Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Adoration Chapel


Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament. I believe in You, love You, praise You and adore You, my God and my King. I pray for those who do not believe in You, do not love You and do not praise You. Lord, please unlock the doorway in their heart that blocks them from You. Do the same for me, sweet Savior and remove all obstacles to Your grace.

Lord, please heal (name withheld) back. He is in so much pain and we are leaving soon for our pilgrimage. Help (name withheld) find relief tomorrow when he sees his doctor, so that he can participate fully in the pilgrimage.

Jesus, have You anything to say to me today?

“Yes, My child. There is much to say. Write these words: Tell My children to love. My Children of Light, I repeat these words (to you) again. Love as I have loved you. Read Holy Scripture. You will find much on the subject of love in the Gospels. When one loves, he shows mercy to others. Mercy springs forth from love. Love springs forth from prayer. Therefore, prayer is the foundation and it is tightly woven into the fabric of love. I will explain. Love for Me, even a longing for Me creates a desire in the heart for prayer. Prayer opens the heart to God, who is love. When you pray you grow in love, for you grow closer to the loving God who is love. Do you see, My little one, how integrated love and prayer are?”

Yes, Jesus. I do, now that You have explained it. I have never really thought so deeply about it, but it makes sense.

“My child, I am pleased that you and your family are going to Medjugorje. There are special graces waiting for you there. The journey seems difficult to you and yet you have not begun it.”

Yes, Jesus. I have a sense that the pilgrimage this time will be much more difficult.

“It will be more difficult than before, but I will carry you. There will be people there who will help you, My child. You are feeling fatigued now, and that is understandable. My little lamb, you are carrying heavy burdens. Remember that I am your Shepherd. I do the heavy lifting. Allow Me to help you.”

Yes, Jesus.

“Rest in Me now My child. Rest in My heart that beats for love of you.

Yes, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus. I need Your help, Lord. Give me refuge in Your Sacred Heart that burns with love for souls.

“My child, I will reveal Myself to you at Medjugorje. Be aware and open to the graces. Thank you for explaining to (name withheld) about My Mother’s messages at Medjugorje. Thank you for defending the truth.”

Jesus, some say there is no defense needed for truth. Still, I want to explain when I receive erroneous articles and careless statements made about Your Holy Mother Mary.

“Yes, My child. This is right. My use of the word defending is accurate for to defend one’s position or the position of another, out of genuine compassion and love is a work of mercy.”

Thank You, Lord for explaining this to me. Jesus today begins the 40 Days for Life campaign. Please bless the efforts and prayers of those who defend life and propagate Your blessed gift of life. May this campaign be particularly fruitful. May attendance with the visible witness of people praying change hearts and minds especially of those considering the violent act of abortion. Jesus, please inspire many people who have never considered participating in 40 Days for Life, do so now. May Your people rise up, peacefully but with great fervor in prayer to assist Your Holy Mother Mary in crushing the head of the serpent. Lord, You have said You prepare us for spiritual war, and I pray that we will take up the rosary and Your Word in ever increasing numbers. Pour out Your Spirit, Lord and renew the face of the earth.

“Thank you, My daughter. This prayer is a good and pleasing prayer. The sin of murder is a dire attack against God and those who perpetrate this crime must repent or face the fires of Gehenna. There are many victims of this crime, My child and it is not always the case that the mother of the little baby I created in her womb is completely at fault. Yes, she is culpable but there are often many extenuating circumstances leading up to her decision. Often, she is under great duress from others and in these cases, there are others who are culpable and I hold them more accountable. All involved in abortion may be forgiven, of course should they repent. It is better of course for the souls of the parents and even for the souls of those who call themselves doctors, if My Children of Light intercede and intervene in preventing these acts of murder on My holy innocents. It is a great battle on the lines of the abortuaries. One could say that these places are no different than the concentration camps of World War 2, in that many people, who are precious to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are slaughtered, and just as My holy victims of the holocaust, their bodies are desecrated by the evil one as if to cover the crime. The blood of these holy innocent victims of abortion, cry out to God for justice. I tell you solemnly that I come to you now as Jesus of Mercy but one day I will come as the just Jesus and justice will be served. Repent! Repent My lost children who murder this generation’s children. Repent! (Jesus is very stern and the tone from Heaven is most somber.)”

