Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Adoration Chapel


Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament. I love, adore, and praise you, Jesus my King. Please set up residence in my heart, my King. Reign in my soul, Lord. Purify my entire being with the fire of Your love so that there is not one area of darkness left within me, for without Your love, Your all consuming flame of love, my heart would be void of light and of love. Consume me with the fire of Your love, so completely, Lord that everything within me is of You, Lord. I am unable to love, Jesus unless You love through me. Blessed Mother, just as you said to Jesus at the Wedding of Cana, ‘Son, they have no wine.’ Say to Jesus of my heart, ‘Son she has no love.’ Then ask Jesus to take my heart, so lacking in love, and fill it with new love, His love. He must completely restore/remake my little stony heart, Blessed Mother for He said that one does not put new wine into old wineskins for the wineskins will stretch and tear. That must mean His love, which is so complete, so full, so expansive, must be contained in a new heart; one that can expand because it is soft and tender, flexible, and supple, such that it can expand with the enormous content that is Jesus’ love. Blessed Mother, if you ask this of Jesus and if it will be good for me, Jesus will do as You ask. Blessed Mother, it must be good for all of Your children to love in this way, the way of Jesus, for we are to become like Him in every way. If we are to become like Him in every way, then it must mean we are to love like Jesus loves, for if we do not love the way He loves then we can do nothing else like Jesus for it all begins with love; not just any weak, flawed, human love but His divine Love. Therefore if you ask Him for this on my behalf Blessed Mother, I believe I know Jesus will do so for He will do anything You ask. You must see, dearest Mother how lacking in love I am. You surely know my every deficit for You are the perfect Mother and every good mother knows her children’s strengths and weaknesses. Is this not true, my beautiful Mother, the Mother of my Lord? If it is not true of all earthly mothers, and I think it is, it is surely true of You, our Heavenly Mother. Please Blessed mother, I beg of you to ask Jesus to give me a heart of love, but not just any heart a new heart. It must be new, Blessed Mother so it can be pure and can hold at least some, if not all (no one would be able to live, I think) of Jesus’ love. Dear Mother of my life, will you please ask Jesus for this? I come as a little child who is a beggar for love of Jesus.

“My little one, do not cry and do not be sad. I know you desire to love like Jesus and I also know that you need this love. I will ask Him, My precious little daughter who tries so hard and with much intensity to do what Jesus asks of you. I also see that you are unable to do and be everything He wants of you without these special graces of love. Quiet your heart and be at peace, for I have already asked this of Him. Yes, my child, you see, Jesus wants this for you and for all of His children. I want this, also for I want everything that God desires for I am in His perfect will. You are at peace now, My little one. That is good. I feel your desire to please Jesus and also your frustration with yourself when you fall short of his love. This is as it should be My daughter for it means you desire to live the life of the love, that is the life of the Blessed Trinity. This is God’s will for all of His children. This will be a gradual process, and one which you are learning. I, as your Mother see the progress you are making, which you do not see. You focus on the times you were not as loving as you want to be and yes, I see these also. But, My child I see how much more you try. I see that your guardian angel takes your hands and picks you up. I see all of heaven cheering you on, as they do all of the children of light. All in Heaven pray for our children on earth. The angel guardians re close by walking with their charges and they lift you when you fall. Always, always get up My children of light, so that the light, My Jesus can remain within you. You must take these failed attempts to Jesus in Confession so that He may grant you complete and total forgiveness. When a soul has Jesus remove their sins and the space or void this creates, even if it is a small space/gap, there is then room to receive His graces, those that come from the Sacraments. You see, My child each sin committed from the small to the large offenses, creates a gap in your soul. This gap or empty space then, is devoid of light and love. When one continues to sin, these are more empty spaces. These are like a gray color and are gaps in your hearts, where before there was light.

