Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, December 20, 2020

Adoration Chapel


Hello my adorable Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar hidden in the Eucharist. Thank You for the gift of Your presence, Jesus. Thank You for coming into the world so that the people of darkness would see a great light. Lord, there is great darkness now due to the present evil, sin, corruption and division. Lord, send Your Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth. Come, Lord Jesus, come. We await Your coming in joyful hope. At times it doesn’t feel joyful, Lord. There is apprehension and anxiety. Give me Your peace, Lord. Give all Your children peace. Grant Your peace and may it reside in every corner of our hearts and souls so that no matter what occurs we are bearers of Your peace, Your hope, Your light and Your love. Always and only, Your love since You are love and You are perfection.

Lord, bring about the Great Renewal, the great springtime that St. Pope John Paul II spoke about. Renew our hearts and minds, Jesus. Bring all family members who are outside the Church into the Church. Let them receive the holy Sacraments and come to the fullness of the Faith. Jesus, we entrust the room addition to You, the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph. We give this to the Holy Family and ask for Your intervention. Somehow, it will all come together in Your timing. I do feel as if there is not time left, however You are the Creator and author of time. You can do anything You Will to do. Jesus, I trust in You.

Lord thank You for the glorious Mass today and for allowing us to go to Confession yesterday. What a gift and a blessing! Thank You for our family dinner last evening. Please bless all who could not be there, as well as those who were there. It is such a great grace to be together, Lord. I love You and thank You for Your many blessings.

“My little lamb, you are concerned about many things. This is the season of Advent. A period of waiting for the Lord to unveil His plan. The world is in a period of waiting now, even though this is a different kind of waiting. Prepare your hearts and souls My children in this period of waiting. Be like the virgins who prepared their lamps filling them with oil to be ready when the bridegroom came. So, you all (Children of Light) must prepare your hearts and souls in a special way. Root out all evil and pride. Go to receive the Sacrament of Confession. Make a firm amendment to change your lives even if it means simply eliminating some patterns of sin. Especially if it means leaving a sinful lifestyle, My children. Be open to change and to walking the narrow road down the path of holiness. Your ultimate destination is Heaven. You must love and live like you are in Heaven now, My little children. What more can I say or do for you to realize this now? What must I do for you to take My words seriously? You must be open and willing to become holy saints, holy children of God to much higher degrees than you are at the present. I will do this great work within you, but you must desire this, and ask Me for this, My children. All who desire to be closer to My Sacred Heart have only to ask and to remain in a state of grace. Great graces will be given to you from Heaven. My Mother is waiting to pour out these graces for heroic love, virtue and holiness on Her children. You have only to ask and to remain well disposed to receive these graces.”

“My beloved, precious children, please be encouraged by My words and My invitation. I love you so very deeply. You are dear to Me, each one of you. I long to be with you forever, for the rest of eternity, but I long for our deep friendship now. I want each day to be a step further into My Sacred Heart. This is possible for you now, My children. You are My beloved children. Immerse yourselves in Me, in My vast love that is all encompassing. In this way, you will have much clarity, purpose and peace. My children, there is a great deal of angst in the world, for there is a deep longing for change. Evil works to transform the world and all of My people into the most wicked of places and peoples in all of history. Evil then wants to obliterate the earth and destroy all life. This is very sinister and difficult for many to grasp, but it is so. My children, those who are seemingly the leaders in these global efforts to take over the world, to destroy most of the inhabitants of earth, to gain total control and dominion, are only the front people. You do not see or know those behind the evil plot of destruction. Even the ones you suspect do not realize the end of their work and all they hope to accomplish will include their own demise. They have a false sense of security because they are part of this plan and have been given a degree of power and wealth, now. Pray for these souls for if they do not repent and turn from their wicked ways, they doom their souls to an eternal destiny of hell. Their lives will be lost when their souls are filled with the most evil, vile hatred for God. Pray, My children and fast for their conversion. You must pray for those who persecute you and love your enemies. If even one of those evil men convert, many souls will follow as a result and there will be more souls on the path to Heaven. If they do not convert, even more will be lost than one can imagine. I died so that My children would be free from slavery to sin. I opened the prison doors, My children but each one must choose to live in My love, to walk through the open door. Sadly, many decide to remain in their prison cell of sin and death. This is not My Will, My children. To do My Will is to live in the freedom of My love. To live in the light with all assistance from Heaven, I gave you the 7 Sacraments where graces abound to help you in this spiritual pilgrimage to the heavenly Kingdom. I give you all manner of assistance. It is up to you to accept My love and My care of your souls. All one must do is ask. Come, My little ones, there is not much time. Once the Time of Great Trials reaches the apex it will be nearly impossible to convert then. Not because for God it will be impossible, for nothing is impossible for God, but because I know your human nature. Once a soul is completely set against the light, it is very, very difficult to change, and once the earth is at the height of evil, it will be even more difficult. My children, you have heard tremendous conversion stories of people following the evil one, having great conversions. This is a fact My children, however these souls were chosen for conversion on the count of either their previous walk with Me, their baptisms as infants, or their family members sacrifices, fasts, penances and Masses offered. As more and more people follow evil, there are fewer souls sacrificing themselves for others in this way. Many people who are living a life steeped in sin do not have faithful family members to pray for them. There are no guarantees that you will live long lives with ample time to change. Conversions on one’s death bed are actually very rare. Do not wait for this, My children. Change now. Come to Me now. Return to the Sacraments now. Come into the Church now while there is still some time. You must begin to live with a certain level of urgency in serving God. Live a life in alignment with the Gospels, My children. Serve others out of love for God. Serve out of gratitude for your many blessings and for the love of God. There are many who are less fortunate than you, so do not focus on what you do not have, but on what you do have.”

“My child, My child all will be well. Be alert now. Be prepared. Return to your home today and finish the prayers I have given you to pray. My (name withheld) and My (name withheld) recall what I asked of you each day. If it seems difficult, ask for My assistance. You must pray, for this provides a type of canopy over you and protects your souls from all forms of evil. I love you. All will be well. I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go forth in peace, My little lamb. I am protecting you. Live in My peace. Be love and mercy to others.”

Yes, Lord. With Your help I will do as You ask.

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