Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, April 29, 2018

Adoration Chapel


Dearest Jesus ever present in the most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, I believe, adore, love and honor You. Jesus, it is good to be here with You in this sacred chapel. It is very peaceful here in Your presence, my Prince of Peace. Lord, thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion. Bless our priests and help them to grow ever close to You. Bless our Holy Father and the Bishops, Jesus. Give them zeal for the Church, courage to speak the truths of the faith, fortitude to persevere in the face of Your enemies and for those who are in need of fervor, increase it in them, Jesus. Protect our shepherds and give them abundant graces to lead Your Church. Lord, I lift up those who are ill and pray for Your mercy on them. Please heal them and console them, Jesus if it is Your Holy Will. Lord, have You anything to say to me?

“Yes, My child. I am pleased that you are with Me today. Absorb My presence in your soul. Rest in Me, My child, for I love you. My child you have many concerns. Bring them all to Me.”

Yes, Jesus. I bring all of my concerns to You, Lord and place them at Your feet to do with as You Will.

“My child, this is good. Do not be concerned about how you will accomplish one task or another. Remember that we work together. Your angels will help you, as well. Do not be concerned by what you have not been able to accomplish either for I will complete what is lacking in you. Trust in Me. I allow you to experience sufferings of heart, My little lamb. It is good that you are seeking medical attention, but I assure you; I am with you. All will be well. Carry your crosses for souls, My child. You help many souls when you offer your suffering to Me. Remember, all crosses come from Me and are passed lovingly to you. It does not seem this way to you, My child, but you know that I have the power to withhold from you and to give. That which you receive is My gift to you. You are thinking, My child, that your Jesus is too generous. (smiling) That is true. I am generous with My children and those who offer themselves to Me and who accept My gifts receive many opportunities to suffer. You are wondering if mentioning your suffering to others in some way diminishes the effectiveness. It does not, My child for I know the spirit in which you receive the crosses I send. Mentioning problems, ailments, etc., to others and asking for their prayers is not the same thing as complaining about these crosses.”

But, Jesus I have done that, also. (complained)

“In some cases, you have My child, but you are not perfect. Complaining, even complaining does not reduce the efficacy of help offered to souls when one suffers. It may decrease the merit gained by suffering, but I will still use the suffering of My children when they willingly offer it to Me. Recall the scripture passage in which I told of the soul who said ‘no’ to their father when asked to do something, but then followed through. While the other son said ‘yes’ to his father’s request, but did not follow through. It is the same concept. The soul who willingly offers suffering to Me, but then on occasion, due to the weight of the cross complains briefly, but continues to suffer and offer it out of love for others, still does the Will of the Father. Do you see, My little lamb?”

Yes, Jesus. I see and I am grateful for this explanation. You are gracious and merciful, Lord and ever so patient with me.

“My child, this morning Father said in his homily that transformation usually does not happen overnight, or in one day but takes years. This is quite right, My child. I give graces to each soul aspiring for holiness, closeness/intimacy with Me according to their state in life, and according to My plan for them. Each soul must accept these graces and be open to My work in their soul. I do so at the pace that is in accordance with My Will.”

Thank You, Jesus. You have alleviated my concerns and I can rest now knowing that You work in my soul at Your pace and I trust You to correct me when I am not cooperating with You.

Lord, You are truly with me in all ways and guide me in every matter, even the most, seemingly mundane tasks. Thank You, Lord for Your presence. I cannot accomplish anything without You. I invite You to be with me in every meeting with people this week, Lord and ask You to be with me at my doctor’s appointments. You are such a gentleman, Jesus and so I invite You, even though I know You will be, I want You to be and I know You wait for us to issue an invitation. Thank You, Jesus!

“Thank you, My child. I will be with you, always. You may rest in this knowledge. My child, you are sad today. I understand what is on your heart. Do not be discouraged only heighten the efforts of your prayers. My daughter, I am merciful, but I am also just. I see clearly all that occurs in the world, not just what has been exposed in Great Britain but everywhere. I know you are experiencing a sense of loss because of little Alfie and countless other children.”

