Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, November 1, 2015

All Saints Day, Adoration Chapel


Hello Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament. I love You, adore You and praise You, my King and my God. Thank You for the opportunity to go to Confession yesterday. There were many, many people there and I am very glad. Thank You also for the beautiful Mass this morning. It was so good to hear (name withheld) sing in the choir. The music was beautiful. Thank You for Holy Communion, Jesus and that I was able to go to Mass with my family. Thank You for the time spent with my dad yesterday. Lord, You have given me so many blessings. Thank You, Jesus. Last week was very difficult, Lord. Help me to complete the remaining work. Jesus, I trust in You.

“My child, you are welcome. Give all your burdens to Me, My little one. I will help you to carry them.”

Thank You, Jesus. I love You. I give all of my burdens to You. I lay them at the foot of Your cross to be bound there forever.

“My daughter, I accept this prayer and I will send graces to you to deal with the many challenges you face at work. I am with you and you will not have to face your problems alone.”

Thank You, Lord. It seems that way to me sometimes; that I am alone. I know that isn’t true, though. Thank You for my family and friends and those who are praying for me. I am grateful for them. Lord, I am sorry for all of the times I have offended You. I trust in Your mercy and forgiveness, but help me to grow in holiness. I do not want to offend You again. Please help (name withheld) through the difficult circumstances she is facing with her children. I pray for our neighbor (name withheld) who is suffering from cancer and (name withheld) sister. Please heal them, Lord. Jesus, be with each person who is dying today. Help them to be open to Your graces for conversion, healing and peace. Please bring my grandchildren to the waters of baptism. Please bring (name withheld) back to the Church, and I pray for (names withheld) that they will enter Your holy Church. I pray for those who do not know Your love. Help them to know and to love You, Jesus. Thank you, saints in Heaven for your prayers for the church militant. Happy Feast Day! Thank You, Jesus for the communion of saints. Praise You, Lord for Your holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Jesus, have You anything to say to me?

“Yes, My child. I love you and I am with you. Everything will work out according to My plan.”

Thank You, Lord I love You, also.

“My child all that you are undergoing, the many trials, the extremely heavy workload, the stress and strain, the unjust demands and deadlines serve to prepare you for what is to come and also to prepare your family. You are beginning to learn to lean on Me and this is what is needed for your preparation. Bring everything to Me and I will assist you. Recall what (priest’s name withheld) said to you about relieving pressure. This was very good advice. My Spirit inspired him to discuss the pressure cooker example and letting off the steam. Reflect on this allegory and think of things you would like to do about this. I will help you.”

Thank You, Lord. Jesus, I’m sorry I haven’t ordered the additional linens and towels. I’ve been so busy with work, the retreat and all the other needs. If work wasn’t so demanding, it would help, but I should have already done what You asked of me. Please forgive me, Jesus. I hope there will still be time to do this.

“My child, I walk with you each day, so I know what you have been going through. Next week will be much better. Your workload will not be as heavy. You will be able to get some things accomplished that you have not been able to do. Trust in Me. All will be well. The storm is brewing it is true, though you will have the time over the next few weeks to finalize securing the things I have asked. We will work together. There are events occurring in the world that you are not aware that are making things even more dangerous for My followers. Do not fear, though for I am with you. All will be well. What is needed is trust. Continue to prepare, My child. Do not allow the distractions occurring around you to take your focus off your Jesus and the mission facing you.”

“You feel that you have hit a wall, My child. This is normal, and in order to climb the wall you will need additional assistance. Ask your angel guardians to assist you, My children. Often, My children forget that there are heavenly helpers assigned to you for assistance on your journey. These angel guardians can and will do much to assist their charges, so remember to ask for their assistance. The saints in Heaven have been given special roles to aid those in the church militant at this time in history. Call upon them. Ask for their assistance. Call on St. Joseph, St. Padre Pio for their aid. You have many saints in Heaven praying for you and many just waiting to be asked. All in Heaven long to assist My Children of Light. Call on them, My children for it is precisely in this time that they can and will do the most good. Heaven and earth are united; those who follow Me on earth will soon understand just how closely united we are.”

Thank You, Jesus. I am very glad to hear this from You. You have said this before but it is nice to be reminded. Lord, I am still reflecting on the community retreat and how good it was to be together. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Blessed Mother. In some ways, it seems like a dream, it went so quickly. Being thrown back into an even more hectic schedule was ‘culture shock’ for me. I so want to be in community, Jesus. This goes without saying, but being together made me long for it even more. Lord, help us to come together soon. Please remove every last barrier and help us to move forward quickly if it is Your holy will. Whatever Your will is, will be fine, Jesus. Just help us so that we remain in Your will with each and every step we take.

“I am with you, My daughter and I hear your request. You are close to My Sacred Heart and My Mothers’ Immaculate Heart. Seek refuge there often for relief from the storms of life.”

Yes, Lord. Thank You, Jesus. Lord, what should we do next concerning the property? You said earlier that I feel we have hit a wall and that is so true.

