Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Adoration Chapel


Hello, my Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament. I love You. Merry Christmas. Thank You for the greatest gift, Your Incarnation, Your taking on the role of humanity, Your sacred life, followed by Your most holy death and Resurrection. Thank You, sweet Savior, Lord God of all! Mere words cannot adequately express my gratitude, Jesus. May my life be an expression of my gratitude, my belief in You, Jesus, of my love. May I give witness to You, my Lord and my God by how I live my little life. Lord, I have nothing to give You for a gift on the Feast of Your Holy Nativity. May I give You all that I am, Lord. Even though my life is a gift from You, Lord I willingly offer it to You in return. What may I do for you, my Lord?

“My dear daughter, all I ask is that you give love to Me; that you long for Me. That is a great gift and one that I willingly receive. This gift of love and service to me, this gift of yourself is one that we will unwrap together over your lifetime. Gifts of love are most satisfying when they are reciprocated with love. The gift of the heart is precious, and I lovingly accept this gift which you give to Me, My dearest daughter. You are My precious child, My loyal friend. Oh how I love you, My daughter and My son. Oh how I love your children and grandchildren (names omitted). Your Jesus loves you beyond measure.”

Thank You, dearest Lord God. Thank You for Your kindness, Your mercy. Thank You for mentioning my children and grandchildren. You know everything, Lord. You know my intentions for my children and grandchildren. We have discussed them repeatedly, Jesus and I know You are so kind, patient and merciful that You never tire of hearing my requests on their behalf. I bring all of these concerns, the concerns of my heart and lay them at Your feet as an offering to You. Do all according to Your holy and perfect will, my Jesus. Jesus I entrust my entire family including (names withheld). Bless all in my family and please bless the marriages of my siblings. Heal all wounds that make marks on our hearts, Lord. On this Feast Day of the Holy Family, Jesus, please heal each member of our family, Jesus. Thank You, Lord for the large number of souls released from purgatory on Christmas Day and I praise You and thank You for releasing all the souls in purgatory this Christmas, Jesus. What a beautiful, wonderful, amazing gift. You are the gift, Jesus and yet You continue to pour out Yourself on us, Your poor children. Thank You, Lord God. I love You. We love You.

“My child, I do so love poor humanity. I Myself became Man, took on the flesh of humanity, the hunger, cold, the ungratefulness, and all associated with being human. I felt the same emotions, the same love, the friendship, loyalty of My brothers and sisters who were also My children. I felt the sting of betrayal, the pain and sadness of losing loved ones. I, God and Man experienced each and every emotion known to mankind. In My brief time on earth, I experienced every emotion, every circumstance so that none of My children could ever say truthfully that I, the Lord God does not understand what it is to be human. I took upon My pure heart all sins of mankind. This was more torturous than the physical wounds from My Passion, little one. My Sacred, merciful, pure, sinless heart and mind, had to experience the most excruciating pain from humanity’s sins; sins which I had never before known in the way a sinner knows and experiences sin. I, your Jesus have the utmost compassion for poor souls separated from Me due to mortal sins, for I experienced this pain. It is excruciating pain, My poor lost children and I died to free you from this separation from Me, this darkness. You no longer need be separated from Me, children. Return to your loving Jesus who longs to forgive you and set your poor, captive heart free from the chains, the bondage to evil that you have allowed. Come, My children. You are also victims of evil, of those who have taken advantage of you. I, your Jesus, understand what occurred to wound your precious heart. These wounds caused many feelings within you. Feelings of being unloved, rejected, unworthy of love. These feelings are natural, My sweet children and are the consequence of others’ sins. This woundedness had a profound effect on you, causing much suffering, much longing for love, and acceptance. You looked for this love and acceptance from those responsible for your care and when your love was met with further rejection, hurt, and even abuse, you became hardened, bitter, resentful. Jesus understands better than you can imagine, for you see, My poor, hurting children, I, your Jesus was betrayed also. One of My own Apostles betrayed Me. I gave only love and mercy and was met by cruel rejection, betrayal and by murderous plots. Yes, My wounded children, I your Jesus, your God have experienced what you are feeling. Come to Me, you who labor under the great weight of a life of rejection and mistreatment, and give this to Me. I will lighten your load, the heavy crosses which you have been made to carry by those who did not know love. I will heal you of these deep wounds. Open your fearful hearts to Me, Jesus for you are completely safe with Me. But, you are concerned because these wounds caused you to sin, also? I understand. Bring these sins to Me, also and let us begin anew; for behold, I make all things new, My children. Turn you backs on these sins, this lifestyle that you lead out of your woundedness, for I am the great physician. Read My Gospels. See how I healed the outcast of My day in Israel, those who were crippled, those who had the disease of leprosy, those who were mute, deaf, and blind. You see, My children, in those days, one who had a disease was considered by the culture to be steeped in sin. This was not true, of course however those who were ill, or deformed from birth, were cast off, isolated, left alone. This horrible treatment was undeserved and yet man, through ignorance did so when what My little ones, My wounded and sick ones needed and need most is love, mercy and compassion. Read about Me, My children who are so very wounded, so you will come to understand the way God the Father responds. I, your God am the God of mercy and compassion. I healed, I forgave. I never spoke or even thought words of condemnation on one living in sin or racked with the pain of disease or the pain from separation from God, the One who loves you. I whispered words of life, healing, love and light. It is I who whisper these words to the ear of your heart today. It is I, your Lord and Savior, your Jesus. Come to Me, children of My heart and allow Me to love you, to heal you, to forgive you. Little ones, wounded by the sins of others, and from your own sins, allow Me to come into your hearts. What have you to lose, My lost children? You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Do not fear, for I created you for love and I will never reject one who yearns to be loved. I solemnly assure you, I, Jesus will not reject one who has a repentant heart. Do not listen to the lies of the evil one who tries to convince you that you are unworthy of love. This is not true! It isn’t a question of worthiness, but one of love. I love you because I love you. There is no way to change this truth My children. You have only to accept My love. Come now. Do not be afraid of your Jesus, for I am meek and humble of heart. Let us begin anew today. Come, we will walk together and you will know that you are never alone, for I your Jesus walk with you.”

