Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday


Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I believe in You, hope in You, adore You and praise You, my God and my King. Thank You for waiting for us here in this chapel. Happy Resurrection Day! Happy Easter, Jesus. Thank You for holy Mass and Communion, Lord. I love You!

“Thank You and My son, (name withheld) for being with Me today. Few will come here on this great feast day. Nevertheless I await them. I wait patiently for My children’s presence.”

Thank You, Jesus. We love You, Lord.

“My child, you have had a difficult and trying week; have you not?”

Yes, Jesus, but not as difficult as Your week. I am most sad about missing Mass on Holy Thursday and Easter Vigil, though Mass today was most beautiful.

“Yes, My child. I understand. You performed a work of mercy instead, My child. I know how much was sacrificed out of love for Me. “

Jesus, I’m afraid I haven’t always shown love the past few weeks. It has been such a stressful time. It seems we tend to take out our tension on one another rather than being united. I am sorry for my part in being defensive and trying to explain my position. I should have been like You, who; ‘Opened not His mouth.’ My mouth often gets the better of me. Please forgive me, Lord for the times I have not been a peacemaker. I want to be but sometimes I decide to stand up for myself and that is very prideful. Will You please help me, Jesus?

“Yes, My child. I am helping you to grow and will continue to do so.”

Thank You, my Lord and my God. Jesus, thank You for healing (name withheld! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Thank You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I am most grateful! Please help him to continue to get well, and recover from the infections. Help him to gain weight and regain his strength. Lord, I believe You healed him and would not do so, only to leave him languishing with other illnesses that cause him to continue to decline. Jesus, I trust in You. I know You do what is best for us. Help us to care for (name withheld). Help (names withheld) to have peace. We all need peace, Jesus and we also need unity. I leave all of these burdens and concerns at the foot of Your holy cross. Lord, please heal (names withheld) of their cancer. Jesus, I trust in You.

“My little lamb, thank You for carrying the cross of illness. I know this has been difficult for you especially so with all of the other crosses. I thank you. The souls your offering has affected will thank you one day. This cross has almost come to completeness, My child. Only a little while longer. This has been a difficult Lent for you for many reasons, but I assure you, the efforts have not been in vain but in fact have been productive and beneficial for souls. I am a grateful God and I thank you.”

Jesus, it has seemed very challenging and almost impossible for me. But for Your grace it would have been impossible. Now, however it seems like such a small thing. Compared to Your suffering on Calvary and Your sadness for souls it seems as nothing. I wish I had been more courageous. I wish I was courageous even now. I don’t know why I’m not, Jesus. You give me every kind of assistance. Please help me to grow in holiness, Lord. I feel as though, even with Your assistance I take one step forward and three steps backward.

“My child, this is the way it seems to you, I know. You would understand more if I allowed it. You are not the one to evaluate your growth in holiness or lack thereof, though. I will explain this, My little lamb. If your crosses were consistently the same size, you would soon be adept at carrying them and in fact they would seem so easy to carry that they would cease to appear to be crosses. Just as with an athlete who aims to increase muscle strength, the weight must be increased over time. So, too in the spiritual life. In order to increase your capacity to trust, to rely on Me in your suffering, the weight and even the number of crosses must increase. As each cross becomes heavier, your strength is challenged and you feel as though you are unable to bear the load. You begin to pray more, to abandon yourself to Me and receive the necessary graces to carry each cross. You are unable to weigh them and so you cannot see that these crosses are much heavier than those you have carried in the past. It is not possible to compare in the physical sense because we are dealing with spiritual realities. Yes, My child physical realities are also included such as when I visit you with the cross of physical illnesses or ailments, but the primary purpose is spiritual. Sometimes the crosses given to you are purely spiritual and sometimes spiritual and physical. So you see, My little daughter, you cannot begin to estimate the value derived from the crosses I send, or even those I allow. It is impossible for you while you reside on earth.”

“Yes, My child I know well the times you stumbled and fell, but falling is not an unforgiveable crime, now is it? If it was, I your Jesus, would not have fallen 3 times during My passion. Remember when you fall, you must always look to Heaven for assistance. Do not look to the things or people of this world, but only to Heaven. It was good that you asked your close friends to pray for you. That, too is looking to Heaven for assistance, but seeking help to do so. This is good, My child. When one falls or stumbles, it is usually because one’s eyes were taken off Me, Jesus. If your gaze is fixed on Me, I will steady you, and I will make straight your path. Yes, you will still be carrying a cross but it is much easier to carry with your eyes fixed on Me. Recall how much easier it was for you to descend the rocky hill after reaching the grotto, with your eyes on Me. Recall this often, My child and it will become less difficult to carry heavy crosses My little one. Each trial in life becomes a lesson for you; when you bring it to Me for clarification. I love you, My daughter and I walk with you. I walk with your family and your loved ones, because I love you and I love them with My Sacred Heart. So fully and completely do I love you. You are seeing the fruit of My love and mercy in (name withheld) illness. My little lamb, have no doubt that I healed (name withheld) of the cancer that plagued his body. Trust in Me. This sounds too good to be true My child and yet do not the biopsy results prove it?”