Yes, Jesus. When I heard that Alfie died, I thought of his poor parents, and their suffering, and all that they have suffered for quite some time. They must feel abandoned by their shepherds, Jesus. Lord, please open the eyes of our spiritual leaders. Jesus, I am consoled by what the Holy Father did to support them and to offer assistance. I am angry though to hear of the oppression and evil committed by their government who took away their parental authority (legal authority). They lost their freedom to protect their son, a right that You give to parents, or rather a duty You expect parents to fulfill. How extremely frustrated they must be knowing they could not, in the end, protect their son. Lord, please give them consolation and peace in the way that only You can do. (St. Alfie, pray for us.) Jesus, it reminds me of the slaughter of the Holy Innocents in Bethlehem. King Herod had the first born male children two and under killed in his attempt to kill You, Christ, our Redeemer. The little children, like Alfie who are pure and innocent and can’t speak for themselves are being killed by the same evil spirit at work in Herod.

“Yes, My child, My Spirit enlightened you regarding this analogy. It is true. There is an arrogance in man today in which those in power deem themselves to be equal to God. They believe they have the authority to declare who can live and who should die. This is pride, My child, the pride of Lucifer. St. Michael cries out, ‘Who is like unto, God?!’ Just as he did when Lucifer sinned through pride. My child, My child, I see. I know. I will not stand for it. However, this is the level to which mankind has sunk, in the thick mire of sin. It is putrid and the stench fills the hearts of those who consider themselves equal to God. It would be better for them to have never been born. My child, you hesitate to write this, but these are My words and I speak truth.”

Yes, Jesus. It is difficult to pen such words, because I do not have the power to judge, only You do. So, even though You say so, it is still a power reserved only by You. How could I write this, without hesitation? They are strong indeed. But, I write anyway, Lord as You have asked of me.

“Yes, My child. You are correct to feel hesitant for you respect what only I can do. This is as it should be, and how it must be to follow Me. It is good, My child. I only point this out to you to demonstrate that the judges who decide cases sentencing holy innocents to death charge ahead with their own arrogant power with no thought given to God and you, a small child hesitates to write even My words because they are an act reserved only to Me and by Me. Do you see the comparison? See what respect you have for God in contrast to their complete disregard for what only I can decide? Oh, the arrogance, the falsehood, the betrayal of all good, of life itself, these evil men of My adversary. Woe to them. Woe to them. Woe to them. Pray for their souls, My child. Many of them already live their hell on earth and will plunge into the depths of hell as soon as they take their parting breath, and all through their own choice. Pray anyway, My child. There is always hope for souls, no matter how steeped in evil. I am God of the impossible.”

Yes, Lord. You certainly are. You can save anyone, Jesus if they only will it and seek Your forgiveness and mercy. You are mercy itself, Lord. Please awaken their souls, their consciences, rather and give them remorse and graces for repentance. Lord, may the children who die as martyrs pray for us and pray for our corrupt governments that oppress the people of God and all peoples who are children of our Creator, the Father of all mankind. Jesus, help us. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us. St. Joseph protector of families and of the Universal Church, pray for us. Jesus, please bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary soon. Pour out Your Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth.

“Continue to pray for this coming reign of My Holy Mother Mary’s Heart. It will come in time, My child. Pray also for those who will die and are dying in these trials. Pray that they will choose Me. I love you and I thank you, My little lamb, for your faithful dedication to Adoration of Me in the Eucharist. You see how few came today with the nice weather I have provided.”

Oh, Jesus, it never occurred to me that when You provide beautiful sunny weekends, fewer people adore You. We should always come and come with gratitude in our hearts for the many blessings You give us. Even when we don’t ask, You are showering us with graces and gifts and yet we become spoiled, self-centered children. Jesus, I am sorry for the times I have acted this way, ignoring Your gifts instead of bring grateful. Jesus, thank You for this beautiful sunshine and for the gorgeous flowering trees. I admired so many on my way here and I thank You!

“You are welcome, My child. I knew of your gratitude. I am grateful to you for being here with Me, My child, My beloved. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace, My little one. Be mercy; be joy; be hope by bringing your Jesus to all you meet. I am working in your childrens’ hearts, My child.” (Jesus seems pleased to tell me this and I have seen this and am very glad!)

Amen, Lord. Alleluia to the King!

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