Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Adoration Chapel


Hello My Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament. I love you and am grateful to be with you today, Lord. Thank You for the many blessings You give all of us, Lord. I am grateful for the rain and the warm weather. Please bless the men who are on retreat this weekend. Change our hearts, Jesus so that we are able to love in the way You would have us love. Jesus, please be with (names withheld) as they discern where You would like them to move, and what it is You are calling them to do. I know she is disappointed the other property fell through, but knows it wasn’t in Your will or it would have. Please direct their footsteps so that every decision made is made in alignment with Your will. I trust in Your plan for them, Lord.

“My daughter, I am grateful to you for visiting Me in Adoration of My presence in the Blessed

Sacrament. Once again, you are weary My child. Rest in Me and I will renew you.”

Thank you, Lord.

“I encourage My children who are following Me and carrying heavy burdens for those who are not yet following Me to get more rest at night when possible. There is much to do for Me during the day and I need My children of light to get more sleep at night. This is necessary to remain at peace during the day, and to give My peace to others. It is also important so that My children can remain alert to My promptings.”

Jesus, I am sorry I have not been getting more sleep. I should, and I know You have asked me to do so. It seems there is not enough time to do everything while I am in this job that is consuming and stressful, and yet in my heart I know I just need to trust You more and give everything over to You. I obviously have not learned to do this yet, Lord. There are so many issues at work that come up all day, every day and so many deadlines that we struggle to meet with too few people. Please help things to go more smoothly, and help us to trust You more and not become so tense. I really need Your help and graces, Lord to accomplish this habit of giving all to You, especially each issue. It seems so distracting at work, Lord and very busy with meetings and frequent interruptions, that focusing on the next task or the next person takes so much effort. Lord, I am not at all what you want me to be and I’m very sorry that I am such a slow learner. I used to be more encouraging to others and more understanding and patient. I

feel the demands of this job are taking such a toll on my heart and my soul. Please help me to be more at peace during the work day, Jesus. How do I become the person you want me to be, Lord, in the midst of such chaos?

“My daughter, bring every situation as it presents itself to Me. I made My children in such a way as to focus on one thing at a time. You can only do something in the present moment and focusing on everything that needs to get done by a certain time frame is focusing on future work. Of course, one needs to know what deadlines are approaching and plan as best as humanly possible the tasks to be accomplished to meet one’s goals, however I am specifically speaking about the situation where one worries about what is needed, versus planning what is needed. I need My children to be focused and to be well directed with purpose, and most importantly to be at peace during the storms of life. When you are being interrupted constantly, due to other’s poor planning you must ask Me what I would have you to do or to say. If you need to control your environment in order to get work done, do so, whether you close your door or go to a conference room. Having more structure in your day will help. Set aside 2 hours per day to work on contracts, 2 hours for meetings, 2 hours for your associates, and 2 hours to respond to emails. In this way, (as an example) you will have more structure and will not feel as though you are being blown about in the wind. On another day you can spend 2 hours planning, perhaps on Mondays and Fridays. In this way, you will be more efficient and make better use of the increments of time. I realize there are days filled with meetings, but on days that don’t have as many follow this guide and I will help you. When 8 hours has passed, review what is needed for the next day, make a schedule to follow and then go home. I will help you to be more productive, and also some things will just not get done. That is alright, My daughter for there is too much work for one person. It is My will that you work hard, stay focused, remain at peace, and have time in the evening for your family and the things I need you to do to prepare for your move. The move will come regardless of your ability to accomplish it all and regardless of your weariness or lack of peace. I tell you these things to assist you so it will go well for you.”

Thank you, Lord for giving me such a simple, specific plan to follow. I will put this to use and I pray it works well. I believe You will need to intervene for this to work as there really are constant “fires to put out” and the best laid plans seldom come to pass when it comes to my schedule. I feel it is “not my own” and that is fine if it’s Yours but it often feels as though something and “someone” is working against me.

