Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, February 4, 2018

Adoration Chapel


Hello my dearest, most beloved, Jesus. It is wonderful to be here with You. Thank You for the great gift of Holy Communion. Thank You for Holy Mass. (Private dialogue omitted). What a precious sweet sight You are to me, Jesus. Oh, how I love You, my Lord and my God. Jesus, my heart is very full right now. I am full of love, full of wonder, awe and peace, full of anticipation now that we have received the flame of Your great love, you, Jesus. You are the Love, the Light, the Way, the Truth. You, Jesus. You are everything that is good and holy. My Lord and my God, how is it possible for one who is a sinner to receive You, the Flame of Love? Why do You allow it? I know, though Lord that it is because of Your deep, holy love for sinners that You allow it. It is the same love that brought You to earth, to become man, to die and to rise. It was for love of us, Your creatures. How will I ever come to understand this with my small and simple mind? I realize I can’t and I won’t, my Adorable Lord, Jesus but I accept this. It is enough for me to know and to believe that which I don’t understand because I trust You Lord. I trust Your love. I trust You, not just when my heart is full of light, joy and peace, but when grey clouds surround my being and when I feel too weak to breathe. Even when I don’t think clearly because You have hidden Yourself from me. You who are wisdom and light. Even then, Lord or perhaps especially then, I trust You. In those moments, it isn’t my mind, my logic that acquiesces to You but my inner being. Because I know that only You are keeping me alive in those darkest times. It is by Your grace, Your mercy, because of Your love that I inhale and exhale, that my heart beats, that I am alive. Your love keeps me alive, Jesus and so I trust You at all times.

Jesus, even when my human nature begins to doubt, I do not doubt You, but only Me. I doubt myself, Jesus because I am a fickle person. But You! You are the rock, the firm foundation. You support me, hold me, embrace me, lift me to new heights, because You are perfect love and You love the unlovable. You love Your creatures. Thank You, God for Your immense, mighty powerful love! Thank You! Jesus, I am Yours, and all that I have is Yours. I am Yours and You are mine. Thank You good, gracious, benevolent Father, My Father. Thank You, Holy Spirit, lover of my soul. Thank You my Adorable Jesus. I love You Blessed Trinity. I love You Holy Mother Mary. Thank You for bringing me to Jesus. Thank You for allowing my entrance to Your Heart so that I could be immersed in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Heart that loves each person with the intensity of fire, but the fire that does not destroy, but only consumes me with love. Thank You, Holy Mother Mary. I love You. I thank You. Be my Mother. Always be my Mother. Do not leave my side, dearest Mother. Thank You for interceding for me. Please do not give up on mankind, Blessed Mother.

“My child, I am pleased that you and My son (name withheld) have allowed, have invited My love to flow from My Mother’s Heart to yours in this particular way. It is pleasing to Me. This is My Will, My child. I worked through others to enable all to come together. This is My Will, for all My children. This is a particularly urgent time, when many, many souls are lost in darkness. The flame of My love is the remedy. This is why I tell you to be light to the world. You do this by bringing My light to all you meet. My daughter, you recall that when the doctor walked into your room to greet you, he said that he saw a brightness, a light about you. He did not know what this light was or what caused it. You know that the light he sees in you is Me. It is My light that he sees. You did not say this at the time because you were surprised at his words and you, like My Mother Mary, held them close to your heart and pondered. When he mentions this again to you, (and he will), you will know what to tell him. You will say, ‘I have no light of my own, but what you are seeing is the light that is in my heart and burns very brightly. This is the light of my Savior, Jesus.’ This is what you are to say. After saying this, remain quiet and allow him to speak what is in his heart. Only listen until he is finished. Pray. I will give you subsequent words to say, My child. Trust in Me to fill you with all you need. Trust in My love. Only I know what each heart needs and how to deliver according to each one’s needs. My child, now is the time that I am calling you and My son (name withheld) to give your love away to others. Give much of yourselves, My children. You will empty yourselves continually out of love for others. You wonder how this could be and what it means. Do not worry, but believe and be alert for those in need. They will cross your path, you will see. Be alert for them. Be on guard and remain alert. When someone comes into your presence, no matter where you are, ask Me, Jesus how to love them, how to give My love to them. I will guide you. You are to be friends, sister and brother, mother and father, grandfather and grandmother to each person. My children are so very desperate for love.”

“Be open to this gift that I give to you and that I ask you to give to others. This is the time, My children that I invite you to love heroically. Do not think of this as being difficult, for remember I will do this work in and through you, but you must give Me your ‘yes!’ This ‘yes’ has already been given to Me, several times over, and today with your acceptance of this great mission, the deeper acceptance, your ‘yes’ resounded in Heaven. Also, and each day you must give me your ‘yes’ and be open to the possibilities to love each day. Be open to the smallest of ways in which I call you to love and little by little you will see a trail of love behind you and before you. Remember, only love endures forever. My son, it is for you that I say this, ‘only love will go with you to Heaven—works, yes—but only works done in and through the love of God.”

