Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Friday, September 5, 2014

Adoration Chapel


Dearest Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament, thank You for this opportunity to adore You, my Lord and my God. I love You, my sweet Jesus. Thank You for the many graces and blessings You give to our family. Lord, thank You for the beautiful sunrise yesterday that You allowed us to witness on the beach. The cloud formation, the amazing spectrum of colors was gorgeous. Thank You for the magnificent ocean, Father God, our Creator. Praise You, my Lord and my God! Jesus have You anything to say to me?

“Yes, My daughter. I love you and thank you for coming to Holy Mass and for visiting with Me in My presence in the Eucharist. I thank you and all your family. I welcome you to My Mother’s church, to My church on this solemn occasion of My little Therese’s feast day and on the day set aside to honor My Sacred Heart. I am especially grateful that you have come on your vacation. It is always pleasing to Me when My children choose Me over other choices, like sleeping in, or seeing to your own needs. Thank you, My children for coming to console Me in the Blessed Sacrament. My child, you still struggle to write of My gratitude, but thank you for doing so even though it does not feel comfortable. Give this to Me, My daughter, for I wish to make known My gratitude, My love, My joy when My children come to Holy Mass, bringing all that they are and have and laying this on the altar as a sacrificial offering to God. In this way, My children participate; truly participate in the Mass. I, your God am consoled when My children, especially the littlest ones come to Mass with joyful hearts, hearts full of gratitude to Me. I love you, My children. I hunger and thirst for your love. Do not deny the love in your hearts, for I created you, came to earth and died for you so that we never need be separated again. I never abandon you, My precious children. Why do you abandon Me? Please return to me, My children. I await your return with open arms. Do not be concerned that your sins are too many or too horrible, for I am God. I know everything there is to know about you and still I love you. I am the only one with the power, and the desire to forgive you. Come, My children. If you do not believe I want to forgive you, ask Me for My forgiveness anyway. Repent and open your heart to the hope and possibility for forgiveness and allow Me to flood your soul with the light of grace. Then My dearest, poor, suffering little one, I will envelope you with My peace, My love, My mercy, My joy. I, your Jesus desire to take up residence in your heart, but first, My poor, lost child, I must wipe every mark from your heart. Yes, My lost children, sin leaves marks on your heart, on your soul. Allow Me to forgive you and infuse My light into your soul. You will then feel a return of meaning and purpose in your life. Do not despair, your Jesus loves you. Neither wait, though for you wait too long. You go too long without Me, the love.”

Jesus, I sense Your deep sadness and the longing in Your Sacred Heart for your children who are wondering about without You. Jesus, we love You. I am here for You, Jesus. Lord, please give graces through the Blessed Mother to souls in darkness. Help them to see how much they need You, Lord. We all need You, Jesus and can do nothing without You. Help us, Lord in this world of darkness and disobedience. Our world is in a desperate state and our society has lost its way. It is so lost, Jesus that people do not even know how far we have strayed. There is a certain blindness, a dullness of mind and heart. Show us the way back to Your Son, Jesus, Blessed Mother for we are completely lost and wandering in the desert of secularism. Help us Blessed Mother, our Star. Guide us to Your Son, Jesus.

“My little lamb, this is a pleasing prayer. I hear and take this to My Heavenly Father.”

Lord, I thank You that You listen to my prayers. I feel these are somehow (the words escape me) a lost cause. I don’t know why I think this after You just said You hear my prayer and take it to Your Father.

“My child, this is because you know the state of the world, generally speaking. You are aware that it is too late now for hearts to change in the magnitude needed for renewal without major intervention by God. This is true, and yet each prayer for souls does benefit someone. You must continue to pray for hearts to be open to God’s love. Even though you understand it will take God’s intervention to get people on their knees, it is still, or perhaps I say, even more important to pray for the lost. Each child of Mine is precious to Me and the loss of even one soul grieves My Sacred Heart and that of My Mother’s heart. Her sorrow is deep and Her Immaculate, pure, holy heart breaks for Her lost children. This is why you must pray and you must be love to My hurting and lost children. My little lamb, thank you for offering your fall and subsequent pains to Me. I saw your fall and how your family rushed to help you.”

Jesus, it was nothing, very minor. It’s very little to give You and yet You asked that we bring and give everything to You no matter how small. I ask You to unite my little bumps and bruises to Your deep and painful wounds to help some poor soul in need of graces. Or perhaps many (souls) since the little we have, You multiply, Jesus. Thank You that You use our small offerings, multiply them by Your act of redemption and use these little offerings to save lost souls. Your mercy is endless, Jesus and Your compassion and love never grows weary of us. Thank You, Jesus, my Lord and my God, my All!

