Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Adoration Chapel


Hello, dearest Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I believe in You, adore You, praise You, and love You, my God and my King. How good it is to be here with You today. Thank You for holy Mass this morning, Lord. Thank You for the time of fellowship we had at our adult catechesis class. Praise You, Lord for our parish family and for the many friends we have come to know through the Church. You are such a good and gracious God. Thank You that we were able to move (name withheld) to the correct class (details withheld). Lord, You know all of our needs. I submit them to You and ask You to fill all of the empty spaces of our hearts with Your loving grace. Remove all pride, and replace it with humility, mercy, compassion and love.

Jesus, there is nothing that can fill the emptiness and loneliness I feel except You. Lord, I heard from (name withheld) once, that Dorothy Day talked about the long loneliness. I didn’t relate to this much when he mentioned it before, but I think I’m beginning to understand. No matter how “happy” we are or think we are in life, there is still something in the human heart that is missing and that is You. I can’t explain it in words, but even when we love and follow You and feel relatively close to You, there is a noticeable gap like a hole that can only be filled with You. It’s as if the closer souls come to You, the more noticeable this gap or hole is and the more longing the soul feels for You. I don’t think it can be filled until the soul is in Heaven and is in complete union with You. I am most likely incorrect in my premise, but this is what I think at the present. It’s very lonely, though because there is a huge void that seems impossible to fill, or perhaps the correct way of thinking is that the human heart can’t contain that which can only fill the gap—You. The more I try to put this into words, the less I can adequately describe it, but I do know that there is a longing in the human heart for God that no one and nothing can fill. You made us for You and until there is complete unity (which may only be possible wholly and entirely in Heaven) I do not believe I will ever feel whole or complete. I don’t mean that I am downhearted by this, Lord. Not at all. I love You and I am very blessed by the many gifts of grace You have given me throughout my life (that I do not deserve). It’s just something I’ve been thinking about recently, although I have sensed this for most of my life.

Lord, I bring all those we know who are ill and who are dying to You and lay them and their family members at the foot of the cross; where streams of graces flow. Direct those graces of Divine Mercy on them, sweet Jesus. Heal their wounds, forgive their sins and console them in their trials. Jesus, I pray especially for those with cancer, (names withheld). I pray also for (names withheld). Guard their hearts, console their souls and bring them graces for healing. Lord, please be with (name withheld) in her difficult time of suffering. She has been such a faithful friend of Yours and a servant to Your people. She willingly prayed for countless people who were sick and dying and brought much comfort and consolation to them and to their families. Give her this consolation, Jesus in her trials. Please help her to draw even closer to Your Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your holy Mother. May she be healed if it is Your Will, my Lord, but if it is Your Will to take her to Heaven, give her graces for perseverance, joy and an absence of pain. Lord, I know that pain draws one closer to Your passion, so I do not want You to spare the crucible of suffering but Jesus please see that she has already suffered years of loneliness since her husband died, and yet she spread love and joy, Your love and joy to others. Look with mercy on her, Jesus and give her graces for love, joy, peace and even more holiness. Thank You for her life, Jesus. If it is possible to spare her and allow us to have (name withheld) completely well, I pray for this, but Your Will be done, Jesus. Your Will is always best for us. Do Your holy Will, Lord Jesus and do not delay, please.

Lord, I pray for marriages and the families who are hurting and broken. Heal them, Jesus. I pray for marriages and families who are whole, that Your blessings remain with them and keep them loving and growing closer to Your Heart. I pray especially for (names withheld). Thank You for holy marriages, Lord. May there be abundant graces for many, many more. I love You, Jesus. Help me to love You more. Jesus, please send me a spiritual director, a good and holy priest. I miss being able to discuss spiritual matters the way I did with (name withheld). I pray he is doing well, Jesus and that he is even closer to You than he was before, if that is possible. What a brilliant, gifted, and holy priest, Jesus. Please protect him in his role and in his vocation. Protect him from the enemy, Jesus and keep him close to Your Mother and to You. He has such an important role working with seminarians, Jesus and in the location (place withheld) that is certainly under fire and persecution. Keep him safe and give him Your wisdom and guidance. Lord, I pray for all of our shepherds, most especially the Bishops in the entire world and particularly for those in the U.S. Protect them from error and from the enemy that wants to neutralize the Holy Catholic Church. Jesus, You said the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church and by that I understand that the gates of hell will most assuredly work at prevailing against the Church. I can look around and see this very plainly, Jesus and I plead for our conversion, repentance and our turning back to You. Jesus, help us to face You and to see and understand that nothing is right, good and true if not with and through You. So many souls seek to ‘do good’ but they do not know the source of goodness—You. Please open hearts to long for You and You alone. Jesus, pour forth Your Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth.

