Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Adoration Chapel

Serious Message Asking for Prayer for Victim Souls and for Those Who Will Perpetrate Such Sinful and Violent Atrocities


Hello, dearest Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament. I am very glad to be here with you today. I love, adore and praise you, my Lord and my God. Thank You for the beautiful sunshine, the wonderful Mass this morning and that we were present at (name withheld) baptism. Thank You, Lord for another little soul in Your kingdom. Praise be Jesus; now and forever!

“Hello, My daughter. I am pleased that you and your husband are here, also. I greet you both with much love from My Sacred Heart.”

Thank You, my Lord and my God. Lord, please be with (relative’s names withheld). He must be suffering greatly, Lord due to his illness. Please help them both as they bear this heavy cross.

They love You so very much, Lord. I can’t imagine the emotional stress they are enduring. Please give them many graces, Lord during this most difficult time.

“My daughter I am with them during this most difficult time of suffering. I walk with them on their journey. I will send them many graces to enable them as they carry their crosses. Much will come from this time of Calvary, and because of their faith and trust in Me, their suffering will bear fruit for the harvest.”

Thank You, Lord that you are with them. They have always loved, served and followed You.

They are bright, shiny stars, Lord for You. I am very sad for what they are and will endure,

Jesus. Please heal my relative. I know that you can, Jesus if it is Your will, Jesus, I trust in You. Lord, please be with me this week as I face a most difficult week. Lord, grant me whatever graces are needed for each day, for I know not what each day holds, Lord but Tuesday will be particularly difficult. Give me Your peace, Lord, the peace that passes all understanding. Touch the hearts of the people, Lord. May they be open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

“My child, I am with you and I will never abandon you. You are being put to the test, and I will give you peace to quiet the storm in your heart in such a way that others will take notice. Your witness through this trial is needed, My dear one. Allow My light to shine through you by showing love and through forgiving those who try to harm you. You will be protected My daughter. Not one hair of your head will be harmed. I will bring you through this in due time as I have other difficult situations. Allow this to be a time of purification. Accept this cross to be offered for other souls in need of conversion and healing. Many around you are wounded and they demonstrate their woundedness by lashing out at others. This happened to Me to a greater degree and it will also happen to My children. My child, you did nothing to cause this, though you have wondered about what you may have done to contribute to others’ dissatisfaction. In this case, you are blameless. My child, do not listen to the tempter who wants you to doubt yourself and your decisions. Have you not tried with every decision to be fair and just?”

Lord, I have tried to be, but that doesn’t mean I’ve made the best decisions.

“Of course not, My little lamb, but you have tried, have you not?”

Yes, Lord.

“That is all that I ask of you. My child, you are not God and therefore you are not perfect. You are applying the policies and principles laid out for you while still being lenient whenever possible within reason. That is the responsibility of leaders. My child, weather this storm under My Mother’s mantle and after the storm passes, you will see that there will be a renewed sense of calm in your soul. The atmosphere is always fresh and new after a storm, is it not?”

Yes, my Lord.

“And so it will be in your heart. You will experience a renewed sense of peace, calm and strength. You will have even more confidence in Your Jesus.”

Thank You, my Lord and my God! I love You.

“And I love you. Trust in Me.”

Yes, Jesus. Lord, have You anything You wish to say to me?

“Yes, My little lamb. I have much to say. You are wondering about the dream My servant and son had that you heard about?”[i]

Yes, Lord. I believe it was from You and that it was prophetic. I think it may be linked to what You have said to me in past weeks.

“My child this event dreamt about by My apostle was prophetic for your country. This sad event will come to pass. Pray for those who will be victims. Pray for their souls and for those who will perpetrate such sinful and violent atrocities. Those who will participate in these violent acts will be possessed by demons. Pray for them now, for their hard hearts can still change. Once they commit these murderous acts it will be almost impossible for them to change for they will have given over everything to the adversary.”

Lord, You can stop all of this. Please, Lord. Prevent them from committing such horrendous acts of violence, hatred and evil. You, Lord are the giver of every good gift. Grant them the graces for conversion. Protect Your children who do not deserve to be victims of such violence. Please, Lord protect the children of these families. They are the most pure and innocent ones,

Jesus. Hide them even if they are in plain sight, or better yet, keep them out of harm’s way. Jesus, I beg of You to protect the innocent victims; the families who are just trying to live and raise their children, Jesus. They are not looking for trouble, Lord and neither are we, Your children. Please convert the hearts of stone, Lord in those who seek to do violence.

Miraculously remove the film which clouds their eyes, causing spiritual blindness and darkness. Give them eyes of compassion, hearts of flesh and love, and ears to hear Your good news, the news of life in You, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Jesus, I beg of You. What is it that I can do, Jesus? I am nothing, Lord but still You love me anyway. I know You love each and every child of Yours. Lord, Your love is the answer to all of our problems. Jesus, please I beg of You, do not allow this evil to come to pass on the land that has been consecrated to Your Mother, the Queen of the Americas.