Jesus, Your love and compassion is overwhelming. It is difficult to write when I sense a small portion of the depth of emotion You have for Your children and at the same time I am driven to write for there is also a sense of urgency, Lord.

“Yes, My child. Time is of the essence and the time for conversion is now.”

Thank You, Jesus. Lord, (name withheld) is so talkative in Adoration. It is difficult, Lord for me to listen to her and yet, I do not want to be rude to her. I feel I am being rude to You, though, Lord. I am sorry, Jesus.

“My daughter, you were right to listen to her and then after a time, to turn your attention back to Me. You did this in a way to signal to her that you are here to pray, but still you showed her compassion.”

Jesus, it seems disrespectful to You and to those who are here to pray in silence.

“My daughter, I would not be pleased if you were rude to My daughter. I am compassionate, and I know your heart. I watch you struggle to show love to (name withheld) and also the pull within you to give Me your full attention. I know everything and I also see your heart and know your thoughts. You are not idly talking, you are patiently listening which in this case causes you to suffer for love of Me, your Jesus. All is well, My child you have not offended Me by showing love.”

Thank You, Jesus. I also do not want to waste the precious moments with You. I love You. Coming to Adoration once a week does not seem to be frequent enough for Me. I would like to be here every day.

“My child, that would be nice, and yet, in your state in life, not practical. If you would like to stop in one day during the week, I will be here waiting.”(smile)

I love You, Jesus, You have a wonderful way of putting me at ease. This is beautiful, Lord. It reminds me of how my mother and my grandmother could cause me to feel when I had “the weight of the world” on my shoulders. They could always lift my burdens and make things look much brighter. Thank You, Lord for showing me this characteristic of Yours through them, Jesus. I didn’t realize they were introducing me to a quality of Yours. I see now that every beautiful trait we experience in others is a glimpse of Your character, Your virtue. Thank You, Lord for putting Your fingerprint on every person and creature. So many things in my life, and so many people prepared me to experience Your love. Jesus, I am sorry for those who were not loved by their families. I don’t know where I would be without the love of my family, but I shudder to think of it. Thank You for my family, Lord. Use me to bring Your love to others. Help me to be joy, to be love, to be merciful to those who have not experienced unconditional love. Help me, Jesus to be a conduit of Your grace. Use me, Jesus in whatever way You desire and wherever You desire, Lord. Work through me, Jesus, though I am an unworthy vessel. I am willing, nonetheless.

