Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Adoration Chapel


Hello, dear Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament. I love you and am glad to be here with You, my God and my King. Praise You and thank You for Holy Mass and Communion this morning. Lord, I bring all who are ill and especially those who will die today to You. Please comfort and console them. Keep them in Your Holy Will. Jesus, please be with our family members and bring all those who are away from Your Holy Catholic Church back, Jesus. I pray especially for (names withheld) and for all our grandchildren who have not been baptized. Lord, I pray also for those who do not know Your love. Open their hearts to You, Jesus. Please protect all those who have established communities and refuges, Jesus. Help them in their work for You. Lord, please heal (name withheld) and keep him in Your holy, perfect Will. Praise You for Your mercy and love, Lord. I love You, Jesus. Help me to love You more. Jesus, have You anything to say to me?

“Yes, My child. In this time of great darkness, trust in Me. Trust in My love and in My infinite mercy. Events will occur that will be difficult to understand and many will be frightened. Trust in Me, My children. Remain close to Me. Purify your hearts and souls while there is time. When a soul is in the state of grace, there is clarity and openness to My Will. Remember My children, fear is not from Me. When you sense danger, call upon My Holy Spirit. Be open to the direction from Heaven. Be prepared to leave your homes and seek safety. My angels will protect you, but you must be prepared to follow My direction. Do not be consumed with material things, My children, for things can be replaced. Be calm and recollected when I direct you, My children. Ask for My peace. Do not allow yourselves to be caught up in the confusion and chaos around you, but pray, trust and act. Do all things with love. Live the Gospel, My children. Share what you have with others. Be merciful and generous, as I am merciful and generous. Pray for the grace to love heroically, for souls are in need of love. You, My Children of Light are children of God. You are children of the King. Share from the blessings I give you and do not be concerned that you will lose your material possessions. Only be concerned with the things that harm the soul. Therefore, love one another, even when love is not returned to you. Love because I have loved first, and I loved mankind so much so that I gave My life for your souls. Love others as I love, My children without counting the cost. You know all of this, My Children of Light for these are not new words. I tell you this now so that when the calamities occur and chaos is at your door, you will remember that you are not of this world. You are to act as children of the Living God. Souls depend on this My beautiful Children of Light. You do not often see the consequences of your actions, so you do not know the power of your small acts of love and mercy. One small act of kindness causes a ripple effect throughout the world. The spiritual impact of acts of love and mercy is greater than you can imagine, My little ones. One day, I will show you, but for now trust that this is so.”

Jesus, You have reinforced that we live the Gospel especially in times of duress and chaos. Of course, we should always live the Gospel and even in peaceful, less stressful times, some struggle (as do I) to be love and mercy 100% of the time. Please give us extraordinary graces to do Your Will and to love heroically. Lord, when people are fearful, it is difficult to notice others around who are in need of help. Sometimes, when we are hurting, in pain, or in a crisis mode, we can have ‘tunnel vision’. It’s human nature, Jesus. Of course, You know this, but we will need Your Holy and Divine assistance to do as You ask. Give us presence of mind and the ability to observe not only our surroundings, but to be aware of the needs of others.

“My little one, recall the times you were caring for patients when suddenly one of them needed to be resuscitated. You did not panic, but you were clear headed, calm and able to take immediate action. Your clinical training prepared you for these events and My Holy Spirit helped you to recall each step to take. At times when events did not go according to your preparation, I gave you discernment and My wisdom to determine what needed to be done. After stabilizing the patient, you reflected on this and marveled at the ability you were given to be recollected, level headed and at peace in the midst of the crisis. Do you recall, My child? People sometimes commented they were glad you were the one who responded and that your calmness spread through the team.”

Jesus, I hadn’t thought about this for years. I do remember this well, now that You mention it. Thank You, Lord for Your guidance and Your assistance in every situation in my life.

