Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Adoration Chapel


Hello, my Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament. I adore, love and praise You. Thank You for giving us the opportunity to be here with You today. Thank You for Holy Mass this morning, Lord, for Your sacrifice of love on the cross for our salvation. I am grateful beyond words that You came to earth, ministered to Your people, healed them, loved them, taught them, established Your church, took our sins upon You, and died for our salvation. Thank You, Lord for the Church, the Sacraments, Your Holy Word, and for showing us the way. Help me always to follow Your way which is everlasting life. I love You, My Jesus!

“I love you, My daughter. I thank you and My son (spouse) for being here with Me. I look forward to Our time together. Give Me your concerns, your burdens, My child. I am here for you and will give you My peace. “

Thank You, my Lord and my God, that You care about our cares, our concerns, and our burdens. You are the life giving water, Jesus. Thank You that You are trustworthy and merciful. Lord, last week was really difficult. I know You already know everything, and so You know what a challenging week it was. Thank You for being with me in this difficult phase and for walking this road with me. Thank You, Lord for Your reassurances this morning. I realize there is nothing that can occur in my life without You knowing about and allowing. You are only concerned with our welfare and that of our souls and even if the worst imaginable circumstances occur, that it is Your will or they wouldn’t. Lord, You could prevent things from occurring and in my life, whatever occurs I entrust to You ahead of time. I realized this morning that if I lose my job, it doesn’t matter. You have said I’ll be leaving this job in the springtime. If I hadn’t known this (from You), I may have decided to leave earlier than You planned. If I do lose my job, I know it will be Your will, Lord. Keep me always in Your holy will. Enfold me in Your sacred, merciful heart.

“My daughter, I am well aware of the difficulties you are facing. This is a suffering for you. I am with you and I do walk this journey (with you). Do not fear the outcome. All will be well as we discussed and I reassure you, dear child. This suffering is a purification and is needed from you at this time. I will not allow anyone to harm you. Continue to lead My children assigned to you as you always have. Do not doubt yourself, for this is not a reflection on you.”

Jesus, it sure seems that it is to me. It has been similar to a ‘character assassination,’ but not so much my character as my abilities as a leader. This strikes at the core of me, Lord. Not that it really matters what people think of me and my abilities, because I’ve never felt valued in this particular organization, but it is as if everything You brought me through and to was all for naught. I know that sounds extreme, but Jesus it is how I feel. I guess I always thought of this as a “calling” even though I would have preferred to be a stay at home wife and mother. Since I felt I had to work, at least this was something I thought You provided me to not only provide for my family, but to be of service to others. Lord, You know I wanted to step down a long time ago, but I stayed because You said it wasn’t time for me to leave, yet. So many times I have been tempted to look for another job, but have waited on You to give the word. Jesus, will You allow my reputation and credibility to be ruined here? If so, then I must need this lesson in humility. You were treated so much worse, Lord. Jesus, if I am to go out in disgrace, then so be it. Just be with me, Lord and give me graces to behave with love, forbearance, dignity, and grace. Give me the gift of forgiveness, Lord especially for those who are persecuting me. Jesus, I also ask You to give my daughter many graces as she suffers at her workplace and is insulted and shunned for her faith in You. Lord, times are so desperate in this world, since we have lost our trust in You. Please allow (name withheld) and me to be lights for You in this darkness. Help us, Lord to do Your holy and perfect will, no matter the cost.

“My little lamb, I know of your pain, your humiliations. I, too experience what you experience each time those who are My hurting, wounded children, strike out at you, the one who is trying to help them. I know the sting of betrayal. I not only felt this when Judas betrayed Me, but when those closest to Me, abandoned Me in My most difficult time, the Crucifixion. At this time, I was most in need of their love, their support, but few there were to stand in prayer with Me. I am acquainted with betrayal, not only was I then, but I have experienced this through the ages, each time My children reject me. When you are rejected, My daughter, I am rejected. When any of My children are rejected for being ‘different’, meaning a follower and friend of Mine, I

experience betrayal. I am with you and I am with your daughter. You feel you are not being persecuted for your faith, and so it isn’t suffering for Me, but My child I assure you this is precisely why you are being targeted. You do not see the depth, but only what is on the surface, My daughter. There is much more going on that cannot be seen with human eyes. You also suffer for your daughter and what she is going through. Is this not occurring at exactly the same time, My child? Both of you, mother and daughter experiencing very similar paths of suffering at the same time. Does this not give both of you even more sorrow, more pain, more suffering? My child, what of your husband who watches both his loving wife and his faithful daughter suffering persecution at the same time? My son suffers, too knowing he has recourse through prayer but through no other course of action. This is a certain kind of suffering, as well. Consider the Holy Family and what St. Joseph suffered during the events of My early life. He stood by as one who could pray and protect, but who could not take matters into his hands, either. This, My beautiful lamb is another form of suffering, equally difficult.”

