Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Adoration Chapel


Hello, dearest Jesus, ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar. I adore You, my Lord, my God and my King. You who made the heavens, the earth and every living creature became one of us; in every way except sin. You amaze me, Jesus. You are God made man and You stooped to this level, becoming one like the very creatures You made to make atonement for our sins. There is no other religion that I know of in the world that tries to make such a claim, Lord. You are certainly ‘revolutionary’, Jesus.

Your love knows no bounds; Your mercy is infinite. You are all truth, beauty and life. I am very small, Jesus; a speck in comparison to You, but I love You with every fiber in my being. Thank You for accepting something that must be such a small token to You. You accept my love, and love from all of Your children as if we were something rare and precious. I know that each person You create is unique and very precious to You, but that’s exactly why it amazes me so. You could create 100 million other people just like me (not that You would ever want to do so) but You will never do this with regard to any of Your children because You treasure each one in our uniqueness that You choose to leave us as we are—one of a kind. It’s truly amazing to Me, Lord. Usually, when something goes wrong for me, I just want an opportunity to start over. When I was a child we wanted to begin again and we called a ‘do-over’. With the many flaws each one of Your children has, I would think You would want a ‘do-over’. Instead, You tolerate us, as we struggle in our pilgrimage on earth. You don’t actually tolerate us; that is not correct. You love us even in the midst of our struggles, our sins, and our character defects. You love us in spite of ourselves. Thank You, Jesus! Praise You Lord God of all!

Lord, please heal (name withheld). Please be with her to guide her and console her. She is miserable and needs You and the Blessed Mother so desperately. Be with her in a special way and especially during her upcoming surgery. Thank You, Lord.

“My child, you are tired once again. I am glad you and My son (name withheld) are here with Me today. I am especially grateful knowing how very tired you are. This week was a most difficult week, was it not?”

Yes, Jesus, it was very difficult. I don’t understand why it was so difficult, Lord; more so than I would ever have anticipated.

“My child, this is a time of suffering for you. It will continue for a time. It is My will for you.”

Jesus, I had a feeling that You were going to give me a hard message today. St. Pio asked me about suffering.

“Yes, he did. What did you tell him?”

That I didn’t want to suffer. I’m terrible at suffering. I said that I wanted to do whatever is in Your will, though and if You wanted this for me, it is what I want, also. Jesus, I really am bad at suffering.

“My child, you also told St. Pio that you would need Me to be with you; is that not so?”

Yes, Jesus. I shouldn’t have said that, though because You are always with me. I guess I just can’t bear the thought of the suffering that leaves me feeling all alone—without You. That is what I know I cannot stand, Jesus. Still, whatever You want for me, Jesus.

“My littlest one, I love you. I will never leave your side. Still, I ask this suffering of you for a brief time period for souls. You have already endured one week. Will you do this for your brothers and sisters who are far from Me?”

Yes, Jesus. I will for them, Lord. They need You and without knowing You they may lose their souls. That would be far worse than any suffering You ask of me, Lord. Only, help me. I am a terrible person to be around when I’m suffering. Help me to be sweet and kind in the midst of the suffering and please help me to stop complaining. I wonder who suffers more when I am not well, me or my family. I think my family would say—they do—for sure. I don’t want to be like that , Jesus and I don’t think it does anyone any good in the long run. Are You sure You want me to do this?

“Yes, My child. I am quite sure. You will continue to work while you endure this trial. I realize that adds to the suffering, but I will enable you to work. I have given you graces, to continue through the week. You asked Me to sustain you, My child and I did. We walked each step together, and I held your arm and at times, your hand. I am there, ever watching, easing your burdens here and there just enough to make them bearable. Continue to lean on Me, My child. Together, we will endure this trial and soon you will forget how difficult it was.”

Alright, Jesus. Lord, may I ask a favor of You?

“You may ask.” (smiling)

Lord, when I was at (name withheld) yesterday I met a beautiful lady named (name withheld) who was suffering terribly from problems with her spine. She was miserable, Lord and she suffers greatly from this condition. She has migraines as a result. It appears to me that there are neurological issues as a result of this condition. She is a faithful daughter of yours, Jesus. Also, my (relative withheld) is suffering terribly now. She is going through a horrible ordeal and is very ill. Please heal these women. Jesus, it causes me distress to think about how much they are suffering and countless other people just like them. Please help them, Lord. Relieve their pain, discomfort and their fears. They must have many concerns, too Jesus. Lord, please, I beg of You to help them.

