Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Adoration Chapel


Hello, dearest Jesus ever present in the most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I believe in You, hope in You, trust in You and adore You. I love You, my precious Lord Jesus. Thank You for making it possible for us to be with You today in Adoration. Thank You for Holy Mass this morning, and for Holy Communion. Thank You for my family. Bless them, Jesus as well as all of my friends. Help (names withheld) and bless their marriage. Please bring (name withheld) back to the Church. I pray for the return of (names withheld) also, Jesus. Lord, thank You for the opportunity (personal information omitted)I trust You will provide another open door for me, Jesus. I only want to be where You want me to be, where I can be a witness to You and to Your merciful love. In the meantime, I know You will take care of us, Jesus. You always do. Praise You, Lord! Praise and thank You, Jesus that our friend came into the Church this Easter. We are so happy for him and for You! (for us, too…) Lord, You are busy about the work of conversion. Continue the work of conversion on earth, Lord and also in my own heart. Continue to bring me deeper and deeper into relationship with You and ever closer to Your Sacred Heart. Forgive me for the times I have ignored You and failed to recognize Your presence with me in every moment of the day. Thank You, Lord. I thank You now for the many times I fail to thank You. If I did so every second of my life, I could still not adequately thank You for Your deep love, Your constant protection and Your unending mercy. I hope I will have all of Heaven to sing praises to You.

Jesus, speaking of singing praises, thank You for the miracle of grace that You granted me today during Holy Mass, that I was able to sing in full voice that beautiful song of joy and praise. Lord, if You decide to heal my vocal cord, I will be so glad to sing loud praises to You each and every day, but only for Your glory Lord. Otherwise, I am content to remain as I am and so grateful to be able to speak at all. Jesus, thank You for leading me to (personal info. omitted) who was able to help me and said she will assist me in the future. What a blessing it was to speak with her. I was so pleased to hear that she is a believer, Jesus and that she goes to church. Praise You, Lord! It is wonderful to meet Your followers especially in ‘unlikely’ places. What a joy it is to follow You, Jesus and meet so many brothers and sisters. The family of God is most wonderful! (because You are wonderful) Jesus, please give me graces to love heroically. Lord, if I do receive this job, You will be sending me in unchartered waters. Lord, You invite us to go out into the deep waters, and so if You send me, I will go. I know that You will be with me, so I am not afraid. Even though this work sounds too large and all encompassing for one person, it will not be too large for You. So, we will work together, You and I. Otherwise, I will fail, and You have told me on several occasions that You do not set Your children up for failure. Either way, I accept Your Will. No, that is not correct. I long for Your Will. May Your Holy Will always be done in my life, Jesus through Your perfect grace and only by Your grace. You are all love, Jesus and all love is You! All that I have is Yours and all that I am and ever will be is Yours. I love You, my Lord and my God!

“Thank you, My little lamb. I love you also and all that I am is yours. This surprises you, My little one?”

Yes, Jesus. You are the I AM, the Almighty.

“Yes, it is true. But, when I say ‘I love you’ do you think I withhold something of what I am from you? It is not true, My child for I withhold nothing. I am infinitely good and therefore infinitely generous. My children have not, because they ask not and when My children do ask for something, they do not ask in confidence that I will supply and provide for their needs. You, My child, have deep trust in your Jesus. I give My love completely to My children and therefore when I tell you that all that I have is yours; it is so.”

Thank You, my Adorable Jesus. Yes, You do give Your children everything that is Yours. You gave so much for us—Your very life. You give Your Kingdom when we die in Your love. Oh, Lord, it is true that You withhold nothing and that You give us everything. You gave us our very lives and every breath we take is only so because You allow it and You provide even the air we breathe. Thank You, Lord God Creator of the world.

“Yes, it is so, My child. You are welcome. It delights Me to be recognized by My children for the great love I have for them. So great, My love can hardly be contained, but must be poured out for mankind. You call My Holy Spirit, lover of your soul, and so He is. My love is poured out into the world through My Holy Spirit.” (Jesus seems pleased with my name for the Holy Spirit. I am very happy…)

