Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Adoration Chapel

Feast of Pentecost! Birth of the Church


Hello dearest Jesus, ever present in the Blessed Sacrament. I believe in You, adore You, praise You, and thank You for all You are and all You do for us, Jesus. Praise You, Lord for holy Mass this morning and for Confession yesterday. Thank You for my family, and for being with (name withheld) this week. Thank You for the small improvements he has made. Thank You for continuing to support him with graces, Jesus. Thank You, also Blessed Mother!

Lord, (name withheld) is planning to do as You asked of her. She is very concerned now that the schedule just came out and they have her down for another Sunday (to work). She is wondering if she should give two weeks’ notice, to be courteous and give them some advance time before her last day or if she should just resign effective Saturday, so she isn’t working one more Sunday. Lord, what would You say to this?

“My child, it is better to follow God, than to follow man. In this case, her employer is not following Me. It is better for My little one to resign before she works even one more Sunday. In this way, she will not be compromising the laws which I have set forth. I do not desire that My children sin, even when they are doing so under duress. My daughter, you must also trust Me in this. It is far better to save one’s soul than to gain the world and lose one’s soul. You know this, My little lamb, and yet you are a mother and are concerned for your daughter’s welfare. I understand this. My Mother is concerned for Her children’s welfare, also. She is concerned for the soul. Just as (name withheld) said at Mass this morning, we in Heaven are concerned also for the physical needs. The soul is of the utmost importance for it is eternal, but I am a good Father and so I, too am concerned for My children’s physical well-being. I will provide. Have faith. Be of good cheer.”

“(Name withheld), it is My desire that you step out in faith and with joy. Have such trust in Me, your Shepherd that you follow Me unreservedly. And so, without hesitation and with joy in your heart do as I am leading you to do. Have an air of excitement in your heart, My child for what I, your Jesus have in store for you. I assure you I am the Good Shepherd and I desire that My children live in freedom. You are not living in freedom when you are subjected to such whims. I understand about the professional culture of providing notice, but this is a different situation. They have not given their employees the courtesy of providing notice regarding work schedules. They have not honored their commitment to you, which they made upon hiring you when they agreed not to schedule you to work on My day, Sunday. I am not saying that two wrongs make a right. No, I am not suggesting that it is right to do a wrong because you have been wronged. What I am saying though, is that there is little to no regard for your deeply held conviction that you will honor My Commandments which I have written on the heart of man and so, you are not bound to decorum. My child, please pray for peace. I will give you peace, My child. If you are not recollected this does not come from Me, for I am peace. Come to Me. Bring your concerns and burdens to Me and I will give you rest. I will carry these burdens for you. I am a good Father and I provide for My children. All that is needed is trust in Me. Be at peace and be of good cheer. Your future awaits you, My child. You are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and that is reserved for God for I am the only one capable of carrying the entire world. There now, your smile is much better and lights the heavens. The holy ones in Heaven are praying for you. If you could only see; you would realize you are not alone but have a great company of witnesses who are with you. My Mother intercedes for you. All of this, My little one is part of My plan. All will be well. Trust in Me.”

Thank You, Lord for Your words of strength and encouragement. Praise You Lord for Your care, concern, and provision for us! Lord, I bring all of those who are in need of prayer to You, including those who are ill; (names withheld) and any others who have asked for my prayers who I may have forgotten. Jesus, I also pray for those discerning community, for those who are unemployed, including (names withheld) and also for those who are underemployed and struggling to make ends meet. Be with them Jesus and draw them close to Your Sacred Heart. Please bless and protect all those who are founders of communities and refuges. Help them to do all in accordance with Your holy and Divine Will. Spread Your Mother’s mantle of protection over them and their families. Guide and protect our shepherds, the Bishops, and Your holy priest sons and religious. Give them graces for courage, perseverance in trials and graces to boldly and courageously proclaim the Gospel, Jesus which is Your way of love. Jesus, lead our footsteps and guide us on our journey to You. Help us to put all pettiness aside so that unity and love prevails, as it did in the early Church.