When one’s soul has many, many sins and there is little light, the soul becomes more and more gray/shadows fill it, and it is dark. This is why, My children even when there are small offenses you must go, and I repeat, you must go to Confession. Allow My holy priest sons to hear your Confession. Then My Son Jesus will absolve your sins, through Our priest sons and the voids in your souls will once again be filled with God’s light. This light eradicates all sin and darkness. Go often My children, so that your souls remain in a constant state of grace and remain filled with light and God’s love. This Divine remedy will prevent you from ever falling too far, for it is very difficult, if not impossible for a soul filled with God’s light, with God’s grace to commit a mortal sin. I say it is impossible for when one frequents the Sacrament of

Reconciliation; one is completely reconciled with God and therefore also with all of Heaven such is the unity with God for those in Heaven. When one’s soul is in the state of grace, one is living and breathing God, as it were. It is only when a soul does not take their smaller offenses to Confession, for absolution and healing, that souls continue heaping smaller offenses over already gray areas of their soul. In this way, lots of smaller offenses numb a person’s awareness of and sensitivity to God. Therefore, the offenses begin to be rationalized by the person who does not frequent the Sacrament of Confession and before that person realizes it, there are larger temptations to sin. It is very easy for souls to fall into mortal sin when they are not caring for their soul and seeking frequent “checkups” in a manner of speaking. There is much focus in this age of disobedience, on preventive health and that is good. However, We would be very remiss if We in Heaven did not reiterate the importance of preventive health in the spiritual life. My children, your souls will live for eternity. It is important to care for the body that the Father in Heaven gave you, yes, but how much more important is it to care for your souls, which you will have forever. Do not be in a position of regret when you stand before Jesus in your judgment, that you did not spend as much time, if not more time caring for your spiritual health as you did for your physical health. Go to Confession regularly, My children, for your soul needs this to remain healthy, full of God giving life, love, mercy, and truth. I recommend that My children go to Confession at the least once every month and I encourage you to go even more frequently. It would be very good to go weekly, but if that is not possible for you, I recommend every two weeks. Some of My children would be making a very big improvement to go monthly. Some of My children, who are seeking to grow in holiness will be aware of a need to go more frequently. I realize many of My children rarely set foot in the Sacrament of

Confession. Yes, My daughter, there are many who consider themselves to be good Catholics who think they are doing well to go to Confession once or twice a year. Many more of My children who consider themselves to be good Catholics go to Confession even more seldom. It is this group of My Catholic children who are at great risk of becoming fallen away Catholics. My daughter, I know of your passion to reach your brothers and sisters who have stopped going to Mass. I tell you now, ask My holy priest sons to preach on the wonderful spiritual fruits of going to Confession on a regular basis and to expand the hours they are available for Confession, for the souls of our little children are starving for graces they do not seek via the Sacrament of Reconciliation. For souls who are unaware, there are literally thousands and thousands (if graces could be counted, which is not possible for humans) of graces going unused due to the numerous children who do not seek and ask for them by going to

Confession. My children, how do you think you can survive the temptations of the current age, that are like no other age, when you do not remain in a state of grace. Please, My children, listen to your Mother. I know what is best for you. You must return to the beautiful treasure in My son’s church, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, for complete forgiveness of your sins. In this way, by regular Confession and My Son’s absolution, you will hunger and thirst for My Son in the Eucharist. Remain united to the living water, for everything flows from the heart of Jesus. When one goes to Confession frequently and by this I mean at a minimum once every month, and goes to holy Mass with a heart full of love, receives My Son in the Eucharist, nourishes this unity through the week in prayer, there is almost nothing one cannot accomplish for Jesus, such is the unity with God and all of Heaven. Please dear children of My heart, do these things which are fundamental to the life of a Christian, so that My Son, Our Lord will be present in a powerful way, in your hearts. A heart full of grace and love, My daughter can literally change one corner of the world. We need many, many children living this life of grace to change hearts, My dear one. You cannot begin to imagine the beauty of one soul, filled with the light of grace which is the love of My Son. Graces from holy souls are like beams of light, with many particles of color, coming up from the earth to Heaven. More graces travel down these beams of light like a passageway back to the soul from Heaven and then these graces go with the soul wherever God takes each soul during their earthly journey. This beautiful bouquet of light, unseen by human eyes, but seen by the angels of light and all in Heaven, travels in and through each soul of My children of light and permeates each place and every person they meet. Do you see, My little one, how beautiful it is to be filled with My Son’s light and love? Do you see how much it is possible for holy souls to impact this world, especially this age of disobedience where so much darkness prevails? Picture this image, My children. Imagine you are standing in a very dark cave. Perhaps there are many of you on tour in some of the splendid caves created by God through His act of nature. Imagine that it is so dark, that you cannot see your hand when you hold it up to your face. You can see nothing at all. When the lights go out everyone stands completely still. There is no movement for fear of running into one another and creating chaos and panic. Your guide encourages all to be very still, at ease so as to avoid a panic. The guide assures you that very soon, the electricity will be restored, and to wait patiently. Soon after the complete silence, people begin to whisper to one another and then in very hushed tones, to maintain a sense of calm. Someone asks you if you or anyone with you has a flashlight. No one does, but someone says, ‘I have a book of matches.’ It is so dark though they cannot see to look in the purse where the matches are someplace at the bottom. The person who says this is encouraged by the others to look for the matches. People move carefully away, ever so slightly, from the person giving them room to search, by feeling inside the purse. What seems like a long time passes and the person finds the book of matches in her purse. She lights one. Everyone is very relieved for just one match produces much light in this cave full of darkness and void of all light. People begin to check on their loved ones and see, really see where each one is standing and draws their family members close. Soon, though the small match goes out. Not to worry, the lady assures everyone, I have more and she lights another. This time, people take the opportunity to look around and assess where they are standing in the cave relative to where they all need to move to get to the mouth of the cave. They assess which people are in the front of the group, who would need to move first to start toward the direction of the exit. The guide knows the way and just when they begin to formulate a plan, the match is extinguished.

