Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, August 12, 2018

Adoration Chapel


Hello, dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. It is good to be here with You, my Lord and my God. I adore You, praise You and worship You, my God and my King. Jesus, thank You for Holy Mass and Communion this morning. Thank You for working through (name withheld). What a holy priest son he is. I am grateful that You sent him to us, as well as (name withheld). Watch over them, Jesus. Protect and guide them. Keep them safe from all physical, spiritual and emotional harm.

Jesus, thank You for helping (name withheld) to be stable enough to be discharged to her home. Please work miracles, Lord, in every aspect of her life, especially for her physical healing. Please also heal (names withheld) and anyone else in need of healing that I have forgotten. I pray also for (names withheld) and all who do not know the love of God or who do not believe. Please, Jesus, come against the spirit of atheism and grant these poor souls the gift of faith. Bring all who are outside the Church into the One True Catholic and Apostolic Church. Thank You for the Holy Church and for the Sacraments You gave to us. Lord, protect the Church. Purify and sanctify us, Jesus so that we will be exactly what we should be, a pure and spotless bride. Lord, I know the church is holy and as people we are unholy sinners. Give us graces for holiness so that we will pick up our crosses and follow You. You first said we must deny ourselves. Help us to deny ourselves, Jesus so that we may really be carriers of our crosses. Some people have very heavy crosses, Lord. Please give them graces to carry such heavy loads, and give us the means to assist them in their walk, just as Simon assisted You to carry Your cross. Help us and guide us when we don’t know what to do. I love You, Jesus. Help me to love You more.

“My child, you have been concerned that you do not feel joy when I have said to ‘Be joy!’ You have heard this many times from Me as well as from My priests. It is true, I ask you to be joy and in order to be joy, you must be joyful. My child, this does not mean that you will always feel joyful. On the contrary, many holy souls experienced the dark night of the senses and in some cases, the dark night of the soul. The desolations experienced by them were very difficult. Loneliness plagued them, as they seemed to be far from Me. In these times I am actually very close to souls, however the consolations experienced are removed from them and therefore they do not experience My closeness. I appear to be far. In these moments, souls do not feel joy. However, some souls were able to convey joy to others by smiling and being very joyful in spite of how they felt interiorly. Think of the example of St. Teresa of Calcutta. She radiated joy and yet had great spiritual darkness. This is what I ask of you, to be joy. Not to feel joy but to be joy. Being joy and feeling joy are completely different. Do you see, My child?”

Yes, Jesus. I see. Thank You. It is a relief, indeed. I am glad You explained this to me.

“Yes, My child. There are times you feel very weary and weighed down by the spiritual battles. When you are in someone’s presence, though you smile, greet them and speak. You often encourage others and take time to listen to them. Even when you would rather not, you stay to listen and converse. When you leave them, they are encouraged by you. You are encouraged by them, also. It is in this giving and receiving that My children meet Me, Jesus in the other. This meeting is one of joy, is it not, My child?”

Oh yes, Jesus. It really is. I love meeting You in others.