“My child, it is as you say. This is why you must give everything to Me for I am stronger and cannot be derailed from My plans, as mere humans are. I am God, and nothing can prevent Me from success in carrying out My plans for My children with the exception of your free will. However, when one gives Me each and every task, problem, issue, choice, and decision, it becomes Ours. We work together and when I have something given to Me by My children to do, I do it well. Practice this plan I have laid out for you and all will go smoothly. You will see My child, it will go better for you and you will have a new and fresh perspective.”

Thank You, Jesus. I am very hopeful now and most grateful.

“My child this is an important spiritual lesson and practice for you to develop until it becomes commonplace for you. I want you to bring every single issue, choice, decision, project, task to Me no matter how small. Give it to Me and ask My direction and guidance. Say, ‘Jesus, what would you have me to do about this? What would you like me to say about this, Jesus?’ Wait for My guidance and direction. Wait patiently until you hear My direction. It is very noisy in the current age. Practice going within your heart frequently throughout the day. When the time of great distress is upon you, this spiritual practice will be most important so that you are open to My direction and can be at peace in what will seem to others as chaos. Your peaceful attitude, your composure, your ability to think with clarity and respond to My direction will be critical to the lives of those around you. It is for this reason I leave you where you are My little one so that you learn to employ this important spiritual practice in each and every situation. My little lamb, the situations in which you will be placed in the future, as part of the mission My Father and I entrust to you will be unsuccessfully carried out (on your part) if you do not learn to hear My voice and train your heart and mind to seek My counsel in every moment of your day. I ask much of you, I know My daughter and yet you are capable of learning this. If it were not so, I would not ask this of you. My Mother will help you. She carried out each and every day of Her life in this prayerful manner. Her disposition was one of prayer and unity to My will. It is not that I, Your Jesus think you cannot make your own decisions, use the good judgment I gave you, for of course you can. This is not the issue, it is that when the times of great trials-at their climax are upon you and your community, no human being would be able to cope, and at the same time minister to My children injured, frightened and in need of so much physical and spiritual assistance. Without Me, all would flee and go into hiding from their brothers and sisters, so great will be the needs in front of you. However, I will be with you, guiding and directing your every action. In order to receive this direction, My daughter, you will need to have cultivated an open heart, an open will so that your will is fused with mine. We must be in lockstep prior to this mission to carry it out the way in which My Father wants it to be. We will be so united, you and I

that We will be like two dance partners who are familiar with the other’s steps and movements and direction so that We move together fluidly, at peace and with such unity, such purpose and such grace that We are inseparable and no question would even emerge about you and I being partners. Do you see, My child? This is the way I would like all of My children of light to be. In this way, many souls will be touched, many lives transformed, and all service carried out with great love, peace, and joy. My little lamb, this dance, this carrying out of one’s duties in lockstep with Me is being in the Divine Will. I intended all of My children to live in this way, in My Divine Will, in My Sacred Heart, in the Heart of the Blessed Trinity from the beginning of time. Come to Me, My children. Give Me everything. I will make all things new. We will work, live and love together, I in you and you in Me. In this way, We will restore the unity and mutual lives intended by God the Father. This will be a way of life during the Era of Peace, but I am asking My children, those who know Me and follow Me to practice and perfect living this way now, for you will be the examples for My other children when they repent and return to My embrace. You must learn this way now, My children for We will rebuild the world the way My Father intended it to be. Peace must reign in your hearts now, so that My children hear My voice, My direction and follow Me. I say “follow Me” not in a general sense but in a very real and tangible way in each moment of your day. For to follow Me generally, to Heaven means to follow Me in every decision, in every choice, in every problem presented to you. For it takes many small steps to walk one mile, many more to walk 5 miles and many more to walk miles, does it not My child?”

Yes, Lord. It certainly does.

“But, My little lamb, if one does not take the first step and the second, and the third step, if one sits down after a few steps, too tired or too despairing to go further, the first mile is not completed. So, you see, such it is in the spiritual life. Each step with Your Jesus is important and serves to carry Me toward the completion of your missions on earth. But one must begin. Even if you are taking small steps, there is advancement, is this not true?”

