Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Adoration Chapel, Ascension of the Lord


Hello my Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament. I love You, praise You, adore and worship You, my Lord and my God. Thank You for enabling me to be here with You today. Thank You for Holy Mass and for Holy Communion.

Jesus, thank You for the beautiful funeral Mass for (name withheld). I am grateful that there was peace and it was a beautiful time of prayer. Thank You, Jesus. Lord, be close to my children as they grieve their grandfather’s death. May they see this as his birth into Heaven. I know they are sad. Please give them peace and consolation. Help me to comfort them. Lord, I love them. Thank You for the gift of being their mother. Thank You for all of my family, especially for my husband, for (names withheld). Please bless and comfort (names withheld) as we continue in this time of mourning for (name withheld). We have so much for which to be thankful, Lord. Thank You!

“You are welcome, My daughter. I was with you in a special way during these difficult days and I gave you My peace. You felt My peace, My child because you were open and you relied on Me.”

Thank You, Lord. I appreciate Your presence with me and Your gift of peace.

“You are welcome, My little lamb. I am pleased at the way you conveyed My peace to others. Your love and your support impacted all you met in a very positive way and I was able to give many graces to My children as a result. Your kindness softened hearts and provided the opening I desired.”

Thank You, Jesus for Your great generosity. Imagine that by just being kind, You send graces to flood souls who receive and are open to kindness! I am very happy about this, Lord! You are good beyond measure!! What a kind, merciful Savior You are. Lord thank You for using me, such a small and poor instrument, to touch others. I love You!

“And I love you, My child. I work through all of My children in this way. It is very simple and yet so many wish to make their walk with Me complicated. It is simple, My children. Allow Me to walk with you and use you through your interactions with others. Being kind and showing love is all that I need, My children. Live your faith and do not be afraid or embarrassed to mention Me to others. Share the love I freely share with you. Share this love with all you meet, My children. Through you, I can change hearts. It all begins with the heart, My children. Conversion of heart leads to conversion of the mind and the body follows. In this way of complete conversion thoughts are changed for goodness and love, then loving acts follow. By conversion of the hearts of others, I can change the world. It begins through the love and kindness of My children and will spread through families, towns, cities, states, countries and the world. Eventually, My children, those remaining throughout the entire world will love and follow me. This will be a reality during the Era of Peace. All will follow Me.”

Praise You, Lord! We wait in joyful hope for this time, Jesus. Please may all people love and follow You soon, Jesus. May we be of one faith, one heart and one mind all in the love and service of our Lord Jesus Christ and beautiful Mother Mary.

“My child, it will come to pass, but first the transition time will occur. The Time of Great Trials has already begun, but you (in your country) have not felt the full effects of it yet. I urge My children to frequent the Sacraments while you are still able to go freely, for a time will come when you will be seeking priests and they will be difficult for you to find. When you do find a holy priest, you will go to Confession and Holy Mass in secret. Take advantage of this time, My children. My little lamb, continue making use of this time of renewal. Go to Mass as My Mother instructed you. This is important in your formation especially at this time.”

Yes, Jesus. Thank You. I love Holy Mass!

“My child, you are tempted to begin looking for work. Reread My words when you feel this temptation approaching. It is not yet the time. It is alright to meet with people, but do not get ahead of Me, My child and the plan I have for you.”

Yes, Jesus. Thank You, Lord! Lord, I forgot to pray for those who are ill. Jesus, please give them many graces as they suffer for love of You. Please comfort and console all those who are on our parish’s sick list, and be especially close to them. I pray this for (names withheld) and for all those suffering from cancer and Alzheimer’s. I pray especially for (name withheld). Comfort and console him and (name withheld). Jesus, I beg You to intervene in the life of little (name withheld). Rescue her, Jesus from the decision of the judge who forced her from her loving grandparents, to live with her dad whom she doesn’t know. He refuses to allow her to be raised in the Catholic faith and he is rough and unloving. Jesus, (name withheld) has already lost her mother and now her grandparents. Her world must feel desolate, lonely and without hope. Rescue her, Jesus. Blessed Mother, please untangle the knots for this precious little girl. Be close to her, guide her and love her so that she feels Your motherly presence. Her grandparents must feel that all is hopeless. Help them to know what steps to take, Jesus. Give them good legal counsel, Lord. This situation seems in need of a miracle from You, Lord. Please do whatever it takes to restore peace and love to this little child’s life. Please, Jesus, her soul is at stake, as You know. You know all things, Jesus. May Your Holy Will be done, whatever that may be in her regard. Also, Lord, I pray for the conversion of her father. Change his heart, Lord so that it is filled with Your love. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You.

“My child, I am working in this child’s life. I know this is difficult to understand, and it is a time of trial for her grandparents and father. Trust Me in this, My child. I am with her. Continue to pray and offer your petitions for her well-being and that of her family. Ask others to pray. Trust in Me.”

Yes, Jesus. Thank You, Lord.

“My child, while you are entering into a personal time of renewal, growth and formation, the world is in a critical time in its history. There is great unrest, discord and disunity as families, towns, cities and countries experience brokenness, despair and upheaval. There are wars/hostility, violent outbursts, protests and a general spirit of unruliness permeates many societies. This period of disobedience is about to give way to a time of chaos and darkness such that this current generation has never experienced. More prayer and sacrifice is needed for souls. Focus on what is really important, My children. Pray as if your life depended on it. I do not exaggerate when I say this, My children for the way of life as you know it will change drastically and lives do depend on your prayers.”

