Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Adoration Chapel, Easter Sunday!


Hello, Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Happy Easter! Thank You for Holy Mass on this solemnity of all solemnities. I adore You, Jesus and I praise You, for by Your holy cross You have redeemed the world. Thank You for redeeming us, my Savior. By Your death and resurrection, You opened the gates of Heaven for mankind. Thank You, Jesus, Son of God and Son of man.

I am very glad to be here with You, Lord on this great feast day. Jesus, thank You for our time with (name withheld) last week. Thank You for time spent with (names withheld). They are dear women of God, Lord. It was so nice to meet (name withheld) and to pray with her. I pray that (names withheld) can meet her one day. You are so good to me, Jesus to bring such beautiful people into my life. Praise You, Lord!

“You are most welcome, My child. I delight in bringing My Children of Light together. I am the great ‘unifier’.”

Yes, Jesus. You are the Lord God who unites those who love and serve You. You are the Prince of Peace. Please unite all of Your children in Your Sacred Heart.

“That is My desire, My little one. My child please tell My son (name withheld) not to worry. I ask him not to fear, but to trust in Me. He is to pray to Me and bring each problem; each decision to Me. I will show him the way. What Is needed is trust. Seek My Will, My (name withheld). I will guide you. Listen to Me in the depths of your heart. I send your friends to give you advice and I am here for you. Pray in your own words from the depths of your heart and then quiet yourself and listen to My still, small and quiet voice. I will guide you. I direct your steps. Do not fear, but trust.”

Jesus, (name withheld) is looking for direction from You regarding whether or not to have the procedure. I don’t think he is fearful as much as he just wants to make the right decision. It is difficult when there is conflicting information and advice. (Name withheld) said that there isn’t enough time, and though I think I know what she means, he is scheduled for the procedure in less than 2 weeks. Please direct him or provide someone who can give him enough information so that he knows the best decision. I can accept whatever he does, but he is really struggling with this, Jesus. Please help him to clearly see the way You would have him go. You know everything, Lord but we can barely even see our hands in front of our faces with our human eyes.

“Yes, My child. I understand and I know how My son (name withheld) is struggling. I will give him the information he seeks, but he will need trust. Trust is most pleasing to Me and that is what I am asking of him and of you. Did I not speak through My priest son to clearly show him how to hear me? It is in My Eucharistic Heart that he will see with more clarity.”

Okay. Thank You, Jesus! You are very merciful and kind, Lord! Jesus, I am glad to have (names withheld) here to pay homage to You on Your holy feast day! Please give them graces, Lord for being here. (Name withheld) seems a bit disheartened, Jesus. Please shower Your graces upon him!

Lord, it seems the world is in just as much chaos and unrest as it was in October or November of last year. So many countries are posturing for war. There is very little peace, Jesus. We seem to be right back where we started and our President, who campaigned on America First, focusing on rebuilding our country, and not going to war, has done just that. He seems to be listening to the people he said were corrupt and rather than draining the swamp, is swimming with the alligators. Jesus, is this true or am I mistaken? I hope I am mistaken, but he seems to be flip-flopping. First he said he would be friends with Russia and would not consent to the unfair trade deals with China that we have in place, since they are so partial to China and are hurting us economically, and now he is bombing Syria against our Russian ‘allies’ striking at the democratically elected Syrian President as if to topple their government that is fighting ISIS and it seems he is befriending the communist Chinese President. I don’t understand this, Jesus. I thought You helped put him in office. Was I wrong? Has he changed or am I just reading things the wrong way? I know things aren’t often as they seem, but he has shifted philosophically in a very big way.

“My child, I did answer the prayers of My children when Trump was running for the office of President. He has shifted in his views and you are correct in your observations. Pray for him. He is under a great deal of pressure and he is listening to bad advice for he trusts the wrong people. Things are not as they seem, for they are far worse. There are many wolves surrounding him and even those he thought he could trust do not have America’s best interest at heart, but the sinister plans of the one world order that My adversary is behind. The times in which you are living are most dangerous and this is why you are to pray the holy rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet each and every day. Pray also in the evening, the family rosary. If all of My children who love and follow Me will pray the rosary for My Most Holy Mother’s intentions, My mercy would shower the earth and My Mother’s Immaculate Heart would triumph sooner. Sadly, though there will be few of My children responding to My pleas, for My children seek entertainment and pleasure. They would rather watch sporting events and television than spend an hour in prayer.”