“My child, I am with (names withheld). I love them both very much. Their suffering is not in vain. No suffering is ever wasted when My children suffer. Both (names withheld) have offered their suffering to Me for the sake of souls. It has been very effective and they will receive their reward for the priceless souls they have helped through offering their suffering. My child, I did not cause their suffering. This would have occurred regardless due to their physical challenges and the circumstances of the world that cause negative consequences on the human body. This was not what the Father intended for the world, My child but occurred due to the fall from grace. Still, I do not turn a deaf ear to My children. I hear your prayers and those of your husband. I hear every prayer that is on the hearts of all of My children. I will provide comfort and strength to them, My child. Trust in Me.”

Yes, Jesus. Lord, I trust in You. You have never let me down. It is I who have let You down, but never have You done so and I know You never will. You are God. You are perfect love. You are love itself. Thank You, Jesus!

“You are welcome, My daughter. It pleases Me when My children have such love and concern for their brothers and sisters. If all of My children loved in this way, there would be true peace.”

Give us this love, Jesus. Give us this peace. You have given us this love, Lord by giving us You. But what I mean to say is, give us the love that You have, Lord. Help all mankind to love You and consequently to love others and to love themselves. Help us, Lord to be like Your holy Mother Mary and imitate Her in Her love, Her humility and in Her perfect ‘yes’ to God. Make us like Her, Jesus so that we will be like You.

“My daughter, we are working on this—you and I. I will this for all of My children. It will be so, My child for all Children of the Renewal, for after the Renewal, many, many, many children of Mine will be united to My holy will. Imagine this, My little lamb!”

Lord, I really can’t imagine it. It is so foreign to me. The closest comparison I have is to the way the world seemed to me as a child. I am sure it wasn’t this way, but in my innocence it seemed so. Another beautiful comparison would be in the early days of Medjugorje when the area was unspoiled by ‘tourism’. That was like Heaven on earth. I am sure it is still so spiritually, since Our Lady’s presence is there. I’m sure it isn’t such a quiet place of prayer, as it used to be. Still, I long to return. Regardless, I don’t think I can imagine a time like the time of the Renewal when so many people are in union with Your will. I know it will be wonderful, though.

“Yes, My child. It will be wonderful. You are correct that you have no real comparisons but the examples you cited are good. Imagine these examples, and go much deeper. In the time of the Renewal, after the purification, people will desire to live My commandments. They will desire and strive for holiness. While people are not and will not be perfect, they will love their neighbor. They will serve one another in love. In some ways, life will be more difficult, from a physical perspective for there will no longer be an overabundance of luxuries, conveniences, electronic forms of communication and other forms of modernism. My Children of the Renewal will rebuild. This will be physically challenging but different than how it is viewed today. Today, people wait for an agency to show up to help them. In the Renewal, neighbors will assist one another. People will trust one another, and care for one another. The rebuilding will be joyful and the work lighter for many will work together.”

That sounds beautiful, Lord.

“My child, you are wondering why I don’t just take everyone who loves Me to Heaven and stop this ‘mess’ once and for all?”

Well, the thought did cross my mind, Lord, but pay no attention to my silly fleeting thoughts. You are God! You know everything. Your mercy and patience amazes me. I’m sure it’s because of Your great love for mankind.

“Yes, My child. I love humanity. If I did what you were thinking, though I know it was just a temporary moment of weakness on your part, souls would be lost. My plan is to save as many souls as possible, and I know exactly how many, and which souls will be saved, My child. I know every detail about each child of Mine, what their weaknesses are, their pain, their likes and dislikes, their wounds, their joys and I love everything about My children. Each one is precious, unique, and beautiful to Me. Even when the world labels someone as less than beautiful, they are beautiful and I see My children in the light of truth for I am truth. When a soul is tarnished by sin and willfulness, I see what the soul was as a child, in purity. I see what the soul can be, if only it chooses Me. I see the beauty of the soul, the pain, the bad choices, or the choices someone else made that impacted this particular soul negatively; I see the wounds, and I see each tear that fell, for I was there catching each tear. I know My children very well indeed.”

“My plan includes the timing, the events, the locations and every single detail beyond anything the human mind can imagine, that is best for each and every child of Mine. So you see, My little lamb, I have everything under control. My adversary would have you believe otherwise. It appears otherwise, but I am the Lord God and I have everything under control. All will be well, My children. All will be well. In the meantime, you all must pray more. You must not only pray more but you must pray from the heart and with the utmost focus and sense of purpose. Truly, I say to you, souls are at stake. I need and I request your prayers, My children. They are needed more now than ever. Do not become disinterested because you are tired and weary. I understand. I know you are weary. You are weary from the weight of sin in the world. You are weary from waiting for events to unfold. Do not give up now, My children.'