The group says to the lady; ‘Don’t light another until we talk. Let’s save the matches for the exit process. We can talk in the dark and when we are ready, light another so we can begin to move while there is light from the match. How many do you have?’ someone says. ‘I don’t know, for I didn’t count them. There were several, though I just don’t know how many. Oh, that is ok; but just ration them so we have as many as possible in case the electricity does not come back and we can at least make our way toward the exit and leave.’

“My children, do you see how important it is to have this light, which in your souls is the light of God’s love? In this story, only one person was equipped with matches. Even one person made such a difference. With the light from only two matches, there was a sense of calm. After being in total darkness, the light from one match enabled parents to locate their children and draw their families close. For the first time, people really looked at one another and valued their presence, their state of being alright during the darkness. With the lights from the second match, all were able to assess the state of the cave and where they were in proximity to the route needed to travel to safety, to exit the cave and be in the presence of the sunshine, God’s source for earthly light and life. You see, My children, how one soul makes a difference? Imagine now that 6 people had matches. How much more quickly and efficiently could the group move about in the cave and formulate an exit strategy. How much easier would it be for others to rescue them if they could walk much closer to the path near the entrance? You see, My children, the more darkness that exists in your current situation, the brighter the light, even from one match. The contrast is so great that people even remarked at the brightness of the light in the cave just from one small match. My children, be light for this dark world in which you are living. Be love. Give your ‘yes’ to Jesus to live in the light of His love. In this way, more and more of our children, your brothers and sisters will be illuminated by the light of Christ. A soul in darkness, who longs for God’s love is attracted to the light in the soul of another. Do you see, My children how light for those in the story of the cave experience, provided truth and clarity to them? They were able to see, for the first time for some, how much they valued one another, needed one another, and how much they valued the gift of life given to them by God the Father. In this story, the children in darkness decided for a plan to exit the darkness so they would live; for if they remained in the darkened cave, with no return of electricity, they would surely die. Oh, some may have lived and exited by groping around and by God’s grace being led by the guide to the exit, providing the guide could determine the way. It is doubtful the guide would have done so, though for darkness causes confusion and a loss of the sense of direction. Such is also the effects of a darkened soul. One with such darkness has a loss of direction and purpose in their life. A soul such as this gropes about in the darkness trying one route after another with so many failed attempts at exiting the darkness that one begins to give up and lose hope. Souls in this example, in darkness begin then to be angry with the fact that they are in darkness and then begin to pull other souls into their dark space. They do so out of anger and sometimes out of loneliness. ‘If I can’t escape this lot in my life’, these souls think, ‘at least I can have company in my misery’. All along, the exit was just ahead, but they were in such darkness, they could no longer recognize the small ray of light. Their eyes had grown so accustomed to darkness; it is almost as if they had grown blind to the light. My children of light, what would you do in this example, if your brothers and sisters were lost in a cave, with no matches and no hope of electricity? My children, you would take your flashlights, extra batteries, some rope, some water, and some food, and set out in search of your brothers and sisters who were lost in the cave. Yes, My dears, I know you and I know this is what you would do. You would also seek the assistance of a guide, an expert in spelunking and enlist their services. You would quickly devise a rescue plan and embark on a rescue mission. This is what I, your Mother am asking of you. You must frequent the Sacraments to give you the additional graces in your souls that are especially needed during these dark times. Look at this as having a flashlight with many additional batteries to keep the light burning brightly for a long period of time. You would bring life giving water and some food for your brothers and sisters who, by the time you reach them, may be parched from thirst, and starving of nutrition. This is what you must bring with you, the love of Christ for you must be prepared to give and give of your love, the love Jesus has filled you with from His Sacred Heart, for it takes much love to heal souls who have lived in darkness for a very long time. Light from the flashlight is very important but once you find the group who is lost, if they are dying of thirst they will be unable to