(Jesus smiles. He knows well, the quote (name withheld) uses often. Jesus knows everything about us and hears every word we speak.)

“Love is lacking, you are thinking. Yes, human love lacks much. My love however is complete. It is everything perfect, good and true and My love is not a love of conditions. Therefore, pray and be open to the love, this love that is Me. I will love through you. Consent to be love each day, My little ones. My son, you must not be afraid. In your humility, do not be afraid, but only realize that I made you smaller so that I could fill you with My greatness. If you were not small, your own puffed up pride would fill your heart and there would be no room for the powerful, mighty love of God. Therefore, you have been made small. In this way, you can no longer rely on the many gifts I have given you, but now you will rely solely on Me. Your little (name withheld) has already experienced this and now you, too will share in the humility of always depending on Me for everything. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you will recognize that it is only by My grace that you can do anything. You will come to recognize My hand in all you do, My son, My friend, My brother. I love you. I created you. I, who can suspend the laws of nature, the laws I created, I who created everything from nothing, I love you! I, who thought of you light years before you were born, will not abandon you. I, who deemed you important enough in My plan and in My love, brought you to be in your mother’s womb, will never abandon you. You must open your heart to My burning love that purifies, that ignites your flame, your sword of righteousness and this sword is one that will penetrate hearts that are cold, with the fire of My love. It is My love that overpowers darkness, coldness, evil. It is My love that brings hope. This, My son is true power. This is the power of Heaven. It does not belong to the world. It belongs to Me. I give it to My Children of Light, but sadly, many of My children, the faithful ones, do not open their hearts completely to Me. You will and you are. My little lamb, the one I have given you to provide for and to care for, to lead spiritually as the head, she opens herself to Me and together, you will give love to the ones who are unloved in the world. This is critical to My plan, My son and so I ask you to reflect and to pray to give Me once again your ‘yes’. My son, your willingness is of the utmost importance. Mankind does not understand the power God has given via free will. The free will of each person is highly respected by God, the giver of free will, the Creator of the will in man. This is why I ask you again for your ‘yes’ to this deeper request. This requires faith, My (name withheld) for what I ask of you does not seem tangible. I assure you that it only appears intangible because of your life on earth. From Heaven’s perspective this is a very tangible and an important moment. Heaven awaits your decision.”

“My daughter, My love, you will please give My words to My son to read now so that he will read them in this holy place, in My presence.”

Yes, Lord. I will do it now, Jesus.

Jesus, thank You for this great gift of love. Thank You for the gift of Yourself. Help me to pour forth Your love to others. Use me as Your instrument, Jesus, even when I am not aware. In fact, I don’t need to be aware of how You do this, Jesus since I give You my consent. I love You, my Lord and my All.

“My child, it has been an eventful day for you spiritually. Return now to your home. Thank you for being with Me today. Thank you for your friendship. I want this friendship with each one of My children. Show them My love, My daughter. Tell them of My great love for them. You will know what to say, because I will give you the words. Go now in My peace. My child, one more thing you must remember. There are times that you will be rejected in the love. Know this, they are not rejecting you but they are rejecting Me, the love. I was rejected in My humanity and in My Divinity. I am rejected. Your love consoles Me. The love you give to others, My love will be rejected at times. Do not grow sad for long, My daughter. Console My heart by giving Me your love and then move on to give love to others. This is what I did on earth. This is giving love freely. It is not expecting love in return. It is hoping for love, but not expecting. I love you, so this is what you are to focus on, as well as the love of your family. I give you My peace, My child, My lamb. I give you My blessing.”

“I thank you for the love you gave to (name withheld) who is in need of My love and needs much reassurance. You, My child, saved her from a much worse accident. Your love, your presence, your joy, the extended time you took with her gave her much peace. I protected you and in turn you made her feel safe and extended My mantle of protection. It was as if you lifted the mantle I spread over you and allowed her to come inside. You shared this space of loving protection when you invited her in. Thank you, My child.”

Jesus, I thank You for protecting both of us from what would have been a terrible accident. (Personal dialogue omitted). You are amazing, Lord. I thank You! Please bless beautiful (name withheld) who is worried about many things. She is a young, busy mother, Jesus. I know what that is like. Protect her, Lord and bring her closer to Your Sacred Heart.

“Yes, My child. I will do so. (Now I am smiling because of Jesus’ ‘yes’ to me!!) I bless you now, My little one; in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in My powerful, transforming love and peace.”

Amen! Alleluia! Thank You, my Jesus. I love You.

“And I love you.”

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