“Thank you, My child. Yes, My little lamb, I am using you and I will continue to do so, because of your ‘yes’ to Me. I thank you for your willingness to serve Me by serving others. I need My children to carry My love to a darkened, loveless world. I, My child was and still am a sign of contradiction. Meditate and contemplate My life of simplicity, poverty, detachment, service, love. Contemplate My life from My birth, to My death and Resurrection. Contemplate these mysteries, My children of light. You will receive graces just for contemplating Me. You will receive beautiful insight from My Holy Spirit and this will carry over into your lives. Be like Me, My children. I will help you. You are all to be a sign of contradiction to this dark world, also just like your Jesus. What does this mean, My Children of the Renewal? I will explain. You will stand apart from the current age of disobedience. You will stand apart from the current culture that is self-serving, narcissistic, focused on only what gratifies. You, My children are to be different, for you are Christ bearers. You must bring Me to the world. You are to be detached from materialism, focused on Me and on your fellowman, sacrificing your time in service to others, and to My church. This, My children is countercultural, and therefore you will stand out. Do not be concerned with how you appear to others especially those living in darkness. Be focused on Me, following Me and loving Me. That is what is most important during your brief tenure on the earth. Your lives are fleeting, My children. Take each day, with gratitude to the Father, and set about serving the Kingdom. The Kingdom of God lasts forever and by serving Me, you are using your time on earth, very wisely. Whatever you do, no matter how small or hidden it may appear, do so in the name of the Lord. Offer each task, each gift of service to Me, your Lord and Savior. Offer your work for souls, My dear friends. Souls need you, and in this way, those you do not even know will receive the benefit of your prayers and your works.”

Thank You, Jesus that You allow us to participate and cooperate in Your plan of salvation. Help us to be all that You need us to be. Lord, have You anything more You wish to say to me?

“Yes, My daughter. There is much more to discuss. The time has come that begins the next phase which includes much spiritual as well as physical preparation. My children, I invite you to increased prayer time and to increase your offerings/sacrifices. I have asked some of My children to fast an additional day on bread and water. I ask those of you who are unable to do so, to offer another form of sacrifice. This is not Lent, I realize, and yet, I invite My children of light to live the season that begins just after the Feast of the Epiphany as if it was Lent. Offer penances and sacrifices to Me, My children for the souls who are far from Me. Decide what it is you will do without. Mortify yourselves, and I will pour out grace for conversion on those who are far from Me. Trust Me to do this, My children. I need your cooperation and your action. Increase the time spent in prayer each day. If only by ten minutes or so. Let us begin a time of

‘storming Heaven’ for graces of conversion. The hour is late, My children. The hour is late. The time of great trials is upon you and soon it will be too late for conversions. Sanctify your homes. Have them blessed by My holy priest sons. If your homes have already been blessed, have them blessed again. Entrust your homes and your families to My Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. In this way, you will enjoy protection. Do not fear, My Children of the Renewal and do not be fooled by this calm before the storm. All I have said will be fulfilled. Pray, pray, pray.”

Lord, what of those who will not have their homes blessed either because they do not know about this, or because they have left the church?

“You may use blessed salt, and bless their home as a lay person. This is not as effective, however I will allow it to suffice in this time of great need. Be My little apostles of love and mercy. For those of My children who are not Catholic, you may also invite one of My holy priest sons to bless your home. Let them know up front that you are not Catholic but that you desire a blessing for your home. Some will come to do this. For those who will not, simply go to another priest and continue to ask until one agrees. This is very important, My children. Your blessed homes will be a sign like the blood on the door posts when My children of Israel were captive in Egypt. This was the night of the Passover and this foreshadowed the priestly blessing of homes which is to be a sign for this current age. Though not a visible sign to humans, a spiritual sign to the spiritual world and a sign that you and your household belongs to Me, to the family of God. This blessing will protect you and all who dwell under your roof as well as all who are there under your roof during the coming calamities.”

Thank You, Lord that You offer so many means of assistance.

“Yes, My child. I am the Good shepherd and I care for My sheep. Your physical homes, your bodies must also be blessed. Go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation frequently, and be open to the graces I have in store for you. In this way, you will all be prepared physically and spiritually.

Be ready, My children. Be ready at all times.”

Jesus, this is very serious now. I feel as if Heaven is somber and it seems strange knowing we are in this beautiful Feast of the Nativity. Even so, the liturgical season leading up to Christmas, is also very somber so I suppose it shouldn’t seem strange.