Yes, Jesus. I see that it is and I am acquainted with this type of suffering, also. I can think of a time when I went through what he is experiencing (role reversal) and also I have gone through this with my children. Lord, it really is a suffering watching loved ones suffer. Please accept all that we are going through for the good of others. Jesus, please use our suffering to give others graces, for conversion. We also need conversion, Lord. Please forgive us our sins and help us to be Your instruments.

“My child, you have just answered the question, which has gone unasked and that is; ‘Why are we suffering in this way?’ It is needed for the good of others for graces of conversion. Thank you for your offering, My child, My little one. You are imitating Me when you suffer for the sake of others; when you are mistreated, though you have done no wrong; when you are betrayed and ask Me to help you to forgive.”

Jesus, I am not doing so well at this. I have complained and have at times felt sorry for myself.

You make it sound as if I have been saintly in my suffering, but we both know otherwise. Lord,

Your kindness and mercy is a sweet balm to my wounded heart. No one has suffered like You, Lord. Many of the saints have gone through and have endured horrible suffering. This is nothing in comparison and still, for me it is most difficult. Help me, Jesus to be love as You ask. Help me to be emptied of myself so that Your light shines within me, Your love flows through me and Your mercy is distributed in some way through my life. I love, You, Lord and I fail You far more often than I serve You. I am sorry that I am not more of what You desire me to be and I want to be closer to You, Lord. I desire to have Your image sealed on my heart, so that when others look at me, You are all they see. Jesus, these burdens cause me to focus on myself and that is what I like least about this situation. Help me to focus only on You and on those around me, Lord. Please help me, Jesus to be the disciple You want me to be. I am unable to be anything, Lord other than what Your graces provide. I am such a small person, but a big sinner and yet with You, Lord all things are possible. I lift my eyes to You and to my family in Heaven and beg Your assistance for (name withheld) and me, for my family! Lord, come to our assistance. Lord, make haste to help us.

“My daughter, this is a prayer that brings music to Heaven. I am and I will continue to assist you, My beloved children. Be courageous for a little while longer and I assure you, these burdens will be lifted. If you were unable to bear them, I would not allow them for you. Only a little longer, My child. Know that each day that passes with these persecutions, souls are being snatched away from My adversary and yours. Yes, My child, this statement gives you joy and hope. I love you and I accept the sufferings of your family also for the good and the security of the cross to which you and your family climbed on the Feast Day of the Exultation of My Holy Cross. You hesitate to write this, My little lamb, but it is true. My daughter, many of your fellow community members suffer during these days. I, your Jesus hold each one close in My Sacred Heart, for they suffer for love of Me, for love of My Pure Mother. These suffering days are a

purification to prepare My (name withheld) community. This path you are taking at the invitation of My Most Pure and Holy Mother is of such spiritual proportions that the demons are shaking with rage, rage at My Mother’s children, rage directed at you and My little ones who follow Me and My Mother, for they cannot direct this rage at Us, for I am God, and Holy Mary is My

Mother. So they inspire others to persecute My Mother’s children with focused attention on those discerning and following Her plan for communities. Do you see My child? This is what your suffering is about, under the guise of other’s dissatisfaction. They are unaware of who it is that is behind their disgruntled nature. They do not see that they play directly into My adversary’s hands. I have the final say, however and My adversary and yours does not see how I use all of this for the good of souls. You see, My darlings how much your Jesus loves? I use everything My poor children suffer and unite My children’s sufferings to Mine, the Messiah and Savior. I continue to save My children from the snares of the enemy through My children of light who accept and offer their sufferings to Me. All will be well, and one day in Heaven, you will all see the part you have played in the redemption of specific souls. Do not doubt this, as incredible as it may seem. I, your Lord and Savior want you and all of My children of light to pick up your crosses and follow me. Other souls are at stake and they need your prayers and your sacrifices. I love you and I thank you for agreeing to carry this for a short while longer.”

Ok, Jesus. I will be glad to do this for You and for those who have not yet experienced Your love. Only, stay with me and do not allow me to forget that I am Your daughter. Help me to suffer well and without complaint, Jesus. I so want to be like You and I know I cannot be, without Your divine grace, and miraculous assistance. Direct my heart, my thoughts, my attitude and my behavior, Lord so that I become what You desire me to be. I love You, Lord and I am ready to be transformed into Your little servant, Your devoted and faithful friend who is willing to do Your will, but who is too weak to do so. Carry me on Your shoulders, Jesus so that I go with You everywhere You go and so that I am unable to lose sight of You and Your beautiful, sweet nature. I love You, Lord. Forgive me for the times when I did not return Your love.

“My child, My little lamb, I forgive you. I love you. I know your heart is full of desire to follow Me and to be like My Mother. You are becoming the daughter of My heart though you are unable to see this. Take My hand and We will get through this and many more adventures to come. We will not fail, because I am God and I am unable to fail. When you hold My hand you go with Me and I with you. Recall the vision you had of being a very small child, as we walked hand in hand near the ocean. Do you recall this My little one?”