Jesus, on this Feast day of Pentecost, I beg You to pour out Your Holy Spirit, on the whole world. Renew the face of the earth, my Lord. Bring all souls to You, Jesus. I pray for those who do not know You and have not yet experienced Your love.

“My child, thank you for your prayers. Thank you for bringing all to Me. Leave your concerns with Me now and lift each one to Me this week and say ‘Thy will be done, Lord.’ Trust in Me, My child.”

Yes, Jesus. Thank You, Lord.

“Children of Light, you must begin to trust in Me. The times of darkness are here and I am the Light of the World. When the electricity goes out in your house during a storm at night, the first thing most people do is light candles, or reach for a flashlight. When it is physically dark, you look for an alternate source of light, and that is common sense. Be aware that you must do this also when there is spiritual darkness. Is it not prudent, to have your flashlights with good batteries in a place where you know they are? Is it not prudent to have lanterns or candles in the event the darkness is for a prolonged period of time? People are becoming more aware of the need to prepare for emergency situations physically, but have neglected the most important preparation; that is spiritual preparation. When you walk in spiritual darkness due to the times in which you are living, it is also prudent to be spiritually prepared. You must stop finding excuses to miss Reconciliation and holy Mass. You must put aside the many worldly distractions, My children. There is no time for this. You watch television and say there is no time for family prayer. Many programs on television are 60 minutes. It takes 30 minutes to pray 5 decades of the holy Rosary, My children. You find time to attend sporting events, and time to go to restaurants to eat, movies, concerts, and other forms of entertainment and then make excuses about having no time for Confession, daily Mass, visiting the sick, calling someone who is lonely. My children read novels, and say there is not time to read sacred Scripture let alone to study My Word. Children, I tell you now, you must put aside childish interests because your souls are at stake. This is a time like no other and yet people continue on as if they are living with no need to think about tomorrow. Pay heed to My words. It is not that going to a sporting event is evil My children. It is not that I, your God do not want you to have rest and relaxation. It is that you are living in the most urgent of times and continue on as if there is no tomorrow. You, My Children of Light are to be beacons of light to the world, and yet you allow the world to change you instead of what God the Father intends, which is that He will change the world through you. How can you allow God to work through you, when you are as tepid as the rest of the culture? You must cease these childish ways now and begin to think about your soul and the souls of your children and family members. I ask you to reflect on this question; have I heard the voice of God lately, in prayer? Have I sought His direction for my life and even for each day? Do I have too much noise in my environment? How can I begin to listen for heavenly direction? If you do not know where to begin, My children ask Me. I will help you. It is imperative now to institute regular time for prayer each day. In this time of prayer you will include time for silence, in order to listen to the promptings of My Holy Spirit which I long to pour out to you. You will need to practice listening in silence, My children. This is not something to which you are accustomed. (silence) It will take time and practice, but you will begin to sense My direction in time. I will give you many graces in prayer, My children. The adversary presents every form of distraction to you to keep you from prayer, for he knows how important this time is with Me and he does not want your hearts to be nourished. Be on alert for the adversary’s subversive tactics. This is not being paranoid, My children. In ages past, those who were spiritually on guard and in tune would have been considered wise and prudent. Today, those who reject the culture to follow Me are considered radical. This should tell you much about the times in which you live. Be alert and aware of the signs of the times, My children. You must know how desperate the world is for Me to send My holy Mother Mary to you for so long.”

Jesus, please help us. Remove the film that covers our minds and our hearts much like cataracts cloud the eyes. Give us wisdom, Jesus to understand and to grasp the seriousness. Help us to see with clarity, Jesus so we have eyes that are keen and hearts that are pure. We need this clarity, Jesus to fulfill the mission You have given us through our Baptism, to be lights to the world. Lord, I do not understand the complacency, other than that it is a sort of spiritual denial. Sometimes the truth of the situation causes anxiety and rather than face the truth and cling to You, we sometimes gravitate towards something else that takes our focus off the stresses and strains in life.

