Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Adoration Chapel


Hello dear Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I love You and am glad to be here with You, Lord. Thank You for this opportunity to visit with You. Thank You for Holy Mass this morning and for Holy Communion. I like this quiet, peaceful chapel, Jesus. It is like an oasis of peace in the hectic, noisy world. I am also grateful for my family, Lord. Please bless my children and grandchildren and may they walk with You closely throughout their lives. Lord, please bring (names withheld) back to the Church and all (names withheld) to the waters of baptism. I pray also for (names withheld) and all who are outside of the Church that they may truly experience the love of God in the fullness of the Faith. I bring all who are sick and those who are dying to You, and I pray for the repose of the soul of (name withheld), Lord. Lord, You know the needs of my family. Please grant all that we need according to Your Holy Will. Thank You for our blessings, Jesus. Praise You for Your love and mercy! I love You, Jesus. Help me to love You more. Please continue to protect us and help us to live the Gospel message. Lord, please send Your Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth and bring about the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I am concerned about the people in our country, Lord and I pray for a return to You, Jesus. Please give us graces for conversion and peace. Protect President Trump and his family and guide him by the Light of Your Holy Spirit so that he makes wise decisions according to Your Holy Will. Thank You for Your love and mercy, Jesus. Convert all world leaders, Jesus so they will know Your love and be a witness for everyone to see. Lead all souls to You, Jesus especially those who do not know the love of God.

“My child, I am here with you. Write of My deep love. I want all to know of My love for humanity. I long for My children to return to My embrace.”

Jesus, You never tire of inviting, and of speaking about Your love for souls. You are patient, kind and merciful. You are so very generous, Lord. Your heart is tender and consistently in a state of readiness to forgive and to reconcile all to Your Sacred Heart. You are the reservoir of mercy, Jesus. I am sorry for all those who do not love You, but also, I am sorry for the times I have not shown my love for You. It is worse for those who love You and who are Your friends when we are unloving. I am sorry for my sins, Jesus. Please forgive me.

“You are forgiven My child. I love you and I am grateful for your love and friendship. The love of My children comforts and consoles Me. The time you spend here with Me, consoles Me.”

I am glad, Jesus but I am the one who is comforted by You, my Lord and Savior. I am grateful that You left us such wonderful gifts, the Sacraments. Thank You for remaining with us, in the Holy Eucharist. What a priceless treasure, beyond all treasures! Lord, You thought of everything! Thank You!

“My child, few are the ones who ponder this great gift. It is a mystery, too profound for the human mind to grasp, but all can recognize the greatness of the gift if desired. Sadly, many do not think of Me. Countless people drive past Adoration chapels and churches where I am reposed and have no idea their Lord, God and Savior is available to them. People clamor for the attention of earthly kings but give no thought to the King of Kings. And it is I who make Myself available to the humblest person.”

I am sorry, Jesus. You deserve all the love of everyone in the world. You deserve unending praise and thanksgiving. Help us to realize the greatness of the gifts You give us through Your Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. Help us to recognize You, Jesus in the breaking of the bread; just like Your disciples did on the road to Emmaus when You remained with them. Give us eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to love You, Jesus. Lord, (name withheld) hasn’t been here (Adoration) for three weeks. I hope she is alright. Please protect her and help her, Lord in whatever she may need.

“My child, I repeat for the benefit of all My children the need for preparation of hearts for the shaking that is to come. Seek Me, return to the Sacraments and prepare spiritually for what is to come. When it occurs, it will be too late for many, so prepare now, My children. For those of You who survive, I am counting on you to assist your brothers and sisters in need. The need will be great. Be love to those in need. Share whatever you have with others. When times are difficult, the Children of God have great opportunity to be salt and light for My Kingdom. Show mercy and be truly present to those in need. Give of yourselves, My children, as I have given of Myself for you. Be prepared to pour out your lives, your love, your generosity and My mercy to those in need. The need will be great, My children and it will seem too vast for you, but you need only call upon Me and I will be with you, guiding you. Give to others as I give to you—freely and without reservation. I will provide all necessary graces. Your Guardian Angels will be with you, also. As will the Guardian Angels of those in need. The saints intercede for you. Remember that all of Heaven prays for you. Live My Gospel, Children of Light. I am counting on you to bring the souls of your brothers and sisters to Me, by being love and mercy to them. Show them the heart of your God, My little children, by being love, mercy, peace and joy. You can do this, because I Will it and I give you all matter of graces and assistance. All that is needed on your part is your ‘yes’ to what I ask of you; that you bring the love of God to your neighbor. My children, when the distractions of the world get your attention, you have a multitude of reasons why you could not do this or that for your brothers in need.”

