Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Adoration Chapel


Dearest Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, I love You, praise You and adore You. It is so good to be here with You, my Jesus. Lord, please bless and provide Divine assistance to (name withheld) who is in need of prayers. She said she is caring for a patient who has deep wounds and has not experienced Your love. You know (name withheld) well, Jesus though I have only just met her. She asked for prayers, Jesus as she cares for this most challenging soul. Jesus, You know Your child of whom she is speaking, though she may not know You. Heal her wounds, Lord and open her heart to receive graces for conversion. Lord, it sounds as if she is very wounded and is hard hearted. Help her, Jesus and through (name withheld) send her graces for love, peace and mercy. Lord, give (name withheld) Your strength and Your loving peace. Guard and protect her, Jesus. Thank You for her service to this poor soul. Send angels to minister to them both. Praise You, Jesus who is all love, truth and mercy. Jesus, I pray for all who do not know You, do not love You. Jesus, I pray also for peace in our hearts, our families and in the world. Grant us Your peace, Jesus though we do not deserve it. Bring about millions of conversions and the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your beloved and most pure Mother.

Mary, our Mother, Queen of Heaven and earth, holy Mother of the Church, help us to return to Jesus. Help us to open our hearts to Christ, Your Son. Teach us in Your school of love and wisdom, Mother Most Holy. I love You. Help me to love You more. Help me to resist temptation and reject all sin so that I can be more like You and Your Perfect Divine Son, Jesus who is also my Savior. Blessed Mother, thank You for Your prayers, Your tireless intercession before God for us, Your poor children.

Jesus, thank You for sharing Your Holy Mother Mary with us. What an honor and a privilege it is to be in the family of God, in spite of our poor condition. Lift us, Lord to heights of great love. Fill us with Your love, Jesus, the love that knows no end. Help all who are ill and all who are in need, Jesus. You know all of my intentions, too numerous to write now, but that are in my heart and on my mind. I give them all to You, my Jesus where You will take care of each one in ways I do not even know to request. Praise You, Jesus!

“My child, My child, I thank you for speaking with (name withheld) and for giving her encouragement from the Spirit of God. She is doing a tireless but important work and she suffers through difficult spiritual battles. Your meeting was no accident, My child. It may seem to be a small thing to you, but this was a spiritual respite for her and a much needed one.”

Jesus, I believe You, but marvel at how seemingly insignificant it might seem to me in past years. I am learning, though that You often work through the seemingly small occurrences in life. Though they seem small in our humanity, they must be spiritually very significant. I believe this, Lord but I am amazed at the way You work through these ‘everyday’ or common occurrences. (common and everyday do not express what I mean… but you understand me, Lord.)

“Yes, My little one. This is the way I work most often. My children seldom recognize My Spirit is present and working in many ways and at a great frequency during the daily routines of My Children of Light. Thank you for being open to My Holy Spirit, My little one. My child, do not be concerned interiorly about the increase of evil in the world, for this was foretold by Me when I walked the earth. This increase of evil is an indication of the coming Age of Obedience, for when evil is about to be defeated it becomes full of anger, vengeance, violence and loud (with noise). My child, the earth groans under the weight of so much sin which has increased to a magnitude never before in the history of the world. Even the rocks cry out to God, not only in praise but in supplication. You can see this by the numerous earthquakes experienced throughout the world. They increase in number year after year, My child. Do not fear, though for this was foretold in My Word. (see Matthew 24:3-13) Pray for the souls of your brothers and sisters who do not know the love of God. Their hearts grow colder as time passes and evildoing increases. Pray for their conversion and for their hearts to be filled with love for God.”

Yes, Jesus. Thank You, Lord.

“My child, as for you, trust in Me and do not worry or have anxiety. I am caring for you and I will guide you in the way you should go. I love you and I am with you.”

Thank You, Lord. I love You!

“My child, I have told you there will be a great shaking. Prepare for this spiritually and be a source of encouragement to others.”

Yes, Lord but I pray it will not happen, or that You will minimize this so that souls do not perish who are not prepared to meet You. Jesus, please lessen the severity of this shaking that You speak of so to save souls.

“My child, it is already lessened though it will not seem to be so when it occurs. It must come to pass because souls are filled with pride and they do not look to God in this day, to save them. This shaking will be an act of mercy and will humble the proud and arrogant who think they do not need God. This event will come about because of My great love for humanity. Tell My children this is so. Many blame Me for every negative event in their lives, but they do not give Me thanks or glory for their countless blessings. Nor do they consider they do not live for Me, and they do not reflect on their sinful lives. It is prideful for them to go about their lives as if I do not exist, and then to curse Me when things go ‘wrong’. This is folly My children. Do you not see the error of your ways? I want only that which is good for your souls. You do not trust Me with even the smallest of prayers and yet you curse Me when things in your lives go wrong? Your reason and your intellect have become murky and clouded by sin so much so that you do not notice how illogical your thinking has become. Repent and return to Me, wayward children and I will forgive your sins. Go to the Sacraments, My children. Return to Confession and be reconciled to Me. You will regain the peace that you lost long ago. Return to the love, My wounded children, please return to the One who loves you, before it is too late. The hour is short and darkness is upon you.”

Jesus, please pour forth graces for conversion on us all and especially on those who are far from You, Lord. Help us, Jesus to follow You no matter how difficult the road may be.

“My child, I am pleased that you gave your ‘yes’ to Me again for the team of women who will minister to more souls. I will help you in this work. Do not be concerned with anything, My child, only have joy and be at peace. I walk with you. You will continue to be My instrument as you interact in this mission of love. Thank you for offering this work to Me, My child. My peace will flow through you to others. Be at peace now, My little lamb. All will be well.”

Thank You, Lord. Praise You, Jesus for Your love and for Your mercy. Help me to share Your love and to be merciful to others. Be mercy through me when I have none to give. Jesus, I am poor, but You are my wealth. Forgive me when I offend You, Jesus. Fill me with Your love to overflowing. Thank You for Your graces, Jesus. Thank You that You provide healing and love to all who come to You in need. Praise You, Lord!

“Thank You, My child. Go now in My peace. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. I am with you and My son (name withheld).

Thank You, Lord! Praise You, now and forever!

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