“My child, thank you for your prayers and for confiding the longing you sense in your heart. I accept each and every prayer and hold your intentions tenderly and closely to My heart. Be assured that I will do My Will with regard to each intention. Do not be concerned at all, now My little daughter, for I am with you and you will not be alone for one moment of your life. When you feel loneliness, remember it is only My grace allowing you to experience a small degree of what I felt while on earth and away from My Father and My Kingdom in Heaven. My Mother was the only one who could comfort Me. She and St. Joseph were the most comforting, consoling souls for Me, the Son of man and the Son of God. Though, I still longed for My Father and even though We were never separated, I experienced a sort of separation in My humanity, though there was complete unity in My Divinity and in My humanity.”

Jesus, I do not fully comprehend this, but I suppose the fact that You took on our human nature, in some way did this. You knowingly took on our sins on the cross, so I have often thought that had to give You such a dark feeling that was completely and utterly foreign to You, though You were always Divine, too.

“My child, you have a good grasp of the concept and yet will not be able to fully comprehend. It is a mystery for human beings to ponder and yet you are grasping this with your heart. My Father understands completely, and truly the Spirit of God and My Father understand and are the only one(s) who were able. They are able to give you graces to grasp some of this, though and I convey it to you as My friend. My child, when you feel lonely or that you are missing full union with me, meditate on this mystery. Think how it must have been for Me to leave My Father and assume a human nature, be born and lie shivering in a cave, in a feeding trough for the animals. I came to the City of Bread to be Bread for My children. I, the Lord God, came to save and to redeem man from their sins, and yet I willingly came as all men do, in their mother’s wombs, born of Woman into the cold, dark world, and My welcome was heralded by the entire Heavenly Host. But the men I came to redeem offered no place for Me to lay. No crib, no room, no warmth from a fireplace, no other family members to help My parents, but only the poor shepherds and the animals. Even the shepherds would not have welcomed Me, had My Father not sent the heavenly host to announce My birth to them in a miraculous way. My child, the God of the Universe came as a poor, lonely, hungry, shivering baby for love of man. My Mother was My beautiful fountain of grace, compassion, mercy and love, St. Joseph My protection, My strength, My father on earth. I had all that I needed in My Holy Mother Mary and Blessed St. Joseph, the righteous one, and yet I did not have the hearts and the love of mankind; those I came to redeem and save. Yes, I came also to redeem My Holy Mother Mary and St. Joseph, but My saving act on Calvary had already been applied to My Holy Mother Mary prior to Her conception (hence the Immaculate Conception) when She was conceived without suffering the marks of original sin on Her pure soul, and St. Joseph after he was conceived yet still in the womb of his mother. He is the most righteous and holy man ever to walk the face of the earth, My Holy St. Joseph and My Immaculate Mother Mary. Oh, how I love them and I share them with all of Heaven and earth for I am good, gracious, merciful and kind. I give you all, My children access to My holy parents, and you would do well to take advantage of their prayers and their guidance. Love them. Honor them. Be like Me, your Jesus who loves and honors His parents. First and foremost, remember to love and honor God the Father in Heaven, the Holy Spirit and Me, the Son of God, but do not neglect the Queen of Heaven and Her chaste spouse, St. Joseph for they bring your needs to the throne of My Heavenly Father and they pray diligently for your needs.”

