Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Adoration Chapel


Dearest Jesus present in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. I believe in You, hope in You, adore You and trust in You. Thank You for holy Mass and for Communion with You. Bless all of Your holy priest sons who are in transition in new parishes, especially (names withheld). Bless Fr. (name withheld), Lord as he travels.

Jesus, I am very concerned about the people of Venezuela. Things seem to be getting even worse, though I didn’t think that was possible. Please, please intervene there, Lord. They are truly suffering. Many people do not have the basic necessities for survival and for those who can buy food, it is so expensive and is in very short supply. This once great country is in chaos, Jesus. Lord, this is a Catholic nation. They have been stripped of almost everything. Please help them, Jesus. I recognize what is happening there could happen here at any moment. Lord, in our country, we need repentance and conversion. I pray for this, Jesus and I beg Your mercy on Your children everywhere in the world who face persecution, oppression, economic hardships and all manner of evil they must endure. Jesus, we are lost and in need of You, our Shepherd. So many do not know this, because they do not know You. Help those who do not know the love of God, to come to know You. Grant us peace, Jesus. May Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart triumph soon, and Your Holy Spirit renew the face of the earth. We await this, Lord Jesus; just as Your people, our ancestors in faith, awaited the coming of the Messiah. Come, Lord Jesus, come and renew the face of the earth. Lord, I pray for all who are sick and on the parish prayer list. I pray also for (names withheld) and for all of the caregivers. Lord, please heal (name withheld) of anything and everything that is harmful, Lord. Heal him from the top of his head, to the bottom of his toes.

Lord, is there anything You would like to say to me?

“Yes, My child. I have heard your prayers and I hold each petition close to My Sacred Heart.”

Thank You, sweet Jesus. You are good, kind and merciful. Lord, help me to be like You.

“My child, as you have discussed with Me, there is much unrest in the world; Much, much unrest. More than you realize, My little one. There are countless children who are very young and who cry out to Me in great pain. Some of the smallest and youngest of My children have terrible atrocities committed against them. I am wounded over and over again by the sins of mankind and I am especially wounded by sins against My little children. They invoke Me and beg for My help and to be rescued. The hand of God is ready to fall and only My Most Holy Mother Mary protects the world from severe chastisements, while She also pleads on behalf of the innocent victims. Her heart breaks for them, but She is also moved to pity for Her children steeped in sin who have allowed darkness to envelope their hearts. She loves all of Her children and wants no one to go to hell. Because of Her love, Her purity and Her complete abandonment to the Will of God, Her unity with the Blessed Trinity, the hand of God’s justice continues to be withheld and His Age of Mercy extended. Do not presume on this extension of mercy, for it could come to conclusion soon. God’s justice will issue forth from Heaven and evil will be put in its rightful place, hell. My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will prevail over evil and My Holy Spirit will renew the face of the earth, My child. This will not occur, though until My Mother’s secrets are announced and come to fruition. My child, the hour is growing very late and there is not much sand left in the hourglass.

Pray for your brothers and sisters who live in sin. Pray for their conversion. Be love and mercy to them so that the way to God is illuminated for them. They are in such darkness and desperately in need of the light of salvation, which is Me, Christ. I am the Way, My child and yet many of My lost children seek other ways. They seek the ways of the world which glitter and seem exciting, but only for a time. They run after one worldly affection after another, often developing crippling addictions and destroying themselves in the process. They fall into the snares of My adversary and listen to his lies. My children, do you not see that he wants only death and destruction for you? He delights in your misery. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I want salvation for your souls, because I love you. I love you so much that I came to give you life and I gave up My life so that you could be free of sin and dwell with Me in Heaven. In Heaven, My children live forever in the home of the Trinity. Do not allow yourselves to be deceived by the father of lies any longer. Come into the light of truth. Repent and turn from your wicked ways. Do not fear Me, for I want only what is good for your souls. I love you. I stand waiting for you with open arms waiting, waiting, waiting and longing to embrace you. I will heal you of your wounded hearts and all will be well in your soul. Do not be afraid. I will not reject one who is sorry and who wants to begin anew. I am God and I created you out of love. I will make your heart like a new heart. I will not remember your sins against you, but you must reach out to Me for I have endowed every child of Mine with free will. Give Me your hand, children and I will pull you toward Me and away from the one who wants to devour your precious soul. Yes, My children who are living in darkness, your soul is precious to Me. Do not delay, but return to Me before it is too late. Do not reject your heavenly inheritance for the fires and stench of hell. The evil one lies to you and tells you that your sins are too horrible to be forgiven. My children, there is no sin that is too horrible for Me to forgive for I am all powerful. I can do all things and I long to be mercy to you. Speak to Me, My lost children and tell Me everything. You will be met with the utmost respect, love and mercy. You will be relieved and filled with peace. Do not delay, My lost children. Your brothers and sisters pray for you. All of Heaven is praying for you. Come, let us begin anew. Nothing is impossible for Me. Nothing.”

Thank You, Jesus for Your words of life, love and truth. You are truth, Jesus. You are love; You are light. You are God, my Savior. May the hearts of many be open to You today, Jesus.