“My Holy Spirit is the lover of souls; He is the comforter, the consoler and the Divine Spouse of the Immaculate One, My Holy Mother Mary. They are inseparable and so in turn Mary is inseparable from My Most Holy Trinity, for that is My Will. That is the way of heroic love, My child. When love in a human heart becomes perfected, the two hearts become one, such as in marriage (Sacramental, holy marriage). It is no less true for a child of God when love is perfected. The child’s heart is in union with My Heart, such as those in Heaven and also very holy souls on earth. This state, this perfection of love is what I desire for all of My children. This is why, My little lamb I instructed you regarding heroic love, for heroic love is perfected love, a holy love, a heart dwelling in My Heart and in My Holy and Divine Will. This is possible for My children, or I would not have told you this. It is My Will for mankind, and it will become more apparent for many souls who desire and pray for this grace to love heroically, especially as the Triumph of My Mother’s Immaculate Heart nears. My little lamb, just as scripture speaks of the labor pains of a mother about to bear her child, and upon giving birth, she is so full of joy she forgets about her labor pains, so shall it be for My Children of Light once My Mother’s Heart triumphs. The suffering you all have endured will be but a faded memory for your joy will be great. You will all be on intimate terms with God and we will speak heart to heart with one another. It will no longer be true only for My messengers, but for all of My children. Then, you will also be My Children of the Renewal. Before the Renewal comes, though My Children of Light, you must continue to focus on being bearers of My light to a world in darkness. I showed you how to do this, My beloved little ones. You have beautiful role models in the Holy Family. Reflect on the lives of St. Joseph and My Most Holy Mother. Reflect on the patriarchs, your fathers and mothers in the faith. Read My Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles. Read my Word, children of the living God. You also carry on the story of salvation, by witnessing to My love, My light, the truth, which is Me, Jesus! I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. Bring all who are weary, who are downhearted, to Me. I will renew their spirits through My merciful love. You, My children are workers in the vineyard of the Lord. Where is this vineyard, you may ask? It is everywhere you are, My children. It is in your homes among your family members. It is in your environments even as you run errands and go about the tasks that are part of your daily duties, the vineyards are the schools, the workplaces, My Church, the mission field is everywhere My Children of Light and you, My children must be busy about Your Father’s work, just as I was on earth and still am, bringing souls to the Holy Trinity to be embraced in the love of God. I want to pour out My love on poor humanity to elevate souls to the family of God. That is the rightful place for humanity, for souls were created by the love, through the love, for love. My children, there is no work on earth more important than bringing souls to Me, Christ. No other work, My children, and so no matter what your earthly work is, there is a deeper calling, a deeper purpose and that is to be love to others; to be light to bring souls to The Light.”

“You can do this, by My grace, by My Mother’s guidance and by your ‘yes’ to God’s Will. Be open to all possibilities, My children. Be alert. Be aware to those around you who are in need. My children, you may not know someone is in need, this is true, but I know. All I ask is that you be open to My promptings, open and ready to love your neighbor. Spend a few minutes talking and listening to those you encounter. Take a genuine interest in each person I put in your path. Yes, My children each and every person you encounter, even briefly, was put in your path and you in theirs for a purpose. Be aware and be present in the moment. I am with you in each moment—in the present. You cannot be in the past or the future. You are creatures and you are to live in the present moment. Only I am outside of time, My children, and yet your minds are often preoccupied with the past or the future while the present opportunities pass you by. You can at times be so preoccupied, you fail to see one in front of you, even as they are speaking to you. It is a certain type of blindness plaguing the culture of the day. People are so preoccupied living in the future, what they will do, what they ‘need’ to do, what they failed to do or forgot to do, what someone said, what someone will say or how they will react to you (the list goes on and on) and yet the opportunities to be love, light and mercy are directly facing you. It is as if you are blindfolded My busy children. Be present now, My children, in each now. Be alert to what you are living now. Practice having presence of mind. This is a spiritual practice that in past days (years, decades) did not need to be mentioned for most people were focused. Most were occupied’ in the moment. My children of this age are ‘pre-occupied’ meaning their minds are focused on some other place and time, other than what is being lived in the present, the now. Awaken, My children. You are not robots or zombies as some would say. You are children of the living God. You must please begin to have clarity regarding your daily actions and your presence of mind so you will not be like those who passed the man who was beaten and badly bruised, barely alive, due to robbers who attacked him. You must be like the Good Samaritan who not only saw and stopped, but had heroic love for the man. So much so, that he dressed his wounds, gave him fresh water to drink, took him to an inn where he could rest and recover, paid for his care, his food and lodging, then returned to check on him and to assume care for him. He then restored his belongings (replacing them) and took him to his original destination. Yes, My children, this is what it means to be a Good Samaritan. It is much more than the world gives. It is loving in a heroic manner and this is what I ask of all of My children. How then, are you going to notice one by the side of the road, much less one who seems to be fine outwardly, but who is hurting and wounded internally, if you do not stop for a few moments and speak with love to one another. I tell you, I have given each one of you many opportunities to witness to love, but you were too busy thinking about the many items on your ‘to do lists’.”