“My children, many of you are concerned with showing love to My Holy Mother Mary and to St. Joseph as if you could possibly take something away from Me by loving them. I tell you that it gives Me great joy to see My children with proper love and devotion to My Holy Mother Mary and St. Joseph Her most chaste spouse. It pleases Me. Think of the many children who love Me but show disrespect to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Would you treat the mothers of your earthly friends with disrespect? No, most certainly you would not do so, and yet the Lord and Savior you claim to love is watching you treat My Mother with contempt. This is incorrect, sinful, prideful and ungodly, My Children of Light. Think of the many people who claim to love and follow Me and who genuinely do love Me, but also hold worldly ‘heroes’ up as idols. They follow sports figures, give inordinate amounts of time listening to their favorite singers, athletes, movie ‘stars’, etc., and give their Lord and God minutes of their time each week. Hours are spent on false idols and the scraps remaining go to God, if even their scraps. These same lost children, who claim to love and follow Me, will adamantly oppose, even the mention of My Most Pure, Most Holy Mother Mary, the Mother of the Savior and Redeemer, the Woman clothed with the sun because they are so afraid that they will love Her and in some way diminish the God who created the world. Yes, Mary of Nazareth is a creature and I am Creator. Yes, She is woman and, also needed Me, Her Lord and Savior but Her purity, Her holiness, Her chastity, Her great devotion in no way diminishes the greatness and power of God, but gives witness to My greatness and power. Reflect on this, My little lost ones who profess love and belief in Me, yet detest the One who said ‘Yes’ to God’s plan and ‘Yes’ to being the Mother of the Messiah. You have not given Me your complete ‘yes’ and will never give it as Mary most holy did for in Her purity, Her ‘yes’ was a complete one risking Her life to bring salvation through the Son She would bear, birth, nurse, love and cherish to give Her Son for the World. Your ‘yes’ can never be so pure, so complete, for it is impossible to be as full of grace as My Mother Mary. Who, I ask have the angels greeted before Mary or since Mary as being ‘full of grace’? I will tell you—no one. No mere mortal has ever been greeted by the angels with the salutation given to Mary of Nazareth by My archangel Gabriel. There will never be another human like My Mother Mary. St. Joseph is second to Her, but there will never be another as righteous and holy as St. Joseph, let alone as My Holy Mother Mary and yet you are to strive to emulate them. They should be your earthly and heavenly role models, not the athletes, movie stars, musicians, etc., whom you worship and adore. These may seem like harsh words, My children but examine your lives and tell me where are you spending your time? Is it on the worship of money and the pursuit of more, more, more? Is it on sporting events, watching television, playing video games? Where is your time spent? Do you take every chance you have to read Scripture, pray and adore Your God or are you reaching for the stack of novels by your bed and the remote control for your television.”

“Think, reflect and be honest with yourselves. Where are the false idols in your lives and to which ones do you cast the pearls of your limited time? The time you spend wasting on these ‘past times’ could be better spent drawing closer to Me. Do not criticize My Holy Mother Mary who dedicated Herself to God at the age of 3 years old and lived every day praising, adoring and loving God. Do not criticize those who want to be like Her, for to be close to My Mother is to be close to Her Son and to the very face of God. You do not give Her adoration by loving Her, the adoration reserved only for God, since I myself loved and love My Mother. You are imitating Me, Jesus Christ when you love and respect My Mother. Yes, to be a true friend of Mine, you must also love My Mother Mary, most holy. I repeat this so I am being clear to your souls, true friends of Mine. Love and respect My Holy Mother Mary. You cannot love the Son and hate and fear His Mother. This is irreconcilable. Only those who follow darkness hate and fear the Blessed Virgin Mary. Reflect on the gravity of this statement My children. It is very important for the state of your souls. If you do not know My Mother, then ask Me to introduce you and I will. She will not reject you, My children for She is your Mother, too. I am your brother and therefore, I share My Mother with you. She is therefore, your spiritual Mother. I gave Her to you from the cross. She loved Me perfectly and completely; She My first disciple, the first to be filled with My Holy Spirit. She loved so perfectly and in such unity with Me, that when the lance pierced My heart while My dead body hung from the cross, it pierced Her heart spiritually. Were it not for the graces poured out from My Father in Heaven and already contained in Her pure soul, She would have died at the same time as I so completely united were we. This is the meaning of the prophecy of Simeon when he announced that a sword would pierce Her heart. This sword pierced Her heart; the sword or lance meant for Me.”