“Children, your lives depend on prayer and yet you will go to your graves being entertained to death. Heed My warning, for the evil one seeks to devour souls and many, many are slumbering while the thief is stalking your house and is ready to break in; all the while there is noise blaring in your homes and you walk around in a daze completely numb to the spiritual darkness all around you. Awaken, My children. Return to the Sacraments and remain in a state of grace. If you will seek Me, you will find Me. If you will open your hearts to Me, I will give you My mercy, forgiveness, love and direction. The times are unsafe and it is dark. You would not leave your home for a trip without taking directions so as to locate your destination and yet you go through the perils of life with no spiritual roadmap. Read holy Scripture. Return to My Church and to the Sacraments so that you will have grace and wisdom. I tell you this because I love you and I do not like seeing My children wondering about, lost in darkness and ignorant of the traps My adversary has set for you. I am standing near you with My light, My life, My love. I am ready to guide you so that you will be safe with Me one day in Heaven. Please children, do not wait too long, for you do not know the day nor the hour when your life will be required. Come to Me while there is still time, My beloved children.”

Jesus, please open hearts to Your mercy and to Your grace. Help my brothers and sisters to experience Your love, kindness and Your mercy. You are all good, Jesus. You are kind and loving. If they only knew You, Jesus they would love You. Please open the hearts of those who do not know the love of God. I pray especially for (names withheld) who say they do not believe in God. I don’t understand this, Jesus but please remove the blinders they are wearing. Remove the scales from their eyes that keep them from seeing the truth that is You, Jesus. Please do this for all who do not believe so that all of Your children will be with You in Heaven one day. Please bring (name withheld) back to Your holy Church, Lord. Please Jesus. I entrust her to You, Lord as I do with each loved one. You love them more than I can love them, Jesus for You are all love and all love is You.

“My child, I am trustworthy. I will guard their steps and will give them all that they need. If they do not return soon, they will during the Illumination of Conscience when I reveal Myself fully to My children living in the world. All will know Me and will fully know themselves. There will be no excuse afterwards for all will know the truth, the reality of God and the truths of the faith. Do not be fearful, but wait in joyful hope. Remain in a state of grace and in this way you will be prepared to help souls in need. There will be many people coming to My Children of Light after the Illumination. You, My children who remain in My grace will be like beacons of light for those weary travelers who journey in the storm and are unable to see the road ahead of them. They will see the souls who are united to Me and they will turn to you for guidance. You will help them and guide them to priests who will give them the Sacraments.”

“There will be an outpouring of My Spirit as in the early Church on Pentecost and many souls will enter into the Ark of My Holy Church. You will help steer their course. They will be awakened from their slumber and they will be hungry for My truth. Be gentle with these souls, My children for they will be very vulnerable. They will need My mercy and you must give them mercy and love. Guide them, My children with the truth, but be gentle so they heal and solidify their relationship with Me and with their brothers and sisters. Do not judge them and do not rebuke them but be merciful. Walk with them, My Children of Light and lead them to Me. When one of My children comes to you, afraid and feeling convicted, encourage them. Tell them of My mercy. This is imperative My children, for they will know My mercy and yet they will begin to doubt. The evil one will whisper words of condemnation and will tempt them to lose heart. You must counteract these devilish tactics with the love of God, the mercy of God and with the blood I shed on Calvary. I love all of My children, and I would die again for each one if it were needed. Since I have already done so, it is not needed, but I truly would if it was. I desire mercy, My children. Give lost souls mercy and love. Bring them to Me, My children and I will do the rest.”

Thank You, Jesus for Your great love and mercy! We are all sinners, Lord and we are all in need of Your mercy. Give us the grace to be merciful to others.

