Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Adoration Chapel


Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I believe in You, adore You, love You and praise You. Thank You for Your presence, Jesus. Thank You for my Communion with You last evening and for making it possible for me to go to Confession a few days ago.

Lord, I am worn out from the days’ events and am grateful for Your presence with me through these trials. (Name withheld) has been through so much, Jesus. Please help him. I am sorry I was so concerned about my plans for today, Lord when You had another plan. Your plan is always better than mine, Lord. Your plan is perfect. The procedure (name withheld) needed was unexpected and I was caught off guard. Things were happening very quickly and then when I learned I was expected to help in the procedure, I was really taken aback. The care was unsafe, Lord and the entire experience left me anxious and emotional (after the fact). I’m sorry I allowed my peace to be disturbed. I should be more trusting in You, Jesus.

“My child, My child. You were right to be concerned and to request assistance. I was there with you, My child as I am now. Lean on Me.”

Yes, Lord. Thank You, Jesus. Jesus what is to happen with us, Your children? Will Your Mother’s community come to fruition? I don’t think we have received Your direction on where we go from here, but could have missed it since we are so focused on getting through each day. It seems as if we go from one urgent situation to another. There have been several deaths, too Jesus with friends or with others I know (and their friends). There is so much tension beneath the surface with those who seek war and have hatred in their hearts. Lord, I felt overwhelmed this morning. Help us, Jesus. Guide us. Give us the guidance to do Your Will and to do it willingly.

“My daughter, all is going according to plan; according to My plan. It doesn’t seem that way, My child, I know. When My children stray from the course I have laid out for them, it takes some time to steer the course back to My plan, but this is only because of My Mercy. I could correct things in an instant if I chose to do so, but I choose a more gentle, fatherly approach for I am prudent and wise. I desire the best outcome and that means that I desire to bring My children along in holiness and with the opportunity to change and have a conversion of heart. This is why, My child it seems as if I am slow to act. I am acting in ways you cannot see, My little one. I am acting with the best possible outcome in mind for all of My children. Some will choose to pick themselves up and continue walking with Me on My path. Others will decide for another path and will leave My plan, My Will.”

“My children have a great gift, from the Father and that is the gift of free will. Rest assured, though, My little lamb that I am your Shepherd and I am leading you even when you are unaware. Just as a shepherd watches over his flock at night while his flock is sleeping, so do I watch over and guide you even when you are unaware. You did not feel My presence in the room with you today, but I was with you. Your guardian angel was with you. Your angel prompted you to direct the tech to call for assistance. You knew you could not proceed to do what she was planning and so you spoke up in defense of (name withheld) safety. You followed the urging of your angel, My child and I was behind you, at your back supporting you so you would not fall. I promised to never leave you, My child and I am true to My word.”

Yes, Jesus. Thank You, Lord. I appreciate You, Lord and thank You for Your kindness and Your mercy. I’m sorry I allowed myself to get worked up, Jesus. Help me to be able to handle stress better, Lord especially when my loved ones are in danger. I want to have a level head, just as the Blessed Mother has. I am so far from being like Her, Lord.

“My child you are growing with each new situation in which I place you. The events that occurred today were designed by Me. I wanted you to be there this morning with (name withheld). I did not want (names withheld) there, for they would not have been able to handle it, as you did. (Name withheld) would not have had the procedure he so needed. Do not be angry with Me, My child, for I put you in this position. I did so for the good of all involved and I knew you would rely on Me.”

But I don’t think I did, Lord. If I had been, I wouldn’t have been so emotional later.

“My daughter, your emotional response was normal. You love (name withheld) and are concerned for him. What occurred was not correct in the standards of care as you know them and you spoke out. You prayed to Me for help and reached out to (names withheld) for prayer, also. What wrong did you do, My child?”

I complained about the entire situation and caused others to be upset.

“You told them what occurred, My child. Could you have been more calm and less upset? Possibly, but again this is normal, My child. When one has been through a very difficult situation it is normal for you to talk about it with your family especially with regard to (name withheld) health.”

Jesus, I complained about the caregivers and I should not have done that. I am sorry, Lord.

“My little lamb, I forgive you. Do not feel as though you have disappointed Me, My child. Remember I understand human nature.”

Yes, of course You do, Jesus!

“My daughter, I was surrounded for three years by My Apostles. I ate with them, taught them, walked with them, prayed with them and revealed the secrets of My Kingdom to them. Besides Adam and Eve, and My Holy Mother Mary, these twelve men were the only men to spend time with God and they spent time with Me—in the flesh, in My humanity and in My Divinity. My child, I am aware of the frailties of human nature, for I created people. Even though My Apostles were with Me, God, they even argued about which one was greater and which would sit beside Me in Heaven. Yes, I know human nature. Yet, I did not banish them from Me. I simply forgave them, gave them the proper perspective and went on with My plan for My Church to be established. I knew they would grow in holiness, courage and strength through My Holy Spirit and I was patient with them. I am patient with you also, My child. I am patient with all of My children, especially so in this Age of Mercy. My mercy is limitless, My child and until the Age of My Justice, My mercy will save countless souls from the evil one.”

“My child, you are not perfect, it is true and yet, I love you. You will face many more experiences that will be trying and difficult but with My assistance and guidance you will grow stronger in faith, hope and love. Together, we will face much adversity and because of this time of preparation, you will assist others who are not as schooled in My ways. You will encourage and guide them and by your confidence, they will have hope in Me. If you did not experience these difficult trials and overcome them by My grace, you would not have the confidence in Me that will be required to calm My frightened children. All will be well, My precious little child. All will be well. Only, trust in Me.”

Yes, Lord. Thank You, Lord. You are so good to me, Lord. You are good to all of Your children, Jesus. If everyone knew how kind, gentle and merciful Your heart is, everyone would love You!

“Tell them, My daughter. You tell them.”

I will tell those I can, Lord. I can’t tell everyone since I do not have that capability but I will speak of Your goodness to all I know, Lord and will try to show Your love to those I meet. Help me to show Your love, Jesus because I do not love in the way You do. You love unconditionally, and unreservedly, Lord. Your love is pure with no hidden motives. Teach me to love as You love, my Jesus.

“My child, I am protecting you. I assure you that My plans will come to fruition. My Mother’s community will be established and you and your family will participate in My Father’s mission. Trust in Me. I am with you. I walk with you, My child. You do not know how all will come to fruition so you must trust without seeing. You do not need to see each step ahead of you, for you are to trust in Me to lead you and to place each step you take on the right path. Hold fast to My hand and the hand of My Mother and you will remain in sync with Our plan. Be at peace, My little one. All will be well. Go now in peace. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Rely on Me, My child.”

Yes, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus!

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