'The time to put on the armor of Heaven is now. The trumpet is sounding and is calling all of My children to arms. Take up your rosaries and pray as never before. The time of grace is still upon you and souls are ripe for the harvest. Since My laborers are few, you must bear a heavier burden, but—My children I solemnly assure you that it will be worth everything you have endured. You will thank Me for each trial, each suffering, every prayer prayed in earnest. Do not let down the momentum now, My children. You are in My Mother’s Army. Take up your arms; seek the Sacraments to strengthen you. You must set your resolve firmly now and remain steadfast through the storms. You know what comes after the stormy weather? Peace, tranquility and a freshness that only comes after a storm. This is what My children have to look forward to and even though the storms are and will be raging, I will be with My people. You will be with Me. My Mother will lead you. You have nothing to fear. Call upon the Holy Spirit when you feel afraid. Ask your angel guardian to protect you. That is all, My children. I will be ever watchful and you will be My people.”

“My Children of the Renewal will work together to rebuild My church and the world. You will minister to others. You will catechize, you will bind up wounds, you will love. Yes, most importantly, you will love. All will be filled with My love, for the Renewal will first and foremost take place in the hearts of My Children of Light and My children who will come to the light. Yes, all will be well, My children. A little while longer. Withstand the battles, the trials, the storms, a little while longer. The calamities will come in full force and you must be ready. Be fortified by the Sacraments and Holy Mass. This is your best preparation. Pray without ceasing, not out of fear but with love and joy in your hearts. You are children of the King, a royal nation. You are My children. Do all that you can to help your neighbor. Live the Gospel, My children. Live the Gospel no matter how hard the storm rages, for then you are being like Me. Reflect on My passion. Reflect on My death. See how much your Savior loves you?”

Thank You, Lord. Praise You, Jesus Christ! Now and forever!

“My child, your suffering is needed and I speak these words, not just to all to inspire them, but they are for you, also. Continue to persevere, My little lamb. I am with you. Trust in Me to sustain you, for I will do so. Rest in Me, My child. You are learning to be united with My will. You are learning what it is to dwell in the mysterious place many saints have written about, My Sacred Heart. You are learning My daughter. We will continue this journey together. Persevere awhile longer. Your trials, those I spoke about that would occur in (location withheld) are going to begin now. Only briefly, My little lamb, I must prepare you, for when you move there will be little time and we must begin now. It will be brief, I assure you, for the time has been shortened. This does not mean the days are shorter or that time is moving faster as many think. No. It is not so, for I set the moon and stars in the sky and determined the exact speed and duration of rotations for each planet that orbits the sun. I have not changed the laws of nature for I established them, although I could if I chose to do so. No, My child. I have shortened the period of the time of great trials, due to the prayers, fasting and sacrifices of My children, My remnant. I have done so, out of My mercy for mankind. I have done so, due to My Holy Mother Mary’s pleading for humanity. She, the perfect dove, the beautiful, Immaculate Daughter of humanity pleads for Her children. God the Father is most tender towards His children, and most especially towards My Mother for what She has done for the world, through Her perfect humility and Her perfect love. She mirrors our love and therefore, because of Her intercession, and the simple prayers and great love coming through Her, the time of great trials was shortened—it was made to be in shorter duration. Now, do not let down your guard, My children, for you must pray for souls. Each and every soul living apart from Me, needs your prayers. If you were in this state, My children you would want others to pray for you. Do so for them.”

Yes, Jesus. Thank You. We will pray with renewed focus and purpose. Blessed Mother help us to pray as You prayed when You lived on earth. Help us dear Mother. Give us the graces we need to pray from the heart for all who are far from Jesus.

“My daughter, the fact that I have shortened the duration of global suffering does not mean it will be less difficult. Lest My children be caught unaware, I will explain. The reign of evil is coming to a climax. This climax will inflict mankind with many disasters, some caused by human hands, some by My adversary. This is being planned in order to destroy creation and My children. My adversary is planning the destruction of the entire world, and the population residing therein. I am the Creator. He wants to be known as the destroyer with the final word. He will not have the final word, of course, for I am the Word of God. I AM. If this time of evil and the world’s demise had not been shortened all would be lost. I have decided that this time will be, and already has been shortened. My adversary suspects as much and he is most unhappy about this. The lessening of suffering is not what he desired, you see. He is outraged by this and is now planning to unleash the darkest of events with more frequency, as if it will impact what I, God have already done. Do not be concerned by this. I tell you only so you will be prepared and so that you will not succumb to the temptation to be complacent. I am with you. All will be well, but you must pray.”

Thank You for explaining things to me, Lord about the times and the way You have shortened what we will experience. Thank You for Your reassurances that You are always with us.

