Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Adoration Chapel


Hello, my Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I am very glad to be here with You today! Thank You for holy Mass this morning and for Your holy priest sons. Thank You for the gift of Holy Communion, and for having my family with me at Mass. This is such a grace, Jesus. Lord, comfort and console all those who are ill and especially those who will die today. I pray for my friends and family members, as well as those who are on the parish prayer list. Lord, please bless and protect our shepherds, the priests, Bishops, and Pope Francis as well as all missionaries and religious. Give them courage as they lead the Church. Give them graces for wisdom, judgment, holiness and love. Give them courage, Jesus to stand up for the teachings of the Church. Protect us from the enemy, Jesus. Bring all those who are away from the Church home. Give the gift of faith to those who do not know the love and mercy of God. Help them to experience Your love. Jesus, I trust in You! Be with (name withheld) during surgery. Guide the surgeon’s hand and help everything to go smoothly, Lord. Help (name withheld) to make a smooth and quick recovery. I place all in Your holy and Divine Will, Lord. Take care of everything.

“My daughter, there are many things going on in your life, crosses and burdens you carry. Yet, you are at peace, My child. This is because you trust in your Jesus. Do you see, My child? This is how it is for My Children of Light. Storms may rage around you and yet with your eyes focused on Me, there is peace. You are growing, My little lamb. Do you see this, My child?”

Yes, I guess so, Jesus. I do not feel immune to anxiety, though but now that You mention it, several years ago I probably would have been much more troubled. You sure have brought me through a lot, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus for protecting me and for providing for me. You are loving, gracious, merciful, generous, patient and You are my Redeemer. I love You, my Lord and my God. Thank You for loving me, Jesus.

Lord, I am pleased that this little chapel is full of Your children who have come to adore You. This is how it should be, my King. Praise You, Lord Jesus Christ. All glory and honor to You, my God and my King! Lord, have You anything to say to me?

“My little lamb, you are beginning to see just how much corruption and evil has infiltrated every facet of life around you and that those in high positions you thought could be trusted, could not be. My child, every parent desires to shelter their children from evil and to keep their youth filled with innocence and love. However, when their children grow into adulthood they must understand more about their environment in order to protect themselves. They receive more graces from the Holy Spirit as given through My Church at Confirmation. It is important for My children as they mature spiritually, to receive the gift of discernment to guard against the wiles of the enemy. Still, it is important to have the innocence of their youth and to remain at peace trusting in the Lord God in all things. Many of My children, however reach the age of physical maturity having the affliction of spiritual blindness. This is due to the permissiveness of parents, the reliance on all forms of entertainment and the general reluctance for the parents to properly discipline their children and provide them with guidance to grow responsibly and to gain wisdom and knowledge of what it is to be mature Christians. Instead there are numerous young and even middle-aged adults who are still living their lives as children in mature bodies. The focus on pleasure and entertainment has fostered an epidemic of spiritual blindness. Young people do not know how to pray and if they have been taught, they prefer to watch programs and spend their time playing games. It is time to awaken, My Children of Light and return to your responsibilities. Become followers of Me, My children. Read Holy Scripture and reflect on the story of salvation from the times of Abraham and Moses through the Acts of My Apostles. The Word of God is Truth and Light. Pray to understand, My children. Your story is written in these words, My children. You are part of this story. Decide now where you stand so that on the day, the great and terrible day, you will already have decided for God and for the good of mankind.”

“This is an historic time in the history of the world, My children. Into this time, God decided to place you. The talents you have been given are to be used in this day, but if you continue to be entertained and distracted, you will not be aware of what is going on around you. Through prayer I can direct and guide you. Through prayer you will begin to see clearly and think clearly. You will be able to make decisions that are based on the wisdom of God, versus the foolishness of the current culture. I wish to give you clarity, graces, and My friendship. In order to do so, be available to Me. Speak with Me. Open your heart to Me. Allow Me to heal your wounds and to rejoice with you when you are glad. Allow Me to guide and direct your steps and to clear your path of the objects upon which you stumble. I love you, My children. Decide for Me now before it is too late. You are drunk on the pleasures in life that lead you down roads that are dangerous. Do not continue walking numbly through life. Awaken and be alert to the signs of the times. Soon, it will be too late and you will lament for the time you have wasted.”