“My little one, you are filled with longing and love for the future victims. This, I see, and this I know. My child I, like you, long for this destruction and death to pass over these beautiful families. I remind you of the great gift of free will My Father has given all of Our children.”

Yes, Lord. I remember and still I beg of You. Can they not change their hearts due to Your amazing grace and love? I know that You can change the hardest heart. I know that You, who parted the Red Sea and saved Your people, Israel, can also make a way for these families to escape such wrath and injustice. Lord, if You do not infringe on the free will of these evil perpetrators of violence, that I accept. You, Lord can still guide Your dear children to safety. You can part the Red Sea for them and bring them safely to new land where they will be free from the enemy’s plans. Jesus, You did not change Pharaoh’s heart, though You gave him many chances, but You still brought Your people out of Egypt and kept them from Pharaoh’s armies. Please, Jesus, You can do anything and everything for You are all powerful. Jesus, please guide these families to a place of refuge and safety, even if their homes are destroyed. Please, My Merciful Lord and God.

“My child, I hear your prayers. It is up to the poor, lost, evil children to change. However, due to your love and pleading, which I am unable to resist, I will lead one family to safety.”

Only one, Jesus? But, Lord I care for each family. Please, Lord?

“My little lamb, I will call out to others, but only one family will listen and follow My directions which will lead them safely out of harm’s way. Do not cry, My child. This event will come to pass due to the hearts of My children of this nation who have turned against Me, your God.”

But, Jesus. There are many, many who love and serve You, Lord. Is that not true?

“Yes, My child. There are many who love and serve Me but few who do so completely. Few are the number who keep My Commandments. Pray, My little one. Pray and fast for what is to come, so that souls who perish will do so as they remain steadfast in their faith. Their martyrdom will bring fruit, but not until your nation undergoes much. Trials, My child purify. Much purification is required for hearts to return to Me. My sweet one, remember I, your Jesus have not and will not be the cause of such a calamity. It is not I. I Am is not to blame.”

Yes, My Jesus. I know this and I believe You are love and mercy itself. You are good, gentle, merciful, kind and just. I love You, Jesus. I know and I believe that You want peace, unity and love and nothing but goodness for all Your children. What is coming is the opposite and satan is the author of this vicious war, this evil and this slaughter of innocents. Still, Lord You have the power to protect them. I will continue to pray for Your mercy, Lord on the innocent ones in the path of such diabolical fury. You are Lord of the universe and You are the Lord of our nation, no matter what others say. They do not speak for the majority. Jesus, I understand we need a wakeup call, Lord and that You have already given us several. Jesus, please convert our hearts. Wake us up now, Lord before it is too late for so many. Keep us all under the mantle of Your holy Mother and protect us from evil, Lord.

“My child, do not think for one moment that My heart isn’t breaking for these innocent children of Mine, for it is. My Sacred Heart longs to put an invisible shield around each family and their home. I will not do this, though for that is interfering with the free will of My children who have followed the path of darkness. I will, however give these families warnings and will offer invitations for them to be away when this event comes to pass. My child, those who pray will heed and will be away when the evil one strikes. If more of My children followed Me and were praying on a continual basis, they would hear My voice and follow Me, just as the Holy Family left in haste when the angel appeared to St. Joseph in his dream. I am sad that this will not be the case, however I will open the ears of one family and their lives will be spared.”

Jesus, will You open the ears of another family? Lord, a big family with children? Open their ears, also, Lord. Allow the children of all of these families to hear Your voice and to follow You to safety. Please, God. You are perfect. Your will is perfect. If it is not Your will to lead little innocent lambs to safety, then so be it. I do not believe You will refuse these innocent little children, Lord who know nothing of evil, but only love.

“My child, I will welcome all who love Me into My heavenly kingdom.”

So be it, Jesus. Your will is perfect, though I do not understand such evil and violence, nor do I know how we can bear this atrocity.

“My daughter, you are to bear it just as My Holy Mother did; by standing in prayer at the foot of My holy cross. Her heart was broken and pierced by the lance of hatred for Me and yet, in the face of such violence toward God, She stood in love and willed Her heart to be united with Mine, in love for those who crucified Me. She stood there, watching Me, unable to take Her beautiful, trusting eyes off Me, Her Son, Her Savior, Her God. For she willed Herself to live through such horrific violence against the one sinless Man, the God of all, so that She could participate in My crucifixion of love. She, the Mother of God and the Mother of the Church prayed and loved. That is what I ask of you and of all of My children of light. Pray, offer sacrifices. Fast for conversion of souls. Continue to live the life of the Gospel, regardless of what goes on around you. Do not, I repeat, do not, My children take part in revenge and violence. Return hatred for love. Pray for your enemies and for those who persecute you. This is how My children are to act. That does not mean you are not allowed to defend your homes and your families. You are not only allowed to do so, I expect you to do so for you are responsible to defend your families. What I am referring to is the proactive vengeance on those perceived to be your enemies. Do not become like those who serve darkness for you My children, are children of light. You are Mine. Be like Me. Be like My Mother and My holy father, St. Joseph. Sometimes protecting your families means to flee to a place of safety. Be as gentle as doves and as wise as King Solomon. I will assist you.” (Jesus said serpents, but when I hesitated to write this, He lovingly changed His words to King Solomon. He knows how I detest snakes and the word “serpent” sends chills up my spine for it calls to mind the adversary.)

