Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Adoration Chapel


Hello, my Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I love You, adore You and praise You. It is so good to be here with You, Lord. Thank You for inviting us to be with You. Thank You for Holy Mass and for the grace to receive You in the Holy Eucharist. Thank You for a safe trip to see our family and for the opportunity to be together. Lord, today is my Mother’s anniversary of her birth into Heaven. Please say hello to her for me and give her a hug. I miss her very much but am glad she is in Heaven with You and with my grandparents. I so wish I could see her again, Lord.

“You will see her, My little one. Remember that I told you this would happen one day. It will be when you most need to see her.”

Yes, Lord. I remember. It seems so long ago that You said this. It is faded in my memory. Thank You for reminding me.

Lord, Your people, the Israelites turned away from You on many occasions and worshipped false gods. You punished them for not obeying Your Commandments, and finally they would repent and return to You. We are also turning away from You, as a nation. Lord, we have sinned in grave ways. The law of the land is no longer the law of the One True God. Instead, our citizens worship sports and materialism. When they realize they have become spiritually dead, they seek false gods and worship crystals and things of the earth (that You created). They seek false religions like Sufism and Taoism and “New Age” spiritualism, rather than following God, the Creator. They no longer respect human life, but respect the earth and animals above human life which You created in Your image. Babies are massacred in their mothers’ wombs which should be the safest place on earth. Instead it has become for many babies a death chamber. Marriage, between a man and a woman has been blasphemed and instead evil people “declare” it to be any abominable, disordered relationship and expect all people to condone it. If we do not condone this abomination, people are branded as intolerants and people who hate others and at some point we will be “punished” for this “attitude”. Lord, we want to follow You.

There are many in this nation who do not agree and do not side with evil and yet our corrupt and evil leaders have spoken out on numerous occasions claiming our land is no longer a nation, one nation under God; that this is no longer a Christian nation. Jesus, my family and my friends do not concur with this. We are on the side of You, our God and we long to have our country and fellow citizens return to You. Lord, we are guilty for not speaking out decades ago when all of this error was beginning to unfold. We were focused on living, working to provide for our families and raising our children. We are sinners, too but we repent and seek Your forgiveness. Please have mercy on this nation. Open the hearts of Your people and take our hands in Yours and lead us where we ought to go. May our country once again be “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!” Please Jesus, my Lord, and Savior have mercy on us. Dear Jesus, if You do not help us, all will be lost. Protect this land, Jesus from those who plan to do us harm. Protect this land from the evil one who seeks to devour us. Jesus, many of the people in government are not true Americans. They are imposters. Show them for who they truly are. Drive them from our country, or convert their hearts to You, Lord. Jesus, please hear my plea and heal our land. Jesus have You anything to say to me?

“My child, My child, I hear your pleas. It is up to those who choose evil to change. They have free will, just as those who choose to do good, do they not?”

Yes, Lord. As You say. Lord, please protect us from the evil plans that are underway. Please let no harm come to those families travelling over the holiday and attending places and events where there are crowds. Foil the plans of evil, Lord. Grant victory over evil with goodness and mercy. Protect us, Jesus. I beg of You.

“My child, I hear your prayers. I will answer them, but not fully. This is due to My respect of free will.”

Yes, Jesus. Thank You, Lord. Will You please protect the innocent ones, Lord?

“My child, I call upon My people to protect the innocent ones. I expect all of My children to care for one another. Pray, pray, pray, My child. Pray for others out of love for Me. Your prayers (those of all My Children of Light) make a difference. Many people are still not praying. They read My words to My messengers out of curiosity, but do not implement what I have said must be done. Pray and fast. Return to the Sacraments. Pray and fast and offer penance for those who do not love and follow Me. Love Me with all of your heart. Follow Me no matter the cost. Show love and mercy to others. Live the Gospel. This is what I ask. This, you must do, or the consequences will be severe. I cannot reverse this order of God, for I am God and I am justice, truth and life. You will see, My little lamb, that eventually My Mother’s heart will triumph, but until then I allow what is to occur in order to turn hearts toward Me.”