“My children, I give you My Mother. Love Her. Respect Her. Ask for Her prayers, Her guidance. She will never let you down and She always leads souls to Me, Her Son so have no fear. You will not be led astray by loving My Mother Mary. You will most certainly be led astray by loving the false idols, already in your lives. You will most certainly be led astray, even without being aware, by giving your time and your hearts to worldly pursuits of pleasure, but you will not go astray by loving My Mother.”

Thank You, Jesus for sharing Your Mother Mary with mankind. Lord, we had the Father in Heaven, but mankind waited for centuries and centuries for a spiritual Mother. Thank You for giving us a loving, sinless, beautiful and wise Mother—the one created for You to be the Mother of Jesus, the Mother of God. Glory and honor to You Lord God for creating such a perfectly beautiful, spotless, Immaculate Mother and then sharing Her with the entire human race. Thank You for allowing Her to come to the earth now, in this dark time of history, to bring the light, love and life of the Mother of God; to direct us with Her presence in Medjugorje and wherever She goes in the world to bless us, strengthen us, and help us to continue this difficult earthly pilgrimage. Her words, that come from Heaven, are full of grace and can breathe light back into the putrid, lifeless lungs of our spirits that had all but forgotten God until Mary. The mention of Her name brings joy to my heart. The One who called Jesus in from play to wash His hands and prepare for supper; the One who caressed Your sweet head when You had visions of Your future agony, and sang You to sleep at night; the One who held You in Her arms as You and St. Joseph and She fled into Egypt to save You from Herod, only to deliver you later into the hands of Pontius Pilate to fulfill Your purpose, our redemption. Sweet, Holy, Virgin Mother Mary, pray for us.

“My little lamb, I am pleased by your love for My Mother. She is surely your Mother, too and I am glad that you embrace Her for the Mother that She is, the Mother of God. This is most pleasing to Me for by this love, you also show love for Me. I am the bread of life, come down from Heaven. She is Mother of the bread of life. She bore a Son, the Son of God and laid Him in a manger in the city of bread, Bethlehem. She placed Me with great love, in the feeding trough used by animals where I appropriately laid, as bread for the human race. She loved, guided, protected and taught Me, while at the same time I loved, guided, protected and taught Her. To love Me, truly love Me is to love the One who gave Me earthly life. My DNA, My human body came from Mary of Nazareth. Do you not realize this, My lost children? To love Me, is to love My Mother. Reflect on this. One could reflect on this for eternity and indeed, those who come to Heaven will delight in doing so. Be My joy and be My people, children of God. Love your Mother in Heaven. She loves you.”

“My child, you and My son (name withheld) have a question that concerns your service to souls who seek the Ark of the Church through the RCIA program. There should be no need to ask Me, but since I tell you to bring everything to Me including every decision, you are correct My son (name withheld) to want My direction. I give you My emphatic ‘yes’. You are being asked to do this and I inspired (name withheld) to seek you out for this special and important task. It is more than a task but a role in the lives of two souls whom I love. I am requesting you offer yourselves to these children of Mine, to guide them, encourage and teach them and even more importantly to love them. Be gentle with your loving presence. I will give you all that is needed. Seek My Will, My direction, My Spirit as you walk with them on their journey. Accept this request My children, with great joy, for this is My Father’s plan and it is also His request. (Name withheld) thought of you only when she saw you today, and therefore the inspiration to attend this event, given to My son (name withheld) was from My Holy Spirit. All is according to My plan. Please approach this with knowledge of the great responsibility given to you by God the Father, and the humility that He deserves from you, knowing He chose you and that there may have been others better and yet He chose you. It is up to you to give your full ‘yes’ to Him. You may also say ‘no thank you’ but realize you are being given a great favor and opportunity to do His holy Will. Do not take this lightly and yet also have no fear, for I am with you. My Holy Mother Mary and the great St. Joseph are also with you and they are consummate teachers and will guide you during this process. Do not underestimate your role. Do not underestimate the role of those assigned to you, in the Father’s plan. You will not fully understand this, My children but I ask you to accept and believe and more importantly to trust Me. This is another way in which My Mother prepares you for your upcoming mission in Her community.”