Thank You, Lord for Your words of warning and for Your teaching. Help us, Lord to listen to Your still, small, quiet voice in this world full of noise and distractions. Help us, Lord to turn back to You and to follow Your way of love. Help us to be brave and have courage in the face of such violent evil, for You are the One who we worship, and You are all powerful, all knowing and all love. Jesus, we trust in You. Jesus, we trust in You!

“My child, my child, would that more of My children loved and trusted in Me, Your Jesus. Oh, how different your world would be. I call My children back to the refuge of My sacred, merciful heart. Some hear My call, My invitation and come to Me. Many, many refuse My invitation. I want My children to be happy and free from the bondage of sin. Please, My children return to Me. Return now for the hour is late and darkness is fast approaching. Come into the light. Come now while you can still see some light, though the darkness and shadows descend. I am calling you to come into My holy and loving embrace where salvation and My Father’s Kingdom await you. I love you. Come now, My children. There is no time to waste.”

Jesus, I love You. Allow me to offer myself, Jesus for those who will refuse You. Take me, Lord. I want my children and Your children to love You, for You are not only deserving of love, You are the essence of love. Allow my life to be a living sacrifice for my brothers and sisters. Please, Jesus, I am small and nothing in the grand scheme of this world, but what I am and what I have I willingly give to You.

“Thank you, My precious little lamb. I accept your offering and I accepted it long ago. Your family will live for Me and will continue to walk the path to salvation. The sacrifices you and your entire family make will bring other souls to Heaven. This is also true for all My children who sacrifice their homes, and their way of life to follow My Mother’s invitation to live in Her communities. They will live the life of the cross and through the sacrificial love and their willingness to follow Me wherever I lead, no matter the cost, many souls will be saved. This, My child is the life of the rescue missioner who lays down his life for his brothers and sisters. Be an example, My children of light, for in this way, I will bring about My Father’s plan for Renewal. My dear ones, the time of the harvest is near. Be of good cheer. Pray for a spirit of peace and joy for My Father’s plan is unfolding. All will be well. A great springtime comes after the autumn harvest, but not without winter, My children. You will see winter and it will be long and hard. I speak metaphorically, of a spiritual winter, but I speak truth, for I am truth. Pray, dear children.

You are not praying enough and this is the battle cry. You are in a battle for souls. Take up your weapons, that is the rosary and the holy Mass. Take up your weapons and pray, fast and seek God. Obey My Commandments. Live holy lives. Stand tall for your confidence is in Me. My Little one, you struggle to write My serious words, but your heart is strong. Have no fear for I

and My Mother are with you and all of My children.”

Jesus, I praise and thank You for Your messages of love. Your heart and Your words are so strong, Jesus. I feel only the smallest bit of Your power and yet it causes me to feel overwhelmed. Still, Your love shines through and Your mercy washes over me like a warm ray of light from the sun. Your presence brings peace, or I would not be able to bear such intensity. Thank You for Your grace, Lord to do Your will. You will is perfect. Your will is holy. I love Your will. I beg You to bend my will and to melt it with the fire of Your love. Pour it into Your heart, Jesus where it will be molded in Your image and in Your will. Use us, Jesus. Use Your children of light. Bring us safely into the renewal, Jesus. Spare us, oh Lord. Help us to be witnesses in this time of darkness. I love You, all powerful, living God. I love You and I will serve You with all that I have. There is nothing else I can give You, Lord, so I give You me, small as that is. It is all I have to give.

“Thank you, My child. That is all I ask. I will enfold you in My Sacred Heart and in the Heart of My Immaculate Mother. I hold you, your husband (My son) and your children in My heart. I love you and I fill you with grace to love heroically. Be love, be light, be mine, Children of the Renewal. All will be well. Do not fear, for I am with you.”

Thank You, Lord. Thank You for my family, Lord. I am very grateful for my husband, my daughters and my son. Thank you for the beautiful friends you have given me to love. Thank you for my grandchildren and my entire family (my husband’s too). I love them, Lord and pray that no one will be lost. Keep them in the palm of Your hand, dear Savior. I entrust them all, each and every one, to You and to Your holy Mother Mary. I love and I trust You, Jesus.

“Thank you, My child. Now go in peace. I bless you and your husband in My Father’s name, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in a spirit of peace and love. Fear none of the trials facing you for these will make you stronger, wiser, and will show My love for you. You will be renewed afterwards. Stay in prayer to remain at peace. I love you. All will be well. Ask others to pray for you. I love you. I walk with you and nothing can separate you from Me.”

Thank You for all the graces and blessings, Jesus. I owe You my life and my love. I say, ‘yes’ to You again Jesus, as I know my husband does, too.

“Thank you, My children, go in My love.”

[i] (Note: the dream referred to is given in the video posted on this link: )

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