Jesus, help us to awaken and then to remain alert. Remove the scales from our eyes so that we can see what is truly going on. Help us, Jesus. Heal us, guide us, guard and direct us, Jesus. Give us willing hearts that are open to Your love and mercy.

“My child, as you are maturing I have given you a more heightened awareness of several areas where corruption and evil have infiltrated. As your loving God, it is what I have allowed you to know. As your Father, I would have preferred you never to need this information and yet you are becoming more able to handle this due to your growing trust in Me. It is My Will that some of Mine know what has occurred over the course of time, in order to inform your prayer, as well as to show you the great sense of urgency that exists in the world. When I tell you, ‘souls are at stake’ this has new meaning for you, does it not?”

Yes, my Lord. It really does! I believed You when You told me this but I had only a slight insight into the gravity of Your words. I have a better idea now, though and I’m sure this is still the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Jesus, I think I understand why You want people to know what is going on, but I don’t understand why so few people are aware. I know what You say about this culture and people preferring entertainment to the things of God, but there are many seemingly Godly people who frequent the Sacraments and yet they do not seem to be aware. That is my thought, though. I could be mistaken. Perhaps I don’t know, though since I don’t really seek people out for discussion on the cultural state of the world. My close circle of friends know so perhaps a multitude of others do, also.

“My little lamb, you are correct in saying many do not see the signs of the times. Even those of My children who attend Mass and make regular confessions, there are those who do not spend time in prayer. Greater (in number) are those who do not read My Word. They receive graces from the Sacraments and I can guide them to a point, but without prayer and the reading of My Word, they are not opening themselves to My guidance. It is as if some people invited to a banquet choose only the food that is needed to sustain themselves. They pass by the food that is full of nutrition and choose a small portion of the staples. It is good that they come to receive the gifts I have to give, but they do not fill their baskets to the brim with the delicacies I have presented. They do go away from the banquet with a satiated appetite but have missed choice foods. When one prays regularly their hearts are more open to receive the graces I give to them in the Sacraments. All who go to receive Me in the Eucharist and to Confession, with a true purpose of amendment, receive graces. This is true. Those who walk with Me each day converse with Me and spend time in My Holy Word, are more disposed to receive all of the graces I give. These people are those who have hearts like fertile soil and when the seeds of grace are planted, they are nourished and grow into beautiful fruit producing plants. I invite all of My children to have hearts of fertile soil. Those who do not pray and do not read My Word but who still unite to Me through the Sacraments, receive graces to sustain them. My children would you prefer to have the bare minimum needed to sustain your nutritional health, or would you prefer the choice foods, wines and dessert? In the world, you have no problem choosing that which is pleasing to you, but in the spiritual life, you struggle with this because at first this seems like ‘work’ to pray and to read holy words from God. I assure you that once you have begun to pray, to really pray from the heart, you will grow to love prayer. Come, let us begin, My children. Time is of the essence and soon you will not have a feast laid before you. You will only have the bare minimum. My children, I am not referring to the Sacraments in a derogatory way. Do not misunderstand what I mean. The Sacraments are necessary to sustain you. This is the food for your journey toward Heaven. I want you to gain full advantage of the graces that await you in the Sacraments and to do so you must prepare your hearts. This preparation occurs through prayer and the reading of holy Scripture. This is what I mean and the feast I have prepared for you are the spiritual gifts and graces that will make you more well disposed for more graces and to live lives full of My Gospel, My Good News. For this way, you will advance toward the Kingdom of God and you will positively impact the lives of others so that they, too will be encouraged in their pilgrimage to Heaven.”

Thank You, Lord for Your words. They are beauty and light, Jesus. You have a way of making everything simple and easy to understand. Thank You, God! I love You!

“My child, I will be with you this week. Be encouraged and know that you are within My Heart and under the mantle of My Beautiful Mother Mary. Entrust My son (name withheld) to us, also. We will take good care of him. We will go where you cannot, My little lamb.”

Thank You, Jesus. You are so gracious and generous with Your love. I entrust (name withheld) to You, Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Take care of everything, my Lord and my Savior. I trust in You and You alone. You are My God. I love You and I love Our Lady.

“And I love you. Go in My peace. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in the light of My love.”

Amen, Lord.

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