Thank You, Jesus, Lord God of all. I praise You and thank You Father, Son and Holy Spirit for You alone are God. You alone are Lord. You alone are the Most High.

“My child, you and (name withheld) have gone through dark trials lately. Be aware that this was the adversary of God and of life trying to undermine My plans. Do not fall into this trap set by the evil one who wants to derail you from the path of salvation. This was a test and an attempt to discourage you from attending the spiritual gathering before Mass and to therefore thwart My plan for you to sponsor the dear child of Mine who is seeking Me and her husband who has recently returned to Me. Do you see how sly he is? Do you see that he is the father of death and he wants your souls in hell? My sweet little lamb, do not become his prey through the openings made by those who inflict their lies and wound your heart. They are mere mortals who are being used as tools of the adversary, though they do not realize it. Instead, have pity on them. Ask My beautiful Mother Mary to show you the way a woman in love with God responds in the face of anger and hostility. Recall how She withstood My agony, passion and death and you stand by Me also. Do not return hatred and anger with defensiveness, but instead with patience, forbearance and love. Stand quietly beside My Mother and gaze upon Me on the cross. Your tears of love also wound My heart and I come to your rescue. Do not fear. Your prayers have been heard. Your suffering has helped other souls wounded for lack of love. This all serves to prepare you to love the children I will send to you and to My son, (name withheld) who will feel utterly, desolate and unlovable. My little lamb, I am sorry for your pain and the wounds you have carried since childhood. I do not desire suffering and yet I use this to purify you, just as the storms you are experiencing, purify the air. I use these trials to give you more capacity to love those I will send you and even those I send you now. You are struggling, My child with this cross that seems to became heavier each week and yet you are learning to carry it. I am with you. The lessons in love are often painful and yet your soul will emerge even more beautiful than before. I know, My child you do not feel beautiful. I know, My little lamb that you feel quite the contrary and yet I tell you the truth; you are My beautiful, little wounded lamb, wounded for love of Me. I will lift you high upon My strong shoulders and I will carry you. Rest in Me. Do not be embarrassed, but only rejoice in Me, your Shepherd, for I care for and love My sheep. You, My little lamb are walking the road of purification. You feel the rocks, the sand, the splinters, in your sensitive soul that feels things more deeply and acutely than many of My Children of Light. This is so because you were made this way in order to have empathy, compassion and love for the little ones who can only come to knowledge of Me and My love, can only mend by coming to know Me, their Savior and who will do so because of your sensitivity and love. Do not allow the caustic words of others who do not understand your nature to do damage to your sensitive heart. I am your Creator. I made you this way to fulfill the purpose for which you were created, to love Me and serve Me. Of course, I know you are imperfect. I know your weaknesses, but I also know your strengths. Do not allow the tempter access to your beautiful sensitive heart through his spears and lances thrown by others. Say only, I accept this wound, this pain, this suffering for love of Jesus, His love protects me and your words cannot harm me! In fact, they serve only to purify me! Then thank God the Father for allowing this cross of hurtful, condemning words, since I suffered this, also while upon the earth. My Mother still suffers this in a much more severe way when Her children scorn Her. She weeps tears of blood, as I did during My agony, for She knows what awaits the souls of Her children who will die in a state of mortal sin, having broken all bonds of love with God. Offer up your small wounds, My child which are greater because of your sensitive nature and due to your deep love and think of the wounds My Holy Immaculate Mother must have. This will comfort your Mother Mary in Her sorrow. You may use these crosses to comfort My Mother, My child. You are growing in holiness though you do not see this.”