Yes, Lord. I do and I hope I never forget this. It was so beautiful.

“My daughter, I gave you this vision as My gift to see you through the difficulties ahead. You recall this occurred during another time filled with anxiety. This was the moment I gave this vision to you, but it was not for that moment, alone. It was to be a reminder for you that I, your Jesus hold your hand at all times in your life. I walk at your pace, focused intently on you. I listen, I hear, I consider what you say to Me. I respond with love and gentility. You are important to me. One could say during this vision, you observed Me giving you My undivided attention. Even though you were very small indeed, you were just as important to Me as an adult would be and I listened to you while we walked, enjoying the beauty of the sand, the ocean, the blue sky, the sunshine, and all that My Father has created. My little lamb, this is how We are to journey through your time on earth; in one another’s company, focused on one another seemingly oblivious to the anxieties of the world. This can be reality for you as you deepen your trust in Me, your Jesus. A child has complete trust in his parents and does not worry where the next meal will come, or with paying the bills, or even with the weather. A child, in a loving home, goes through their childhood, loving, growing and learning in joy with few, if any cares. This is how you are to walk your journey. My beautiful children of light, holding your Master’s hand, trusting in Me to steer the course. Yes, as adults, you all know to some degree, the seriousness of the times, and it is true that decisions must be made. The biggest and most important decision, My children is to decide whether or not you will follow Me and My Mother. If, you decide for Me, there will be crosses to carry, but the difference is that I will be able to carry them with you. When you refuse to follow Me and even refuse to listen to My Mother, you will still have crosses, My poor children, but where will you look; in what direction for assistance? You see, My children alive in the world will suffer crosses regardless. The difference is the source of assistance in carrying these crosses, and the outcome of such. For My children of light, crosses assist your brothers and sisters. The cross is your road to Heaven. There is purpose and value in the struggle and that makes all the difference.”

Thank You, Jesus for Your words of life and Your lessons of love. Thank You for turning each moment into a lesson of love, Lord.

“You are welcome, My grateful daughter. How I love to teach you and all of My children as you journey on pilgrimage to Me. Have no fear, your Jesus whom you seek, walks beside you just as I did with My disciples on the road to Emmaus.”

Thank You, Lord! Jesus, my husband (name withheld) asked me to pose a question to You for Your consideration/insight about his job. Should he leave his work now or wait until later? He is concerned for the amount of work to be done to prepare to move and also for more time with our family. Do You have anything to say to him about this, Jesus?

“Yes, My child. It is not yet time for this, but soon it will be. Tell My son to pray for direction and guidance. Remind him to call on St. Joseph for direction, also. For My son, it will be sooner than for you, My child. The time has not yet come, though. Prayer is what is needed. He will be directed by My Holy Spirit and when the time comes, he will know through prayer and due to the signs around him. For now, continue on the course I have laid out for you and prepare the house in the meantime. It is difficult, that I know, and that I see. Remember, I have given you much assistance from the saints assigned to your family and from those you pray to assist and intervene for you each night during your family prayer. Remember the legion of angels that surround you night and day. They are assigned to protect you and also to direct your path Use your holy angels, My children for their mission is to assist you during your earthly journey.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus. Thank You for the multiple ways You provide for us. Thank you, holy saints in Heaven for your prayers and petitions on our behalf. You are faithful friends and our brothers and sisters in the Blessed Trinity. Dear Jesus, please bring vocations from our family. St Padre Pio, help us, pray for us. Thank you for all you do for us each day, known and unknown to us. Jesus, is there anything more You wish to say to me?

“Yes, My child. I desire My children to know of My love for them. I request their prayers and encourage them to pray more. Through prayer, I provide encouragement and direction. Bring everything to Me, My children, no matter how small the issue or concern may be. Nothing is too big or too small for Me, for I am the Lord God. Do not hide your concerns from Me, for I see them anyway. Let us discuss them, and allow Me to shed My light on them. You will then have clarity and will realize there is nothing too small or too large for your Jesus. Thank you, My daughter and My son for being with My presence in the Blessed Sacrament. I flow graces to you for you to carry to the world in which you live and move. Come, My children, come to adore Me in the Blessed Sacrament. Do not wait or put it off until tomorrow. Come, just as the shepherds did, that cold night in Bethlehem. They left their flocks to come adore Me. What will you need to leave to adore Me for one hour? Will you have to leave your livelihood? Will you have to leave everything to adore Me for one hour? No, you will only need to make arrangements. You will not be leaving your sheep as the shepherds did, which was their livelihood and their means for feeding their families. They had nothing, but left their greatest possessions and their flock, to follow Me. I ask little, but offer the greatest rewards. Go in peace now, My tired little ones. Go with My gratitude for your visit, your service and your love. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name, and in My Holy Spirit.”

Thank You, Jesus! I love You!

“And I love you!”

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