“Yes, My child and having holy past times are nice diversions, but there is no time for this at the moment. There is always time to be kind to others, cook a meal for one who is sick, help your fellow man, but that is living the Gospel. Those activities of service will also be a way to focus on something less stressful, and will also bring joy to others and in turn to the one who gives. This is the way to show love and to evangelize. The worldly past times leave people feeling temporarily good but after this wears off there is an empty feeling. Often, My children even feel resentful, because of the things they needed to do but neglected while they were seeking entertainment. Children, again I say ‘Do not allow yourselves such distractions. Time is short.’ Make the best use of it by getting your spiritual lives in order and serving others who are in need. Your lives will be much more fulfilling and you will wonder how you ever had the time to waste before. I know how much time each person has remaining in this world, and even if some have 20 years or more, this is nothing when compared to eternity. The Time of Great Trials is upon you now and there is little time to waste. It would already have come to pass if not for My holy Mother Mary who pleads for you and intercedes for you before the Father’s throne. Because of My Mother many more souls will be saved.”

Thank You, Jesus. Lord, please help more souls to be made aware of the many distractions around us and help them to eliminate those that they can/should. Give us the graces we need, Jesus to be Your children. Help us to carry Your light to the world in darkness and sin. Give us graces for holiness and love. Help (name withheld) and me to serve (name withheld) with love, Jesus. Help him to get strong (private dialogue omitted), Jesus. Thank You for saving his life and for helping him to get well. He has a long way to go, Lord and he is beginning to be discouraged.

“I am with him, My daughter and all will be well.”

Thank You, Lord. Thank You for Your assistance in our times of trouble and for the many graces You give us, Lord. Jesus, I am feeling a renewed sense of urgency about (location withheld) . I don’t know if this is just restlessness or if I am being prompted/prepared for the next step in the process. Please direct me, Jesus and help us to do Your Will. It is so easy to get off track following our good intentions, but perhaps not waiting on You. Do You have anything to say to me, Jesus?

“My daughter, continue to pray together and I will lead you. Things are coming together, My daughter. It seems to have taken longer than most thought it should, but I have good reason for this, which you cannot see. There is much work going on spiritually to prepare the families My Mother and I have selected and called to Her community. This work is of the utmost importance in order to prepare you all for the mission of Her community. Do not become anxious about things. Continue to fast and pray and follow My direction. The timing that seems so slow is just right for it is My timetable. You are correct in the urgency you sense, however for it is time for you to resume preparations. The meetings in June will go as planned, but you must prepare by praying and fasting and seeking My Will. The obstacles you are struggling with will be easily remedied as you seek assistance from others. Do not be concerned, but trust.”

“Later, you will all see that the things you worried about were actually small in the grand scheme of events. Try to view things from a heavenly perspective and not from a temporal one. Continue to live out your vocations and carry on with the duties that go with your vocations. Live holy lives. Pray and read Scripture. Frequent the Sacraments. Do your work with joy. It is simple, My children, and yet you make life complicated because of your worries and anxieties about that which hasn’t happened and is likely not to happen. Trust in Me. I am a good Father who provides for His children. I give all that is needed to those who are open to receive. Seek first My Kingdom and everything else will be added to you. Be not afraid. I am with you, My Children of Light. Live love. Be love. Be mercy. Be joy to all with whom you come in contact with. May your meetings with one another be causes for joy. Bring My love to others and encourage one another. Pray for one another. Love as the early Christian communities loved. Share with one another. I am not suggesting social programs, My children, but that you share with one another. Social programs have their place, but most were initiated because My children did not care for one another in times of need. You must live the Gospel on a daily basis, children for you cannot employ kindness only in emergencies. You must incorporate acts of love in your daily lives so that they become a habit or second nature for you. In this way, you will all be prepared for any emergency for all will be generous and loving and share what is needed since this will be your daily reality. Do not live your lives in isolation, but love your neighbor and put this love, the love that comes from Me, into action. First, though you will prepare your hearts through prayer and from prayer you will be able to serve in love.”

Thank You, Lord! Praise You for Your words of life and lessons of love. Jesus, have You anything more to say?

“No, My child. This is enough for today. Go now in My peace. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in My love and carry My love, peace and mercy to all you meet.”

Thank You, Jesus. Amen! Alleluia!

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