follow you out of the dark cave. You must bring them the basic sustenance of life, which is water and then some light food. One cannot eat much after having been without food for a long time. One must drink and then have light food. This means in the spiritual life, you just love your starving neighbor; do not give them an entire catechesis on spiritual doctrine. They will not be able to digest this My children. They must first receive life giving water. This My children is God’s love. Give them love My children. Listen to them. Hear their fears, their concerns; you do not need to know what to say. You do not need to be equipped with all of the answers and have an elaborate detailed map of the cave with an explanation of where they are, how they got to the location, why the electricity went out, and a lecture of why they mustn’t leave home without a flashlight or at least some matches when they go on a tour of caves. No, My children, for those who are dying of thirst will simply lay their heads down and pray for death. This is not helpful. One first administers what is needed. In this case, one opens a canteen, lifts the head of their brother dying of thirst and assists them to drink. Only a little, you say. There is plenty more, but allow your body to absorb this for a few moments before drinking too much or your body will reject this life giving water. You clear the area, asking others to give the victim space so they can breathe. You then give them a few more sips. You sit with them as they regain some energy, some life. You talk to them in quiet tones, encouraging them, telling them how happy you are to have found them. How brave they have been, to have lived through so much darkness, to have been lost for so long and to have not given up hope. You are sweet and kind which is balm of love to their weary, sad soul and they begin to feel strong enough to take a little bit of the food you have brought. Just a little, you say, until your stomach is used to the food and then we have more for you. They have begun to trust you now, for you had more water for them just as you said you did and therefore they believe that you will also have more food for them. And you do and you give them a little more. When they feel a bit stronger and are now sitting upright, you help them to their feet. The group is now ready to move, but only for a few yards. They must then sit down and rest some more for their muscles have atrophied while they were waiting to be rescued. You then give them more water and food and wait while they rest, until once again they are able to continue. This time, they can walk further. My children, this repeats itself, nourishment, walking, then resting, more nourishment, more rest, more walking until you are all safely to the mouth of the cave. Then, you must patiently wait for their eyes to adjust to the fullness, the brightness of the light, for their vision has dimmed and their eyes are unaccustomed to the bright light from the sun. They have been assisted though by seeing the light from your flashlights and by this time, as they have neared the mouth of the cave, there has been some light causing the tunnels in the cave to be less dark. You see, My beautiful children of the Renewal with what patience and love you must rescue your brothers and sisters in darkness. There will be time to discuss what happened and how to prevent this in the future, but that is not important when their lives were at stake. It was only important to provide the necessities to restore and sustain their lives to exit the darkness. This is how one must approach a brother and sister in darkness, give them kindness, mercy, and love. Be gentle with the fragile nature in which you find a soul in darkness. Be a gentle light, not a bright, blinding, judgmental beam. Be love. Be mercy and forgiveness. Be all love. ‘But Mother’ you say, ‘We do not know what a soul needs who has been in darkness. We do not know how to act.’ To which I say, read the Gospels, My children of light. See with what great mercy, My Son treated repentant sinners. He did not cast them aside to deal only with those deemed important at the time. No, He did not. He stopped and looked at each soul in need. Oh, with what love My Son gazed into the heart of a soul in desperate need of love. His gaze would melt their heart, and at the same time renew their strength and hope. His loving gaze could heal the most desperate sinner, for He is all love and He accepted each person, forgave them, gave them the dignity each soul created by God desires and deserves. He did not overlook their sins but called them with love, to come toward Him who is the source of light, the origin and source of love. This My child, My children, is what you must emulate. Read My Son’s Gospel and you will know what you are being called to do and to be. Read the Acts of My Son’s Apostles and you will understand that you are also being called to be His apostles for apostles are bearers of good news, the news of Christ, the news that God is love and He loves all. This is what you, My children of light, My Children of the Renewal are called to be for your Jesus, for My Son. Be His light, bring His love to the nations. This is all, My children and this is everything.”