Yes, Jesus. Praise You, Lord Jesus Christ. You are the great physician and I thank You for Your mercy and goodness. Your kindness is beyond measure, Lord. Thank You.

“You are welcome, My daughter. I know about the doubting people who claim there was a mistake with the biopsy or that enough area was not covered. Do not pay attention to such rubbish. There were doubters when I walked the earth and there will always be doubters in this world. This is because there is such a lack of faith. Faith is necessary in order for miracles to take place, My child. In an absence of faith, God does not work miracles. Separate yourself from such comments and fix your gaze on your merciful Savior who has answered your prayers, the payers of family and friends and (name withheld) prayers. Rejoice and be glad. As for the other crosses, it is not time for Me to lift these from him, for there are more lessons to be learned, and additional purification. In time, these crosses will diminish. Trust in Me. Trust in My Mercy. Trust in My love. This trust is necessary, My child, for now and also for what is to come.”

Thank You, sweet Jesus, my Lord and my God. I love You.

“And I love you. Now, be in prayer as you and (name withheld) prepare for this night with My children in need. Be at peace. I will send graces for peace and joy. This is the last thing you want to do this evening, My son and My daughter, but do all for love of Me. It is not time to rest from your weariness due to the long journey. My children, there is no time to rest at present continue on and lean on Me. I will help you and guide you. Be love, be mercy, be peace, be joy. You are weary, I know. My daughter, rest in Me. If you allow Me, I will carry you.”

Yes, Jesus. Please carry me. Get me through this night and all next week with a spirit of peace and joy. I need You, Lord or I cannot do anything, let alone the acts of mercy You request of us. Live in me. Live through me. Give me the essence of Your presence, Your love. Fill me with Your divine love. May it flow through me, Jesus to be carried out to others. Holy Spirit fill us with the fire of Your love and mercy. Work in and through us, Holy Spirit, lover of our souls so that we will be true disciples of Jesus, the Christ.

“This is a worthy prayer, My little lamb. I accept your prayer and will carry it out as you have requested.”

Thank You, Lord for Your mercy and kindness. Lord, thank You for Your holy priest sons. Thank You for their vocations. They are a gift to us, Your people. Guide, guard and protect them, Lord. Renew their spirits and gift them with courage, peace, fortitude and heroic love. Help us, Your flock, to love and pray for our shepherds who faithfully bring the Sacraments to us; who faithfully bring You to us in the Holy Eucharist, the Sacrament of the Altar. Pour forth Your Holy Spirit, Jesus and renew the face of the earth. Father God, thank You for sending Your Son to die for us on the cross and to rise from the tomb. You are the perfect Father, our Creator God. We love and adore You, our God and our King. Thank You for Your love and for Your perfect plan. Father please never leave me. Please do not take Your thoughts off me for even one second, or I will be lost forever. I love You, my God. Jesus, have You anything more to say to me?

“Yes, My child. Continue to pray for My beautiful daughter (name withheld). She is in My hands. I hear the prayerful pleadings of all who love her. These prayers will not return void, but will bear much fruit. Continue to pray. Continue to trust in My plan. All will be well. My Children of the Light must learn to be lights in the darkness and one can only do so by being united to Me, the source of all life and light. Your light must grow and increase from the flicker (name withhold) told you about until it is not just a flame, but a roaring fire that ignites other flames of love, but does not consume. Reflect on the burning bush revealed to My holy son, Moses. This bush burned with the power and love of God but it did not consume the bush. Rather, the bush became resplendent with My light, My warmth, My power. This is what I ask of you, My Children of Light. To burn this brightly with the love of God, one must die to oneself. Allow false pride, egoism, self-centeredness and all sins of pride to be burned away, until you are purified by the light of Christ. Then, you will be carriers of My light, My love and My mercy. Pray and work for peace, My children. Pray for peace. That is all. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit.”

Thank You, Jesus. I love You, my Jesus.

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