“My little lamb, it is not only the current generation that is impacted but all future generations. Each baby killed, had a role in building the Kingdom of God. Think of the children a victim of abortion would have had. This child is no longer living on the earth, will not grow up and get married have children and grandchildren. These children may have chosen a life of solitude and prayer such as consecrated souls choose. The prayers of these souls may have ignited the fire of conversion in countless hearts, and perhaps even would have prevented wars from being fought. Some of these innocent victims were called to the priesthood. Think of the countless souls each and every innocent victim would have touched and multiply this number by each generation to come. The children of this Age of Disobedience do not fully comprehend the great depth and breadth of evil beyond abortion. If they did, they would fall on their knees, pleading for forgiveness.”

“The cup of God’s wrath is filled to overflowing. Pray, pray, pray for your brothers and sisters who are lost. Renew prayer and fasting. The time is ripe for vengeance, but I am pleading with My Children of Light to prayer, fasting and reception of the Sacraments. Offer sacrifices and do penance for yourselves, and for those who have lost their way. I have much mercy for those who return to me. I embrace each prodigal son and daughter, forgive their sins and welcome them to the family of God. There is no sin too horrible or too evil for Me to forgive, for I am God. I can do all things. The Children who work to propagate the gospel of life do a great work of mercy. Mercy is desperately needed during this age. My children, you must show mercy to others, so they will see within you, a reflection of My love and mercy. Pray for conversion, My Children of Light—first in your own hearts and then in the hearts of others. Love one another as I have loved You. Reflect on this My children. Stop and think about the great love from Heaven that was poured out for you at My incarnation. Pause and think about My great love for you when I accepted death, death on the cross. Do you love this much? If not, why is that? You will know the answer if you pray, for I will show you every area in your heart that needs to be uprooted, as well as each area in need of healing. Come to Me in prayer and we will examine your soul together, just as you allow earthly physicians examine your bodies when you are ill. I am the good physician. I am gentle and patient.”

“You must not tarry, though My children for you know not the day nor the hour that your life will end and you will then stand before Me as the just judge. Come now while it is not too late for My mercy. Do not fear for I love you like no other person you have ever known. My love is tender and warm. My love is unconditional and inviting. My love binds wounds and heals all diseases and therefore you must come quickly, just as you do when you know you need a medical doctor. The longer one delays seeking medical treatments for a grave illness, the worse the prognosis. The same can be said for delaying your conversion. Do not delay, for one day it will be too late. I desire you come to Me now, My little sad children who live in darkness, for the sooner you come to Me, the sooner I can give you My light, My grace and My love and fill you with joy. Why do you put off the good for yourselves? Is it because you think you do not deserve to be forgiven? I say, that is false for I love you. I died for your sins so that you could this very moment repent and return to your Savior. If you believe you do not deserve My forgiveness, that is because you have listened to the lies of the enemy of God, the adversary. He is the father of lies. I am truth. I am Father of all humanity, for I created each and every soul. You were made in My image and likeness. Think of a young couple who have their children all gathered about them. Often, people can look at the children and see characteristics of the parents in them. Many times you have heard someone say, ‘He looks just like his father or mother.’ Or, ‘She is so sweet. She looks just like her mother.’ My children, you are Mine. You were made in My image. Do not pretend that forgiveness will not be given to you if and when you repent. I will always forgive the repentant heart. You must repent, though for I do not give forgiveness to those who wish to remain in rebellion from and with God. I cannot, for you do not desire it. Return to Me now, My lost children, before it is too late for you. Conversion is joyful, My children. I love you and I invite you to return to Me.”

Thank You, my loving Lord and Savior. Thank You for Your mercy and goodness. Thank You for Your love. Help us to love You more, my Jesus.

“Thank you, My child. I urge you to pray much for the souls who have not yet chosen to believe. Pray especially hard during your pilgrimage and offer your suffering to save souls.”

Yes, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus.

“I bless you now, My children in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace to love and to serve.

Thank You, Jesus. Amen, Alleluia!

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