“My little lamb, bring all of your burdens to Me so that I may help you. I remind you of something you know but sometimes forget. You have nothing to fear, My child, I am with you. You have My love and constant companionship. There is nothing to fear, little one. Trust in Me. I was listening to you in the quiet of the morning, My little lamb. I am with you.”

Thank You, Jesus. Praise You, Lord. I have no words, other than thank You, I am grateful.

“Yes, My daughter. I understand. Your future seems uncertain now, but it is no less certain for Me. I know it is unclear to you, but it is perfectly clear to Me. All that has occurred, was already known to Me, before you were created. All is going according to My plan, even though it does not seem that way to you. Trust in Me. All will be well. You will see.”

Thank You, Jesus. You are correct in that it is not clear to me. I feel as though I am looking through murky water at what was once very clear and distinct. Help me, Jesus. Help us. Restore clarity, Lord.

Jesus, please help (name withheld). Give him guidance so that he knows what You want him to do and help him make the best decisions for his future. Help him to find a place to live and help him with his financial needs. Thank You for being close to him and keeping him safely on the path towards Heaven. Please bring (name withheld) back to You and Your Church. Please help (name withheld) with her finances. Lord, I entrust My children and grandchildren to You through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Jesus, I place all of my trust in You. Lord, please bring (name withheld) into Your Holy Catholic Church, also as well as his daughters. Save us all, Jesus. You are the Savior of the world. May we serve you (names withheld) all the days of our lives. I love You, Lord God. You are my all. Help me to love You more.

“Child of My heart, continue to walk with Me. The path is often rocky and you cannot see where it leads. Hold fast to My hand and the hand of My Mother. The road you are on is the one I have chosen for you. It is not easy, My child, but it is what I have chosen. It is the only way for you if you desire My Will.

Yes, Lord. I do desire Your Wil. There is no other way for me, Jesus. I choose You. Help me, though Jesus because I am not good and surefooted on rocky ground, but with You I know it will be alright. (As long as You climb and walk with me.) You are like a gazelle, Jesus. Keep me close to You, Lord and it will be alright. I am confident in You.

“Yes, My little lamb. You recall the time you climbed the steep path to My Mother’s grotto? You didn’t know how you were going to make it to the top since the way became even steeper.”

Yes, Jesus. I still have the image of You in my mind. You came to me in the grotto after I finished the rosary. You were smiling and seemed so energized. What a stark contrast to the way I was feeling. You appeared to have been climbing Yourself, but You were so youthful, and full of energy and light. You were happy. Then You leaped up, bounded out of the cave and said, ‘Follow Me.’

“Yes, My child. I went before you, did I not?”

Yes, Jesus. Only I couldn’t see You anymore.

“You did not see, and yet you knew this in your heart. I climbed ahead of you and you followed, though you could not see Me, yet you had more confidence knowing I was with you.”

Yes, Jesus.

“It is the same now, My little lamb.”

“You do not see Me, yet I am with you. The way seems uncertain, even treacherous, yet I go before you to prepare the way for you. I direct your steps, even when you cannot see that I am doing so. You trust Me, and so you continue on. This is how it is with us. I am with you. I encourage you in many different ways, often, and usually not in such obvious ways as I did in the grotto, but still I am encouraging you. Often, I send others to meet you and provide encouragement. Often, you find it in prayer as My Spirit speaks to your heart ever so quietly in the stillness of the morning or evening. I speak to you in My Holy Mass, during Communion and here in Adoration. I am always and ever encouraging you, My child especially when you feel discouraged and disheartened. Remember this My child when you feel alone, for you are never alone. II you forget this, your guardian angel will remind you, so do not be concerned. You are not alone and you have the best company.”

Yes, Lord. Thank You, Jesus! You are a magnificent God, who loves like I could never have imagined, and I am grateful. Undeserving, but grateful. I love You, Jesus. Thank You for loving me.

“I love you because I love you. There is nothing to deserve when it comes to love. It is given freely, My daughter. I love each and every one of My children and I long for all to receive My love. Freely I give it to each one of My children, and I patiently wait for My love to be received. Thank you, My child for accepting My love. You console My Sacred Heart so full of love for My children.”

Jesus, I want to console you. I am sorry for the many times I offend You because of my lack of love, my sins and my lack of trust. Thank You for forgiving me, for Your mercy, Your patience and Your love. Help me never to disappoint You again, Jesus. Hold me in Your Sacred Heart, close enough that I feel Your heart beating and where nothing can harm me, not even myself, my own actions, my thoughtlessness, my pride. Keep me close to Your heart and embedded within Your Holy Will. I love You, Jesus and I desire to love You more.

“Thank you, My child. You are growing in love, though it does not seem that way to you. You are learning to bring each trial, burden and wound to Me, your Jesus and little by little I am healing, carrying, and guiding you. We will continue this process together, My child. All will be well.”

Thank You, Jesus!

“I bless you, My child in My Father’s name, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go now in peace. Be love, be mercy, be joy.”

Amen. Alleluia, Jesus!

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