Ok, Lord. I understand. Then, help us to withstand the trials.

“That I will do.”

Thank You, my Jesus. Lord, I sense a very serious tone from Heaven. It is also a tone of quiet acceptance.

“Yes, My little lamb, but those in Heaven still continue interceding for My children on earth. But there is the understanding that events are beginning and they will run their course. This does not mean, I sit idly by and watch the wolf devour My sheep for that is not so. I walk with you. You are My people. My heart breaks for those of My children who worship the evil one and lead countless others astray. I am a loving and merciful God and I have heart. Yes, My children, I am Jesus and I have a heart full of love. I will be with you, as you face the Time of Great Trials. I will never forsake you. There are those who will curse Me and be angry for not stopping the evil plans, but I tell you that I am not responsible for your behavior, your sinful behavior. I come to show you the way, yet you have chosen not to follow it. My children who do follow Me, will be beacons of light to others. The Children of Light will shine like the sun in the midst of such darkness, and by showing love and mercy to others will point the way back to Me. Many lukewarm souls will be converted by the power of My Holy Spirit working through My Children of Light. Be encouraged, for I am with you. I will never abandon you. Remember this, My little children. My Mother is with you, also. Imitate Her. She is holy, meek, mild and loving. She is wise, and Her wisdom and love are Her strength. She is pure and shines with My light such that She outshines the light of the sun, so perfectly does She reflect Me. Have confidence that God does not forsake or abandon His children. Know this. Trust Me no matter what occurs or how things occur. You know the outcome and victory are mine. Trust in Me. Prepare yourselves for the trials by immersing yourselves in the story of salvation in My Word, the Scriptures. My Word will bring comfort to you in dark times. Prepare yourselves spiritually by making yourselves open and available to sacramental graces. Participate in Holy Mass, the Eucharist and Sacrament of Reconciliation so that you are completely reconciled and united to the Blessed Trinity. Therein lies your refuge and your hope. My children, I love you. Walk with Me. Console Me. Love Me, for I have loved you even unto death on the cross. The hour of the cross is upon us again, but I am your Redeemer. I am your God. There is nothing to fear, for I am with you.”

Thank You, Lord for Your love and mercy. In this age of mercy; in this year of mercy I pray for Your mercy to rain down upon us in torrents. Flood the earth with Your mercy, Jesus. Just as God sent the rain and the flood in Noah’s day, send graces to flood the earth and lift up Your people. Protect us in the ark of Your Church, Jesus. We love You. We trust You. We adore You and glorify You. Grant us Your mercy and Your peace. Increase our love, Lord. Increase our faith. Increase our mercy. Lord, I lift up to You all those who are ill and those who are being persecuted for Your sake. Console them and grant them Your peace. Thank You for the gifts of healing You have given to those who are recovering from grave illnesses. Be with those who are dying. Forgive our sins and give us contrite hearts of love. Help us to do as You ask. Enfold us in Your Sacred Merciful Heart. Protect us under Mary’s mantle. Give us courage and zeal for the Gospel and help us always to act in love and mercy. Live in our hearts, Lord and may we also live in Yours. Bless Your holy priest sons and the religious brothers and sisters who live holy lives for You. Draw all to Yourself, Lord.

“Thank you, My child. Each prayer prayed from the heart is precious to Me.”

I love You, Jesus!

“And I love you.”

Lord is there anything else that You wish to say to me?

“No, My child. This is all for today. Sit in silence and adore Me. I find consolation from your friendship My little lamb.”

Yes, Jesus.

(After several minutes of silence and adoration)

Jesus, thank You for loving me and for being with me each day. Please keep me close to You. I pray this for all of my loved ones and my friends, and also for those who are lost and are seeking You. Send Your Spirit and renew the earth. Renew our hearts, Lord Jesus.

“Thank you, My child. Go now in My peace. I bless you and My son (name withheld) in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.”

Thank You, my Lord and my God. I love You!

“And I love you.”


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