“My children, I am not saying the things you must do each day are unimportant. No, I do not mean this, for you are responsible people fulfilling obligations to your family members, your spouses, children, grandchildren, employers, etc. What I am saying is that while you go about your work, be aware of those children of Mine, I put in your path. Perhaps they need a kind word or a beautiful loving smile. Perhaps they need someone to acknowledge them as a child of God who has dignity and worth even as they wait on you and serve you. You know what I mean, My children. There are people you meet nearly every day. For those of you who are ill, or elderly and cannot get out of the house much, your vineyards are reached through prayer, through letters, cards or telephone conversations. The world is in great need of holy souls who care about them. Many have no grandparents or elders in their lives to teach them about their worth in the eyes of God. You, My holy souls who think you are ‘shut ins’, I tell you now that your prayers can reach all over the world and are not limited by your physical bodies. Your prayers, aided by your suffering and your holy lives, become powerful tools to cut through the dark alleys, the dark nights, the darkness of sin and the coldness people feel who have no one to love them. You, be My light and My love to the world through your powerful intercession. Take My Mother’s hand and together pray for the salvation of souls. Your job is no less important than those on the front lines. In fact, your prayers provide reinforcement for the front lines and without them many battles are lost. Each soul is important to the Kingdom of God. Each soul is precious to Me, no matter your state in life. I am counting on you, My Children of Light, to go forward each day, under the protective mantle of My Mother and win the battle for souls, one soul at a time, through love. It can be done, My little ones. It can be so and it will be so. Be courageous for love of God. I am with you and I will never leave you alone. Believe in Me, as I do in you. Thank You, My children for your love and your prayers. I know at times, you may think, ‘all He does is ask for more. I am already praying.’ I assure you, My little ones, that I hear your prayers; each and every one of them. If you could only see the many souls who have no one to pray for them and who do not know the love of God, you would pray much more, love much more and be even more merciful. Take My word for it, My beloved. There are many, many souls in darkness, in despair and who are abandoned by their families or who have been stolen from their families. There are many in need of your prayers and your love. Please, I invite you to pray more, to love more, to be alert to those around you who are in need. Reach out to them. Live My Gospel. The world needs you. I need you to help in the plan of salvation. Give Me your ‘yes’ your fiat, just as my Mother willingly gave Me hers. All will be well My Children of Love. All will be well. Let us begin.”

Thank You, Jesus for Your words of love. Thank You for including us in the work of Your Kingdom. Forgive me for the times I was blinded by my own self-absorption. Forgive me, Jesus for the sins of omission that were sins against charity for my brothers and sisters. I love You, Jesus and I want to love you more. Help me to love as You love. Help me to love as Your Holy Mother Mary loves. Guardian angel, my friend open my heart and mind to the times Jesus wants me to show love. Tap me on the shoulder and say to me, ‘See, little one, the person standing in front of you can use a smile, a greeting or something more.’ Help me to know and to be aware of My surroundings and the souls who need to know Jesus. Lord, may souls in need of Your love, catch a glimpse of You when they see me. May they really see You when they look at me. Open my heart to receive Your love and may Your love flow through me like a sieve. Use me in whatever way You deem necessary, Jesus. Lord, what can I do for You?

“My child, continue as you are being love and light to others. Thank you for taking time after Mass to speak to the woman I put in your path. This is what I ask of you. Be open in this way, My little lamb. It is My Will for you to encourage others and to show them friendship and love. My child, make known the prayers I have given you in years past. It is time, My child. These prayers are needed by My children, and they will be used to open hearts more profoundly to graces for heroic love. I invite others to pray these each day, as I have asked you. May other children pray as you pray and as My son (name withheld) prays to be open to the love.”

Yes, Jesus. I have thought we needed to make Your words, the prayers, more accessible to others.

“Yes, My child. My Spirit prompted you, and so I invite you; now is the time to follow through with this. My little (name withheld) will know and I will guide her.”

I am sorry we haven’t done this already, Jesus.

“My child, it is needed now. Do not worry, little one, only live now and do what can be done now. I will take care of the rest. All will be well. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in My peace. I am with you always.”

Thank You, dearest Jesus. Amen! Alleluia!

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