Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Adoration Chapel


Hello my Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I believe in, hope in, love and adore You, my God and my King. Thank You for the opportunity to be here with You, my Lord. Praise and thank You for Holy Mass this morning. Thank You for (name withheld). Oh Jesus, how I wish he could remain here with us. He and (name withheld) are both wonderful. Your plans are better, though and I realize mine are shallow and short-sighted. You know all things. You know what is best, Lord. Help us to be welcoming and accepting of Your dear, holy priests. We want to show our love for You by loving them.

Lord, thank You for our meeting with (names withheld). How I love these beautiful children of Yours. Jesus, I lift up (name withheld) to You and ask You to bless and heal him. Renew his strength, Lord. Both he and (name withheld) are in need of healing of their heart conditions. I entrust all our needs to You, sweet Jesus. You always take care of everything in the best way. Lord Jesus, I place all my trust in You. Lord, please comfort those who are ill, especially those on the (church names withheld) prayer lists. Grant them Your peace. Draw us all close to Your beautiful, merciful Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our beautiful, loving Mother. Jesus, You know each and every intention and You know my needs. I place each intention with Your capable hands, especially for my children and grandchildren. Lead the ones who have strayed from the Church home and bring those who are outside of the church safely into the Ark. My Jesus, I trust in You. My Lord, I hope in You. My God, I love You. You are everything to me, Jesus and all that I have is Yours. Thank You for loving me and for caring for our family and for all of Your children. Jesus, give the world abundant graces for conversion, for repentance, and for love. Help them God, to know and love You. Help me to do my small part to spread Your love to others and to be Your instrument. Bless the preborn and keep these holy innocents safe in their mothers’ wombs. Bring the hearts of those in our nation back to You, Lord. May our country truly be ‘one nation under God.’ May we be Your footstool, and one day be a light to other nations. Jesus, have You anything to say to me?

“Yes, My child, I hold each intention closely within My Sacred Heart. Do not fear tomorrow, or the future, My little one. I am with you. I guide and protect you. My child, you have heard of warnings, calamities and all forms of disasters. Keep your eyes on Me, My little lamb. I am all that is needed. Together, we will face each storm walking hand in hand. If you become wet from the rain, you will be uncomfortable for a time, but water dries, My child and so will you, also. Storms will come against you, but in the shelter of My Sacred Heart, nothing will harm you. I walk with you both, My children.”

Thank You, Jesus. Lord, I give myself to Your Eucharistic Heart. Please give me graces to love You more and more.

“My child, there is much I have yet to tell you. I have begun to share My Heart with you. You are prepared and now I will begin to share even more. Little by little I am forming you for the plan I have for you and for your family. My Mother guides you. She loves you very much, as do I. Yes, My little lamb you are correct in thinking that We love all of Our children. This is true. And yet, when I say this to your heart, I mean that We specifically love you!”

Thank You, my Savior. I love You, also and I love Your Holy Mother Mary. I love all the angels and saints and I love You, the Most Holy Trinity most. I recognize that my love has great limitations, Jesus and so I plead with You to increase the love for You in my small heart. You can do all things, Lord. Increase my love for Your Sacred and Eucharistic Heart, if You please Jesus.

“My child, you are growing in your love for Me. You do not see it, but this is true. My child, do you not sense My nearness to you throughout the day? Were you not lonely on Friday, My little lamb until you realized that I was with you? You took comfort in our friendship, little one and you offered your loneliness to Me. You offered it to Me in honor of My passion. Graces were given to others as a result. I allow you to identify with your brothers and sisters who are alone in the world and by your small sufferings they are consoled. My child, what your mother taught you is true. That is that nothing in this life is wasted when offered to Me. No suffering, no trials, no difficulties are wasted when given to Me. She taught you well, My child. She prays for you from her place in Heaven. She knows now the role you are to play on earth for My Kingdom. She had an inkling about this on occasion, but now she is in the fullness of My presence and all things are known and are made known over time to My children in Heaven. You do not know yourself for I have given only brief glimpses and have explained a little in bits and pieces for you would not be able to grasp your role all at once. Trust in Me, My little lamb, for there is no need that you understand everything. What is needed will be revealed in time, when you are ready. I give only what is needed, when it is needed, and when the soul is prepared to receive what I give.”

