Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Feast of the Good Shepherd


Hello my dearest Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. It is good to be with You, my Lord and my God. Thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion, sweet Jesus. What a joy it was to celebrate Mass on this Feast of the Good Shepherd and vocation Sunday. What a beautiful way to spend the day, with You, my Jesus, my Savior, my most beloved friend. Thank You for loving me, Lord! Thank You that I could celebrate by going to Mass and thank You for the joy of having (names withheld) with me and for my wonderful (name withheld). I offer You any residual sadness, Jesus for souls. Even when I have Your joy, Lord I have the residue of sadness for those who are not with me. I gladly offer this to You, Lord for Your honor and glory. Thank You for every blessing, mercy and grace, Jesus. Lord, please console all of my brothers and sisters who have said goodbye to loved ones. Give them peace, sweet Jesus. Shower them with Your love and tender mercy. I pray especially for (names withheld) and for the repose of their souls. Jesus, please embrace each soul who will die today and this evening. Protect each soul who, at the hour of death faces temptations. As the Good Shepherd, guard and protect them from the enemy of souls. Forgive them of their sins and take them to Your Heavenly Kingdom. Lord, please forgive me also and give me more and more love for You. Lord, I pray for my friend who has been suffering so with autoimmune issues. Help her. Heal her. Give her Your undeniable peace that passes all understanding. Jesus, thank You for leading me through this desert time and for restoring my hope. Lord, You always provide our every need and I thank You for being my Shepherd. Lord, my friend (name withheld) is beside herself with grief. Comfort her heart and instill Your peace and restore her joy. Help her to learn whatever it is You want her to know from this painful, heartbreaking situation. Be her love, Jesus. You are our only future, Jesus. Help her to see this. Give her purpose when she feels she has none. Give her clarity, Lord and help her to know and believe that nothing happens that You haven’t already prepared her to handle, and that not one hair on her head can be harmed without Your knowledge and care. Jesus, help her to cast all concerns, fears, burdens, worries and brokenness on You, the One who heals, comforts, restores and loves. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. You are my Lord, my light and my all. I give myself over to Your service, Jesus. Increase the love in my heart for You.

“My child, I have heard your prayers and the request you made of Me during the Mass. This holy request will not be denied, for I am love. How can the love resist filling my beloved with even more love for Me? It is not possible, for it would be against My very nature, Love. I am love and all love is of Me, from Me, because of Me. Your desire will be granted My child, My little lamb. You are in My heart of love and I am in you. I came to you in My humility under appearance of bread. What can be more simple, more humble than bread, My daughter? Nothing, My beloved and yet I come to You in and as bread. I (the Eucharist) become the Bread of Life to give you Myself, My life, My love, My flesh, My Divinity; I give you My blood. When Mine come to Me and receive Me in the Eucharist, My blood courses through their veins and I animate My children with My life, My love, My mercy, My grace. My child, My beloved, you will never fully understand the value of receiving Me worthily in Holy Communion. Come to Me often. Frequent the Sacraments, My children. How I long to instill graces within your beautiful souls. How I desire to grant mercy on souls tarnished from sin. I will pour out My Spirit upon your stained souls and purify, sanctify and wash you in My blood, the blood of the Lamb of God. Come to Me, My children. I love you. I am meek and humble of heart and will not reject you. My little lamb, tell (name withheld) that I, Jesus will never reject her. I came so that she would have life. Her life is in Me and My life is in her, therefore she has infinite value, beauty, worth. I love her and I will never abandon her. Tell her all that I have taught you about immersing her sadness in My Sacred, Merciful Heart. Tell her, My little lamb. She will listen to you.”

Yes, Lord. I will tell her, my Jesus, my love. I will tell her. I hope she will answer when I call, Lord. I will call her today, for You will make all things new and You and only You can heal her wounds. Praise You and thank You for answering my prayers!

“I listen to those who intercede out of love for the wounded, My child. I am Mercy.”

Yes, Jesus. You are Mercy! Praise You merciful God!