Thank you dearest Mother of My Lord. Thank you for this beautiful teaching. Thank You that You show us how to be children of light and how we are to bring the love of Jesus to our dear brothers and sisters living without the light of Jesus, for they have lost their way. Help us dear Mother, to be those children who decided for Jesus to bring light, water and food and most of all love to those lost and living in darkness. Thank You, Blessed Mother that You love Your children and that You long for us to be all that God asks us to be. Help us to give our ‘yes’ dearest Mother as you so easily and generously gave Your ‘yes’ to bring Jesus into the world so that we could all benefit from His saving, redeeming act on Calvary. Oh, what love, what generosity, what mercy lives in Your Immaculate Heart, dearest Mother of God. Help us dear Mary to be like You, a perfect disciple of Jesus in every way. Teach us dear Lady, our Star and guide us through this perilous but blessed journey of life so that we follow You to Jesus, our Treasure, our God. Thank You, dearest Mother that You do not give up on us and for Your continual prayers for us and Your lessons of love. I love You, Blessed Mother and I thank You.

Thank You, Jesus for sharing Your Holy Mother with all mankind. What a beautiful gift You give us, Your poor lost children. Surely we will exit this darkness, Lord when You give us a bright, sinless, perfect Mother to guide us. Thank You, My Lord and My God.

“You are welcome, My little lamb, My daughter. Your gratitude delights Me and I am grateful in return that you recognize and accept this gift from Me. This perfect gift of My Mother and her love should never be rejected, so great a gift it is that I give Her to My children. Follow My beautiful Mother Mary and all of Her words, Her messages of love and direction, for She alone perfectly followed Me, Her Son and lived a sinless holy, perfect life of love at every moment. Who better to teach My children of light how to be a holy person, than My Mother. If not Her, no one.”

Yes, Lord. Thank you, Jesus!

Jesus, have You anything more You wish to say to me?

“Yes, My child. Read, contemplate, and study the parable My Mother told you about rescuing those in darkness. This cave parable is rich with spiritual truths, and though simple on the surface, has many, many layers of meaning. Explore these truths. Dig deeply to uncover the layers. For example, the guide She mentions, the expert one would seek to lead such a rescue mission to seek those lost in the cave story, are My holy priest sons. There are many guides, My daughter, and these guides are very skilled and adept at finding lost souls and leading them out of darkness. Those who perfect this mission of mercy are My holy priest sons who follow My Mother as She is the Mother of My Church. Those who love and follow My Mother, the first disciple, the Ark of the Covenant in the age above all ages, My incarnation and subsequent birth among men, have the surest way to Me and to My Father. She is the new Eve. She is the trailblazer, the guide among guides, the Star. You see, My daughter, just as the wise men saw the Star of Bethlehem and followed it until they came to their destination, Me, so it is for you and for all of My children. The brightest woman, the brightest creature of all mankind, the One full of grace and therefore completely full of My love, of Me, of God, is Mary, the Woman clothed with the Sun with a crown of 12 stars. She, My beautiful Mother Mary, leads Her children in the most direct, straight path to Me, Jesus. You see, My children of light, it is My Mother and yours, Mary, who knows the way of salvation for She prepared it for you; She walked it with me. She stood with Me during every single moment of My life up through and including the final moments of My earthly life and death on the cross, the final moment that ended the era of the time period of life before redemption. She was the bridge from the Old Testament time, the Children of Israel, to the New Testament time, the time of Christ and the children of light, the children of the Gospel. She brought me, into the world by the perfect ‘yes’ and one that She gave day after day, each and every moment of Her days - Her beautiful, perfect, humble, ‘yes.’ Her ‘yes’ reversed the ‘no’ of Adam and Eve in the Garden. Her ‘yes’ to the angel, My messenger was the word that caused Her initiation of the greatest event ever known in the history of creation, God became Man. I, by God’s will became incarnate in the precious vessel of the only perfectly holy woman God created who, by Her ‘yes’ brought about the saving act of Me, the Redeemer, the Messiah, so long awaited, so long prayed for by My people. Yes, My holy Mother Mary’s ‘yes’ brought about and fulfilled God’s will for Me to save the entire human race. She deserves so much gratitude, so much love and so much honor by the entire human race, but instead many children of God reject the very person whose ‘yes’ brought about My salvific act of love. Children, do not reject your Mother, My Mother, for without Her perfect humility, Her perfect charity, Her perfect will within the Trinity’s perfect will, you would not have the benefit of My death and resurrection, My Holy Church on earth and the Sacraments of life. You would not be here, My children. For without My coming, just at the right moment in history, the world would have destroyed itself and therefore you would not have been born into the world, for there would not have been a world, the earth in which to be born. Yes, My daughter you must begin to see the importance of My Mother’s role in each and every life on earth, for without Her ‘yes’ not only would the act of redemption not have occurred in the moment planned from all time by My Father, the earth would have been destroyed by evil men who follow My adversary and yours.

