Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Adoration Chapel


Hello, Jesus ever present in the most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I believe in You, adore You, praise You and honor You, my God and my King. Thank You for Your presence in this chapel, Lord and in all tabernacles in the world. Jesus, thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion today. Happy Father’s Day, Father God! You are the most perfect, holy Father of all. You are the Creator and Father of all mankind. Praise You, Father. Thank You, Father. All glory, honor and praise be to You, forever and ever.

Jesus, it was so very nice to have (name withheld) with us at Mass today and to have him come to visit. It was great having (names withheld) together at the same time. Thank You, Lord. We were missing (names withheld) but we were glad for the blessings of (names withheld). Lord, please bless and protect (names withheld) as they travel home from Florida. Bless and protect (names withheld) as they travel, also. Keep all of them safe, Lord.

Jesus, please lead people who have left the Church, home. Especially (names withheld) and others You know, Jesus. I pray also for those who are outside the church, or separated by different faiths. May we all be one, Jesus. Lord, I also ask for those who do not know You; have not experienced Your love. Lead them, with Your grace, into a deep love and friendship with You. Be with our Holy Father, the bishops, priests and religious. Bless and protect them. Give them wisdom, courage and help them to proclaim the Gospel. Lord, please guide, guard and protect our President, his family and cabinet members. Protect them from all evil. Give them courage, wisdom and openness to the guidance and direction of Your Holy Spirit. Change our hearts, Lord. Give us graces for conversion. Change our nation, Lord so that we may once again be one nation under God. Help us to end abortion and all violence against life. I love You, Jesus. Help me to love You more. Jesus, have You anything to say to me today?

“Yes, My child. It is good that you are here. Thank you, My children for coming to be with your Jesus. There are abundant graces for all who come to adore Me in the Eucharist. I poured out My life and shed My blood to give you the Eucharist. I left the seven Sacraments for My children and gave you My very body, blood, soul and My divinity in the Eucharist so that you would never be without My presence. I sent My Spirit, the paraclete to guide and direct My Church. In this way, through the Holy Father, My Vicar on earth, and all Bishops. My children would never again be without a shepherd. It is My Will that you never be without a priest. Pray for priests. Pray for their protection. Pray for your shepherds, the Bishops and the Holy Father. Pray, dear children, pray. Sacrifice, pray and do penance for the Church. The Church needs your prayers. Who is the Church, My children? You are the Church. You, the bishops, priests, religious and My dear lay people; You are the Church. Pray, My little ones, pray. Pray for protection, for guidance, for deliverance of souls who are lost, and for those who have gone astray. Pray that you, who are true to Me, will never go astray. Pray for peace among nations and in the hearts of mankind. Pray for mercy, pray for healing, pray for an increase in love. I died to atone for your sins and to restore the relationship of fallen mankind, to the Father. Accept the gifts I have bought for you at a dear price and which I freely give to you. Accept these graces, My children and make use of them for the good, for love, for mercy, and take Me to the souls who do not know Me, do not love Me, My children. I repeat My requests because not many of you are listening. My words fall on rocky soil, or as you may say today, ‘on deaf ears.’ Do not be this rocky soil, but be fertile. Till the hard ground of your hearts, through prayer, penance, the Sacraments and reading Scripture. Speak with me and ask Me for assistance. Just like soil, there may be patches of ground that is hardened because of various constituents. There may be rocks, hard clay, limited water, but there are also patches of fertile soil, green grass, dark, rich soil, perhaps a garden area that has been fertilized. One plot of land can have different types of soil, different degrees of quality for plant life depending upon whether the soil has been enriched with nutrients and by specific compost material. So, too an individual’s heart. There are areas within your heart that may be dry, or areas that have been wounded. It is said that one person may have a ‘heart for children’; another might have a ‘heart for the poor.’ My children, just as there are hearts full of love for this cause or that, a certain type of people, so too can a heart be in poverty and without love for specific people. In this case you may say one’s heart is ‘hard toward the poor,’ and another may have hardened his or her heart against a loved one. These are areas or patches not unlike areas of ground. My children are often blind to areas of hardness of heart. Perhaps you generally love people, but in reality, there are certain people you do not love. Perhaps you avoid them all together. Perhaps there are those you look down upon. I tell you now that you have blind spots and are not even aware of the hardness in your own hearts. My Children of Light, how can you show My love, which is unconditional and is freely given to all, when you have hardness in your own hearts, and perhaps will not face the truth about yourselves. Do you not see that you have biases for certain people? You do not truly love as I, your Jesus loves or you would not avoid people in this or that category. I do not categorize people, My children. My crucifixion was for each and every person who ever lived and who ever will live, and for each soul created by God. I came for all, My children. When you decide for Me, for My life, for My Kingdom, you must also decide for love. Love your enemies, My children. Yes, you are to love even those who are unlovable (by human standards) for there is no one unloved by Me. How can you be true disciples, when you put conditions on your love? You must come to Me with every obstacle to love. Bring this to Me, My children. Say, ‘Jesus, I want to love but I do not have complete love as You commanded for I am having trouble loving _____. Help me to love as You love, Jesus. Help me to die to myself so that you can live within me. Heal my lack of love, Jesus.’ This is simple to say, My children but difficult to do when pride exists. This is why you must learn to die to yourselves, because when you do, pride will die and then humility and love can flourish. Then, every arid or hard place in your hearts will become fertile soil and a beautiful garden of love will grow and blossom. Then, each heart will be filled to overflowing with My love and in this way each Child of Light will be like a little oasis of peace, mercy and love and you will draw sinners and those in need of healing to Me, Jesus! This is how you will attract souls to the Kingdom—with love. This is real love, My children. Love does not fear. Love does not select specific people with certain characteristics. Love is like life. Love creates freedom and in this freedom the soul runs to Me, Christ. The opposite, hatred, is death. You must never choose the opposite of love My children. Give of your love freely, in holiness, and be like your Jesus. Remember, I informed you that to be like Me, you must take up your cross and follow Me. Read holy Scripture and you will see what love is. Then, ask Me for graces to love. To love as I love is to love heroically. This is possible, My children. Holy love is possible, but you must ask for graces to love. Ask Me for the grace to forgive those who have hurt you.'