It is true, of course, Lord.

“So you see, even small steps are positive. If you fail to give Me every problem, every concern, every decision, but say, you give Me 10 out of 30, and the next day 15 out of 30, and so over time, My child you will grow accustomed to doing so in all things. It will become second nature, as you say, and to do otherwise would seem strange. What I am saying is, begin. If you decide, “Jesus this is just too hard. I can’t do it.” You would be correct if you were trying to do so on your own. However, if you ask Me to help you and you begin, every time you remember to call on Me, to give this decision, that problem, that choice to Me, is a step in the right direction. (The right direction being My will, of course) Once one begins this process of giving everything over to Me, the real learning begins. We will work on lessons of trust, faith, hope, love, charity towards one’s neighbor, true charity, for your actions will be done within My will for you and for the others. Oh, My children, what new horizons of faith I will open to those who begin truly walking with Me, arm and arm throughout each moment of the day. Such growth in holiness will be the result, because your soul, your heart, your will, your beautiful minds will be united with Your God, the Creator and Lord of all. The way to holiness can only be

accomplished by this union, for I am all holiness. There is no holiness apart from Me. The more united to My holiness you become, the more I flow through you. Do you see, My child how important this work of uniting to My will is? One could say it is the most important work of all for everything else flows from this unity. This is why I gave you Myself in the Holy Eucharist, to be united with you. You must open your heart to Me in every moment to nourish this unity with Me. It must be an every moment of every day occurrence to become completely united to My

Divine Will. My children, think of your world with many, many multitudes living united to My Divine Will. Do you think it will be a world destined for destruction if My children lived in this way? Of course you know the answer to this question. It would not be. It would not be an age of disobedience, but an age of obedience. Obedience to Your God, to My statutes, to My law, to My love. It would be a completely different reality than the one you are living now. So, begin My Children of the Renewal. Begin this new way of living out each and every day by bringing everything as it occurs to Me. Ask for My direction. Ask for My peace. Ask Me for clarity of thought. Ask Me what My Sacred Heart wills in each situation. Then, carry out the task, the decision, the choice, following My direction, the way of love and begin the renewal in your heart first. Little by little you will be renewed and in this way My Holy Spirit can renew the face of the earth. My children, even if others do not begin living in this way, even if the world self-destructs (which would occur if I allowed it, which I will not!) What would you lose by being in unity with My Divine Will? That’s right, nothing to lose but everything to gain. Therefore, begin at once and do not put off until tomorrow what can begin today for every step forward in the spiritual life is progress Just begin, My children and I will see to the rest.”

Jesus, my sister is discouraged about the property. Do you have anything to say to her, Jesus?

“Yes, My little one. I know of my daughter’s disappointment and I feel her sadness over this. I ask that she continue to hope. Hope in Me and trust in Me and My plan, for it is perfect. I say this meaning that My plan for her family is perfect and I can be trusted to provide the best location that will provide for all of their needs. Tell her to ask Me, her Jesus for the gift of the right property for her family. When I give My children gifts, and I am longing to do so, I give perfectly. I know exactly what their family needs both now and in the future. My children do not know what they will need specifically in the future, for only I know the future and what it holds specifically for each and every person. I want what is best for each one of My children. (name withheld), My child, know that I Your Jesus care for each and every need you have now and will ever have in the future. I know exactly where you are to move and I have what is best for you and for your husband. I ask you to continue to pray. Pray for My will to be done and for your husband to be open to My will and to lead your family accordingly. I am directing the events in your life. I am directing your husband. I ask you to give Me your complete and total trust, so that all can be accomplished with haste. I await your trust in Me. I await your peace about all that is occurring around you. You have only to ask Me for My peace, the trust you need and to ask that your will be formed around and in union with My will. I have every good thing in My heart and in My will for you. Be patient with Your Jesus and give Me your “yes”, My daughter. I love you and I want to lavish My graces and My gifts upon you. I wait only for your “yes” and for your trust, My sweet one. I love you and I hold you in the palm of My hand. Lift your head, now. Lift your eyes to Heaven. Focus on Your Jesus. All will be well. I kiss you. I embrace you. I steady you. You are My darling daughter and I love you. Trust in Me as I trust in you. You are precious in My sight.”