However, because of My Mother’s ‘yes’ My Father’s will was done and all the rest, as you say, ‘is history.’ So, you see My children, My Mother will never lead you astray and not only will She never lead you astray, but She is the perfect guide to lead you to Me. For those of you who think you do not need My Mother, think again. For you who say this are putting yourselves above Me, your Lord and Savior, for even I needed My Mother. ‘But, Jesus’, you say, ‘You are God. Surely You did not need Mary.’ To which I say, Yes, I am God, and I am also incarnate man, for I took on humanity, true humanity and in My humanity and in My Divinity as the Son of the Father I needed a Mother, and not just any mother would do. For the Son of God and the Son of man, the Father desired a perfect Mother, perfect in every way. Would I choose something less? Of course not, for She is the Holy of Holies, the Ark of the Covenant, the One who would carry Me in Her Immaculate womb, nourish Me in utero, and on Her milk as an infant, the One who would love so perfectly and completely to love, nurture, and care for God’s Son in the only way acceptable to God—perfectly. Your Mother and My Mother is the only completely human soul who is perfect in every way, and by that I mean every way. Is She perfect of Her own accord and by Her own accord? No, of course not. She says emphatically, no! She is made so by God the Father with the specific purpose and mission as Mother of God, Mother of the human race reversing what Eve did by her ‘no’ and by Mary’s ‘yes’ leading My children back to Me, back to My Father’s kingdom, back into the fullness of the Father’s family. My children, follow My beautiful Mother Mary to Me, Your Jesus and all will go well for you. Study Her cave parable for insight into your specific and most particular situation, for My children of light, you are living in a world that has decided for darkness. You are living in an age of disobedience, and consequently confusion, darkness, loss of purpose of life, loss of direction and the resulting consequences—the culture of death. Children of the Renewal, yours is a rescue mission. Bring My love, My light, My mercy to all you meet. Be My love to others. There is a time to teach. There is a time to correct, of course, but this is also a time when souls are at stake, for they are dying for love, dying for mercy, and you are the ones My Father has planned from all time to live in this time of darkness to be His light to the world. I am the light of the world, and you must live in Me and I in you to be My torchbearers. Always come to the source of light and life, truth and life, Me. You will find Me in the Eucharist, the very life, source and summit of the church. Unite your lives to Me in the Holy Eucharist, the source of all life, the source of the water of life and take Me to the dark world. Children of light, go—seek out the lost, love your brothers and sisters, pray for them, carry their burdens. Only, ask Me to help you or you will not be able to do so. Follow the words of My Mother. Be examples of what it is to walk in the light. Be holy, be living examples. Live in simplicity, live in love, unity and peace.”

Thank You, Lord. Help us to do as You say, Lord. We can do nothing without You, Jesus, Lord. My friend has asked that I speak with you and seek Your direction in this difficult event that has transpired. Jesus, if it is Your will, please tell my friend what it is you would have him to do. He wants only to do Your will. Do You have anything You wish to say to Me, Jesus about this? If not, I understand for I believe You will guide him as will Your Holy Mother. I am asking because he asked me to, Jesus.