“My daughter, contemplate My Incarnation and My Nativity. I desire to prepare My children to receive Me anew so that I may be born in the hearts of My children in a very real way. Just as in the stable in Bethlehem. This is the meaning of My Mother’s message to the visionary from Medjugorje. Open your hearts, My children, to receive your newborn King. Allow Me to reign in your hearts anew. I am the returning King, and I desire to reign first in the hearts of all of My children and in this way, the Renewal will come to pass. First, I desire to renew the hearts of My people and next I desire to renew the face of the earth. Please cooperate in My plan for My remnant, for this is the plan of My Father from before the creation of the world.”

What an amazing revelation, Jesus.

“My daughter, you hesitate to write the word, ‘revelation’ and yet this is the correct word, the most accurate. My child, I am revealing Myself in these days like no other days in the history of mankind for these are the most urgent of times. Many, many souls are in danger of perishing forever. I come, the Savior of the world, to seek the lost, to save. I love My children and I long for all to accept the gift of your inheritance, My children. This gift, that you are to inherit, is My heavenly kingdom. A life, after being born into Heaven, of living in the physical presence of your Father in Heaven and in union with the entire family of God. Begin this life now, accepting My love, My forgiveness, My way. My children, if you have not yet decided for Me, hold out your hand and allow My Mother Mary to take it into Her beautiful, pure and loving hand. She will take your hand and lead you to Me. Do not be afraid. If you fear Me, you will not fear My Mother who is the most gentle, loving soul, ever created. She is human and completely human, like you. You have nothing to fear in My Mother Mary who is most gentle, and very humble. She is a perfect teacher. She will show you the way to Me, Her Son.”

Thank You, Jesus, my Lord. You are all good and deserving of our love and praise. Thank You that You are also our friend and brother. Praise You, King of Kings and Lord of Lords Help us to open our hearts to You, Jesus. Lord, sometimes it may be helpful for those who fear, to picture You in Your infancy. Perhaps they could imagine themselves kneeling at Your manger and asking for forgiveness from the Infant Jesus. It is hard to be afraid of a beautiful, sweet baby.

“Yes, My child. My Spirit has inspired this in you. This is a most beautiful way to be reunited with Me. Come to Me, My children. Come to the stable in Bethlehem and adore Me as Baby Jesus. In My Divinity, I can forgive your sins regardless of My age. I am God and am therefore outside of time as you know time. Just as My death on the cross ransomed you from sin long before you were born, and retained the soul of My pure Mother in Her Immaculate state, so can I forgive sins now, and was able to as an infant, for I Am came as an infant, clothed in human flesh and like you in every way, except sin. Come to Me in the stable at Bethlehem just as the simple shepherds, who had great faith in Me; just as the wise men who followed My star for miles and miles across the barren desert. Come to Me, all you who are weary and heavily burdened and accept Me as Baby Jesus into your hearts. I desire your love and friendship. I am poor, and humble and there is nothing you need bring, but your open hearts, your seeking hearts. Come, My beautiful children of love, for I, your Jesus love you and you are the children of My love. Let us begin anew with a fresh start. How often have you said, half-joking that you would like a ‘do over.’ This is your chance, My children. Allow Me to fill your empty hearts with the light of My love. Then, you may carry My light to others who are in darkness, the darkness of sin. Be carriers of My light and My love. Take My gift of peace to a war torn world. For some, this war exists within your own families. Carry My peace in every corner, every avenue that I send you, for if you do not My children, who will? I, your Jesus am counting on you.”

Jesus, thank You for Your great plan, which is too large for me to comprehend. Thank You that You invite us to participate in the greatest project, the greatest plan of all times. You are amazing, and Your love is endless. Thank You for loving us in spite of ourselves!

“You are most welcome, as are all of My children. You are all welcome to Me, your Jesus. Share in My life. Share My love. Be My sign to a world in darkness.”

Jesus, some have asked me why You choose to use me, and others in this day, when we have Our Lady of Medjugorje. I do not know the answer. I don’t understand this myself. I try to answer the best way I know how, with Your grace, however I do not know why either. I simply say this, and I reply that this is a mystery. I understand what they mean, though. After all, Our Lady says all that is needed. If we only follow what She tells us in Her messages, we would all be on the path to You, our Savior. What should I say, Jesus? No one can compare to Your Holy Mother Mary. I, of all people know that I am nothing, and Our Lady is the bright star pointing us to You, showing the light to illuminate our path, just like the Star of Bethlehem guided the wise men to You. Tell me, dearest Jesus, if it be Your will, why You have many messengers when Your Holy Mother suffices?