“Thank you, My little one. this is what I ask all of My children to do. Offer your lives as a living sacrifice, just as I, your Jesus did. I do not ask you to physically die on a cross, only that you take up your small daily crosses and your blessings and offer them back to the source of all life, all love, all truth, Me, Jesus. For in this way, all is united to Me on the cross at Calvary and all is a love offering to God the Father in Heaven. If My children of the light would offer each cross, each concern, each pain, each joy to Me on a daily basis, My children of light, the renewal would begin sooner. Spread this message, My children of light so that others will begin to know the value of uniting their sufferings with Mine. This is a concept many of My Catholic children have either forgotten or have not been taught. You would do well to restore this important teaching on the cross. Fewer children would take their own lives if they knew and understood the value of suffering. Look at Me, My children. Gaze at a crucifix and meditate on the value of My suffering. Then read the Gospels, My children. Understand what is meant by Me when I said, ‘Take up your cross and follow Me.’ This is a very noble act of love, My children, for when you do this, you are imitating Me, the Redeemer of the World. Come, follow Me. I love you. I

will help you, as will all the saints in Heaven to whom you have recourse.”

Jesus, are we to meet with our builder? He has not returned our call, Lord. I have not followed up yet, Jesus as I think I am to do, partly because I do not want to travel there now that we are into the second week of our vacation. That is selfish, I realize, Lord.

“My child, call him again and do what you can to schedule. This visit is needed as the building cannot progress without determining the elevation. Do your best and allow Me to do the rest.”

Ok, Jesus. Thank You.

Lord, please be with my husband’s aunt. Help her, Lord to draw always closer to You in her final days. I am looking forward to visiting her tomorrow. Thank You for this opportunity.

“You are welcome, My child. She is waiting for your visit and looking forward to being with all of you. Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet in her presence, even if silently. This will give her many graces from Me, as you pray in faith and trust in Your Jesus.”

Alright, Jesus. I will do so. Thank you. I love You, Jesus and I trust in You.

“Thank you, My darling daughter. Trust in Me, My daughter. Keep trusting in Me when the coming calamities occur and do not fear. Be assured, I your Jesus have everything under control, though the world will be in seeming chaos.”

Ok, Jesus, Lord. Have You anything else to say to me?

“Yes, My little one. Anticipate the coming days when you will be in My Mother’s presence. You and your family will receive many graces which will further prepare you for your mission. (Name withheld) whose heart is most open to Me and to My Mother will also receive and benefit from the graces poured out upon him. You will have many temptations and trials leading up to this time; times of doubt, worries about one another. I urge you all to see these for what they are; temptations to turn around. The tempter does not want you and My other children to be in My Holy Mother’s presence. He is very angry for these additional days of grace and he wants to block the reception of graces.”

What must we do, Jesus when we have these doubts, these difficulties?

“Call out to Me and to My Mother. Just the mention of My name and My Mother’s name makes the tempter and his minions flee. Ask Me to restore your peace. Sing hymns of praise to God for this goodness; pray the rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet and you will be protected. I will restore your peace. See these feelings of unrest for what they are, temporary and passing. Do not give into them, My dears for great gifts await you. Remain at peace, in unity with all around you for nothing can stop My children of the Renewal from being united to My Holy Mother. Nothing that is, but your free will. I tell you this, so that you will be wise and recognize the true battle being waged for souls. Praise God for any trial, for these are allowed to strengthen your resolve, your faith, your trust and your reliance on Me. Call out to Me, just as St. Peter did when he was sinking. I will hold out My hand to you to pull you from every danger.”

Jesus, do not let go of our hands. Keep us in the safety of Your Sacred Heart where no-one or nothing can separate us from You. We love and adore You, Jesus.

“Thank you, My little lamb and I love you and your family. I sent My little son to tell you this very thing after Mass. He has a heart for his Jesus and for his Mother Mary. Please tell (name withheld) I, his King, am very pleased with the picture of My Mother, and that of My warrior St. Michael. All of Heaven smiles by his desire to evangelize and distribute the prayers of the Most Holy Rosary. Graces flow from his little acts of charity and love and the rays from his heart are beautiful and pure. Tell him of My gratitude, My daughter. He delights Me!”

Ok, Jesus. I will tell him. Thank You for Your encouragement, Jesus and for seeing all that we do for You, Lord. (name withheld) is amazing and so sweet. Thank You for creating him, Lord. The world so needs him. Thank You, Lord.

“You are most welcome, My dears for indeed he was placed in a special, faith filled family to nourish the seed of faith in his heart. There will be many more in need of instruction and nourishment in the faith and I will entrust many children who will be without parents to your family and to other children of light to raise and to love them for the future of My world. (name withheld) will help other children, also and this is why I need My child to continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge of Me and to always grow in love. I will instill My holy confidence in him as he grows. Continue to love one another and to become like the Holy Family. St. Joseph and My Mother will guide you in this as only they can do. My children, I give your family St. Pio. Ask him for graces and assistance to grow in holiness. He watches over you, your husband and your family, and yes, (names withheld). Entrust all to me, My children. Entrust all of your family and all of your friends. Trust in your Jesus. That is all, and that is everything.”

Thank You, good and merciful Savior! I am grateful, though my words seem so inadequate.

“I know your heart, My sweet one. I love you and I thank you for your gratitude. Go in peace. Go in love. Go in My grace. I bless you in the name of My Father, and in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Thank you again little darlings for this most special visit.”

Thank you, Lord for allowing us this time and for our daughter to discover this beautiful church named for Our Lady, Star of the Sea!

“She is smiling and pleased that you accepted Her invitation to come here.”

Thank You so much, Lord God of All. We love You, Jesus.

“And I, you.”

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