“Be alert, My children to the signs of the times. Man tries to imitate God by ‘creating’ life. Man does not create, My children, he tinkers. He tinkers with the magnificence of creation that is reserved for God alone and can only occur by the hand of God. Man, in his evil laboratories tries to rearrange what God has already created. He manipulates and experiments on the sacred little lives already created. These men are butchers playing with little lives, manipulating DNA, manipulating the foundations—the cells of humans and then they say they have ‘created.’ They have not created, My children. This is foolishness! Evil, cruel, foolishness. Man will never create life. To create is to bring something forth from nothing. Man will never be able to create life out of nothing. Only I can create. Where was man when the earth was not yet created? Where was man before the sun, moon and stars? Man plays at being God and in sinful arrogance, in pride and vanity, (man) brings judgement and destruction upon mankind.”

“My little Children of Light, pray for the conversion of those who follow the evil one. He, the evil one, is the enemy of life, the enemy of creation. He fills the hearts of the proud with his lies, his deception, his temptation to be ‘like God.’ This is the age-old sin of Lucifer. Do you not see, My children? Awaken from your slumber and see with spiritual eyes all that is going on in your world, in your countries. Be wise, My children and seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Do not be like the worldly ones who seek power, materialism, entertainment, domination. Do not look the other way and ignore what is going on, for in this way you become easily manipulated. You must be willing to speak out, just as I did, in the face of evil. You must speak truth, for I am truth. Love, for I am love. Love does not ignore evil. No, that is not love, but acquiescence to evil. Love speaks truth. Love exposes evil. Love seeks the good of the other. You cannot love, truly love when you ignore evil. This is not love, My children. This is not peace. Peace comes from the Prince of Peace. Peace comes from unity with God. You cannot be in union with God who is truth and go along with evil, or ignore evil.”

“Do you see My children, My little Apostles of Light? Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Each one of you was created by Me for love. Each one of you was placed in this time in history specifically. You must help your Jesus to save souls by loving God, loving your neighbors and by loving yourselves. You must love your neighbor as yourself. My children, to ignore evil; to put your head under the sand, to say—‘Oh, I know there is evil going on but it doesn’t concern me. I am not committing such evil, and I do not see this evil, therefore I will focus on my own life, on what directly affects me.’ No, My children. This is not the behavior I am asking of you. It is not love to ignore the evil being committed against your brothers and sisters because you are safe (at the moment). Think about the atrocities of past times. Think of the many people who did nothing; who ignored the plight of their neighbors. Is this what I am calling the Children of Light to do? You know otherwise. You know that it is not love to ignore those who are in need. There are suffering people all around you, whom you do not know, because you are too busy, too distracted to notice. Be alert, My children to those around you who are in need. Be kind to them. Take time to speak to others and you will find out there are many souls in need. I realize you think you can do little about the grave evil being done by others, but this is not true. This is actually a lie from My adversary. There is much you can do, beginning with prayer. Pray the most holy rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet for an end to evil. Pray for peace. Make sacrifices for your brothers and sisters who do not know My love. Pray for conversion. Pray for mercy. Pray for Love. Ask Me what I would like you to do and I will guide you. Speak to Me, My children and I will direct you. There is much you can do to defeat evil and I am counting on you to begin. Start each day in prayer and end each day in prayer, also for your protection.”

“Place yourselves under My Mother’s mantle of protection. These are dangerous times, My children, but also they are the times of great graces. Remember this Age of Disobedience will give way to the Age of Obedience one day and then you will know true peace in the world. My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will reign in the Age of Obedience and you will know great joy. Until then, be My prayer warriors, My little Apostles of Light. Bring My light, My love, My mercy to those living in darkness. I have gone before you to show you the way. You have everything needed via the Sacraments, My Word, My Church. I give you My Holy Mother Mary, St. Joseph and all the angels and saints. Call on them, My children and they will assist you with their prayers. They will obtain special graces for you, from Me. We are at your disposal to carry out this holy mission of love. Give Me your ‘yes’ dearest little children. If you have not already done so, give your ‘yes’ now. It is time. Souls are at stake. Be not afraid, but trust in God.”

“My little lamb, thank you for listening and for writing. This little task is important and I thank you.”

Jesus, it is so small, and I am nothing in the grand scheme of things. Thank You for using me, Jesus. I give You my ‘yes’, Lord to do with as You will. I love You, my Jesus. Help me to love You more.

And I love you, My child. I thank you and My son (name withheld) for your persistence in prayer and for your loyalty to me. Go in My peace. Be assured of My graces upon you, your family and those for whom you pray to Me each day. Be love. Be mercy. Be peace.

My child, tell My little (name withheld) that Jesus sends His love to her. I am pleased with her tireless acts of love for her family member. All will be well. Continue to pray. That is all. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Spirit. Go now, in the light of My love, My children. I am with you.”

Thank You, Jesus. We love you, Jesus! Praise You, Jesus!

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