“My daughter, the next step is to clear the land. You have already come to this conclusion through My Holy Spirit. Do this as soon as possible for this is the next step needed. Once this is done, You will be able to view where your houses should go. It will become clear. The site plan will be much easier then and things will begin to progress. Continue on the path forward and do not look back. Time is of the essence. Each day brings you one day closer to the time of great trials and today is given to you for your preparation. Be prepared spiritually first and afterwards, for the good of your community and those I will send you, prepare physically. My son, My daughter you are working toward this, I realize but it is becoming difficult for you to visualize and to fully believe this time I have conveyed to you, that is near will happen anytime soon. The waiting seems to grow longer. This is a normal state for you to be in, but take care that you do not become complacent. When all is in place you will think it has been but a blink of an eye. Do not be dismayed, and do not become complacent. All that I have told you will come to pass. Continue forward. The time of your preparation grows short, so continue. Take advantage of this time of grace, My children. Do not allow the noise of the world to distract you.”

“Pray as I have asked. Fast as My Mother has directed. (Name withheld), you may go to two days per week now, My son. You have been faithful to Me and I am grateful. I desire you regain your strength for what lies ahead. There will come a time when I request additional fasting but for now two days will be fine. If you like, you may offer something else for souls on the third day, but this is your choice. I thank you and the souls who have benefitted from your difficult fasting will be grateful one day. I love you and I call you My friend. Renew your strength, My son for there is much work to do in the days ahead. I am with you. We work together. My daughter, I am aware of your present condition. I guided you and directed you to understand what was needed for your return to health. Today, you fast in a different way. In some ways, it is more difficult. Continue to follow the plan that was given to you and you will regain your health. This is needed for the time that is coming. You will be able to return to the bread and water fast, My Mother requests when you are stronger. For now, you must do as you have been instructed for there are many who will rely on you in the future. Offer each obstacle to Me, My children. Trust is what is needed.”

Thank You, Jesus. Please give us graces to trust You more. Help us to grow in trust and in our love for You. Is there anything more we can do for You, Jesus?

“Yes, My child. Enjoy your family. Love one another and be joyful to be together. This is a time of grace. Open your hearts to receive the many graces My Mother has to give. Be filled with My peace and My joy. Times are pressing upon you and it is a temptation to become sober and somber. Do not succumb to this temptation. It is important to be filled with joy and to have fun while you tend to the matters at hand. This will create an atmosphere of joy in your home. Joy is contagious and joy also builds confidence. Confidence is lacking in these days of urgency. Your family feels the pressure that you feel, and this is understandable, but I am in the process of building and planning and making saints. My saints understand the important spiritual matters and see the signs of the time. They have throughout the ages. The beauty of a joyful soul attracts people like flowers attract bees. Be joyful and all else will be much more tolerable. If you do not have this joy, ask Me to give this to you. I have already given you the gifts you need, but ask Me to call these up inside of you so they come to the surface of your heart. A joyful soul is one who trusts in Jesus and who gives others a light heart and a confidence in following Me. I love you. Work with Me in this journey of the cross and do so with light hearts. To be otherwise, would spread a spirit of discouragement. Be encouraging to those around you and especially to your family that I plan to make a light to others.”

“You must first be this to one another. I understand the pressure you feel and the burdens you bear. I know you well, for you are My children. Remember who you are. You are children of the Living God. You have everything needed and all will be well. Live with joy. I love you. Is that not reason enough for joy? Be tender hearted people who love God and are filled with joy. Spread My joy, My peace, My mercy to others. I am with you. We face each day, each trial together as good friends who enjoy one another’s company. Yes, times are serious, My children. This is true. Souls who follow Me know this. Think about the souls who will come to you. They will be in desperate situations and in dire need. You will love and minister to their needs. You will take them in to the heart of your family. They will need careful attention and tenderness, but they will be profoundly impacted by your tender joy. You must practice this now so that it becomes part of you. I will help you. My Mother and St. Joseph will help you. My holy parents always had before them the sorrow of the cross. It weighed heavily upon their hearts at all times. In order to help Me, to foster My growth, they tried not to dwell on this sorrow, but instead made a joyful and happy home for Me. What a gift this was to the Son of God to see Mary and Joseph sacrificing their lives with such joyful spirits. They consoled me in this way. Were they oblivious to My coming agony? Of course not. It was not to dismiss or to be in a spirit of denial, for this would be contrary to their pure hearts. They knew very well what I was to suffer over time and it was a very heavy cross indeed. However, they delighted in the plan of salvation and in being in the presence of their son, the Son of God, the Messiah. They were grateful for God’s plan of redemption and marveled that they had been given such a singular privilege among men. You too, must come to view the mission entrusted to you in this way. Many of My children, My Mother’s children have been chosen for a specific purpose in the coming days. Others have or soon will fulfill their mission and will be called home to the Kingdom of Heaven. Either way, rejoice for you are working to build God’s Kingdom. Be joyful, even when your hearts are heavy for in this way, you will help the children not to fear and to trust. You will be uplifting to others, also.”

“There is much to do to prepare for the coming trials. Come, let us work together and take heart that I have called you to do this work for the salvation of others, and that we work together. Your Lord and Savior has everything under control. This will be a good thing to remember, My Children of Light, when the days that have been foretold appear to be utter chaos. This will be the case outwardly, but I, Your Jesus have everything under control. Trust in Me. We continue together.”

Thank You, Jesus. We love You!

“And I love you, My little lamb. I go with you. I bless you in My Father’s name in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace. Go in joy. All will be well.”

Amen. Alleluia!

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