“Please children, take to heart the words I have been saying and heed My direction that you frequent the Sacraments, especially Penance and Holy Eucharist. This communion with Me is crucial for what you face. Do as I say, My Children of Light. Allow Me to strengthen you with the graces I give to you in the Sacraments of My Church. Be a light in the darkness and take My light to others in need. The world has fallen away from Me and from My Commandments. I will strengthen My followers, My Children of Light through the Sacraments and this will be of tremendous support to you in the coming days.”

“Times are coming in this country (USA) when you will lament the many missed opportunities for daily Mass, reception of the Eucharist and Reconciliation. It will be a time of scarcity, not only in food for the body, but food for the soul. I ask My children to focus on Me, the life of the Church, the life of the soul now. Choose a life of prayer over a life of entertainment and leisure. Choose a life in My Spirit over a life of work-a-holism and focus on what matters most, your spiritual lives and that of your family members. Be a living witness to others. Show the world what a life with God is, simple, peaceful, beautiful, joyful. It is time, no My children, it is past time to be detached from worldly things and attached to the life of your soul. Pay attention to your souls, My children. Assess the condition of your souls, much like you do your physical health. The world focuses almost exclusively on the physical. Do not be like the rest of the world, but focus on your soul for the soul lives forever, but the body will go to the grave. I desire Heaven for you, My children. I desire this for every soul created. Help Me, My children to reach souls living in darkness. Pray for them. Fast for them. Make sacrifices for them. Do this out of love and concern for them, for they are your brothers and sisters and many, many of them are headed to perdition, for they reject My love; they reject Me. This is not My Will for them, and yet I give each soul free will. Your prayers, sacrifices, fasting and love can open the door of their hearts, My children. Pray for the saints to intercede for these souls, My children. Offer Masses for these souls who do not know the love of God.”

“One day I will pour out My Spirit upon the world in much the same way as occurred on the first Pentecost. You will witness conversions as never before in the history of the world, but you must pray, My children. Pray to bring this about. I desire your holy cooperation in My plan. My Father desires this. My Mother works tirelessly for this. She brings countless prayers before the Father for you and for all of Her children. Cooperate with Her, My Children of Light. This is a time of serious need. Soon, I will no longer plead with you, but it will be a time of pleading with Me. Why do you close your ears to My requests? Are you so busy that you cannot take time to pray? Who is it that gives you time? Who created time? You know this, My children and yet there are many who follow Me who are unwilling to pray more, to go to confess their sins more often, who put off going to daily Mass because they feel they have more important tasks to tend to or their jobs are more important. This is not the proper priority, My children. I would not be speaking through so many prophets and chosen souls if the times were not very urgent. Examine your lives and ask Me to help you to have clarity regarding your priorities. It is time to reorder them before it is too late.”

“Take advantage of this time of grace and get your spiritual lives in order. Decide for Me, My children and I will help you. Do not put off until tomorrow what I ask of you today. You know that nothing in life is certain, but the Lord your God. I am your rock, your salvation. I ask only what is good for your souls. I love you and I want what is in your best interest. Many of you do not see this, for you remain in your comfort zone of worldly attachments. When these are absent from you, My children (and they will be one day), what will you have left? Come now, My children and repent, return to the Sacraments and a life of grace. I want to guide you and to protect you but you must step out in faith. You must decide for Me, My children or you are deciding for the world and the life of the flesh. It cannot be both. My children, do you understand? To make no decision for change is a decision in itself.”

“I say now, decide for God and for Heaven before it is too late. I love you and I long for you to be with Me in My heavenly kingdom. You will experience love as never before and you will be fully and completely loved and understood. You will be full of joy and life. You will know happiness, My children; true happiness. This is not known in the world, but you will possess complete joy, peace, love and freedom in Heaven. Decide for Heaven, My children. Decide this today, right now as you read My words. I await you with open arms. I await you with open arms and an open heart to forgive you and to shower you with My peace. Come and do not delay. When you come to Me all will be well with your soul. You will see.”

Thank You, Jesus for Your words of love and longing for the hearts of Your children. Save souls, Jesus. Save many, many souls, dearest Lord. Lord, is there anything else you would like to say?

“Yes, My child. Be aware of My presence this week. Focus on My presence each day and even in each moment of the day. I realize this will take practice, but begin now and one day it will be routine for you. I want you to be more aware of My presence with you, so let us begin this now, My little one. It will be very important later during the time when you will be working almost non-stop to care for those I will send to you and to your family. I will lift the veil, My child, over time and there will be moments of great grace for you and for your family. This is what we will focus on this week and over the coming weeks. I will assist you.”

Yes, Jesus. I certainly am counting on You to assist me, since I’m not sure what I need to do exactly but I want to do Your Will, Jesus, so ‘yes’ let us begin.

“Thank you, My little lamb for your openness to My Will. Go now in My peace. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go now to love and to be love to others.”

Thank You, Jesus. Amen and Alleluia! Praise be Jesus Christ now and forever!

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