“My son (name withheld) is growing in holiness contrary to the words being whispered to him by My adversary. Do not listen to him, My son for he is the father of lies, the father of hatred, the father of death. Instead run to St. Joseph, run to Me and beg protection and grace. You are the spiritual head of your household which will soon be much larger and you are an easy target, for to bring you down is a direct attack on God’s plan. See this for what it is and resist. Put on the armor of God and use the sword of righteousness I have given you. Do not be duped by the enemy. Do not be disloyal to the one I have given you to rebuild the Father’s Kingdom in your family and in your family to come. Reject the lies of the enemy. Reject the temptations and rise to love. Rise to mercy. Rise to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. When your way is unclear and you cannot see truth, pray to My Holy Spirit and I will restore your clarity. Take heart. All will be well. These are lessons to teach and to prepare you. Whenever you are under attack, My son know that My plan is about to unfold, or a large step in My plan is soon to be revealed. In this way, you will understand that the enemy seeks to sabotage you and therefore sabotage My plan. Do not allow it. Rather go into your heart and pray to the Father of life, the Father who created the universe. When you feel repulsed by prayer you can be assured that evil is at work and seeks to destroy you. You were right to return to prayer. You dealt a rather large blow to the enemy by humbling yourself and taking your rightful place in prayer begging the Father for mercy. The evil one and his minions were very angry and Heaven very pleased. Do not be discouraged. Greater souls have fallen harder under such turmoil and attacks. When this occurs do as you did and pray. Also, unite. Unity defeats the enemy very quickly, especially unity in prayer. Now then, lift your heads and rejoice in this victory that seems to you now as a defeat. All battles make one weary but this does not mean the battle was lost. It was actually won, but I aim to prepare you for the war, so listen to My words, believe in Me and continue on your journey for in doing so you bring glory to God and also aid other souls on their journey to Heaven. This is what I want all of My children to do and others in the journey toward Heaven. Live holy lives and love others.”

“You must begin to live apart from the world, for you My Children of Light must bring about My Kingdom. Look around you. Does it seem to be lighter or darker than in years past? If it is darker, it is because My children, those who love Me are not following My way as given to you in the Gospel. Do not be conformed by the spirit of this world My children, you are Children of Light. Live like you believe this and live according to My Gospel and be Children of the Living God. Love one another as I have loved you. Sacrifice for one another out of love for Me. Come, My children, My Mother will teach you. Ask Her to do so, for She will not reject this holy request.”

Thank You, Jesus My Shepherd. Thank You for Your love, Your mercy, Your generosity, Your protection, Your grace. Thank You for saving us, for Your agony, crucifixion and death and thank You for the joy of the resurrection. Help us, Savior of the world, to be true followers of You and true friends. Protect us from the snares of the enemy who we do not even recognize since we are so easily deceived, holy angels protect our path, guide us and direct us so that we remain true to our holy Savior, our Lord and our God. See us safely to Heaven one day where we can rejoice and praise God with the heavenly host. Thank you for being such good guardians of our souls, holy angels. Thank you for your patience and your faithful service to God and all of Heaven. Protect us from the demons. We cannot see them, but you do and with your goodness, put them to flight in the name of Jesus our Lord.

Father God, we are undeserving of You and of Your Kingdom, but by the blood of Jesus, wash away our sins and all iniquity. Bring us safely through this pilgrimage but only after helping our fellow pilgrims along the way. Help us to be like Your Son and His Holy Mother Mary and St. Joseph, Her chaste spouse. Send the Holy Spirit to renew our hearts to purify us with Your saving power and to make us true sons and daughters of Yours. You are God the Father, and so You are our Father. Thank You for accepting us poor creatures back into the family of God through the death and resurrection of Your Son. Help us, Father by enveloping us with Your love and protecting us from ourselves. We love You. We adore You. We praise You, Father. Thank You for Holy Mother Mary, for St. Joseph and for all the angels and saints. We want to be in Your Heavenly Kingdom one day, but only after we do Your holy Will on earth. Jesus, thank You! Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You.

“Thank You My little one. All will be well. I am with you and your entire family. Go now in peace. Though the storm rages, I will be your shelter and refuge. Do not be afraid. The God of Heaven is with you. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Hoy Spirit. Go in My peace. Go in My love. Be love. Be mercy and be joy. “

Amen! Alleluia.

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