Yes, Lord. I really do not understand the deeper meaning, only that there is one. I see only what is on the surface, Jesus. I am small, Lord. I am incapable of seeing the fullness of Your plan. I only know that You have a master plan. I am honored to do a small part for You, Lord, whatever that may be. I do not even need to know what that is. I am content to walk wherever You lead if only You remain beside me and with me in all our journeys, Jesus. I can go anywhere You Will, if only You are with me. Otherwise, I cannot take even one step. Lead me, Lord. Allow me the grace to always say ‘yes’ to Your Will, Jesus.

“This is a worthy request, My little child and one that I will honor. We are united. You are in My heart and under the mantle of My Holy Mother Mary, the Beautiful One, the Pure One, the Immaculate One. My child, My child, when the great storms come and the terrible shaking, you will have no fear. It will be like the days when you were in the middle of an emergency with a patient, and I gave you clarity and peace. You had the ability to remain calm and make good decisions. You took action based on your training and there was no fear within you. Do you recall, My child?”

Yes, Jesus. I remember this well even though it has been years ago. I was amazed by this grace that clearly came from You, because I could never have imagined this, nor could I have even known then to pray for this. You gifted me with this grace and I have not forgotten it, Jesus. I don’t know that I have realized it since then, though Lord.

“My little one, you recall how it was with (name withheld). Remember how calm you were in the midst of the crises at hand?”

Oh, yes. I had almost forgotten this, Lord. Of course, I remember. (I haven’t forgotten the event, only how calm I was.)

“My child, this is one of My gifts. You have this grace. I allowed you to exercise it in times when it was needed. It will be like this for you during the greatest trials. You will have peace of heart and clarity of mind. You will hear My voice, even more clearly than you do now and I will guide you in everything. You will remain focused on Me, My little lamb. You will work with My son, your husband (name withheld) and you will serve together in all that I need you to do. You will care for all those I send to you and you will have the strength to do the work that is needed; the work I am asking of you. This time of unknowing, I have allowed for you to test you. This test is not to prove anything to Me, but to prove to you that you trust Me even when there is no light to see and when the path remains unclear to you. One day soon MY (name withheld) and My (name withheld) you will understand why I have allowed everything to occur. While it seems My plans have fallen apart, so to speak, they have not. My plan for you has not changed. It has not unfolded as you thought, but it is progressing exactly as I had planned. You will look back one day and reflect on all that has transpired, the seeming misfortune, the heartaches, the betrayal, My call to you to love, to forgive, to be merciful and to be joy, and you will understand how critical the experiences I allowed for you have been to your growth. Give Me your ‘yesses’ each day, My children. All I require of you is your fiat to My holy, perfect Will. Through your ‘yes’, I will work all things for good, My children. All things. My children, I will work all things out for you, no matter how seemingly impossible. The only thing you are to do is to love and trust in Me. This is all, My children and yet it is everything.”

My Jesus, my Lord I give You my ‘yes’ again, just as I did this morning. Please accept this little ‘yes’ Jesus. My will is Yours, Jesus. I give it to You. Give me Your Will in exchange. May all I do be one with Your Will. Jesus, I open my heart to all You wish to give me. There is so much lacking in me, Lord. You are the Giver of all that is good. Give me whatever is needed, so that I can love as You love. I know this sounds ridiculous and impossible but You, Lord can do everything. Nothing is impossible for You.

“My child, I know how you feel and how things appear to you. You do not understand the ‘debacle’ as you call it, with (location omitted). My child, your vision is incorrect. This event has gone just as I wanted it to, though you cannot understand. You will be in community one day, My child, just as the Father in Heaven explained to you. All has not been wasted. I dealt with problems occurring and these had to be dealt with for My Mother’s sake, for your sake and for all involved as well as for those to come. This plan is much larger, My child than anything you can imagine. Do not be focused on the details, which you cannot see clearly, My children. I call you to a deep level of trust and I invite you to heroic love. You must forgive and forgive fully, My children. This is the great lesson of love. You must do so before the next step in My plan unfolds. It is a critical point in your journey to love. My child, you are well on your way, but memories surface and you grow sad. Do not be sad about what transpired. The time for mourning about (location omitted) is over. You were given this time of mourning out of My love for you. This period in your lives was filled with grief. Grief for loved ones who died, grief for your hopes and dreams that seemed to have died. You were given very difficult obstacles and I led you through and over each one. Let this be the beginning of a new day for you in which you move forward, accepting that My plan is broader than anything you can see. Allow Me to lead you, for I know the plan. I see each path and I know the one you shall take.”

