to despair, and to resist the deceptive words from the enemy of souls. May they hear only the sweet, tender thoughts of Yours, the words You whisper to souls from the cross. Help them, Lord. I pray for all who are working in hospitals, residence care homes and those who serve the ill patients whether physically ill or mentally ill. Give all caregivers the strength to serve and to love. Remove the blinders from physicians’ eyes, Jesus so they may see what You want them to do and give them the courage to follow through. Lord it is difficult to stand in the face of such evil. You stood in the face of the ultimate evil when the world attacked You, betrayed and beat You and You returned only loving gazes. Lord, we want to look away from those who are suffering, because it seems there is nothing we can do. But, with You, Lord all things are possible. Do the impossible through us, my Jesus. Help us to love, to pray and to take the actions You want us to take. Oh, my Jesus my heart is so heavy. I give it to You. Make something out of My weak, flawed, sinful heart. Transform it for love, my Lord.

“My child, My child, My little child. It is good to have you with Me. This is just where you should be when the world seems to be in chaos all around you. You feel surrounded by so much evil and confusion. People are unable to think clearly, My little lamb because a great cloud of darkness is covering the earth and men cannot see. They are even having difficulty using their intellects and their minds in the way they would have prior to so much darkness. My child, pray for them. Pray for souls to have clarity of thought. Pray for hearts to convert. Only with true conversion, repentance and purity will they see clearly once again. What you see, the chaos and confusion, is the result of so much spiritual darkness. My daughter, do not be afraid of this darkness. Listen to Me, My little lamb. When the electricity goes out in your home, you are not afraid are you?

No, Jesus. We have a generator. I used to worry and pray so hard for Your intervention when we lost power before the generator, because we knew in a matter of time, our basement would flood. Now, when I hear and see the generator turn on and the lights and power restored, I just thank You for the generator.

“Yes, My child. You do not become afraid because I have provided for you in My goodness. I am the Light, My child. No matter how much darkness covers the earth, My children possess the Light, the Light of the World. I am like the whole house generator. I provide the power, the warmth, the light and the strength for My children to carry on even in the face of so much darkness. However, when your house has light, electricity, warmth, you don’t sit and worry and become anxious because the sun has set and its evening. You do not focus on the night but on what is needed and the tasks at hand. This is what I want My Children of Light to do now. Be aware of the darkness, pray and discern, but do not become focused on the darkness. Focus instead on Me. What am I asking of you now? What can you do to help those who are out in the night and do not know how to make their way to the Light? What can you do to help them? Can you do something to show them the Father’s love? What am I calling you each to do, My children? Indeed, I am asking and patiently waiting for My children to do something in service of love. It is always the time to live the Gospel, My Children of Light and especially so when darkness covers the earth. Remember, you each have the Light. Nothing can put this light out unless you choose to extinguish the flame. You must keep the light of faith burning brightly, My children so as to give it to others. Do not be afraid. Have I not provided for you? I will continue to do so, but you must freely give of the love I have given you. I am counting on you, My children. Be not afraid. Trust in Me. Whatever you give, will come back to you, My children, so give freely. What do you have that I have not given you? Trust in Me, My children. The children of a wealthy king need not worry that giving their bread to the poor will cause them to go hungry. No, this would be absurd, My children. If a worldly king’s children do not worry about going hungry, then certainly the children of God the Father who is King of All should not be concerned. All will be well, My children. Live the Gospel. Share My love with others. Be light in a world so covered in darkness. Remember, this darkness covers all who are not following Me and they genuinely cannot see. The darkness is beginning to penetrate hearts, My Children of Light and you must do your small part to show others the way. Give them light so the path will become visible to them. Pray and have Masses said for others, My children. We will change the world one heart at a time. Then, when it is the moment appointed by God, My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will triumph. The evil one, the deceiver of souls will be driven out of the world and the peace of Christ the Redeemer will reign in all hearts. Take care, My children so we don’t lose more souls. This is our work, yours and Mine for I enlist your help in this, the greatest battle for souls. I have given you much direction and guidance through My saints and prophets. You are prepared for what is coming, My Children of Light. Now is the time to evangelize your brothers and sisters so in need of My love. Be love. Be mercy. Be peace. Be a light bearer to illumine their path that is in such darkness they don’t even know where to step. Show them. Love them. Forgive them. Be merciful and do not give up on them, just as I do not give up on souls. I poured out My life, every drop of blood for humanity, My children. What will it cost you to smile and show love to those in need? What will it cost you to show kindness to a stranger who may have no one to love them, but you? Be generous with your love as I am generous with Mine. The darkest hour is also when the smallest light can appear to be even brighter. Remember the cave parable that My Most Holy and Pure Mother told you, My little lamb?”

Yes, my Lord, I remember.

“Others would do well to read this again, My child for it illustrates light and darkness well and will provide further insight regarding how one must behave during the rescue mission for souls.”

Thank You, my adorable Jesus for reminding me of this. Lord, help me to know what You want me to do in this time of great darkness so that the Light of Your love will shine through me. Help me to forgive and to love those who persecute me, Lord. Help me to see them with Your eyes that are filled with love and mercy. Oh, Jesus You only returned hatred with love. Help us to do the same, Lord. This is a time of great division, but You are the bridge, Lord. Help us to be bridge builders, too so we can bring the needed materials to those on the other side. Help us to walk confidently on the firm bridgethat is You Lord, to take the needed love, mercy and peace so desperately lacking. Lord, actualize the plans You have and give us Your orders, Your direction. We are like soldiers in the midst of a battle with much smoke all around. We do not see where You want us to go, Lord or where there are wounded soldiers. Show us the way, Jesus. Take each one of us by the hand and lead us where You want us to go. Even if we can’t see clearly because our lights are not so bright, You see Jesus. You know where each and every wounded soul is and You know who can give them just what they need. Align our gifts, Lord with the correct mission to the wounded and give us right judgement and clarity of thought to follow Your Will perfectly. Not because we are perfect in any way, Jesus but because You are.

“Yes, My child. I will make it more clear to those who ask Me. This is the time of great danger for souls who are wounded in the battle and they cannot help themselves any longer. My children must go to them. Do not wait for them to come to you for they cannot see you, nor can they see the path ahead. Go, My children. Seek My direction, pray and then go do My Will and the Will of My Father.”

“That is all, My child. Go in peace. I bless you and My son (name withheld) in the name of the Father, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go and bring My light to others.”

Amen, Lord. Amen and I love You!

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