“My little lamb, while it is mercy I desire, you will also need to speak the truth. Teach souls who come to you the truth. It is unjust to flower people with niceties and cause them to think they can continue in their sin. What I am saying for My Children of Light is to be merciful. Truth is mercy, but all must speak this truth with love for the other’s soul. Some think it is loving to ignore sinful behavior and pretend that this is love. My children, leaving your brothers and sisters in sin, is not love. Do not hide behind this false notion of love. If someone was drowning in a lake and you complimented them about their appearance and told them they were fine, it would be ridiculous, would it not? All the while, the person is drowning. Their life is at stake and rather than acknowledge this and jump in to save them, you think calming their fear and giving them compliments, changes the fact that they are drowning? No, of course not. You see how preposterous this is and yet many of My children take this approach to their brothers and sisters living a life of sin. This is not love, My children. This is quite the opposite.”

“I realize that it is uncomfortable to speak the truth to one who has gone astray, but true love sacrifices and does not count the cost. What do you fear, My Children of Light? Do you fear your reputations! Do you fear being called names or being labelled by your unholy culture? Do not fear persecution for My name’s sake for it is in dying that you will rise to eternal life. You must die to self, My children for the sake of love. Love your brothers and sisters who are living in darkness, for their lives depend upon it. You must cooperate with Me to free the prisoners who are being held in shackles of sin. You must free the oppressed who do not know truth, do not know love and the source of all life. I am counting on you, My children. My Father is counting on you. My Holy Mother Mary is counting on you. Pick up your cross and follow Me. It is time to remember your Baptism and that I send you forth as fishers of men. My children, all mankind is at stake now. Now is the time. Pray as you have never prayed before. I love you. I walk with you. I am with you and I will always be with you. Do not doubt Me, especially when all seems dark for there in the darkness, My light will shine in and through you as never before. All will be well. Be carriers of the Gospel. Be carriers of your Jesus, My children.”

“My little lamb, I love you. We are entering a time of heightened closeness. Draw even closer to My Heart, My daughter. A new phase in your journey is nearing and I do not want you to fear this for it is a time of deeper trust in Me, your Jesus. I will work even more in your soul for these days require it. You sensed this was coming, My child. You sensed I would give you important information, did you not?”

Yes, Jesus. I sensed that You might have something important to say to me, but I had no idea what that might be. But then, I have felt this before so I wasn’t sure.

“Yes, My little one. My Spirit prompted your soul in this regard and gently called you to come to Me on this most sacred of days. You are in the desert now, My child but I assure you that you are not alone. I have equipped you well and you are prepared. It is time, and I must rapidly prepare you during this next phase in your spiritual walk with Me for much is unfolding. You must be prepared for what is to come. I am preparing My son (name withheld) also and this is why much trust is needed. Trust in the key to My Sacred Heart and this key will unlock untold mysteries. I desire trust and confidence in My provision for you, as well as My provision for all of My children. Trust is the key that unlocks My infinite mercy. This is the Age of Mercy, My child and the current state of the souls in this world is abysmal, but My mercy will reign in the hearts of My people through their trust in Me. I gave My very life for My children. What is not to trust?”

You are so right, Jesus. You gave Your life, so we know of Your love. There should be no doubt that You love us, Jesus. And since You are God and You love us, You will take care of us. I love You, Jesus and I place My trust in You! Thank You, Jesus for loving me and for loving my family and all of Your children in the world. I am confident in You, Lord and I thank You for giving me this grace!

“You are welcome, My child. This is My gift to you on this, My feast day. Remember this day, My child. Easter, 2017, the day of the gift of trust, given by your Jesus to My daughter, My little lamb.”

Thank You, Lord God of the universe and of all creation. I am very grateful for this most beautiful and precious gift. Guardian angel, please guard this precious valuable gift and do not let anything happen to it. Be my protector and protect my heart so I do not lose the gift of trust Jesus has given me.

Thank You, Lord! Jesus, I think we should go now. (Name withheld) is becoming restless and I don’t want him to disturb others.

“I agree, but I am very pleased that My little (names withheld) came to visit with Me. I will give them graces for love and mercy and also for perseverance. I am with them. I am with you. Go now in peace, child of My Sacred Heart. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in My peace, My mercy and love. Be joy, My children. You are to trust in Me and show others how to trust. This is the key. I love you.”

Jesus, I love You. Jesus, I trust in You. Amen and Alleluia! Jesus Christ is risen today! Praise You, Jesus.

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