“My child, tell My son that I will direct every decision in his life. He asked that I bring his family along and I have, and I will continue to do so. (name omitted), My precious, faithful son, do not fear and do not allow any anxiety access to your precious heart. I, Your Jesus, have never abandoned you and I will never do so, nor will I leave you now in this difficult circumstance. My son, just as I give the gift of free will to My creatures, I also ask that My children respect this free will in others, even in their children. I know this is a great cross at times. It is one which I bear with you, My son. I allow you to experience to a very small degree what I experience on a continual basis and that is watching My children make choices outside of the Divine Will. I say this (name omitted) to remind you of something you already know but that is the familiarity of the suffering of Your Savior. I also remind you that with the cross comes the resurrection and surely without the cross there can be no resurrection. My son, I do not say this to insult your intelligence for Your Jesus knows full well that you understand the principle of the cross. I say this, only to remind you that you told me long ago that you will to be united to Me on the cross, for you there is no other way, just as there was no other place My Mother willed to be, but with me in My Crucifixion. My son, you must have a renewed sense of trust in Me and in My plan. With some, we must let them go, free in their choices. In this way, trusting in Me and in the Blessed Mother, when those you love return, they will do so also with freedom. Their love will be much stronger for they will have experienced your love which you freely give, and your mercy. I know this is not what you had planned though you saw it coming, it is not what you desire. The end that you desire My son will come to fruition, but will need time to germinate, time to be nourished in the soil, time to take root and time to sprout. In some cases there is a need to pull up the plants that have become infested with a growth, till the soil, allow the soil to rest, rotate the seeds and begin again. Now is this time, My son whom I love most dearly. Now is the time. In your wisdom, acquired through much suffering and prayer, you know this time has come. I ask you to bear this suffering and this knowledge with the graces My Mother freely and generously gives you. Be like My Mother, who allows Her children the space to reject Her, forgives them, constantly prays for them and intercedes before the Father and lovingly takes them back when they see they have made bad choices. She rejoices at their return, and celebrates their unity with me, never once chastising Her prodigal children. Only acceptance, love and mercy greets Her children and Mine when they return. Do likewise, My son. All will be well. Do not worry about the house for it has always belonged to you no matter who lives there, and it always will. Regardless of what you decide, I am with you. I love you and I trust you to follow Me and My Mother wherever We lead you. That is all and that is everything. My dearest son, I love you with a passion known only to Me, for My love is all consuming and yet life-giving. I walk with you and you walk with Me.”

Thank you, Sweet Jesus for your direction and life-giving words for my friend. Thank You, Jesus!

“You are welcome, My daughter. I love you and all of My children of light and all of My children of darkness, too who were all meant to be My children of light. My little lamb, you cannot comprehend the utter sadness I have in My Sacred Heart for My lost children. Do all that you can to bring My love to them, My daughter. Do everything and anything you can within your state in life. My mission for you is a rescue mission and this is why you must contemplate your life and your choices. Consider why it is you were called into the service of others as a