“My child, you can recall other times when you have experienced a trying event or a situation that should have caused you great fear, and yet you were given peace in those moments. This is what I will do for you and for My children who remain open to My Spirit. I will give you a spirit of peace and wisdom. Heed the prompting of My Holy Spirit, My children. There will be many who will be unprepared (spiritually) and will be so filled with fear they are unable to follow My direction. Help them. Guide them, if necessary to a place of safety. Reassure them that they are loved by Me and that I am with them. Lead them, My children, for in the moments following catastrophic events, there is confusion, shock, and a sense of fear. You, My Children of Light must be filled with My peace, even in the midst of chaos. Allow My light to shine through you. Be gentle, calm and yet be decisive. Be loving and merciful and do not judge others who do not respond calmly for they may not have the graces you have been given and they may have lost more than you know. Many souls are already deeply wounded and the future events will deepen already severe wounds. I call My children to love, to give of yourselves, and to protect My children who are lost and cannot find their way. I will give you gifts of discernment so that you will know what to do, My children. Trust in Me and all will be well.”

Thank You, my Jesus. Praise You, Lord!

“Remember, the times in which you live have been known to the Father from before time existed. He has known you, My children before you were even created, and He placed you in the world, in this time. You are in this time, because the Father willed it and He equips you with everything required to love and follow Him even in this Age of Disobedience. You have all been given special gifts needed in this day, and in the days to come. Some of you do not know you have specific gifts, but they will manifest themselves exactly when someone requires. My Children of Light, I will see to your every need. You will have difficulties, yes. You will not experience the comforts you have now and which you often take for granted, but I will supply your needs. The hardships you experience will only serve to strengthen you, My children. I walk with you and I will not abandon My children. Remember that the Renewal awaits you, but first the storms must come. Read the Gospel of Matthew, My Children of Light. Read My Word and reflect on it. All will be well, but do all I have asked of you especially with regard to frequenting the Sacraments and remaining close to Me in prayer.”

Thank You for Your words, Lord and for Your great love and mercy.

“My children, you must remove every obstacle in your hearts to love now or you will not be open to My Holy Spirit. Forgive anyone who has harmed you. Forgive, forgive, forgive. If you do not forgive, you do not freely love and if your love is conditional, you will be unable to love freely, with a sense of trust. My children who have been hurt by the actions of others, I understand for I too was treated with little regard. I felt the blows of hatred and evil and yet I loved. You must try to see things from a heavenly perspective, My children. I know it is difficult, but give your will to Me and I will help you. I will mold your will to My Will and then you will know true peace and joy. You will have a heart for love. You must give your burdens to Me and if you feel you cannot forgive, ask Me to forgive through you. It is an act of the will, My children. It does not mean you suddenly have beautiful thoughts and feelings about the one who has hurt you. It does not mean you feel warm and loving toward them. You cannot wait for these feelings before you forgive, for they will never come. Forgiveness is not based on feelings. Not at all, My children. Forgiveness comes from a desire to follow Me, your Jesus. Forgiveness begins in the will, children. You must want to forgive because you know that I want this of you. That is all, My children. The feelings may or may not follow. Ask Me to help you to forgive. Say, ‘Jesus I find it hard to forgive (name) but I want to forgive because You command us to forgive one another as You forgive. Jesus, I know I am also a sinner and yet You forgive me; therefore, I want to forgive (name) . Help me to do this, Jesus because I do not know how.’ You see, My children how simple it is? This is all you must do. It may require repetition for sometimes memories surface that cause ill will and so you remind yourself of your willingness to forgive. Then, ask Me for the graces needed, and I will supply whatever is lacking in you. To forgive is strength, not weakness. Do not be afraid, My wounded children. There is nothing to fear when one walks with Me, for I am God. I can do all things. So, what is there to fear?”

Thank You, Lord, giver of all good gifts. Praise You, my Lord and my God, my All.

“I am with you, My child. I am with My son (name withheld). I walk with you. I am aware of all you are going through. Trust in Me, My children. Abandon yourselves to Me and I will carry you. All will be well. Be confident in your trust in Me, as this pleases Me and it attracts others to My Mercy. I love you and I am with you. Be at peace.”

Thank You, Lord. Jesus, we trust in You. Jesus, we trust in You. Jesus, we trust in You.

“Go in My peace. I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in My love, My children.”

Amen, Jesus! Praise Your Holy and Precious Name!

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