Thank You, Jesus. Oh how much You love us, Jesus. Thank You for these beautiful words of encouragement for my sister.

“You are welcome, My daughter. I love you and I love your entire family. Your family is one of faith and love and has been for generations. Your family is precious to me and to My Father. There are many saints in your family. Ask them to intercede for you for they are waiting at your beck and call, so to speak to go to work sending graces from Heaven and interceding at the foot of My Father’s throne for all of your needs.”

Thank You, Jesus for the many gifts and the support You provide for us as we go about Your work on earth. You are so very good to us and consider our every need. Thank You, Lord. I love You. I adore You. I praise You.

“My child, you are wondering about the request (name withheld) made of you, are you not?”

Yes, Lord, I am.

“Do not be concerned, for I have My reasons for her to ask you this. When you speak with her this evening, it will become more clear. Give this to Me and I will guide you. I am asking that you connect her with (name withheld). She does not know that he doesn’t live at (place withheld), only that there is a connection with (place withheld) and that he is from there. Ask her what it was that I said to her and you will understand. I use My children to help one another versus giving them every single answer. In this way, I allow My children to help one another in the missions I give them. It is My will for all to participate with assistance that each is able to provide within their sphere of life.”

Ok, Jesus. Thank You for Your direction. Lord, (name withheld) just informed me of his wife’s surgery on Friday. Please be with her, heal her and help her to return to her home soon. God, bless them for their loving witness of 65 years of marriage. How beautiful.

“Yes, My child. Their witness of love has made and continues to make a big impact in the world.”

Lord, please protect us as we travel in a couple of weeks. Help (name withheld) to enjoy and not fear the plane ride. Please bless the community as we spend this important time together. Help us to learn, share, and grow in love and unity under Our Lady’s mantle. Please give us a spirit of humility, openness, love, and harmony with You, one another, and with Your will. Lord, bring out every important lesson and direction You want us to have for this time. Help us always to remain in Your Divine Will. Please bring every plan of Yours to fruition and keep us from being an obstacle to Your plan and to Your will for our lives. Thank You, Jesus for providing this opportunity to pray, learn, and share with our newly formed community. Give us Your wisdom, Jesus, Your peace, Your love, Your trust, so that we are moving in lockstep with You, Lord. Praise You for allowing us to be members of Your Mother’s community. We are grateful for such an immense blessing and though we do not fully comprehend the importance, we trust that this is important and we humbly thank You that You invite us to participate in whatever way You will in this mission, Lord. Thank You, Jesus.

“My daughter, I am grateful to you and your husband for your ‘yes’ especially when it involves so much sacrifice on your part and that of your family. Because of your ‘yes’ you may rest assured that I, Your Jesus will take special care of those you leave behind in (places withheld). I will care for them with special attention and Divine Protection. Trust in Me, for I am worthy of your trust and will not disappoint.”

Yes, Jesus, my Lord, and my God. My all! I trust You and I love You Lord. Is there anything more You wish to say to Me?