'Ask for the grace to pray for those who have wounded you. Come, My children. Bring every obstacle to love to Me and I will answer your prayers. You have not because you ask not. Read the lives of the saints and you will see that holiness, heroic love is possible. I tell you now, it is not only possible, but through prayer, the Sacraments, Holy Mass, and acts of love it is probable. It is attainable, My children but you cannot attain this level of holiness without Me. There is no other path, My children, than the one I have laid out to you. Come, follow Me. I also want to make of you, My children of this age, fishers of mankind. I need you, My children, because it is My Will and My desire to need you. It is My plan, so come; let us begin this work for the Kingdom together. I do not want to exclude anyone, but as I have always explained (throughout history), mankind was created in My image and likeness and therefore you are endowed with free will, with reason and intelligence and therefore you must choose. The choice? Either follow Me into My heavenly Kingdom, or follow My adversary into his kingdom, hell. Choose, My children. Choose eternal life. When you choose Me, you are choosing love. Therefore, you must become students of the love. Come, draw near to My heart and the heart of My Mother so that you may learn all that we desire to teach you regarding love. In this way, a soul can become pure and holy. A pure and holy soul burns like a bright and beautiful fire and attracts others by true beauty. This is not a physical beauty but a spiritual beauty. Radiate My love, My children and in order to do so, you must be a student of love. Love is sacrifice. Love puts God and others before self. Love is joyful, obedient, prayerful and life-giving. Come, My Children of the Light; follow Me. All will be well, but we must begin this important work today. Do not procrastinate, My children for there is much at stake. Souls are in need of love. Who will bring them the love of God if you do not, if you will not? Who, My children? Come, let us begin.”

Yes, Lord. I want to begin. Please till my heart. Weed the arid places and water them with Your water of life. Prune the overgrowth, Jesus where there are excesses and burdens. Root out the obstacles, Lord. Jesus, You are the Master Gardener. Work on the soil of my heart and make it fertile ground for Your love. I want to love as You love, Jesus. I want to radiate Your love, Your peace, mercy and joy. I cannot tend to my own heart, Lord, but You can. I am willing, Jesus. That is my part, Lord, to be willing and to cooperate with Your Holy Spirit. I give You my ‘yes,’ Jesus, do with me as You Will. Give me a heart for love, Jesus. Transform me into Your loving servant. Love through me, Jesus since I am unable to love heroically, until one day I learn to love as You love, Jesus. Help me, Lord to be open to graces for love. Then, prompt me with the graces of Your Spirit to live out this love and to show love to others. Love can only be demonstrated to others through action, Jesus. I know that just thinking loving thoughts, but not acting on those thoughts does nothing to help the other. Please, Jesus give me graces to do acts of love, with and through, Your love.