“My little lamb, it has always been this way, has it not? When My beautiful Mother Mary lived in Nazareth, God in His wisdom used John the Baptist to prepare My children of Israel for My ministry, did He not? Why is it, that God the Father deemed it necessary for John to be the final prophet, even though My Mother was present on the earth? This may seem obvious to you, but let us examine it together. My Mother’s role at the time My ministry began was less about being My Mother, though She truly was, and is and always will be. The focus shifted, though to one of Disciple, just as She was focused before the angel appeared with glad tidings and announced the Good News of the Messiah. She was following Me, and setting a perfect example for all of My disciples, so all could see that even the woman chosen by God before all time to bear the Messiah, was a follower of Jesus. She was also preparing for Her role as Mother of the Church which I made public during My Passion when I said, ‘John, behold your Mother. Mother, behold your son.” John the Baptist had a specific role that was necessary to reach people who were not exposed to My dear and perfect Mother. For those who were, their hearts were transformed. Such is the grace of God present in My Holy and perfect Mother. God has used prophets in every age to be the messengers, the mouthpieces for Him. God cannot change for He is perfect and is of no need of change. A good question to those who ask would be, ‘Why wouldn’t God use others?’ He always has, as evidenced in Sacred Scripture. I chose 12 Apostles as My first Bishops. Why 12? Why not 1? Why any, when I had My Mother? I understand, dearest child of My heart, that you know the answers to these questions, but I pose them for clarity. God chooses what and whom He chooses to touch the many souls that only those He chooses can reach. He also chooses those He knows will say ‘yes’ to Him. Sometimes He chooses those He knows will say ‘no thank you’ but even this serves to draw others closer to Me, and often serves as an example of a road not to take; as in the example of poor Judas Iscariot. All graces for this age flow through My Mother. These graces, that originate from Me, God are poured out for all. Many graces fall by the wayside, unaccepted as an unopened and forgotten gift under a Christmas tree. My child, My ways are not man’s ways. Pay no heed to those who do not understand, or who reject My messages, for many, many rejected me, and many, many reject My Mother at Medjugorje. As difficult as it is to accept, it is true. If they reject you, know that they rejected Me first and they also reject My Holy Mother, Mary.”

Jesus, I do not care if they reject me, but only that Your messages are being rejected. I completely understand why they would be rejected coming from someone like me, but I don’t want Your beautiful words of life to be discounted because of me. There are so many other people far holier who are more worthy messengers than I. I do not question being Your secretary, Lord but there are others who would be more credible.

“My little one, I choose whom I choose. I do not make mistakes, and I choose whom I desire, and who is open and willing. Leave all to Me, My child. You are to continue in this work and we go forward together. Trust in Me, My child. I do not choose what the world thinks is best. I do not choose the best, I choose whom I choose.”

Ok, Jesus. Thank You for allowing me to be Your secretary, as flawed as I am. I love You and will do whatever it is You ask, providing You give me the needed graces (which I trust You will provide) . Thank You for explaining things to me, Lord. I am simple and need Your direction in every aspect of life. Glory to You, Lord God of Hosts. Praise to You, my Lord and King. Thank You for allowing this time to adore You and to speak with You, Lord. I love You. Help me to love You more. Increase my love for You, Jesus. I desire to love You even more than possible for my little heart. Jesus, please heal my grandson. He is often sick and suffers so much for a little child. Please help his immune system to grow stronger to fight off the many illnesses he contracts. He is very uncomfortable, Lord and yet he prays for others and has so much compassion. He is very kind and loving and also brave. Thank You for the gift of his life, Lord. Guide him and help him to grow into a loving, faithful, strong Christian man. I love You, Lord and thank You for the many blessings You give me, none of which are deserved, but for which I am most grateful. Please bless and protect all of our family and all of our friends, Jesus. Help us to stand firm for You, Lord even if we are persecuted for our faith. I want to live and die for You, Jesus.

“Thank you, My little lamb. I am grateful for your love and fidelity. I bless you and your husband now, in the name of My Father, and in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go now in My love and in My peace. I remain with You.”

Thank You, Jesus.

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