“That, My little lamb, is being joy. This is what I ask of you. Be joy to all you meet, including people you do not know. Also, My children are to be joy to your families. Resist the temptation to be pleasant among strangers, but grumbling and complaining to your families. Families are to be joy to one another, also. It is very important to have a joy filled home, especially so in these days of darkness and evil. Evil wants to break down the family, My domestic churches. Do not allow this, My children. The battle against evil is won through prayer, holiness, love, joy and service. Sacrificial love defeats evil and hatred. Be love, be joy, be mercy, My children and pray, pray, pray. Prayer is your weapon and your protection. It is both offense and defense. It is your connection to Me; your communication pipeline. Reconnect yourselves to prayer and pray with your hearts. Ask My Holy Spirit to assist you. My children, when events in the near future occur that will cause much confusion and distress, prayer will give you peace, clarity of mind, and allow you to receive My direction. Do not wait for calamity to begin to pray, for one must learn to pray. It takes practice and time to grow to love prayer. Once the soul loves prayer, you will be open to the Shepherd’s voice and I can direct you. Trust Me, My children. If you already pray, pray more. If you do not pray, begin to pray and begin right away. Prayer will sustain you in times of drought. Be people of prayer and God will always be near to you. Regardless of what the world is experiencing My Children of Light, I want to give you the gift of peace. This peace that I give will be the kind that passes all understanding. It is the Peace of Christ and therefore, even in the midst of the greatest storms, My children will know peace. This is a great gift indeed, My children. Pray and ask Me to grant you My peace. Always ask for My peace any time your souls are not recollected, are restless, are unsure. Ask Me for peace and I, the Prince of Peace will give you My peace. I have an unending source, My children. Never fail to come to Me when you are in need of peace. When souls have peace, they will also know joy. My Children of Light, oh how the world lacks peace, joy and love. You must bring these to them. This is your mission, for when you bring My love, My peace, My joy to those in need, they will see Christ in you, My disciples, My apostles of love. Do not be too busy to notice those around you, My children for these are the souls in need. Take notice of them, My children. They are everywhere you go in the world. Some are homebound and need your loving friendship. Visit with them. Send them cards and call them to encourage them. Some are ill and are unable to do their daily activities. Let them know you are praying for them. Do not let anyone feel neglected, My children for souls who are undergoing extreme trials need much love and encouragement. Do what you can, even if it is something small to show them your love. Cook a meal for their family, run errands for them. Do something, My children for the sake of your Jesus. I am counting on you to serve out of love, My children. I love you and I ask that you love others as I have loved you. You demonstrate the love of God when you give love to others. You, My children, be the cause of My joy, just as My Holy Mother Mary is. She never refuses Her children and I ask you to imitate Her. Ask Her to show you ways to serve others. Ask for Her counsel, Her advice. She will not refuse you. This is a great work I call you to, My children. Many small acts of love create an environment of love. In an environment of love, My children thrive and share more love with others. More and more loving acts create multiple environments of love until My love spreads throughout the entire world. Do not listen to My adversary, when he tries to deceive you. He wants to convince you that this little path of love is inconsequential and has no impact. He tempts souls to think that the only acts that matter are large, grand scale activity. This is not true, My children. All large undertakings only occur in small steps and in small acts of love. It takes many small acts of love, many prayers, many small sacrifices to equate to anything large, but in the spiritual world each soul touched has a major impact for the Kingdom. Do you understand what I am saying, My Children of Light? The evil one wants to discourage you. He wants you to believe that nothing one person does makes any difference. This is false. Do not fall for this deception, My children. Remember when I washed the feet of My Apostles? The impact this simple act of service had on each one of My Holy Apostle’s souls was tremendous. Each one was transformed by this. Each one, open to My love, to My grace, never forgot this humble act of service from their Master, and it changed their perspectives and made them better shepherds. Acts of loving service touch each soul in a unique way. You create a bridge between God and souls when you show love, joy and mercy. My Spirit moves through you to give grace to the soul and in turn you receive grace as well. There is mutual giving and receiving when one shows love.”

Yes, Lord! Thank You for these words of life and lessons of love. You are so beautiful, Jesus. You are love. You are life. You are joy. You are mercy. You are truth. You are light. You are my Savior, my Lord, God and King. I love you, Jesus! Help me to love You more. Lord, thank You for Your many, many gifts. Thank You for the meeting with beautiful (name withheld). Help me to trust You as much as she does, Jesus. No, even more. I want to trust You as Our Lady trusts and loves You. Jesus, thank You for the beautiful words You gave to (name withheld). When You told her You are a blood donor for the world it really touched me! Oh, Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world! Jesus, by Your Most Precious Blood you do save us. Thank You, Lord. I love You in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I love You in the Most Sacred Blood and in the Sacred Body and in Your Soul and Divinity. I love You in Holy Communion, Jesus, which we have as a gift from You because of Your passion, death and resurrection. Because of Your holy life and death, You shed every drop of blood from Your humanity to save us from our sins. Jesus, thank You. I love You, Jesus.

“I love you, also My little one. Pray for souls, My child. Sit with Me, gaze upon Me in the Eucharist and pray for souls. Many souls will perish My child but for the prayers of My children. Pray much. Love much. Be joy and mercy. For now, be My joy with the gift of your presence to Me.”

Yes, Jesus.

Lord, thank You for this beautiful visit with You. You have filled me with every good thing. Stay with me, Jesus. Be with me through each day of the week, Lord. Help me to do Your Will and help me to bring You to others, including those in the workplace. Be with those who are unemployed or are underemployed. Lord, I am especially concerned for my friend (name withheld). Give her strength and courage, Lord. Help her, heal her wounds. Give her everything she needs, Jesus. Provide all that we need, Jesus. Help my friend’s son, Lord. Heal him and keep him safe, Jesus. Help me to love You more.

“I love you, My little lamb. All will be well. You are in My love. Rest in My Heart. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in My peace, My love, My joy, My Mercy.”

Thank You, Lord. Amen! Alleluia!

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