“My son, (name withheld) you must close the door of your heart so that no bitterness, no resentment can dwell there. Only open your heart to the love of God. Open your heart to trust, but do not open your heart when unforgiveness, resentment and anger knock. You must not open the door when evil wants to enter, but protect your household, protect your heart. You have been given a sword of righteousness, My son and it must never be used for self-righteousness, but only for the ways of God. My way is love. My way is trust. My way is mercy. You will become even stronger when you fully accept the sword of righteousness, that yields mercy. Be like Me, your Jesus, and be merciful. Leave everything else to God the Father. You must emulate the Father in His love, His wisdom (which comes from the Holy Spirit). You asked for emotional healing, My son. I am showing you the answer to this holy request. The way I will heal you is for you to forgive all who have injured you. You have been injured, My little son, there is no doubt. The way to healing is through the cross of forgiveness and by this cross you will experience a resurrection. Do not be afraid, My son. No harm will come to you by forgiving your enemy. Instead you will experience My healing, My love and through this, My son you will die to yourself and I will be your strength. My strength, My power through love will be within you. In this way, you will be prepared for the next major step in your journey.”

“My children, these lessons have been necessary for your spiritual growth and this growth is imperative for the plan and the mission of your lives. It is within your free will to choose, My children. I realize I ask much of you, but remember it is small compared to what I have done freely and willingly for you. Will you continue to say ‘yes’ to your Jesus?”

Oh yes, Lord. I give you my resounding yes.

“Thank you, My little lamb. I will wait for My (name withheld) decision. Allow him to read My words now, My child. It is good for him to read now while he is in My physical presence where I can give him direct access to My Sacred Heart while we gaze upon one another.”

Yes, Jesus, as You wish.

Thank You for Your goodness, for Your love. Thank You for my husband, for my family. We belong to You, Lord. All that we are, all that we have is Yours. Use us as You Will, Lord.

“Thank You, My child. I receive your love, your very heart. You are united to My Heart, My child. Remember that in My Heart, you will always find refuge. In My Will, is your security, your peace. Come to Me with every burden, every concern and give them to Me. Allow Me to do the heavy lifting.”

Thank You, Lord. Thank You for Your direction and guidance regarding my job, Lord. You are wisdom, Lord and I am grateful for Your Perfect Will. (I was telling the Lord about the issues I am facing at work and the difficulty accessing time with the executives. He gave me insight regarding how he gave His people, in past times access to kings and queens and even the Holy Father when needed—such as St. Catherine who was a lay woman although very holy—He reminded me of this and asked me if I thought it would be difficult for the King of All Nations to grant access to executives. Of course it isn’t! He put my concerns to rest. He reminded me to come to Him for every concern and to wait upon Him to work these issues out for His plan. He will bring it to fruition if it is to be and if not, He will provide another way. I am so glad Jesus wants us to confide every concern, no matter how small. He never thinks problems are too small for Him and I never think they are too big for Him!) I love You, Lord. Jesus, help us to take up our crosses and follow You. I know that is difficult for me to do, since I avoid suffering, but with Your help we can do what You ask. Give us the grace to forgive fully and completely, as You have forgiven us. Praise Your holy name, Jesus, now and forever.

“Thank you, My child, My little one. Be at peace. Be love, be mercy, be joy. Remember, your home is not in this world, but in Heaven. You do not feel you belong here, because ultimately you don’t however you are here for the time My Father has prescribed. Together, we will make the most of it. Go now, My children and enjoy the things I have revealed to you. Reflect on them. Discuss them. Pray about them. May these be a joy to you and another turning point in your lives. I love you and I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go now in the great gift of peace which I give to you each day. I love you. Let us begin anew in the mercy and the joy I have given to you.”

Amen, Lord. Alleluia! I love You, my adorable Jesus.

“And I love you, My little one.”

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