“Thank you, My little lamb. I accept your prayers for love. You are already on the path of love, and you recognize there is more progress to make. We will make progress together, you and I. My child, your willingness, your desire for love touches Me, your Jesus. My heart is love, My child. I want My children to be like Me, so My children must learn to love, in order to be like Me. It pleases Me, when My children long to be fully united to Me in love. This is why I poured out Myself, My life, everything I had for My children, and still I give more. I give everything for humanity on a continual basis. I sustain life every second, out of love. Still, I have more love to give, but many reject My love. Your willingness to love comforts and consoles Me. My child, we will work on your growth in love. Spend more time with Me in prayer. I will help you with this. My (name withheld) will help you in this. I know the challenges you face since your schedule has changed. I am the author, the creator of time. Ask Me to show you how and where to pray. Ask Me to help you find the time to pray more. I will help you. This time is important for your growth and your unity with Me. Nothing has been taken from you, My child. You must learn to make adjustments so that we will have more time, not less. Do not fear, My little lamb, I will not forsake you when it comes to more time with Me! (Jesus smiles-I sense it and I ‘hear’ it in his tone.)

Thank You, my adorable Jesus. I love You!

“And, I love you. My little one, there is much darkness and despair in this age. It is imperative that My children grow in love. Love is the only way to reach souls in darkness, for they hunger and thirst for love. They despair because they do not know love. Souls have been wounded by people who were supposed to love and protect them. In some cases, the bonds of protection and trust were violently broken in reprehensible ways. There is only one answer, the love of God. Only the love of God can save humanity. My Mother comes to earth every day to teach about love, to pray for and with Our children and to lead souls to the love of God. The only answer for rescuing humanity is love. This message of love is not to be taken lightly. It is of the utmost importance. One might say, it is critical. Please do not dismiss My words about love. It is important and is the key to everything, My children. You must learn to love so that you can live love. Without love there is no peace. Without love, there is no mercy. Without love there is no joy. Without love there is no light. My children, what is it like to live in a world with no love? I ask you to think seriously about this. I will now tell you. The opposite will be true. Without love, there is war. Without love there is no mercy. This means that your fellow human beings will show no mercy to one another. They will act inhumanely, worse than animals. You can already see this occurring in many places on the earth. You have only to read about recent history, WWI and WWII, to see what a world with no mercy is like. Without love there is sadness, hard heartedness, despair. Without love there is utter darkness. You see, My children? This is why you must choose love. Choose to live in love. Choose to work with Me to grow in love. You must continually grow in love. You never cease to grow in new ways (to love) and in new areas in need of purifying, to love. Until you draw your last breath we must be working together to grow your hearts so that they are capable of more and more love. Never cease to desire growth in love, My children. Do not be complacent, especially now that I have explained to you what happens to a world without love. Now I tell you this world is already so dark that you will need heroic love to spread the Gospel. Now, heroic love is required. It is no longer good enough just to be a ‘good person.’ You must decide for holiness, purity of heart. Decide for Me. Decide for love. Make room in your hearts for more love. In order to make room you will need to die to yourself, your current love of pleasure, of overeating, of lewd jokes, of gossip, of complaining, of any form of sin and of many bad habits that preoccupy your time. My children, make room in your hearts for Me, for love. Come, we must begin before it is too late. It will not be as difficult as you think, for I am pouring graces upon My willing children, now as never before. The world is in a crisis of love. Come. Be My disciples. Be My little apostles of love. My heart burns for love of you, My children. My heart burns for love of souls.”

“My (name withheld) and My (name withheld), I love you. I need you to continue to be loyal to Me in prayer so that I can teach you on the way to unity with My Sacred Heart. I love you. I need you, My dears. I am with you, through your difficulties, your suffering, your trials. See Me in them and know that through these trials, through each suffering, you are becoming more and more like your Jesus. Be encouraged, for I love you. I walk with you. Take My hand. Take My Mother’s hand, continue on in courage. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. I thank you for your love. Go and be love, be peace, be mercy, be joy, for I am love, I am peace, I am mercy, I am joy. Be like Me. I will help you. Go now, My little ones. All will be well.”

Thank You, my Lord. Praise You, my God and my King. Amen! Alleluia!

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