“Yes, My child. There is much work to do, but all work is fruitless without prayer. Thank you for your family prayer time. I invite you to continue this time together with Me and with My Mother and St. Joseph. You see, My child, though you are unaware, We are physically present with you each evening as you pray. I encourage and invite you to add another decade of the rosary prayed with (name withheld) present. He is ready for this now. Do not become impatient with him when he does not want to pray in the way an adult would, for many graces are available just by the fact that one so young is there. Use this as a time for him to rest in the safety and security of his family. If he is lying on the couch with his head on your lap while you pray, that is enough. All of Heaven is delighted when parents and or grandparents pray with their little ones. And you see, My daughter even though it may appear he isn’t praying with you, I see his little, pure heart and know otherwise. His mind is lifted to Me when he doesn’t say the words, and this is prayer. I am at work in his soul and My Mother takes delight in showering graces upon all of you and especially upon her little one. Even if he is playing at your feet while you are both praying, he is saying in his own way, “I am here for My Jesus and for the Blessed Mother.” Playing in such a way is also a form of prayer. Do not put your expectations, though well intentioned, upon the heart and mind of a child, for they are far too young to behave as an adult and I am in no hurry for them to be adults. In due time, as he grows, he will begin to focus more and more on the prayers and will learn the meditations on the mysteries. What is most important is that he witnesses both of you praying, that he sees your love of prayer, that you pray even when you are too tired to pray and that this is a time of acceptance and love. I am not saying it is okay to be disruptive. If he needs correction, do so lovingly, but firmly. What I am saying is that you continue to pray and be open to what he needs to do in the meantime when he is still very young and his formation is vital. Do all things in love, do all things with patience and sincerity for his good. Do not be concerned with distractions from children or think that I cannot overlook them, for I not only do not mind, but the so called distractions of a child at play, in the midst of beautiful family prayer, delights My Mother, St. Joseph, and all of Heaven. One day, he will be a grown man and you will remember with fondness the times he played or sat with you as a child while you and your husband prayed. It is to be commended for his mere presence. Do not discourage him in this or cause him to feel ashamed or he will lose his longing for prayer. This is a lesson for all future children I send you. Also for each person is very fragile, especially as a child and I need you and your husband to learn to foster a love for prayer in My little ones’ hearts, not to be disciplinarians in this. There are other important times for which children need to be disciplined or instructed about their misbehavior or unkind acts, but not praying like an adult, is not one of them. Many of My adult children do not know how to pray nor do they care to do so, for their parents did not set an example in prayer. I invite you and your husband to be an example of loving, family, prayer, and in this way your prayers will change many hearts. I love you and I am telling you this to teach you not to correct or criticize you, for your prayer is beautiful and I enable many graces through your faithfulness to prayer. Continue to pray the rosary and the divine Mercy Chaplet each evening for the sake of lost souls and for My will to be done in the world. I love you, and I am counting on you to bring My love to all you meet, beginning with your family. I am very grateful for your prayers for your “yes” to Me.”

Ok. Thank You, Jesus. We will be more patient and try not to be so demanding with (name withheld) during prayer time now that we understand how You see things, Jesus. Your perspective is so much more loving than ours, Jesus. I love You and I thank You. Lord, have You anything more to say to us?

“My daughter, thank My son for the work he has accomplished thus far in preparing your house for sale.”

Oh, Jesus I am sorry I failed to thank You today for the roof. Thank You, Jesus for providing this for us.

“You are welcome, My child. You asked Me to make this possible and I did. I am pleased by your gratitude. You thanked Me last week for this and I am happy to have assisted. Ask me for anything needed and I will provide. It is time for you to convert more of your savings to My Mother’s medals. Time is of the essence in this regard. Use some of your savings to pay off what you owe and put most of what remains toward My Mother’s medals. There is not much more time and you will do well to heed My guidance.”

Yes, Lord. Ok.

“My daughter, do not become anxious when the catastrophic event occurs that is drawing nigh. All will work according to My plan. Trust in Me regardless of how the events and circumstances appear. I will assist you in the sale of your home when the time comes. I know each event that will transpire and I am in control. (Private message omitted) All will come to fruition, only trust in Me and I will provide. I love you. Go in My peace, be love, be peace, be charity to all you meet. I bless you in My name, in My Father’s name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit. “

Thank you, Jesus for Your words of life and your lessons of love!

“You are most welcome, My daughter, My little one. Rest in My Sacred Heart, where all is safe and all is secure. I love you. Go in My peace.”

Thanks be to God!

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