(profession omitted). You were called to minister to your brothers and sisters specifically to their hearts. My child, this calling was no coincidence, for though the treatment prescribed by physicians is physical in nature, you were aware even at a young age that the care delivered needed to be delivered with patience, love, and mercy. You learned valuable skills and lessons of love when you delivered care. You later learned leadership skills when I put you in leadership positions so that you could teach others your way, which is My way of leadership in service to those you are leading. You cull out the gifts and talents others have and call them to contribute for the whole of the team. This gives others the insight and knowledge of their own dignity and worth as children of God. My daughter do not become frustrated with Your Lord for leaving you in this field of thorns and briars, for I give you the path that is difficult for your good, so you will learn to walk the way of My Passion. I love you and I ask much of you. My precious son, your husband, has walked a similar leadership path, unique to his calling, filled with mines and obstacles. I prepared him for much, and for his mission and yours beginning with his time in the dessert when he felt alone, lost and abandoned by his parents. (name withheld), My beautiful, precious son, I never abandoned you. My dearest son, I was with you during all of your childhood. I went to camp with you. I laid in bed with you as you tossed and turned at night, tears streaming down your face in the dark when no one could see. I saw, My dear son. Your tears were My tears. Believe Me when I tell you, I was more sad than you and yet I allowed this time, My son so that one day, when the little children I send to you and your wife feel completely lost and abandoned, you will have a small idea how they feel. Who better to comfort one without parents than one who longed for his parents to love him and to desire his presence among them? You lost your beautiful Mother, long before the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, My son. Yes, I know how you lost many years. Your Mother, who loved you so dearly and wanted to give you everything she knew to make you into a leader among men, for she saw your great potential, through illness could not possibly give you the love you so deserved and that she desired for you. She is giving this beautiful, motherly love in the best way, now from My Heavenly Kingdom. She prayed for Me to give you a loving wife, who knew how to give you affection and unconditional love and also how to give you the space and freedom to be the man that you are. You can thank your Mother and your Blessed Mother for bringing (name withheld) into your life. She also prayed you would have daughters as she knew you did not have your own to love and this would give you the insight and lessons needed for your future mission. Even the experience you had in the military was provided by Me, My son. Contemplate all of your life experiences in light of your future mission, that which you know, and begin to understand that My hand has been upon you from the very beginning. My son, even the separation you experienced when your Dad was serving in WWII, to the time of deep and sincere grief having to leave your father figure, your Grandfather, was preparation for the mercy and compassion for (name withheld) and the other children I will send you. Be patient, be merciful, be compassionate, My brave son. You have born many wounds from lack of love, from separation, and even from living apart from Me. See how I gently guided you, loved you, gave you your space, your free will and planted seeds of longing and love in your heart. I sent people into your life to give you glimpses of me and My Church until one day, you returned in full force with the conviction, passion, and the decisiveness which I placed in your temperament. I love you, My son and I have never abandoned you. You are a true man of God now, not perfect I know, but growing in the way of holiness. Continue to pray and to lead your family, My son, for this leadership, this virtue, this sword of righteousness tempered with a heart full of love and mercy are the tools you need and that I am asking, counting on you to cultivate and use will be exactly what is needed for your mission, which was given to you by My Father in Heaven. Take courage, My son for you will do all I ask and you will follow Me, loving your wife and all I entrust to you, until you take your last breath and enter into My heavenly kingdom. Yes, the mission I give you is a challenging one, but you would settle for nothing less than one in which you are stretched and challenged. Hold fast to St. Joseph’s hand and to My Mother’s mantle. Be that mantle of protection for My holy priest sons and for your family and the children I send you who will become your family. I give you My Father, St. Joseph to guide you in every way, and My Mother to show you how to love all of My children in the way only She knows. She is also teaching your wife to love and for this, you may count on her to reinforce. Together, you must learn to love like the Holy Family, for this type of unity and love is a necessary requirement and even a pre-requisite to embracing those I will send you. My son, pray for guidance for the meeting in (place withheld) which is vital for your community. View each man as your brother, for they truly are. They will be closer to you than any other and you and My daughter will understand this more deeply over time. I give you (names withheld) your neighbors to love and cherish in a special way. They will be closer to you than anyone else on earth. My Mother has orchestrated every event leading up to this community, and every event afterwards to bring about the fulfillment of Her plans and My plans. (private message omitted) My son, I have good days in store for you, though difficult, they will be blessed days. Be at peace, giving every decision over to Me and to St. Joseph for we will guide you. Be of good cheer and have a light heart. You were also blessed with a sweet, gentle sense of humor. Use this to bring joy to others during these difficult but grace filled days. I love you both My darlings. Go in peace, now to love and serve Me and to love and serve one another. Be love to one another and to everyone you meet. Bring joy to your meeting. This is a new adventure and your listening, compassion, sensitivity and wisdom, both of you bring, along with your daughter’s pure love and joy, will be a welcome and needed addition to the meeting and to the community. All will be well. Go forward with anticipation of the many graces and gifts I have for My faithful children who answered the invitation to form Her community. I implore you to be open and accepting of all for many are seemingly confident, but are afraid deep down and they will benefit from your friendship, your confidence, your humility and most of all from your acceptance and love. I give you the graces of hospitality which are sorely lacking in this age. I love you. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace, in joy and in My love.”

Thank you, Jesus, My Lord and My God!

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