“My little lamb, please direct (name withheld) that the site of which we spoke last week is to remain as directed. It is to contain the messages for the Children of the Renewal and this includes those to the refuges, specifically the Holy Family Refuge. Let there be no mistake in this. When I said these messages, given to My son (name withheld) represent all refuges, I did not mean that any and all messengers with information about My refuges are to be posted here. That is not what I said and it is not what I meant. There are other places for them. I am providing direction to many sons and daughters, it is true. My child, Our dialogue and My son’s are linked. These are linked because the Father has chosen them to be so. This is not of your choosing for this occurred long before you were born. You do not understand and it is not important that you understand. I am not scolding you or anyone else, but I encourage My children to take Me at My word and allow Me to do the guiding. There is a specific plan to be carried out; a mission. Your mission is not the same as others’ and theirs is not the same as yours. You understand this to a degree, My daughter, and so does My son. Your family’s mission is not the same as (name withheld) family’s mission and yet these two missions are linked by God the Father. My Mother is very involved and is guiding the (community name withheld) and the Holy Family Refuge. You will understand more as things come to pass. All will be well. Follow Me.”

Yes, Jesus. I had a sense about this when (name withheld) mentioned it. It’s difficult for us to be in this position, because we don’t know anything, Lord. When holy people make suggestions, it doesn’t even really matter to us. That is because we cannot see what You see, or know what You know.

“Yes, My lamb, I understand. Please remember that no one is perfect. Just because someone is receiving messages from Heaven or other spiritual gifts, it does not mean they don’t make mistakes. It does not mean that every opinion they express is something to carry out, now does it?”

No, of course not, Jesus! You gave the magisterium the gift of infallibility when teaching on faith and morals, but not the gift of perfect wisdom in their opinions. We are all human and imperfect. Speaking for myself, I know very little of anything, Lord. I am very simple and doubt most of what I say unless it has come directly from You. I don’t think that we jump to these conclusions (at least I hope not...) just because there are people with spiritual gifts but I can understand what you are saying. Thank You for such clear direction.

“My child, you already knew the answer, did you not?”

I think so, Lord. I thought that you might direct us in this way, but then I wasn’t completely sure. I could have been wrong.

“Yes, it is always a possibility (smiling). It is always good to seek My will.”

Yes, Lord. Jesus, (name withheld) and I had a thought about a rainbow on the site. I shied away from telling her this because of what is going on in our society. This beautiful statement You made after the flood, through Your promise of a rainbow, has been twisted around and is being used a symbol of sin and abomination. What do You say to this, Jesus?

“My little one, I created rainbows. They are My promise never to destroy mankind by means of a worldwide flood. I have kept My promise and I will always do so. Mankind—sinful mankind—flaunts My promises. The adversary tries to mock Me, through My own children. I, the Lord God stand behind My Word. The rainbow still means what I intended. That will never change. I understand why (name withheld) would like to add this, for it is a reminder of My promise to Noah and to all generations after Noah and those yet to come. It is not the time, however to add this to My site. The reason for this is only for your protection. There is no need for My little ones to ask for more trouble, and there are many other important signs you might choose. It is up to you and (name withheld). I leave this to you.”

Lord, will you at least make a suggestion?

“Yes, My child since you have asked. (smiling) I will suggest a cross on a hill. Add two more; one for St. Dismas and one for the other who chose death. Put this on the opposite side from the dove. I will guide you and (name withheld) to include other imagery that will speak to My death and resurrection and the death and resurrection of this time and the new time. I will provide all three of you with insight. Do not be concerned. All will be well. Pray and ask My Mother to guide you.”

Thank You, Jesus. I thank You for showing me the image in my mind, Jesus. I do not know how this image will come to be, but it is very powerful, Jesus. Please continue to help this become what You will, Jesus. Thank You! I love You! Praise You, Jesus.

“My daughter, the sense of urgency continues to press in on you. This is the reason for the pressure you feel in your body and especially in your head. Rest more, My daughter, for you are weary and you continue to work for your Jesus, though it is the time now to rest more. I am at work when you are resting. Nothing is going undone. Live in My will during this period of difficulty. Your family will help you with their prayers and their love. My little (name withheld) will help you in a special way that only a pure child can do. His prayers are very strong before the throne of God. He will help Jesus by praying more for souls. This is true for all of My smallest children. They tower in purity before Heaven, though their earthly stature is small. Do not cry, My little one, for the pressure will be too great. All will be well. St. Pio and St. Mary Magdalene will assist you. As you grow more tired, lean on Me. I walk with you and am in you and with you in an even closer way as you withstand this trial. When you think I am far from you, recall that I told you it would be so. I am actually closer to you in this trial, for you need Me much more (if that were possible). Do not fear, nor put yourself through more trials by seeking medical care, for medical care cannot help you. When the time period ends, all symptoms will resolve. Do not doubt yourself My child as you are already doing. This is all part of the trial. Suffer for Me, My beautiful little lamb, for souls are at stake and are depending on you and other children who are suffering also out of love for their brothers and sisters. All will be well. Focus on the cross. Focus on Me, your Jesus. I love you.”

And I love You, my sweet Savior.

“I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go now in peace. I am with you always.”

Thank You, Jesus. Amen!

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