“My little one, thank you for loving the brokenhearted. I too, loved the brokenhearted. It is for those, I came and to the ones who are suffering, downtrodden, grieving, broken-hearted. I come to you now. I, your Jesus will never abandon you. I will not reject you, My little wounded ones. My mercy calls out to you. Receive My mercy, My love, My peace. Give your sadness to Me, little wounded ones. I was wounded, too. I was betrayed by those I loved, my friends. I was wounded unto death, but all for love of you, My children, I was humiliated on the cross, spat upon, My beard plucked, My head pierced deeply, crushing to the outer layer of My brain with the crown of thorns. All this, I allowed for love of you. I tell you this, only to remind you that I, your Jesus, your God knows what it is to be abandoned and rejected by those who claimed to love Me. I understand the pain of rejection. I understand the betrayal of love with hate. I understand what it is like to be mocked and scorned. I know heartbreak, My children. Realize this, so that you will never hide grief from Me. You must always run to your Jesus with your grief, your sadness, your pain. Bring it all to Me, My beloved children. Immerse your deepest emotions, feelings and sentiments in My Sacred, Merciful Heart and I will lift this oppressive grief from you. You will still know sadness, but it will not crush your spirits. I do not give you oppressive grief. Remember, I said that you who are weary, bring your burdens to Me. I will make your yoke easy and your burdens light. This means, My beloved Children of Light, that I will do the heavy lifting. I will help you to carry your crosses. I aim for these trying times to purify you and to make your weaknesses transformed by My strength. I do not want My children to be defeated by the world. You must overcome the world, and you can do so through Me, your Lord Jesus Christ, the One who loves you. It is My adversary who wants to use the sorrow you experience to crush you. He cannot crush those who are Mine, if you bring your burdens to Me. Come to Me; allow Me to place My mantle of protection over you. Come to Me, your refuge, your safety, your resting place. I love you, My little wounded ones. I am the healer and I will patiently caress you like a mother comforts her little, hurting children. Come, into My arms of love. I am the Good Shepherd. Allow Me to shepherd you and be My sweet little beautiful lambs who know Me as I know them. I love you, My children. Trust Me to provide for you, for I will. My daughter, tell My children how much I love and how much I desire to heal. Tell them, for you know I am the trustworthy one.”

Oh, yes Jesus! You are all good and worthy of our complete love and trust. You are kind and most tender. You are my adorable, all loving, all merciful Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away our sins. Jesus, You not only take away our sins (as if this wouldn’t be enough) but You fill the vacancies in our hearts with great peace, infinite love and quiet refreshing joy. When I was overcome by grief You, and only You, restored my soul. You gave me peace when there was none. You comforted me in my affliction and lifted the oppressive sadness so that life was bearable and soon you transformed my sadness in time to a quiet strength because of Your Holy Spirit. Jesus, I am unable to do justice to Your mercy. My words are woefully inadequate, Lord but You did exactly what is described in Psalm 23. You restored my soul. You brought me from the white-water rapids, where I seemed to be crashing on the rocks, to the still, calm waters. Jesus, I don’t know how You, the Lord of the Universe Creator of all that is, did this, but I am a witness to Your power over darkness and Your healing of broken hearts, for My heart was broken in a thousand pieces and with one simple command, You made me whole. Lord, Make Yourself known to every one on earth by the power of Your Holy Spirit so that all will come to the saving knowledge of Your love. To know You truly is to love You, the source of all life; the source of all love.

“Thank you, My little lamb. Your simple words are words of truth about Me and what you think is inadequate, delights My Sacred Heart. I will use words of love, spoken by My Children of Light with hearts of love, to heal many of My beautiful but wounded children, for I am love. I have compassion on My little ones who have been wounded by those who do not love. My daughter, all will be well. My Mother’s Heart will triumph and My Holy Spirit, Her Spouse will renew the face of the earth. Until then, there is much work to be done, and I your Jesus am counting on My Children of Light to do the work of love. Be love to all you meet. Forgive every offense and forgive quickly, My children. Do not brood about offenses. Remember, your Jesus forgave even from the cross while I was being killed by My own children. If I forgive, do not hold the offenses done against you in your heart, for this will become like a poison to your beautiful souls. You must forgive as I forgive; otherwise you are putting yourselves above Me, the Lord God. To hold grudges and to be unforgiving is like saying, ‘Jesus, You forgave those who scourged You, mocked You, beat You, crucified You, but You don’t understand how much I am hurting, how much I have been mistreated. I cannot forgive even though You have forgiven much more. I will not forgive.’ My children this goes against My very Word. Those who love Me obey My Commandments. Did I not say the greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with your whole heart, and your neighbor as yourself? How can one obey this commandment, to love God when you hate your brother? To love your neighbor as yourself, when you refuse to forgive and you spew angry, words full of venom against the ones who have sinned against you? Do you think that I am blind and deaf to these words full of hatred? Do you think I don’t see what was done to you? Do you think I have no compassion for you? Bring everything to Me, My children and I will take care of it. I will right the wrongs, My children, as only I can. You, you are called to forgive as I forgive. You are called to have mercy on those who need My mercy. Who needs mercy but the sinner? How can I ask you to have mercy only on those who love you? That is too easy, My children. You are My disciples. You are to love your enemies. Yes, My children, you are to love your enemies. You are not obeying your Savior when you love only your friends. You must also love your enemies, bless those who persecute you. My children, I know what is needed, and I know the answers to all life’s problems. You must entrust them to Me, for I am trustworthy. My children, I am God. I know what I ask of you. I ask much. I only ask much of you because it is what is best for your souls. You pray for peace in the world, but you have not made peace with your brothers and sisters. You pray for an end to violence, but you have violence in your hearts for those who have sinned against you! Vengeance is Mine. It is not your place to judge man’s hearts for you are not God. You are My creatures, created out of love, in My image and likeness. How can you be like Me? By loving heroically, forgiving what you think is unforgiveable. That is how to imitate Me and this is what you must do to inherit My Kingdom. I love you and I am depending on you to bring My love to others, especially to those who seem unlovable to you. Read the Gospels, My children and imitate your Jesus. That is all, My children. Reflect on My words. Pray and bring every concern to Me. When you seek direction from Me with a pure heart, I will provide clarity and holy direction. I am holy. I can do only that which is holy, pure and true. I am truth. Seek Me in love and you will find Me. Knock and the door of My Heart will be open to you. Come, take up your cross and follow Me. All will be well. Let us begin.”

Thank You, Jesus my Lord, God and Savior. Your words are wisdom and truth. They penetrate My soul and give me peace and joy. Your words are life!

“My child, My child, thank you for writing My words. I aim to call all of My children to return to Me. Some of My children feel secure in their love for Me, but are blind to their own transgressions out of a false sense of self-righteousness. My mercy, My love must be given to all of My children. I am not selective. I withhold My love from no one, and so, My children must not withhold their love either. My followers must imitate Me to be true followers of the Way. I am the Way. Give My words to the world, My child. You do not know how to do this, but only submit each week to Me. Continue on the path I have laid out for you and I continue to reveal to you. I reveal one step at a time, My child. Continue to rely on Me for everything and I will carry you. You are growing in love. Thank You for the words of comfort to My little ones who are hurting. I give you the gift of encouragement. I thank you for your ‘yes’ to Me. You and My beloved son, (name withheld) have ministered to many precious souls in just a few days and I thank you. Yes, My child, I thank you. I am grateful when My children show love and compassion to those who are hurting. Continue to do your little acts of love to those around you who are in need and I will work miracles through your kindness and love. Go in My peace and be joyful on this, your special day. It is right to be joyful, for God is good and He created you, My child. That alone shall give you joy. My resurrection will be your second cause for joy and yet there are many other gifts given to you and your family. You know what they are, My child and I know you are grateful. I give you My joy. Receive it, My daughter and My son. Unwrap My gift of joy and allow it to seep into your souls. Do not stamp out this flame, but enkindle it through gratitude, prayer and light hearts. All will be well. Trust in Me. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in My peace.”

Amen, Jesus. Alleluia! I love You!

“And I love you.”

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